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xxx" = communicator/telepathy
"xxx" = thoughts
"xxx" = talk/speech
~ = prolonged words

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The Fateful Meeting

As ominous, dark clouds formed overhead, Usagi and Luna were out doing an errand for Usagi's mom, Ikkuko. Just as they exited the store, in began to rain.

"Oh geez, why did it have to rain now?" Usagi whined, looking up at the dark clouds and wind whipping up her long platinum blonde streams of hair that cascaded down from a bun on each side of her head.

"Well, your mother did say that a storm was coming today, as you walked out the door," Luna informed, jumping up on Usagi's shoulder.

"Hehehe, I guess I didn't hear her, otherwise I would've grabbed my umbrella," Usagi sweat-dropped and laughed nervously as she walked out from under the stores overhang, but as they were heading down a street, a loud boom of thunder sounded.

"KYYAH!" Usagi yelled in fright and she took off sprinting, with tears welling in her eyes.

"Usagi! Slow down!" Luna demanded, clinging on to Usagi's shoulder.

But Usagi kept on running until she made a sharp turn to the left and literally slammed into someone, causing both of them to land on their butts with a thump.

"I-t-tai," the person groaned as they massaged their butt.

"Ah, Gomen nasai! I should've watched where I was going," Usagi apologized, as she got to her feet she held out her hand to the person in front of her, a girl the same age as Usagi, with long pink hair and a yellow ribbon on each side of her head. "Daijoubu deska?"

"Yeah I'm fine," the girl replied as she accepted Usagi's help and took her hand.

"That's-" Usagi was cut off by another clap of thunder and she ducked down, covering her ears with her trembling hands.

"Daijoubu? Are you scared of thunder?" the girl asked, kneeling down to Usagi, some of her long hair falling over her shoulder from the hood of her red rain coat.

Usagi looked up to the worried girl and gave a slow nod of her head.

"Then you can come to my house to wait out the storm," the girl replied with a reassuring smile. "I was heading home now actually."

"A-are you sure it's okay?" Usagi asked as she slowly got up.

"Hai, my house isn't too far from here," the girl replied with a comforting smile. "By the way, my name is Momoko Hanasaki."

"I'm Usagi Tsukino and this is my cat Luna," she replied, putting her hand on Luna's head.

"She's so cute!" Momoko squealed as she put her hand near Luna for Luna to sniff her.

"I don't know why but she's giving off an aura similar to Usagi," she thought. She then rubbed her head against Momoko's hand.

"Aww, she's also nice and soft," said Momoko as she smiled. "Well then let's get to my house, we don't want to catch a cold now, do we?"

"No we don't," Usagi replied, remembering what happened the last time when she caught a cold.

"Come 'on then, let's get out of this rain," Momoko said, grabbing Usagi's hand.

As Momoko opened the door to her house, she took off her red rain coat and went to get something to dry her and Usagi. "You can use the phone if you need to, it's on the cabinet to your left," Momoko called out from the hall.

"Domo arigatou," Usagi replied. She picked up the phone and dialed her home phone, it rang a few times then a woman's voice was heard.

"Moshi-moshi?" Ikkuko answered.

"Nee Okaa-san, gomen for taking so long. I had some trouble getting back," Usagi apologized.

"It's alright Usagi, with the thunder storm going on, I expected it would take a while for you to get home," her mother replied. "But where are you now?"

"Well I accidentally ran into this girl and she offered for me to stay at her house until the storm calms down," Usagi explained.

"Then be thankful to her, because the storm will be going on until Wednesday," Ikuko informed her.

"Oh~ joy," Usagi mumbled sarcastically under her breath.

Meanwhile, up stairs in Momoko's room...

As Momoko was searching for something to dry off with, Jama-P decided to help her look.

"Lady Momoko, are you sure it's okay for her to stay here?" he asked Momoko, as he was still looking.

"What do you mean Jama-P?" Momoko asked turning to face Jama-P.

"I mean, with the group of akuma's that are against the peace treaty between the Tenshi Kai and the Akuma Kai," he replied as he hovered over to Momoko.

"I know but I have to help her, it was bad enough for her to be out in that storm without an umbrella but she seems to also be scared of thunder," Momoko pointed out.

"Oh," Jama-P replied. He then saw some towels in Momoko's closet. "Lady Momoko, there are some towels in your closet."

Momoko opened up the closet door and grabbed some. "Nee Usagi, I found some towels," she called as she headed down stairs.

"Hai, arigatou," she replied, then went back to the phone. "Kay. Okaa-san, I'll call you later... love you too, bye." Usagi then put the phone back in its holder and turned to see her new friend with some towels in her hands and one on her head.

"Arigatou Momoko, and sorry for all the trouble," Usagi thanked as she took the towels and put one on her head and one around Luna.

"You're welcome and no trouble at all, I was happy to help," Momoko replied. "You can put the groceries you have in the fridge, then you can come up to my room and change into some dry clothes."

As Usagi put the items she bought in the fridge, she then headed up the stairs to join Momoko when she suddenly stopped at Momoko's door when she heard another voice coming from inside the room, she then quietly peered inside.

"So Lady Momoko, what is this girl like anyway?" Jama-P asked as he hovered next to Momoko as she was getting some clothes out.

"Well she's really nice, she has a strong, kind, and gentle heart, she also seems to put others before herself, I can tell by her Love Waves. She also has really long and pretty blonde hair that she puts up in a bun on each side with some hair hanging from them," Momoko described as she looked up at her ceiling.

"Kinda like odango's," Jama-P noted. Momoko giggled at his comment, but in a kind way.

Usagi had a smile across her face as she listened to the conversation.

"You know Usagi, it's rude to eavesdrop," Luna whispered as she approached her. Then they heard a beeping sound.

"Lady Momoko, an akuma has appeared at the park!" Jama-P announced.

"Why did it have to be now?" Momoko complained. She then stood up and called out "BEAUTIFUL WEDDING FLOWER!... ANGEL AMOUR PEACH!" Light quickly engulfed her room and as it died down a bit, Usagi saw that Momoko was now wearing a beautiful wedding dress with lightly tinted yellow flower blossoms on the chest and near the foot of the dress. Then a ring of light appeared at Momoko's feet and rose up, changing her wedding dress into an outfit similar to the sailor senshi, yet also different. She wore a white pleated mini skirt with what looked like small armor pads on her sides, her wrists had short golden gauntlets, on her head was a curved tiara with crimson jewels on both sides with small wings attached to them, she also wore a red choker with a heart on it, small wings curved around her breast forming a heart shape from the curved one piece, wings were also on the back of her uniform along with golden shoulder plates, and a gold band on her right thigh. (A/N: Her Wedding Peach DX outfit.)

Usagi just stared at her new friend through the slightly opened door, she moved to the wall next to her and leaned against but she was noticed.

"U-Usagi?" Momoko stuttered as she turned to face the door, hoping it wasn't her but Usagi slowly opened the door.

(name) Usagi Tsukino = rabbit/bunny of the moon
Supiido wo otoshi te = Slow down
Itai = ouch/ow
Gomen nasai = I'm sorry
Daijoubu deska = Are you okay/alright
Hai = Yes/yeah/'kay
Kanojo ha totemo kawaii = She's so cute
Domo arigatou = Thank you very much
(fun fact:) Moshi-moshi = a casual way of answering the phone
Nee/Aa = Hey/Oh
Oka-/Kaa- = Mother/Mom
Gomen = Sorry
Tenshi Kai = Angel Realm/World
Akuma Kai = Devil Realm/World

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