Godzilla Dimension 2: Ravaged King

Present Day 2016

Ravaged king POV 2016

Old memories, of a time long past and yet seem to be burned into the brain, smouldering until all you can do is scream, those old memories I remember well as they eat away at my subconscious, of those I have lost and those that I have taken thought the Ravaged King. It felt only yesterday when I first turned into this bastardised form, as the humans baptized me in fire and pain leaving the shattered remains of a once proud and mighty King, when they stole my very being. The once proud king gave out a cruel and menacing smile, one that brought pain but a pain he had become accustomed to, an unholy fire seemed to burn in his eyes as he remembered the day he decided to take his retribution and show humanity the grave error of their ways.

Flashback 1954

The Ravaged King escaped the island of his birth, sorrow still in his now radioactive heart not only for the loss of his mate and best friend but also from the rejection of his former clan, his mind was a mixture of anger, pain, sorrow and vengeance. The words murderer and monster still ringing in his mind eating away at his sanity, steam rose from the skin beneath his eyes, even tears cannot aid the fallen king, as they evaporate in the blink of an eye only made the kings pain worse. This pain, sorrow and anger soon gave way to an animalistic like rage, black smoke billowed from his maw and a red blaze erupted from his twisted maw burning everything in sight turning the island into a charred wasteland at least on this half.

Flashbacks POV Isolated Island

After that little blowout, I decided to sit there and gaze into the setting sun, its beauty reminded me of Gigantis and her warm smile, it made me happy until I released she was gone, which brought back the pain. I stared into the now fiery orange ocean and notice a strange object moving at quite a speed as it past the island; it was elongated in shape and was made with a weird shiny type mineral. In time I would come to know this weird object as a human boat or a warship in most cases and at that moment I realised something, that this object had a strange familiarity to it. I tried to think where I had seen this object before, wait I remember now; I had seen these objects seemingly observing the… bright light over the island of my mate's death. These things were present at the island but what could be there purpose, perhaps they were there by mistake, no that isn't possible there were too many of them to be just mere coincidence, and it is almost as if they knew the bright light would occur at the island at that exact time. It is similar in how we came to observe a grudge fight when it was assigned to a certain day, but that would be impossible unless they are the ones that caused the bright light in the first place.

Flashback 1954

The kings beady eyes widened and his maw began to billow with smoke as he planned to destroy this insignificant object for causing his so much pain, but the blast never came instead the king had other plans. He rose from the charred surface and entered the ocean and followed the object, though it was quicker it kept at a constant speed, so the king was gaining on this hopeless boat as it headed to mainland japan.

Boats perspective

The men aboard the 'Sovereignty of Edo' had a long day of deep sea fishing, they had battled through a more turbulent sea than normal and were eager to meet up with their families again, the men had expressionless eyes as they toiled for 3 days straight with only a merge catch to show for their efforts. Unbeknownst to them a large object was following at a short distance ready to pounce when it got into attacking position, the men didn't really care either way they could see the port of Tokyo harbour and a sigh of relief was heard from the crew, a man even had a picture of his wife and son as he was eager to reunite with them. The relief soon turned to horror as the boat suddenly was turned into a pile of rubble and blood, there was a quick scream followed by silence and the crunch of breaking wood, twisted metal and bone.

Flashback 1954 just outside Tokyo Harbour

The king was pleased with his work as his attack was perfect turning the vessel into nothing more than rubble, he licked his maw and for the first time since the bright light he felt joy at such a gruesome thing. His sights soon turned to the unsuspecting city of Tokyo, as the king realised where the enemy truly awaited, it was a landscape of lights and concrete which just simply infuriated the king, the men on the boat were the lucky ones, those on the mainland are about to witness the rise of the Ravaged king.

Flashbacks POV Tokyo Bay

The island with the towers of light seems to be where my enemies dwell, they shall learn the consequences of crossing me, I shall set fire to their hovels, no crevice or crack can shelter them from my wrath and they shall suffer as I have suffered.

Flashback 1954 Tokyo 7 pm

It was a rather quiet night, or as quiet as it could get in a city such as Tokyo, the city and its inhabitants had done well to bounce back from the nuclear apocalypse that rained down them a mere 9 years prior. The city still bustling families going out for dinner, lovers strolling on the streets, it was like any other day in the capital and everyone was either quieting down for the night or started to drink in their favourite bars, that was until a sound like thunder emulated from the docs.

Many people stopped what they were doing to look out towards the docs and their curiosity soon turned into absolute shock and horror as a large monster rose from the depths and let out the most bone chilling roar anyone had heard. Their stares of shock soon turned to those of panic when the creature started to move at some pace towards them with what seemed like a malicious look, sirens could be heard only to be drowned with screams of fear.

The King move at a moderate pace with utter hatred and disgust at the creatures that ran at his feet, he remembered seeing them before, though only at a distance and it was on those objects that he had destroyed when he reached land fall. He let out another blood curdling roar, smoke billowed from his mouth his spines turned from a reddish hue into an ominous violet, the smoke seemed to cascade over several blocks, the king bent his head and unleashed a maelstrom of nuclear fire. This time purple in hue and not as precise as his earlier flames, it seems as if his rage expelled even more nuclear energy from his heart causing a more intense beam of energy. Several blocks of Tokyo were now ablaze and hundreds if not thousands are dead or dying and many more were injured, the king simply strode on stomping on buildings or tearing them down nothing on this earth was going to stop his rampage.

National diet Building Central Tokyo

Reports were coming in from all over Tokyo of large fires and a monster roaming the streets, the cabinet and other branches of the government thought it was some joke that was until film crews arrived and confirmed the presence of a monster. The Cabinet quickly scrambled both the prime minister and the minister of defence where present to decide what they should do in a situation such as this, prime minister Yoshida did not really want this especially so close to the end of his tenure. Yoshida presided over the signing of treaty of San Francisco and started to kick start Japans post war recovery and economy, all of which took years of work now most of it in the capital lay in a sea of radioactive fire. A cold sweat started engulf Yoshida as he tried to contemplate what course of action he should take regarding this monster, the minister of defence suggested the military which was still weak after American occupation and doing so may infuriate the US which he relied on for the defence of his country. On the other hand this monster could destroy the very country he was trying to rebuild and if its destroyed it will leave them open to attack from China or the Soviets thought Yoshida, his train of thought was soon broken by the minister of Defence Yamada. "Mister Prime minister we must launch our military to stop this monsters rampage" Yamada almost ordering, "I know what you are trying to suggest minister but doing so may lead to America sticking its nose in our business and so soon after the treaty" Yoshida stated. "So what we just lay here and die like a bunch of diseased mutts, we must launch our military now" Yamada replied angrily, "It's not that simple if we use what little military we have it could cause problems and America may withdraw its protection…" Yoshida said until he was interrupted by Yamada. "There would be no country to protect if we allow this monstrosity to simply roam and so close to this capital building we must act now and evacuate any people still left in the city and this cabinet" Yamada angrily replied. The prime minister with almost a defeated look in his eye replies "Ok launch the military, order the any medical, police and fire fighting personnel to save as many people as they can and to halt the spread of the fire and get me in contact with the US President". The cabinet quickly went into gear and started to evacuate, Yoshida contacted the president and their situation, silence followed by desperate screams were heard from his office as the rest of the cabinet dispersed and completed the order before evacuating.

Flashbacks POV

Pathetic, these creatures aren't even putting up a fight thought the king, he had burned the entirety of the land that made up Tokyo Harbour and now was making inroads to the centre of Tokyo. These creatures are nothing to me, they pose no threat, he reared his head and let out not a roar but a declaration in his native tongue "You creatures took all I had and now I shall do the same, for this land now belongs to me a ravaged land for a ravaged king, run, hide in fear you sorry excuse of meat". His spines glowed their ominous violet and smoke billowed as he unleashed his atomic breath once more, burning all in his path, then he felt something hit his exposed skin and fire emulating from the hit. What was that, where did this fire come from he thought, then he saw it, so these creatures have flying objects that defend them how cute, he tried to swat them but they were simply too fast even for his tail. This infuriated the king so he charged his atomic breathe, the fiery night glowed violet once more but unlike before the king was now focusing on his targets which approached him once again, their weapons proving useless on his sickly scales. He let out another atomic breathe this time it was so focus that it was like the edge of a sword, he twisted his scarred head in a constant line until he saw all the objects were ablaze in radioactive fire. The king then felt something, after his attack he fell to one leg, he felt as if his power was completely drain however he felt no hunger, he just felt drained and weak. What's going on why do I feel weak, wait I felt this drain before when I used my fire however not to this extent perhaps that is the reason for my weakness I used too much energy and yet I was so close in destroying this pathetic hovel. Never mind the blaze I created would destroy the rest, now I must rest to regain my strength an seek out more of these nests if there are any, with that the king returned from once he came and entered the ocean his rampage finally over however the fire still burned.

By day break most of the harbour districts were destroyed central Tokyo also suffered from the destruction the king wrought, many wondering why such a creature attacked them unprovoked. Tens of thousands lay dead of dying many more are injured or suffer from radiation sickness, and many more are left homeless not since the second world war has Tokyo suffered such devastation . News soon broke throughout the world of the monsters rampage, a Japanese outlet the first on the seen started calling the creature Gojira as a reference to a god on Oda Island from which the reporter was from, but the world would start calling him Godzilla.

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