Hello my name is Lilith Mariette Ivy Diamoncix but everyone calls me Lily. My parents went into hiding because of a crazy wizard who wanted to kill muggle born. My father Adrian Diamoncix was a pure blood wizard who fell deeply in love with my mother who was a muggle born.

Suddenly at the age of one, my parents were killed and now I am the only Diamoncix family left alive. Well expect for my dad's family who sent me to the orphanage, and this is where my story begins.

Lilith looked outside of the window of the orphanage as she sat upon the window seat. As she watched the rain pouring down outside, as she hugs her knees against her chest.

Today was adoption day at the orphanage but she kept being turned away by many of the parents.

'No one wanted a freak like me' she thought rather sadly as she wiped the tears away from her eyes. One of the caretakers came walking into the room "Lilith there is someone to see you" she said coldly to the child because she didn't like her.

Lilith gets up from her spot and dusts her gray dress as then she walks past her and down the stairs.

Where she spots an old man sitting in one of the chairs talking to the old woman caretaker who was rather nice to her. "Albus this is Lilith Mariette Ivy Diamoncix and Lilith this is Mr. Albus Dumbledore" she said introducing them kindly.

Lily waved shyly to him "Hello Lilith it's a pleasure to finally meet you" he said kindly towards her as she gave him a shy smile "I like to be called Lily" she said shyly to him.

"Of course Miss Lily" she said as Albus stood up slowly as he reached out his hand. "I'll take her with me Miss Fudge thank you" he said to her kindly as he pushed up his glasses "Of course Albus" she said to him as she smiled softly to the child.

Lily ran over and hugged Ms. Fudge. "Thank you for being kind to me" she said to her "You're such a sweet child" Ms Fudge said, as she pushed her off to Albus Dumbledore.

Lily took the older males hand as he lead the way into the pouring rain, as she quickly put on her rain coat and her rain boots then she waves to Miss Fudge and they left the orphanage.. Then they had turned a corner as they disappeared and reappeared on a street called Spinner End. "Mr. Dumbledore? Where are we?" she asks curiously but still shyly.

"At a good friend's house that is going to keep you safe until we find someone to look after you" Albus responded to Lily as he walked to a black door and knocked upon it.

The door opened to reveal a black haired male with cold dark brown eyes, as she hide behind his robes "Headmaster" said the male.

"Severus" he said to the male as he allowed them to enter inside of his small home. Lily looked around the home of this man named Severus, as Severus cleared his throat. "Headmaster to what do I owe of this visit?" he questioned as he looked upon the little female behind him.

"Severus this is Lilith Mariette Ivy Diamoncix" Albus said, as Lily looked up at him with her curious deep sapphire blue eyes as she tilts her head to the side as her curly raven black hair cascaded down to the front of her body

"She is to be in your care until we can find someone to keep her safe" Albus Dumbledore said to his potions teacher. "You can't be serious" Severus said loudly in a coldly manner as he looked at the headmaster seriously.

Lily watched them from her spot, as she tilts her head more to the side. Severus glared down at her as she went back and hid behind Mr. Dumbledore again as she peeked behind his robe. "Fine" he said as he sighed then he was handed a folder by Dumbledore.

Albus bent down to her level as she smiled at him "This man will be taking care of you Miss Lily" he said kindly to her as she hugs him around the neck and he hugged her back.

Then he left leaving the two standing in the living room of Snape's house, as she looked up at him and he looks down at her with his cold stare. "Let's get you something to eat shall we?" he asked her as she nods her head.

Severus wasn't good with kids especially the ones at the school, as he swept his way towards the kitchen as she follows after him quietly.

Then she takes a seat as she watches him, as he places an apple in front of her, as she looks up at him. "T-this for me?" she asks him, as he nods his head.

Lilith's smile got wider as she took a bite out of the apple while he was making something for her to actually eat other than an apple. As he placed Fish and Chips in front of her. "Is this also for me?" she questioned then he nods his head to her. "THANK YOU MR. SNAPE" she squealed happily as she took a bite out of the fish.

Severus watched this child curiously; this is the daughter of Adrian Diamoncix, and Karin Diamoncix. He remembered meeting them during his time at school; Karin Villa was a rather sweet girl and was kind to him even though he was of Slytherin and she was a Hufflepuff.

He was snapped out of it when she was looking up at him with blue hues. "Are you done?" he questioned in a manner rather coldly.

"Y-yes" she answered, as she was rather nervous around him. Severus nods his head as he took the plate and placed it in the sink.

It was getting rather late, as Lily sat upon the floor with a book upon her lap. While Severus was working on the beginning year for his students, as Lily got up and placed the book upon the table; she walks over towards him and pulls on his sleeve.

"M-Mr. Snape" she asked shyly, Severus looked over towards her "What?" he asked. Lily shook her head "I was wondering what you were doing?" she asked him curiously.

"Lesson Planning" he answered coolly, as she nods then she yawns. He sighs deeply, as he moves from his desk and he walks down the hall towards the empty spare room. "This will be your room for your stay here" he said as she nods.

"Um what will I sleep in?" she questions quietly. Severus crushed under his breath at that old fool for doing this to him. He silently left the room, as Lily looked around the corner to see what he was doing.

Severus returns as he placed a t-shirt upon the bed for her. "This will have to do" he said to her, as she nods her head. "Um Mr. Snape will you unbutton my dress for me?" she asks quietly, as he sighs deeply as he came behind her and started unbuttoning her dress.

"Thank you" she responds as he shook his head at this polite child, as he walked out of the room. She took off the gray dress, and she puts on the t-shirt, as she noticed it was way to big on her.

Lily walked into the room, as she looked at him. "Mr. Snape it's to big" she said to him quietly as he looked up from what he was doing. He walks over towards her and he holds out his wand as he swiftly shrinks it to her size.

"Thank you and Good night" she called out to him, as she left him be and went back into her room. She yawned yet again, as she slowly gets up on the bed and she slips into the covers.

Lily lays there as she stares at the wall; and she yawns more. As her eyes slowly started dropping and she had fallen asleep breathing normally.

Severus walked by the room as he peeked into the room as he sighs in relief. He walks on towards his room, as he took off his clothes and placed on his sleeping robes; as he slowly lays in his bed and starts to fall asleep quietly.