Classes were starting back up after the weekend, as Lily sat upon the stairs that was in front of the class, as she was reading calmly while the students were stirring and adding things to their potions that needed to be added.

She hums lightly while she sits there watching the students, as Severus walks around the room with his robes swishing around him and she tilts her head to the side. 'Something is going on with him.' She thought as she watches him for a second longer.

Then a boom sounded into the room, causing smoke to come out of a student's cauldron. Lily jumps up from her spot, standing on her tippy-toes as she watches them for a moment. "Everything is fine." Severus says, as he looks at the contents of the potion. "5 points from Ravenclaw." he adds looking up at the students in front of the cauldron then he turns back with a swish of his cloak.

'Yes, something is wrong.' Lily thinks, and she nods her head in agreement with herself as she looks upon him. 'Yep, he's in a bad mood.' She thought while sitting there. 'Or he's thinking about the person coming to the castle to see if he's a good fit to be my guardian.' She gave it another thought and she shook her head then she groans. Lily was going to be pleading that he was a good fit for her, a very good fit considering everything and she sighs deeply hoping that everything gets settled for them.

Class was over, and Lily stood up calmly has she could for a five-year-old girl. She makes her way over to her dark father figure and she places her hand upon his. She looks up at him nervously. "Are you that worried about them taking me away from you?" She questions shyly as she stands there with her hand on his.

"Of course, not because they aren't going to." He responds. 'Not if I can help it.' He thought as she smiles warmly up at him. "Agreed Papa Snape." She states happily.

"Time for Lunch, Lily" Severus says to her calmly, as she nods her head then she turns around and skips out of the classroom causing him to sigh, and follow after her quickly.

#$ $)($# (%) #$) #$)$%() ($)#(%$ %)#( )+*%# % )*%) ## )*$)#
% (_# %* _# ($!_# ! ($_# (%_ #) %#$^ (_$(^$5$#% (_$# (%_ (%_# (%_$+# (^+#_#$% () % ( ) $# +_% (+$) *%$# $_# (%$_#^$#_^ ($# +%#+_% (4- % (_#

Lily sat in her chair surrounded by food; as her legs swing back and forth while she watches the Great Hall. She was smiling and happy sitting next to her grumpy guardian; as she hums while eating her food and sipping on her pumpkin juice.

A chirping caught her attention causing her to look down and see Yoru down on the floor. She reaches down for the fire ferret and she places him upon her lap where she hands him a piece of fruit then she sees a piece of paper in his collar.

She reaches and takes the piece of paper; opening the paper and she begins to read it. "Oh." She says as she looks over towards Papa Snape and she reaches over and taps his arm, and she beckons him to lean over towards her.

Severus leans down towards her. "Papa Snape, can I go see Hagrid he says that he wants to show me something." She whispers into his ear. He leans back thinking about it for a moment as he nods his head. "Go ahead but be back soon, I have no idea when that woman is going to be here." He says to her.

Lily nods her head as she gets off her chair going around the teacher's table and heading out of the Great Hall over towards Hagrid's hut, skipping along the way. "Lily?" Called out a voice, as she turns around quickly upon hearing the voice. "Oh, Headmaster Dumbledore." She say's gently, as she makes her way over towards him.

Lily just noticed a woman standing behind beside him; as she bows her head respectfully. "Where are you heading to?" He questioned her, as Lily smiles up at him. "Oh, I'm heading to Mr. Hagrid's house, he wanted to show me something. I guess he found a book about animals or something." She explains, as she bends down and picks up Yoru as she held him to her.

"Lily this is Madam Moore, head of the Adoptive Ministry." Dumbledore told her, as Lily stood up straighter and she bites her lower where she starts to fumble with her dress while standing there." Oh." She responds quite nervously, as she looks up at the woman.

"I'll send Mr. Hagrid a note and let him know." She responds to him, as she grabbed the paper that he wrote on, as she quickly scribbled with a crayon that she had on hand and wrote the note then she stuffs it into Yoru's collar around his neck. "Go take this to Hagrid please." She says to her ferret as she places him onto the ground.

"I believe that Mr. Snape will be back in his classroom by now or in our suite." She states, as she reaches forward and takes a hold of Dumbledore's sleeve in her hand. They walk through the hallway, as she walked in silence; and quietly took deep breaths while she walked alongside them.

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(*$)#* %)*# $324# $*)# *% #34 $() #*%) #$!DSG(_ #(%_# # $
# $*)# *$#4 *)*FD_H*G_$( _$(+!$(_%($ %) #($_( #% #(%) #*$E)R)))

They arrived at the classroom, as Severus stood in the middle of the classroom using his wand; and he looks up. Lily quickly makes her way over towards her dark guardian also known as her Papa Snape; but no one really knew that she called him that expect him and her and maybe some of the other professors.

"Severus this is Madam Moore, head of the Adoptive Ministry." Dumbledore introduced to Severus; and Lily stood in front him, as she looks up at the woman nervously.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Moore." Lily says shyly, as Severus places his hands upon her shoulders for reassurance for both of them. "Pleasure to meet you to Miss Lily." Ms. Moore says gently, as she steps forwards and she takes the child's hand into hers and squeezes it gently. "No need to be nervous." She adds softly.

"Now then I read, Ms. Trunches notes, I also heard three howlers from the Malfoy's so I have decided to come and handle this myself." Ms. Moore states in a professional manner, as Lily blushes at the mention of the Malfoy's because she heard from them as well.

"Why don't we continue and you can perhaps show me your room here in the castle, if you don't mind Professor Snape since it seems like you have students coming in, I can go with Headmaster Dumbledore and Lily." She asks/states as students from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were coming into the room.

"Of course not." Severus responds, then he turns Lily around and bends down to her level. "Best behavior Lily." He tells her as she nods her head smiling at him. Severus shakes her head, because he basically had nothing to worry about because she was a pretty well-behaved child anyway so he wasn't worried.

Lily leads the way through the castle to their suite; she opens the door once they arrive at the door. "Welcome to our suite." She says, as Yoru was sitting there waiting for his owner. "Yoru!" She exclaims excitedly as she moves her way to her fire ferret, as she grabs the paper from the collar and she starts reading the words on it.

Lily smiles happily, then she strokes Yoru's fur gently then she stood up and she turns around facing the adults in the living room. She clears her throat; as she moves closer to a set of doors. "This is my room." She says, as she pushes open the doors. "Then further down is Mr. Snapes bedroom, and office; I only go to his room if I have a nightmare then we just cuddle and he rocks me until I pass out then he will bring me back into my room." She adds then she blushes darkly.

"Please don't tell Mr. Snape that I told you about the cuddling. He gets embarrassed." She says, as she bites her lowers. "I told the Malfoy's and they teased him about it." She adds and she nods her head.

"I promise Lily, I won't mention it, or tease him. It will be our little secret." Ms. Moore responds as she peeks into Lily's bedroom and she looks around the tidy room. "Do you clean your bedroom?" She asks her.

Lily nods her head. "Yes Mr. Snape wants me to be responsible, but the house elves help clean my bathroom and bring food for Yoru when I'm in the class rooms with the professors." She responds. "He tells me that it builds character." She adds.

Ms. Moore smiles down at her, as she steps into the room then she notices a book sitting on the night table. "That's my memories book, it's full of pictures of my parents and of the now." Lily tells her smiling as she comes into her bedroom, then she pulls open the book. "Professor McGonagall made me this for Christmas." She adds happily.

"Well, that is wonderful." Ms. Moore states, as she writes down what she is finding out. "Are you enjoying your time with Mr. Snape? Wouldn't you want to be adopted by a nice and larger family." She asks curiously.

Lily shook her head calmly. "No, because I have a large family here. The children here are all like my big siblings; all the professors are like my aunts and uncles; headmaster is like my grandfather and papa Snape is my father." She answers truthfully as she looks at her.

"I don't want to be anywhere else; if I were taken away from Papa Snape then I would run back to him or run to the Malfoy's." She answers as she looks up at her and she smiles at her warmly.

"Duly noted Miss Lily." Ms. Moore responds to her gently; as she writes down her responses. "He is awesome, a bit awkward but he makes up for it and he treats me well, and the professors here are the best." Lily answered gently and warmly with a huge smile upon her face.

"I will take everything into consideration Miss Lily." Ms. Moore told her, as she wrote everything down that she was seeing and listening to. Lily nods her head; as she closes her book and places it back onto her night table; while Yoru was laying on the bed watching them contently.

"I've noticed Lily that you call Mr. Snape, Papa Snape?" Ms. Moore state, as Lily nods her head. "I didn't like calling him Mr. Snape, and he was basically my guardian but guardian Snape didn't sound great so I figured that Papa Snape work out better." She answered truthfully.

"He's basically like my dad figure and he's been watching me for a long while now." She adds and she looks up at Ms. Moore and smiles at her. "It took me a while to ask him that but I became really happy when he said that I could call him that." She continues for a moment then she bites her bottom lip.

"Please don't take me away from Papa Snape." She pleads to her. "Please don't take me back to the orphanage or to another foster home or family, I want to stay with Papa Snape." She adds as she looks up at her with unshed tears.

"I am really happy here and I feel like I've found my place where I belong and he also knows my parents and tells me stories." She states pleading her case to Ms. Moore.

"I believe that I have everything that I need, I will let my decision be known in the morning through mail." Ms. Moore states, as she shook Dumbledore's hand and shook Lily's as well then, she walked back through the direction she came from.

"Do you think she will listen to me?" Lily questioned Dumbledore, as she looks up at her. "I believe she will Lily, I really do believe that she will." He responds, as Severus walks into the room calmly.

"Papa Snape!" Lily exclaimed, as she ran over to him and she hugs him around the middle. Severus places his hand upon her head softly. "She said that she would mail her decisions tomorrow." Lily told him, as she looks up at her. "I told her that I would run back here or to the Malfoy's if they tried to take me back." She added nodding her head.

"I am pretty sure that it won't come to that." Severus responds, nodding his head at Headmaster Dumbledore.

"I will leave you be." Dumbledore says, as he swishes out of the room, as Lily pulls back and yawns a bit. "Let's get you in for a nap." Severus says, and Lily nods her head in agreement as she moves into her room, taking off her shoes and she lays in her bed.

Severus places a quilt upon her small form as he kisses her forehead softly and he makes his way out of the room sighing. He rubs his forehead and makes his way into his office as he starts reading and grading papers.

#$ #) $* ) #*$ #$*) #*_%*$% #32$# *) $*) #*%) #*$) #*$) # *%) *$) #*$) # *$% ($_#* ) %* $) %* ) *) %*#) ^*) #*^#$) *^) #*^_

The next morning Lily sat in her bed thinking that this would be the last time that she would get to be here inside of these walls until she turned 10 and could actually study witchcraft and wizardry.

Lily turned her head and spotted Severus standing there; giving her a small smile, as she sighs deeply and a bit sadly. A knock sounded on their suite, causing Severus to go and answer it.

"This arrived on my desk." Headmaster says handing Severus the large envelope with their future in it. Lily stood in her doorway; as Severus goes and sits upon the couch holding onto it and he takes a deep breath.

Lily steps into the room, as she goes and sits on the couch as well to see what their future hold. Severus holds it then opens it slowly with shaky hands. "This is it, Lily." He states as she nods her head while Dumbledore stands there watching on.

Severus pulls out the papers; then he starts to read it while Lily is sitting there holding her breath and waiting for the news. Severus lets out a breath, as he turns back with a smile upon his face. "Are you able to keep me?" She questions him.

Severus places his hand upon her head as he looks down at her calmly. "With great determination and the most heart, I am awarding Severus Snape true guardianship and award of adoption for one Lilith Mariette Ivy Diamoncix." He told her as she squeals happily and she jumps onto him and hugs him tightly.

Dumbledore leaves their suite giving them a moment for themselves. "Are you regretting this?" Lily asks as she pulls back and looks at him. "Not one bit Lily, I knew what I was doing the moment I let you stay in my home that first night." He tells her, as she smiles hugely and she goes back and hugs him tightly.

Things are starting to look well for our favorite two here aren't they?