I hate needing to post one of these like this because anyone who still may be following this story is excited for another chapter only to realize it is not. I am posting this in order to apologize to whoever sees this for never finishing, even though I had made countless promises that I would. I guess I lost my interest in Teen Titans for a bit, due to a lack of new content so I figured I'd take some time to get back into it because it's difficult to write about something that you're simply not into at the time. Then when I fell back in love with the Robstar a few months later, I realized I had lost my notebook when I moved back home from college, where I had written every single plan and outline for this story. I was completely devastated and lost the motivation to update at all.

I tried re-reading my story to see where I was and if I could get it going again, but honestly, this is the first fanfiction I ever attempted writing. It was a very random idea and it's really not that great. Lots of holes and random goofs and poor writing that I'm pretty embarrassed of now! I'm really not even sure where the story was going anymore, even though I got pretty close to the end. It was constantly changing while I was writing it.

Basically, I'm wondering whether anyone is still interested in this story and would like me to attempt to finish it. I remember when I was really into reading fanfiction it would kill me to see a story left unfinished, and I'd really love to try and put some things together to get this done.

Until then, I'm going to spend some time getting back into fanfiction, reading new stuff as well as some of my old favorites. I'm just posting this to see if I can get back into it, if anyone feels that this story does need to be finished, or if I should maybe move on and try something new because the story is now so old and sloppy.

Regardless, thank you for all the nice comments! I do hope to be back soon. I've missed writing very much