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Chapter 3: Childhood is the best years

The hallway was empty. Not a single thing was in sight. No corpses, no people, just the occasional bullet holes and blood splatters.

Creepy would never even begin to describe the hallway.

I quietly made my way down the empty hall.

All the windows I passed were sealed shut with thick sheets of metal.

Looks like they tried to quarantine the hospital. I doubt it worked but who knows? Are the lack of bodies from them coming back, or getting moved?

I had seen enough movies and played enough video games as a kid to see where this was going, and I did not like it, not one bit.

After about a minute of wandering the halls I finally found a body. It was pinned underneath a gurney. Judging by the military gear I think it's safe to assume that the person was once a soldier.

When I got within ten feet of the body it lunged at me. I jumped back to avoid it but that proved unnecessary since it was trapped by the gurney. But I didn't want to take any chances.

I tried taking a deep breath to calm myself, but ended up regretting that decision. The putrid scent coming off the soldier made me gag. I ripped a chunk of cloth from the bottom of my already too short gown and used one hand to press it against my nose to help suppress the smell.

Tightening my grip on my Iv pole I got a little closer to the thrashing corpse. Once I was close enough I raised my pole above its head and stabbed it downward, as if I was spear fishing.

Honestly who would have thought that the human skull would be this hard to break? I was now on my third stab and the damn thing just didn't want to die...again. It was my fifth hit that did it, my trusty Iv pole snapped leaving me with a short metal pipe with a sharp jagged end. I stared at it for a moment ignoring the pinned zombie. I glanced at the still undead soldier and stabbed downward, the shortened pole force me to lean down a bit. But this time the newly sharpened end pierced the skull, and with a sickening crunch the corpse was now just that, a corpse.

I couldn't help but feel a brief surge of pride at my accomplishment despite its macabre nature. Putting my weapon down I grabbed the corpse by the arms and pulled it out from under the gurney. Flipping it so that its body was lying on its back, I removed the pistol holstered at his thigh. After my first find I immediately began to search the soldiers many pockets.

By the end of my search I was rewarded with a pistol with only three rounds left, a granola bar which I immediately ate upon finding, a sturdy looking green switchblade, and what appears to be a pack of banana flavored chewing gum.

When I tried to pack it all up I ran into a bit of a snag. My gown which was still uncomfortably small didn't have pockets of any kind. I bit my lower lip in thought trying to come up with a way to hold my new gear. Glancing down at the blood splattered vest of the soldier I came to a decision. I removed his vest and put it over my gown. Using its many pockets to hold my stuff. I even took his holster and secured it to my own thigh the strap dug uncomfortably into my bare thigh, but I had to ignore it since I didn't have any other options.

Once I finished adjusting all the straps I continued on my search to find a way outside. I yearned for a breath of fresh air, trust me when I say, the smell of rotting flesh is something you can't get used to.

I stopped at one of those "you are here" maps and realized that I was actually really close to the main entrance, I just had to cut through the pediatrics ward and i'd be homefree.

As I drew closer to the pediatrics ward I began to notice a shift in the scenery. With every step the hallway became more clean and orderly, until it felt as if I was in a normal hospital instead of a nightmare.

I stopped at the door that separated the pediatrics ward from the rest of the hospital. A strong breeze suddenly rushed through the hall from the doorway making goosebumps appear on my exposed flesh. I looked behind me and was alarmed to find that the once spotless floor was marred by bloody footprints. My feet were once again covered in blood from walking through the bloody halls early, but this time it wasn't mine.

I had seen so much blood since waking up I honestly don't think it would ever get a reaction out of me again. Taking the breeze as a good sign I walked through the door.

The wing was was completely different than the other sections of the abandoned hospital. It looked as if time froze in this wing perfectly preserving the area from the apocalypse not a thing was out of place. I was half expecting to see nurses bustling about checking on all the patients.

My footsteps felt like gunshots in the eerily quiet building. I warily watched my surroundings for any sign of movement, I was halfway to through when I thought I saw one of the curtains to front left move. I froze.

Ok Sam it was probably just your imagination, I should keep going. As long as I don't look behind the curtain like some dumb blonde in horror movie I should be perfectly fine. Just ignore it. Yeah that's a girl just keep walking and don't look.

The mysterious curtain was now on the edge of my vision, and just before it was completely behind me I saw it move,and once again I this time for a completely different reason

Under the curtain I could see a pair of small feet, i watched the feet moved out of sight and deeper into the room.

Just keep going, It's a trap. Look at this place it just screams death trap. Don't look behind the Curtain! But there could be a kid in their. The poor kids probably scared and doesn't know what to do! That poor kid probably wants to eat you! But what if it's not!

I decided to listen to my conscience and approached the curtain. Putting one hand on the curtains edge while gripping my pointy IV pole tightly I yanked it back.

"Hello? Is anyone in he-"My eyes barely even registered what was in the room before I was tackled to ground sending my pole skidding a couple feet away.

I held back my assailant as its jaws kept snapping just inches from my face, my silver staring into its milky white.

I stared in horror as the undead child who couldn't have been a day over 5 kept trying to bite my face off. I was broken out of shock when I felt its nails start to dig into my arm drawing a bit of blood.

Using my one unpreoccupied arm I reached for my pole, but it was no use, the pole had gone out of my reach. And the kids finger where actually starting worm its way under my skin causing me to yelp in pain.

Realizing I had no other choice I pull out my gun and shot the kid in the head. His blood and bits of brain flew everywhere staining my face and hair once again a deep crimson.

I stared into the lifeless eyes of the child, and what little sustenance I had gained from that granola bar was lost as I threw it back up. The taste of vomit was becoming a familiar thing to me now.

My hands were shaking so much from the sudden adrenaline rush that I dropped the gun. Their was this constant ringing in my ears now from the gun going in such close proximity to my ear.

It only took a few seconds for the ringing to fade and be replaced by the sound of shuffling feet. Looking up from the dead child I saw a nightmare. Dozens of kids were coming out of there rooms, and they all shared the same sickly skin and milky eyes, the gap between them was getting smaller by the second and if I wanted to make it out of the building alive I would need to move fast.

Quickly I snatched up the pistol I had dropped earlier and made a break for it, running past the undead children and shoving the ones blocking me out of the way.

I was merely a few feet from the relative safety of the stairwell when it happened. One of the kids, a young girl perhaps seven years old with long blonde hair which probably would have looked made her look absolutely adorable if she wasn't missing a large chunk of her face managed to latch onto my back like some possessed Koala. She proceeded to tear into my shoulder, if I slowed down at all to get her off me I would get caught by the horde, so I just grit my teeth and continued on running.

Throwing the door open I scrambled inside and slammed it shut behind. Now that the danger of being swarmed had passed I was free to deal with the Blonde Koala feasting on my shoulder. Wrenching the girls arms off me I threw her down the stairs hoping the fall would put her out of her misery.

Unfortunately for me the little brat got back up and started shambling up the stairs. Groaning in frustration I aimed my still upholstered weapon at her and pulled the trigger.

I was expecting her head to explode or at the very least jerk back, but instead something entirely different happened. She multiplied, in fact I was seeing double everything, and she was still coming towards me. The claw marks on my arm started to burn. The pain spread to the rest of my arm and soon I was clutching my arm in pain. This pain was so intense that a scream tore its way out my throat. But nothing could prepare me for what happened next.

Suddenly the bite on my shoulder erupted into an inferno of pain setting all my nerves alight sending me to my knees, and nearly down the stairs. The pain was so intense that I think I might have blacked out for a few seconds. My body felt like it was burning, my blood felt as though it was boiling. In fact I could have sworn I saw steam rise from the gash on my arm. Every muscle in my body was clenching and unclenching at random intervals as if they had a mind of their own, but the amount of force it contracted with was unnatural and caused me even more pain. My bones felt like they would shatter under the extreme pressure. My jaw was clenched so hard it would be a matter of time before my teeth cracked under the force. My spine was screaming in agony at the almost 90 degree angle it was forced into by my arching back.

I managed to crack my eyes open long enough to find the girl laying a foot away from me motionless. Although I probably should have been glad that one danger to my life could be crossed off now, I was in so much pain I could barely even process the information let alone appreciate it.

I lay there for what felt like days, but for all I know it could just been hours or even minutes. If i'm being honest impersonating a human buffet for Kelly seemed like a fond memory in comparison to the excruciating pain I was in now.

The pain slowly but surely faded away until it was nothing but a dull ache. My muscles burned, but not like before, this time it was the constant use that caused the pain. This was minimal though in comparison to its previous state.

I sighed in contentment when I was able to let my muscles go limp as I sat on the floor with my against the railing. Once I was sure the pain wasn't returning I checked my wounds, the claw mark on my arm was practically non existent, just a faint discoloration, I was surprised that the wound had healed up already but nothing could have shocked me more than the bite wound on my shoulder.

What once was a bleeding gaping hole that showed a bit of bone was now just an angry red scar. I poked it to make sure I wasn't hallucinating and immediately yanked my hand back in pain, the wound was farther along than should be possible but it still hurt a lot when irritated.

The door I came through was badly damaged and I could see the finger of the kids in the space between the door and doorframe.

I need to move. It's not safe here.

Taking a deep breath I holstered my gun which only had one bullet left and started making my way down the steps.

A sudden breeze my wafted up my gown eliciting a shiver. It wasn't that I felt cold it just felt odd not wearing anything.

Well at least now I know i'm going the right way.