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..." = communicator/phone/telepathy/astral spirit
"..." = thoughts
"..." = talk/speech
~ = prolonged words

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A Time of Respite

Everyone continued to laugh as Yosuke continued to fume. When the laughter died down, they continued their conversations of what they liked, what they did for fun, etc.

"So, I know Usagi told us about your battles, but she didn't specify how all nine of you met," Yuri wondered to Minako, curiosity sparkling in her eyes.

"Well, we met through our duty of being Sailor Senshi," Minako replied. "So I think it's best if you ask Ami, first."

Yuri turned to face the bluenette with a confused expression causing Ami to giggle. "I was the first of the Sailor Senshi Usagi and Luna found," she explained. "Aside from Mina starting out as Sailor V before any of us."

"Hontouni?" Yuri questioned.

"Hai," Ami replied. "It was when a group of students and myself, were being used and had our energy drained. Luckily, Usagi had figured something was off about the night seminar that I was attending and saved me and the other students."

"Are you sure this is the same Usagi from middle school that we're talking about?" Rei asked aloud before taking a sip of her tea.

"Believe it or not, it is," Luna confirmed, jumping up onto Setsuna's lap. "She had sensed something strange going on there but I believed Ami was with the Negaverse."

"Huh, so who was found next?" Hinagiku asked as she grabbed another strawberry from a bowl.

"That would be me," Rei responded, setting her cup of tea down on the table. "The Negaverse was kidnapping people not too far from my family shrine, so people soon came to me for help thinking with my "supernatural" senses could find them. But when I told them that my powers didn't work like that, they left but then rumors started going around saying that my family's shrine had something to do with the disappearances."

"Sore ha hidoi desu," Yuri gasped slightly.

"But," Rei exhaled before she continued. "When they came back again to ask for help, I gave them the same answer. That's when they broke down and began to make more assumptions... but that's when Usagi intervened, saying that they shouldn't blame me or my family's shrine for what was happening and that they needed to leave me alone. Though not long after she left I had a vision of her being harassed by one of the Shitennou, a general who was once a guard for the past life of Prince Endymion, I raced out to warn her but unfortunately I was taken as well. But luckily for me, Usagi saw me on the bus and came after me."

"Sugoi, and she told me that she was a bit of a klutz and a crybaby," Momoko stated.

"She was," Luna added. "But she pushed through and rescued Rei and those that were kidnapped."

Momoko giggled bit and then asked. "So who did you find next?"

"Me," Makoto stated. "I had just transferred to Juuban middle school when I met Usagi, though I guess saving her is more like it."

"What do you mean?" Scarlett asked, raising her brow slightly in curiosity.

"Well, she was spacing out and a car nearly ran her over but I was able to get to her in time. Any way, some of the students had heard some rumors saying that I was kicked out of my old school for picking fights, which by the way wasn't true, it didn't help that I know Martial Arts along with my amazon like height. So they all kept their distances... but even when Usagi heard about the rumors, she still approached me, though at first I thought she was a bit odd saying my lunch looked delicious being the first thing she said but as we began to talk, she complimented me on my cooking as well as my signature rose earrings, and she became my first friend at that school."

"Aw~, she really is sweet isn't she?" Yuri put in, clasping her hands together and smiled.

"Yes, she is," Ami smiled.

"So what did the Negaverse do when you came around?" Hinagiku asked, beginning to see a pattern.

"Well people had begun to disappear around a bridal shop by a so called "Ghost Bride", one of them being Usagi's friend Naru's cousin, and I fell victim as well. But Mamoru was near by and witnessed it so he left to get Usagi's help," Makoto explained.

"Wait, so why didn't Mamoru help out?" Momoko asked then glanced to Mamoru.

"I knew I couldn't beat the youma myself, so I went for Usako," he replied plainly.


Scarlett glanced over to Minako. "So you were the last one they located?"

Minako nodded. "Hai, well the last one from the Inner Senshi, and it's more like I found them. We then met Setsuna when we went to the future, Haruka at the Crown Arcade along with Michiru, and then we met Hotaru through a friend."

"Huh, so are there any other Sailor Senshi?" Scarlett asked after taking a sip of her tea.

"Hai, there's the Starlight Senshi, you remember learning about the Senshi that were manipulated by Galaxia, and then there's-" but before she could finish, Minako was cut off by a bright flash of light that filled the whole room from the living room causing everyone to shield their eyes. As the light faded, everyone uncovered their eyes and were surprised at what or who they saw.

Meanwhile in the Akuma Kai...

"Heart, how are you fairing?" Knight asked her as he sat beside her in a medical room of their Headquarters.

"I should be asking you the same thing," she giggled weakly, turning her head on the pillow her head rested upon to face him.

"Do not fear Milady, I shall be fine," he replied, placing his hand onto his plated chest. A knock was then heard causing both of them to glace at the door. "You may enter," Knight stated.

The door opened revealing a two people, a man with sleeked back hair and wearing an ankle-length hooded cloak, carrying a young girl who looked like she was six years old, wearing a similar cloak but you could see a green dress with puffy sleeves and pleated ends and white tights and black flat-slip-on shoes, with one of his arms. Knight was about to get up but the man raised his hand, telling him to stay seated. "Be at ease Knight, we're only here to tell you both what our leaders want our groups to do next," he consoled and he put the little girl down.

"Heart!" the little girl cried, rushing over to said girl and tried to get up onto her bed.

"Up you go," Knight chuckled as he helped the young girl up onto Hearts' bed.

"Hey Clover," Heart murmured, raising her arm to let the small girl huddle up to her. "Have you been a good girl while we were out?"

(A/N: I'm sure you know what I'm referring to when I named them Clover, but in case you don't, it's supposed to be the Club symbol.)

"Hai," Clover chimed. "Rook even played with me and Pawn when the meeting was done."

"Hontouni imadesu ka?" Heart wondered playfully, arching an eyebrow at Rook.

"Hai," he replied in a monotone voice. "Though I would have preferred it if you had Spade or even Diamond look after them."

"Well, they were out on mission and you were the only one I could find at the time," Heart giggled halfheartedly, still in pain.

Knight chuckled causing Rook to join in. "I suppose that's true," he replied with a small smirk.

Another knock on the door caused them to cease their laughing immediately. Rook glanced over to Knight and Heart receiving a nod from both of them, Rook answered. "You may enter."

Once the door opened everyone silently gasped. A tall man with dark brunette hair and pale hazel eyes stood beside a woman with long black hair and dark blue eyes, both wearing dark cloaks with hoods, covering their bodies. It was Diamond and Bishop. Bishop was the one who serves directly under the Chess Clans King and Queen, and Diamond who serves directly under Ace, who in turn, works directly under the Card Clans King and Queen. They all bowed their heads in respect.

"Be at ease and raise your heads," Bishop eased but his voice was full of authority and they all obeyed. He glanced over to Knight, who was by Hearts' bedside. "Knight, you have a new mission."

Knight was about to reply when a feminine voice from the corner of the room intervened. "Forgive me, but with all due respect, Knight hasn't recovered yet from his injuries from his previous mission. It's best if he and Heart stay here until they're fully healed."

They all glanced over to the corner of the room where the voice originated from. A young woman stepped out of the shadows from the corner but didn't look up from the files she held in her hands that peeked out of her cloak. She had auburn-orangey hair that was in a bob-cut style but with a long strand of hair along her spine that was put together with a red and black ribbon, and had a slanted fringe.

(A/N: It's like Yui Kusanagi's hair style from Kamigami no Asobi)

"Lady Spade, how-" Knight was about to ask.

"How long have I been here?" she finished for him. "I've been here the whole time. I just didn't make my presence known."

"Spade," Bishop said with a stern tone. "Where is Pawn? He was supposed to be with you."

Spade didn't falter to his tone and simply stepped toward some curtains and gently opened them revealing a young boy sound asleep on the bed. "I had some work to do that involved my last mission, so he stayed here with me and eventually fell asleep," she informed, still looking through the files in her hands.

Bishop sighed and returned his gaze back to Knight. "Knight, you may rest a while longer. Then you and Joker are to find Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach, and bring them here... alive."

"Hai, rikai saa," Knight replied, bowing his head.

Back at the Hanasaki residence...

"I-t-tai," Hinagiku grumbled as she rubbed her eyes. "What in the name of Aphrodite was that?"

"I don't-" Yuri mumbled, blinking her eyes so they can adjust.

"Chibi-Usa!" Hotaru squealed, cutting Yuri off.

"Hey, long time no see," Makoto greeted.

The Ai Tenshi looked at their new friends in confusion, then noticed a group of five young girls in the living room. "Who are they?" Scarlett asked in a cold, defensive tone.

"They're the other Senshi we were talking about," Setsuna answered. "Don't worry, they're our allies."

With that said, Scarlett relaxed a little. "So, they're Senshi as well? How'd they get here?"

Before Setsuna could reply another flash of light lit up the room, indicating the newcomers powering down and young girl with bright pink hair, that was put up in a similar style to Usagi's, glomped onto Setsuna. "Puu!"

"Small Lady, it's good to see you," Setsuna greeted, then looked up to the four other girls. "You four as well."

"It's good to see you guys too," a girl with red hair replied.

Scarlett cleared her throat and got everyone's attention. "I'm not trying to be rude, but who are you?"

"Oh!" Chibi-Usa gasped slightly. "I'm sorry, forgive my rudeness. My name is Usagi SL Serenity; Rini or Chibi-Usa if you like, daughter of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity, princess of 30th century Crystal Tokyo and Neo Senshi leader, Sailor Chibi Moon," she introduced with a curtsy, then she turned to the four girls. "And these are my Senshi," she gestured to the four girls, signaling to them to introduce themselves.

"I'm Sailor Vesta," the red haired girl began. Her hair was put up in a high braided ponytail that fell down her back, she wore a loose beige top with the collar cut at a slant and a black spaghetti strap underneath; had pale yellow capris and maroon strap sandals.

"I'm Sailor Juno," the green haired girl said next. Her green hair was put up in a ponytail with a braid wrapped around it to keep it in place. She wore a dark green crop top with a dark jean jacket, creamy worn skinny jeans and black combat boots.

"I'm Sailor Ceres," the pinkette girl introduced, placing her hand upon her chest and bowed slightly. She had some of her slightly darker pink hair up in a bun with the rest braided in two strands. She wore a pale creamish purple halter top, a long skirt with a floral design and brown strap sandals.

"And I'm Sailor Pallas," the light bluenette chimed with a big smile. Her hair also had some hair put up in a bun but the rest of it flowed freely to her shoulders. She wore a light blue shirt that had a low cut neck hole and flowy sleeves with a bubble-like design, creamish short-shorts, and dark blue sandals.

A while after introductions were made, Chibi-Usa noticed someone was missing from this reunion. "Where's Usagi?" The room fell silent, everyone exchanging sad gazes, it was Rei who walked up to her and gently took her small hand and lead her over to where Usagi was laying. At first Chibi-Usa was confused but when they approached Usagi, her eyes widened in shock and tears began to fill her eyes. "Mama!" she cried and crawled up next to Usagi and grasped her hand. "What happened?" she murmured.

Momoko's eyes began to tear up as well, she glanced up and noticed Hotaru glancing at her. She nodded and Hotaru nodded back in understanding and they both approached the sobbing Hime.

"Chibi-Usa..." Hotaru murmured in a soft, comforting tone. Chibi-Usa glanced behind her in response. "This is Momoko, a new friend Usagi made."

Chibi-Usa glanced over to Momoko and Momoko gave her a reassuring smile. As if sensing that she meant no harm and seeked to comfort her, Chibi-Usa lunged at Momoko, wrapped her arms around the Ai Tenshi leader and began to cry harder. Momoko embraced the young girl and petted her head soothingly.


Hontouni? = Really?
Sore ha hidoi desu = That's awful
Hontouni imadesu ka? = Really now?
Hai, rikai saa = Yes, understood sir
"glomped" = a slang term, meaning a person jump-hugging another person.

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