"Darkness, Silence, that is all that I can fathom in this dark and miserable place, if it weren't for my army providing some break in this endless void I would have surely gone made eons ago, or at least it feels like eons" Said an ominous figure shrouded in what some would say an endless shade of shadow. He usually talked to himself only speaking to his underlings to see if their is any update on the plan or any statistics they wished to share about the impressive but truly terrifying dreadnought that housed such a crew. The large ship was all that was left of his once great armada, an armada that grounded galaxies in to space dust, that made planets shiver at its very sight, that crumbled empires only to allow new ones to rise and at it's head was this vessel the Ragnarok the bringer of the end. The being at its head was feared even by the immortals perpetual gods to lesser beings, this being only scoffed at that notion and decided to go to war with these great beings, and after many lives were lost on both sides he was finally driven from the universe and imprisoned in the void between universe, where time had no meaning where one could not age or die, all they would be left with was silence and despair if it wasn't for their leader who hatched a plan to escape this seemingly unbreakable prison for just as the immortals knew how to imprison him he knew how to escape without the immortals taking notice a plan that would bring 11 universes on a collision course. This plan would have been labeled as crazy by some minds, but the creature that formulated the plan only smirked, he would send his agents through small portals through space and time to a certain planets that would only be too happy to have assistance in their grand ambitions, these agents would build them up quickly from behind the scenes to create a space fairing empire and these new conquerors would conquer at first the planets they wish but then and only then would they turn their attention to on small blue planet in a distant solar system, the planet known to most as Terra or Earth.

In the creatures mind it was simple these empires would conquer this small miserable planet as these earths were very important to his grand plan, for they were the key to his prison, the tools to his freedom and the weapons of his revenge on those that denied him his victory, in his mind it was simple, but as most plans there was always going to be a complication a unforeseen calamity that would ruin this creatures escape and snuff out the fire of his revenge. The creature knew this, he knew that these planets would be occupied by weak creatures that somehow had a will to overcome some of his greatest plans, he knew this from his bloody campaigns so he ensured that these kingdoms could not possibly fail. "Sir" The creatures thoughts were interrupted by one of his lieutenants, " Speak Lieutenant Vorox what news do you have on the initiative" the creature ordered in his raspy and quite deep intimidating voice, "My lord, the plan is moving fast than expected in 10 of the 11 surrounding universes, the 11th as you know is out of our jurisdiction due to factors that led us to this fowl space, the creature that you gave to those puppets will make sure that the Terra's will fall without as much as a dent in our forces" the Lieutenant replied with fear and anger in her voice. "Excellent everything is then going according to plan, and soon I will take my rightful place as ruler of all known space in all dimensions," He stated with what could be described as a evil smirk on his shadowy face, for all you can see are his red hate filled eyes and his rows of dagger like teeth, however he would seem to be in a humanoid in form. "Yes my Lord everything is going according to plan those pathetic creatures will soon kneel to you as you pass into their world and enlighten them in your ways" she stated with what could described a pride and enthusiams in her voice though the creature would call it kissing his ass for a lack of a better word."Yes nothing can stop my revenge, with those creatures that those pathetic creatures of Terra can only describe as monster there is nothing that can stop me ha ha ha ha ha". He cackled which was followed by a rumbling like screech or roar, but little did the creature know was that their are creatures that would dare defy him and can stop his evil plan they had many names Champion, the Ancient Predator, the First, the Terror, The Destroyer, the Scarred one, the Slaughterer, The mutated horror and the Ravaged king, but in their respected universes they are known as the King of the Monsters, the fabled and Feared Godzilla.

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