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Greg winced as a toy hit the wall denting it as well as breaking the toy. Steven glared at his toys. Greg thought if the toys had been alive they'd be covering as the young boy's eyes were a bright yellow with slit pupils, like a cat's eyes. Another toy was chosen seemingly at random and hurled at another wall. Greg was waiting knowing his son's tantrum would end soon.

Greg had concerns that he voiced with the Gems about Steven's odd yellow eyes. They only came out when Steven was very angry at something or someone. Although the second one didn't happen often. The last time it happened a woman had tried showing his son a pine tree scented air freshener. Steven ripped the thing in half and threw it at the woman faster then Greg could blink and cried for an hour afterwards.

The Gems didn't have an answer for him about the yellow eyes. Garnet had told him only to be patient with Steven,and continue to love him. Steven seemed to breathe in his eyes going back to his normal calm brown. Then his eyes teared up seeing what he did. Greg entered the room Steven locked onto his leg crying.

"Hush Steven it's okay." Greg said rubbing his four year old's back.

"But.. Da' I broke them. I'm a bad person." Steven said looking at the two broken toys and the new dents in the wall.

"Steven it's okay, you're not a bad person. Everyone gets mad now and then. You're just a bit stronger then normal people." Greg said smiling down at his son.

"I'm sorry." Steven said looking down at the ground.

"Steven you don't have to be sorry for being you. Come on we are going to see the Gems." Greg said knowing it was time they started teaching Steven about his powers. And possibly learn how to help Steven manage his other abilities.

"Gar'et, Amet'st, and Pearl!" Steven smiled with stars in his eyes.

"The very same. I'm sure they can help you." Greg said picking up his small son who giggled a bit. Greg smiled and ran a hand through his son's curly brown hair. He hoped the Gems could help Steven.

Greg walked out the door, but not before glancing a burn mark on a wall. He really hoped the Gems could help.


Garnet was waiting for them at the Temple. The wooden frames of a house half set into place. Greg winced seeing it knowing the Gems sensed the urgency to start training Steven even though he was still so young. Pearl appeared out of the Temple spotting Steven. Steven spotted her and wiggled from his Dad's arms. Greg placed him down on the ground watching him race over to Pearl. She leaned down grabbing him in a hug. Steven smiled and started babbling at Pearl about this or that.

Greg's attention was on Garnet who he could tell was watching him. Garnet waved him over to the side. Greg watched Pearl carry Steven into the Temple probably to say hi to Amethyst as well.

"Another tantrum?" Garnet asked seeing Greg.

Greg rubbed his head giving a semi sheepish smile.

"That obvious?" Greg asked looking back to where Steven and Pearl had been.

"You always come here to help cheer him up after one. How bad was it this time?" Garnet asked with a serious tone.

"Not too bad only two toys this time. No sign of any fire. I still don't know how he made that burn mark on the wall." Greg said looking away in worry.

"I don't think he'll burn down the apartment." Garnet said adjusting her sunglasses.

"I just don't want him to hurt himself. After every tantrum he cries and believes he's the worst person in the world." Greg said looking very sad that he couldn't help fix whatever was causing his son to believe he was a terrible person.

"He's so much like Rose." Garnet said softly.

Greg smiled sadly thinking of Rose. Would she have known the solution to this problem or be as lost as he was.

"Rose would want you to believe in Steven, and help him understand a few very small bad deeds don't make him a bad person." Garnet said placing a hand on his shoulder.

Greg smiled again it was good advice, he knew it would be what Rose would do.

"How long until it's finished?" Greg said gesturing to the half finished house.

"A week or two, if I can get Amethyst and Pearl to stop fighting." Garnet said with a slight frown.

"I'm sure you'll figure it out. If nothing else they have Steven with them right now. They won't dare fight in front of him." Greg said knowing the two Gems would be trying right now to bee a good example towards Steven. Although Pearl more then Amethyst.

"I think we should go make sure their okay." Greg said with a slight frown.

"I think your right." Garnet said as they both headed towards the Temple.


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