Give Me Clemency

Chapter 2

Authors Note:

Okay, so this is my first fanfiction and I'm really excited for it to really get going. But there are a couple of things that I figured you readers should know. First of all, I promise to NEVER leave a fanfiction unfinished. I have had my heart broken by far too many "to be continued" notes, only to find that they never were. I understand that feeling and so I never want to cause it. When it comes to my updates, I'm not sure how often they will be, only because I take a while to write, and I spend a super long time editing and revising. I just want to try to keep my writing as decent as possible. Second, I am a senior in high school, and I know I am not the best writer. One thing that I really struggle with is dialogue especially, so I apologize if my scenes with dialogue suck. I just hope they'll get better with time. And lastly, just a reminder, this fanfiction is rated M. There will be violence, adult content and swearing. If you are not comfortable with that, please don't read! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans

Kory could feel the wind mocking her; taunting and provoking relentlessly. The raw air burned the insides of her nose with each ragged, tear induced breath she took; and boy was it cold. It was the kind of cold that made the air feel lacking. As if it was too cold to supply your lungs with the oxygen needed. As if no matter how much of it you breathed, it was never enough, and suddenly you're without it, and you're dying; stuck in asphyxia. That's the kind of cold it was.

She tilted her head down, focusing on her feet to keep the dry breeze from burning her eyes and invoking further tears. Her bones felt stiff as she trudged on through the light dusting of snow that shaded the dirt road. She gingerly licked at her lips, starting at their coarse feel against her soft tongue. The dense snow continued to fall, right on the verge of turning from the beautiful, white flurry to a bitter, icy mix.

Kory was a grey girl. Her consistently bright, green eyes were doleful and faded with tears. Their surrounding skin was irritated, pink and patchy as if sunburned. She rubbed at them with her hands bunched into tight fists, causing the skin to grow further swollen, giving her eyes a smaller appearance, regardless of how big and earnest they commonly appeared. Her fiery red hair had lost its radiance, appearing dull and tangled. She raked her fingers through the sticky strands, struggling through the chai induced knots. The melted snow did nothing to help them along, and she only ended up with several broken strands of hair wrapped around her fingers.

She clenched her teeth, pushing her tongue to the roof of her mouth to keep her entire jaw from rattling with cold. She briefly wondered if perhaps school would be let out early due to the weather, but quickly dismissed the idea, given the fact that the snow had made the switch to rain that would quickly melt the remaining couple of inches dusted on the ground. Regardless, Kory was already halfway home.

After the incident with Kitten, she couldn't stay. She had shown up at the main office, a wet mess, and informed them she had to go home, rattling off excuses that her Uncle was very sick and she had a dentist appointment- it didn't really matter though. The school secretary could only stare after her as the trembling girl left swiftly through the front door.

Kory sneezed, flinching as pain coursed through her chest. She hunched over, hands gripping at her knees as she wheezed, each inhale causing a sharp pain in a different spot that she knew held a bruise, as if following a connect the dots picture.

She hated the pain that she associated with breathing; with living, but she knew it was all a part of her punishment. With each hit she took, each touch that violated her body, each self-loathing thought, she could feel as though perhaps they could grow closer to forgiving her. They could see how sorry she was, and the lengths she was willing to go to make it up to them. Maybe then she could stop feeling so guilty; she could stop being so alone.

Her breath rippled from between her lips in little white clouds as the bare trees shifted out of her line of site, and she neared a pristine, white house with a dark red door and a little picket fence. From the outside it looked as though it could hold a small family: a mother, father, two sisters, a brother- they would have a little dog too of course.

She imagined that the mother and father would have been high school sweethearts; that they adored each other more than anything else in the world- aside from their children of course. They could have made breakfast together, and gone to the beach or the playground... Sure the parents may have been very busy with work, leaving the children with trusted guardians often, but it was just to keep them safe. Of course the children couldn't understand that, especially the older sister who would take out her frustrations by wreaking havoc on the younger siblings when the parents were away. However none of it would have mattered because the whole family would have loved each other so so much.

It could have all been so perfect. So goddamn perfect if she hadn't of screwed it all up.

She choked back her tears, feeling her face crinkle as a feral sob erupted from the back of her throat.

Kory knew that the image was ultimately fabricated. She knew what the house really held. Beyond that perfect, white picket fence, behind that deep, red door was not a happy family. It wasn't even a family at all. In that house lived two monsters. One of them was predominant; he was big and scary and cruel. He broke the other one every night, shattered her to pieces. But the other monster was equally as terrifying, if not more so.

She not only let herself be broken, but also broke herself.

Kory fished her key out of the front pocket of her backpack and wiggled it into the lock on the door. It opened smoothly as she walked in through the threshold. She promptly proceeded to take off her shoes, and padded softly across the polished wood floor in only her socks.

He wasn't here yet, she figured that. He normally didn't get home until the early hours of morning, around one or two, and then would always be long gone before she even awoke to prepare for school at six thirty.

She made it to her room and set her backpack on the bed with her sneakers by the closet. Her first objective would be to take a shower and finally wash her now semi frozen hair. She grabbed one of her long nightgowns and brought it with her into the bathroom.

Kory stripped her sodden clothes off and threw them into the wash. She would tend to them later along with the rest of the load around the house. She did the laundry often and enjoyed doing so. She liked clean clothes, especially fresh out of the dryer when they were warm and smelled like rainforest. She felt like by washing the clothes, she temporarily could wash away the pain. As the stains washed out, so did the memories.

She turned the knob in the shower and then stared at her bare form in the full length mirror; poking and prodding at her bony physique. The marks he left on her were always in places that could easily be hidden with long sleeves and jeans. Sometimes the occasional turtle neck was required, but not too often, and for that she was grateful. She hated how suffocated- how trapped they had always made her feel.

Kory combed her fingers nimbly along each of her ribs once more before hopping into the scorching shower. The ache in her bones dulled, being replaced by a searing pain that danced over her skin with the drops of water from the showerhead above. She hissed through her teeth, but gradually became accustomed to the intensity. She then began to wash herself.

She spent extra time on her hair, lathering it with her strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner. She wasn't satisfied until it felt like liquid itself, streaming down her back; free of the syrupy chai and stubborn knots. As she massaged her scalp, she for a moment could feel someone else washing her hair.

The woman's touch was soft and light. She hummed gently as she poured the water from the bath that she had gathered in a cup down her fiery main. She felt a pair of lips press against the crown of her head firmly. "I love you, my darling Star." The voice crooned in her ear. The small girl's lips upturned as she continued playing with her dolls in the water, washing their hair as her mother did her own.

She was jolted from the memory when she heard a light thud. She poked her head out from behind the shower curtain and strained to hear anything further. Droplets of water ran down her nose, and her skin prickled with cold at the sudden absence of the scorching shower. She exhaled slowly and slipped back under the faucet, not hearing anything further.

Her skin had begun to turn a soft pink all over as she grabbed her loofa and scrubbed her body clean, being extra gentle around bruised areas. Kory rinsed off and breathed in deeply, taking in the intoxicating aroma. She didn't want to get out just yet, enjoying the calming affects the shower had on her. Instead she stooped down and settled her body against the cool porcelain curve of the tub; the water streaming down her back.

She didn't know how long she had drifted off. The water was still hot so it couldn't have been for too long. She groggily moved to rub her eyes when she heard a thud from within the house. She froze briefly before snapping her head towards the bathroom door.

She watched as the brass knob turned and the door flew open. Clutching the rim of the tub she stared at him with fearful eyes, tucking her legs up against her stomach.

He took a few steps into the bathroom and then stopped; turning to close the door, being sure it latched. Pivoting on his heels, he further approached the tub, kneeling down in front of Kory, not breaking eye contact.

"Oh Kory. My precious Star." He reached up to stroke her hair but she flinched away instinctively, only causing him to grab her wrist and bring her closer. "Now don't be like this troq. I rushed home from work after your school called saying you weren't feeling well." His hands slithered up her arm to caress the back of her neck.

Kory looked away and struggled weakly against his grip. He rubbed his hands around to the front of her throat, squeezing gently before he continued to run them down her body, over the swell of her breast and resting them in fists along the sides of her midsection, leaning over the tub. He moved them in circular motions roughly, occasionally grazing a bruise, making her twitch. His hot mouth hovered over her neck before he bit down on it, grunting as he applied more pressure. Kory watched through her glassy eyes as he shifted to settle in the tub with her. The feel of his body on hers left goosebumps on her skin; it didn't feel good.

The look in his eyes felt even worse. He was completely sober; 100% conscious of everything he was doing to her. He rarely drank before violating her, never enough to make him unaware of what he was doing. The idea sickened her. He liked to see the pain and fear coursing through her veins. He was a monster.

And suddenly she wasn't there. She couldn't feel him forcing himself on her anymore; couldn't hear his vulgar words in her ear. She wasn't scared anymore- at least not of him.

Her name was being called and she saw a bright flashing light…She couldn't focus on what was going on. A siren blared as she was surrounded by people; many of whom seemed familiar, yet she couldn't place them. But they were all so close. She was trapped.

A hand grasped her bicep tightly, wrenching her arm back and forth. "Where are they? Why aren't they with you?!" The voice grew more panicked and screamed at her. Squeezing their hand tighter and clenching at her skin. "They went in after you! Where are they?!"

Kory was pushed down, landing on her back with an "Oof". She kept looking around, moving her eyes back and forth rapidly. "Who?" She whispered. "Where are who?"

There was a sound of a loud explosion as the ceiling shifted and dirt fell to them. And then silence. It didn't last long however as it was cut by an ear-piercing scream.

She finally recognized that the screaming was coming from her, but everything was dark and fuzzy. She was being held down, wrists strained above her head, a body twice her size detaining her. Her arms were flailing, her head thrashing back and knocking against the tub.

She sputtered as hair wrapped itself around her face, snaking its way into her mouth. She tried to sit up, clawing at her face to remove the tangles of hair but to no avail. Instead she received a powerful hit to her mouth, and felt a warm liquid seeping down her chin.

That brought her back. She lifted her finger up to her lip and poked it gingerly, before finally locking eyes with him. His lips went straight across in a frown and his eye was cold and angry. "Rutha." He uttered, his voice steely. "What would they think?" He stood and proceeded to the door. Without looking back, his voice was nonchalant as it reverberated off the stone walls. "And don't come home early again." With that he left.

Kory held her head tight in her hands as it pounded, feeling as though her brain was just trying to escape. It was as if her thoughts were too much at the moment.

She trembled, realizing that the water coming out of the shower head was now icy. Reaching forward she turned the knob and it ceased to a steady drip. Dragging herself out of the tub and pulling on the nightgown, she couldn't help but notice how soft and pure it felt against her damaged skin. She held the front shut, feeling too weak to do the buttons. "Rutha." She whispered. "X'hal I am weak."


Dick ignored the lustful stares that followed him down the hallway. Upon entering the cafeteria, most would be overwhelmed by the massive amount of people: laughing, cursing, throwing things, but Dick was not in the slightest.

He spotted his table along with his group of friends on the far side of the room. As he strode over he would flash his charming smile towards his peers or throw his signature two finger salute. His table was definitely one of the loudest of them all. He couldn't help but laugh along with them, even having missed the joke, as he took his seat in between his best friend Wally and Rachel.

Wally West, also known as "The Fastest Boy Alive" had bright orange hair that sat spiked straight up on his head, and light blue, nearly grey, eyes that paired nicely with his pale complexion and freckles. Like Dick, Wally's dad was also a socialite. He had met Dick when they were only eight years old and both forced to one of Bruce's dinner parties. They had been best friends ever since.

He was currently in a heated argument with Roy Harper, more or less a friend of the group. Roy had the bright orange hair, like Wally, but his eyes were a soft amber, almost golden. Although not having admitted it out right, Roy had made it a personal mission to sleep with more girls than Dick.

Wally turned away from Roy as soon as he slid into his seat. "Hey Dicky boy!" He shouted, clenching his hands on Dick's shoulders and jerking him around a bit. "Come on now, tell this smart ass that Sarah T. would be way better in bed than Sarah B."

"No way Wally." Roy groaned, exasperated. "Sarah B. let me do her in the hot tub, and let me tell you, they may be fake, but they feel so real."

"But you really can't say that without having been with Sarah T. too, cause I've heard she-"

"Can you both shut the hell up? I'm trying to learn calculus!" Gar cried, leaning his head on his hand while beating his pencil on the table with the other.

"And I'm trying to teach him." Rachel huffed, looking even more frustrated than Garfield. She glanced down at his worksheet, snatching his pencil and erasing his work from questions 2-5.

"Aw damn Rae. I'm never gonna get any of this shit. And what do I even need it for? I doubt I'll need to know how to find derivatives if I'm a going to be a Humane Educator."

"We get that Gar, but you need to be able to do it if you want to graduate." Richard stated as he unwrapped his sandwich. "Why don't you just sign up for a tutor from the school? I bet there's someone that can teach you."

"Yeah Gar! Maybe your parents'll be all proud of you, and let you come Friday." Vic exclaimed, determinedly punching his fist into his open hand.

Gar looked around uneasily, not liking the sound of the extra work he'd have to put in. He groaned as Rachel placed her cool hand into his.

"Come on Gar. Don't you want to graduate with your girlfriend?"

He huffed and stood, his chair sliding back before grumpily making his way to the office to find out about getting a tutor.

"Damn Rae, you've got that boy whipped." Wally said, eyes wide with awe.

"Don't call me Rae." She muttered before rising to throw out her leftovers.

"But Gar did!" Wally whined.

Rachel turned her head over her shoulder and called "Yeah, but I like him."

The boys cracked up at Wally's hurt expression.

Wally shifted in his seat. "So Dick, you have a date for Vic's yet?"

Dick rolled his eyes, swallowing a bite of his sandwich. "No, not yet. Was thinking about going solo and hooking up with someone there; especially since Vic can't stop talking about all the babes that'll be there." He smirked and wiggled his eye brows at Wally.

They heard Karen growl before the sound of metal scraping along the floor as she stood up and walked towards the library.

"No Honey Bee! You know I was just playin with them! You're my world baby!" Vic shouted after his severely pissed off girlfriend. He plopped back down in his seat and turned his attention back towards Wally and Dick. "Come on man, I just got out of the dog house, and there you go, throwing me right back in!" He rubbed his eyes with the base of his hands.

"Sorry man, but it's just Bee." Wally shrugged.

"What the hell do you mean 'it's just Bee?'" Vic sneered.

"You know she'll get over it because she just loves you so very much." Wally said mockingly while fluttering his eyelashes and raising his voice to a more feminine timbre. Vic narrowed his eyes at him briefly before returning his attention to his bacon burger.

"Damn Wally. You really turn into an ass when you go more than a week without sex, don't ya?" Roy said snidely as he wiped his face with a napkin and snickered.

"Actually it's been more like three, thank you very much. And it's not my fault I don't live up to most girls 'Dick Grayson' standards. Guess I'm not a big enough douche bag- I'll work on that." Wally rebuked.

"Jesus Wally. Either go get some, or buy yourself a couple of socks and some lotion. You're acting like you're on your man period or something." Dick grumbled.

Wally lifted his chin and sniffed, sticking out his bottom lip. "I don't have to take this kind of verbal abuse. If you guys are gonna treat me like-" He hesitated as a blonde girl walked by, his eyes following her every movement. "On second thought, I'll take your advice Dick. See you guys later." And he was gone in a flash. Roy and Dick could only stare after him in awe at the sudden mood change.

Wally's spot was quickly replaced by a seriously miffed Garfield.

Dick turned his attention from Wally in the far off distance, and over to Gar. "So did you get yourself a tutor?"

He huffed deeply. "Yup, set up an appointment and everything, during MY study hall tomorrow. Now I can't use my senior release and instead of going home early, I'll be stuck in the goddamn library with a goddamn tutor doing goddamn calculus. Goddammit!" He shouted, slamming his head on the table. The cool, flat material seemed to slightly calm him down. "And you guys'll never believe who my tutor is! Kory Anders! That girl whose sister killed herself just a couple of weeks ago! She's so depressing and there's no way she'll laugh at my jokes."

Dick's eyes widened at hearing the name. He felt incredibly sorry for the girl. She didn't seem to have many friends and she just lost her sister. Thankfully, Vic was apparently thinking the same thing.

"Hey man, lay off the girl. She seems like she's gone through a lot. You should've seen what Kitten did to her today in English."

Gar faltered. "Hey guys, I mean, I didn't mean too, I just don't want to offend her and you guys know how I am, but she isn't used to it…I'll be nice tomorrow. Use some of my Logan charm to cheer her up a little." He smiled warmly.

Dick patted his chest, remembering the small book that resided within his jacket pocket. He handed it to Gar. "Can you give this to Kory for me? She actually left it in class this morning. Didn't want it to get lost or something."

Gar reached forward and tightly grabbed the book. The cover felt tacky and some of the pages were crinkled, damaged from the spill.

"Yeah no problem man. I'll make sure she gets it." Dick smiled before taking another bite of his sandwich. Gar shifted his attention back to Vic. "But hey, on a lighter note, I might be able to come on Friday. Parents'll probably be proud of me for taking initiative."

"Well alright man, sounds good. Now I'm gonna have to go and make sure Karen's still coming. See y'all later." Vic headed off, leaving Roy, Gar, and Dick.

"So Grayson, you got Kory's book for her? What a gentleman. You tryna fuck her?" Roy asked, leaning over with an eyebrow raised. He ignored the disgusted look on Dick's face. "I gotta admit, she's not your usual type: a little conservative, very quiet, but that accent could be sexy as hell, especially when she's moani-."

"Lay off Roy. I was just being nice." Dick spat, feeling uncomfortable with the turn the conversation had taken. He stood up, deciding to head to his locker. "See you guys around." Turning his full attention to back to Roy, he sneered, "And don't let me hear you fucking talking about that girl like that again." Dick grabbed his garbage and stormed off, leaving Roy dumbfounded.