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Chapter 1: Ripped apart

My name is Samantha Baker and I not normal….in hindsight I should probably start from the beginning huh?

I lay there in the hospital bed just staring at the blank screen tv reflecting on my life. If you could call it a life to begin with is up to you, I know I sure as hell don't.

At age fifteen I was diagnosed with a rare type of spinal cancer. It starts at the bottom of the spine and slowly but surely makes its way up to the brain stem.

At age sixteen I lost all feeling in my feet.

At eighteen years old I couldn't feel anything past my waist.

And now at the age of twenty two I've lost all feeling past my neck.

All things considered I suppose it could have been worse, for example I could be in 24/7 pain from having a tumor pushing against my spine. Instead of pain all I got was paralysis.

My parents made sure that even with my disability that I could live my life to the fullest. They were both in the military and were both pretty high in the ranks. They taught me everything from how to read to how to properly disassemble and reassemble a Walther P22. In my opinion they were the greatest parents a girl could ask for. And yeah I said we're not are.

You see two years ago exactly a week from my birthday they were killed in a car crash. Ironic ain't it? They survive bullets, bombs, and even the occasional missile but a drunk driver is what does em in.


My reverie is shattered by the unmistakable sound of gunfire.

What the hell? Why the fuck was their a gun in the hospital?


Again the sound of gunfire could be heard but this time it came from different directions. It repeated for nearly an hour before it finally stopped. During that hour I heard people screaming and the sounds of running feet. Now though everything was silent.

I waited for a nurse or at least someone to come in and tell me what was going on but no one came. I fell asleep wondering what was going on.

My eyes snapped open to the sound of shuffling feet.

I strained my ears in the hopes of hearing it again. and to my delight the sound of footsteps could be heard right outside my door.

The joy I was secreting as the doorknob started turning was nearly palpable. The door swung open to reveal one of my favorite nurses. Kelly Abraham, she is always really polite and considerate to me even though I can't really speak since i'm paralysed and all.

My joy turned to confusion as Kelly just stood in the doorway staring at me with a blank expression. As she started to shuffle towards me I notice something which made me want to puke.

Kelly had a large portion of her throat missing, revealing her windpipe and a large portion of her spinal column. When she got within a few feet of me I started to wonder if I was dreaming this all up. That hope was quickly shattered when she lunged at me and proceeded to claw into my abdomen.

I would have screamed If I could but I was forced to watch as the woman I thought the world of continued to rip me open like a bag of chips. A prisoner in my own body not even allowed to scream at the agony I was in. Not once in my life could I have imagined actually seeing my own liver being swallowed.

My mind finally decided enough was enough when Kelly started pulling out my intestines like some demented clown pulling knotted handkerchiefs. Finally allowed to slip into the blessed darkness that is unconsciousness.

My last thoughts before everything faded away was,

At least it wasn't the cancer that killed me...but seriously? A fucking zombie!

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