Hello again all hopefully you've all been waiting for this chapter. I have as well. So here we go. There will be a lot of pov changes since I'll be trying to get both Steven's, the Gem's, and the Pine Twins' all in there. If you have a problem keeping up with it just tell me and i'll try to change it.


"HAHAHAHAHA." A dark shape laughed holding its' sides.

The woman who had shared the space with him frowned. The dark shape continued to laugh taking time to wipe a tear from its' eye.

"THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL. THEY TIPPED THE SCALES. THEY TIPPED THE SCALES." The dark shape said flying in a tight circle around the woman with him.

She just stared at the darkening mindscape, and the withering tree behind her.

"My son will not give in so easily demon." The woman said with a smirk.

The dark shape started laughing again.


"It is not your way anymore. You are just a mere part of this place as am I." The woman stated.

"BUT NO LONGER CURLS. THEY TIPPED THE SCALES. CHAOS WILL COME AGAIN." The dark shape said looking at the black creeping into everything.

"We shall see. But I believe in my son." The woman said before fading back into the tree.

The dark shape laughed sharply.

"WE'LL SEE CURLS, WE'LL SEE." It said before fading into the background again.

The tree seemed to come to life a little more, but the storm raged louder.

Steven was panicking in a way he never had before. These two had come into his dreams, the one place he thought he was always safe, and kidnapped him. They trapped him in a box in which he could barely move without pain. He wanted to cry, so he did.

Dipper didn't seem to care to much about watching their new little prisoner only contacting Ford to tell him the good news. Mabel however couldn't keep her eyes way from the now crying triangle. Her heart went out to him. It really did. Bill however was known for tricks and deception. Mabel honestly believed this time the triangle wasn't faking anything.

"Mabel concentrate we have to get moving. The box will only last for so long. We have to get to Gravity Falls." Dipper said grabbing stuff left and right.

"I know Dip. I'm just feeling.. uneasy about all of this." Mabel said glancing at the triangle who was now staring at her with its' teary eye.

"Well I know we didn't learn anything about those aliens except one passed away. That's a shame, although if we are quick enough with delivering Bill to Ford I could come back and try to interview one of the aliens." Dipper said starting to go on and on about it.

Mabel frowned her brother was so obsessed of the 'aliens' he wasn't even listening to her. Her Grunkle Stan had explained his brother got like this too. Weird obsessed. Both she and Stan understood there were some strange things in the world, but family came first. Why couldn't Dipper see that even now?

"Fine Dipper go check on the lease for the apartment. I'll stay here and guard Bill," Mabel said with a slight smile stopping her brother mid-rant mode.

He blinked seemingly confused for a second.

"Alright, just don't let him fool you." Dipper said grabbing the keyes to the apartment and to his car.

"Will do Bro-bro." Mabel said as he disappeared out the door.

She smiled her plan complete she started her next stage of planning. She got a blanket and some Mabel juice from the fridge and laid down right next to the box the new Bill was trapped in.

"Hi, I'm Mabel." Mabel said with a slight smile not knowing if this Bill remembered her.

"I know who you are." The New Bill said.

"Oh.. Are you still called Bill?" Mabel said trying to make conversation.

"No.. I hate that name.. Why'd you put me in the box. I haven't done anything wrong." The little triangle said looking sad.

"Well I can't really believe you little triangle. You.. you did a lot of bad things to my family. We can't risk that you'll start up again." Mabel said with a frown.

The little triangle glared for half a second its' hands glowing blue, before it looked scared and sad.

"I'm sorry. I could pinky promise not to do it again, would that be good enough?" The little triangle asked looking hopeful.

Mabel wanted to believe him she really did, but she had seen the anger he held. She had seen in that split second the old Bill in the new.

"Sorry little guy. No deal." Mabel said with a frown.

His eye glowed a dark angry blue, before he stopped himself and began to cry and shiver. Mabel got up but left the Mabel juice near the box. She was kinda afraid now, she hopped Dipper would get back soon.

"Garnet, he's not waking up! HE'S NOT WAKING UP!" Pearl said looking at Steven who looked so very pale.

"Did they take him? How could they have we were all right here!" Amethyst yelled with a growl.

Garnet frowned looking at the unresponsive Steven. She straightened her shades searching her future vision for the answer, but it was clouded. Garnet did not like this, not at all.

"We must find him. They must have taken him somehow." Garnet said shaking a little in rage and fear for their Steven.

When I get my hands on those two they'll pay for taking Steven!

No we must stay calm, for Steven.

No not this time. Look at him, anyone who is willing to take our Steven away needs to pay. We can't even See what has happened.

That is why I want to use caution.

"Caution won't FIX STEVEN!" Garnet blurted out surprising the other two who were unused to her losing herself.

Garnet trembled a bit, then fell apart. Ruby growled at nothing in general as Sapphire cried a bit. They both were so afraid they'd lose Steven.

"Ruby, Sapphire!" Pearl and Amethyst said in surprise.

"Sorry you had to see that." Sapphire said simply.

"We have to get moving and find those two." Ruby growled pacing making burn marks in the floor, Sapphire sniffled and nodded.

"Alright let's do this!" Amethyst said transforming into an owl. Sapphire transformed next into a seagull, Ruby into a woodpecker. They all stared at Pearl who looked nervous before finally transforming into a dove.

"Let's fan out across the town to find Steven. Since his body is here his mind should be out there somewhere. So let's do this, for Steven." Ruby said with gusto raising her wing.

The other Gems nodded and took flight.

Mabel sighed staring at nothing Dipper wasn't back yet. She took out her phone and started dialing her brother's number when she heard something. She glanced at the little triangle he had cried out his arm was smoking from touching the sides of his confine.

"Are you okay?"Mabel found herself asking.

"You locked me in a box that hurts me every time I move. I just want to go home. I want my family." The little triangle said.

Mabel walked closer kneeling down next to the box.

"You have a family?" Mabel asked looking down at him.

"Of course." The little triangle said with happiness.

It was better than the anger, Mabel thought.

"Okay tell me about them. You don't have to name them if you aren't comfortable with it okay." Mabel said sitting down.

"Okay well there is my dad. He's really cool and takes time off his job to hang out with me. Then I have.. um a sister she loves teaching me new things and letting me eat interesting new foods. The other two are kinda like my mom, both of them protect me and make me feel safe.. But I've never known my real mom.." The little triangle said with a sad tone.

Mabel felt sorry for him.

"Well all you need is a role model right." Mabel said with a smile.

It looked like there was a star in his single eye as he looked at her.

"Or a really good friend." The little triangle said holding a hand out.

Mabel smiled at him, her hand reached out unknowingly.

"Mabel!" Dipper's voice said as he knocked Mabel over.

The little triangle looked sad and Dipper looked angry.

"How dare you try to get my sister to make a deal with you Cipher." Dipper said angrily at the triangle.

Mabel's hand felt warm like she had completed the hand shake. It didn't feel quite like Bill's magic. But it still made her rub her hand nervously.

The little triangle got angry at the name its' eye glowing blue.

"I don't go by that name anymore! Stop calling me that!" The little triangle said angrily.

"I don't care what you say! You evil little triangle. You are and will always be Bill Cipher." Dipper said angrily.

The little triangle looked terrified by the name and Mabel saw a shadow start from under the little triangle that looked exactly like Bill Cipher.

"Dipper stop this please." Mabel said pleading to her brother, couldn't he see the dark shadow of the old Bill.

Dipper looked ready to shout some more before a tiny red bird flew through their apartment window with a crash. In a flash of red light the bird turned into what looked like a little kid with big hair and a red ribbon around her hair. She growled at the two them the floor beneath gaining scorch marks. Before turning to the little triangle, thankfully the shadow seemed to have disappeared at the red person's arrival.

"I got you." The person said before grabbing the box and tearing it open with her bare hands. The little triangle flew out and disappeared.

"Don't go looking for him AGAIN!" The red person said before transforming again and flying back out the window.

Dipper collapsed onto his knees staring at the destruction. Mabel stared at her hand and wondered what she had agreed to.

Ruby gathered the rest of the Gems so they could return home. When they did Steven was awake and waiting for them with tear soaked eyes.

"Pearl, Amethyst." Steven said as they returned to Gem form. Ruby and Sapphire stood back a little. Steven started at them.

"Steven this is Ruby and Sapphire they are usually fused into Garnet." Pearl said with a smile.

Steven's eyes became stars as he hugged the two of them as well.

"Thank you so much for finding me." Steven said to the two of them.

He let go and watched with a smile as they laughed and spun around forming a bright light into Garnet. He gathered his family for a group hug.

"Oh Steven we love you." They all said with smiles...

Steven turned in for the night closing his eyes and falling asleep. A shadowy triangle appeared in the shadow at the edge of his bed.

"WE CAN WORK WITH THIS." The shadow said its' eye taking the shape of a shooting star.

The landscape in the mindscape was slowly going pink instead of black. Her tree was in full bloom again, however she thought looking across the landscape, the dark red clouds now covered more than half the once pink mindscape.

"HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA." She heard the demon laugh.

I've honestly never been a big fan of Dipper. He was so obsessed with the journal, towards the end of the series he got better. However I feel that if they both got to stay he'd devolve back into that person.

Longest chapter I've done so far hope you guys liked it. It was really fun to type.

{Shadow on the Wall}