Chapter 1

AN: Hello once again everyone I am happy to give you my newest story another Naruto x Star Wars crossover story. Now you are probably thinking that I should focus on the stories I already have published but this is one that has been on my mind for a while and wanted to get at least the first chapter out for all of you.

Depending on what kind of feedback I get for this first chapter this story will either become one of my main stories that I work on or a side story that I work on when I need a break from my main stories.

The main premise for this story is that on the night of the Kyuubi sealing Naruto disappears right after the Kyuubi is sealed within him. He then appears right in the middle of the Jedi High Council meeting room in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant right as Yoda and the other masters are having a meeting.

After getting over the shock of a child appearing right before them they decide to test Naruto's blood and find that he has a midiclorian count of around 19,000 and decide that he is to be trained as a Jedi. As the years go by he is trained by multiple Jedi Masters including Yoda, Master Tholme, and Shaak Ti who later becomes his master when he becomes a Padawan.

Naruto becomes a Jedi Knight, takes part in the First Battle of Geonosis *The one that was the rescue attempt of Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme*, and later the Clone Wars becoming a Jedi General and getting his own group of Clones which will be called the 909th Maelstrom Corps.

Throughout the war Naruto and the 909th become one of the most decorated groups in the Republic for their many successful missions, and their few casualties due to Naruto's genius tactics. Naruto and Aayla Secura grow closer during the war to the point that the two become a couple but keep it secret due to the Jedi Code forbidding Attachments, but they plan to retire from the Jedi Order after the war ends.

Order 66 is issued and the 909th refuses to kill Naruto who had led them through so many missions and had become like family to them. For a month Naruto and the 909th prepare for the eventual fight against the forces of the now named Empire since they are stranded on the planet Ryloth where they had been helping the native Twi'Lek's fend off a Separatist invasion force.

The attack comes in the appearance of not only Darth Vader but also the entire 501st Legion and the majority of the 212th Attack Battalion. Massively outnumbered Naruto and the 909th make their final stand and end up inflicting heavy casualties to both the 501st and the 212th, Naruto even manages to take one of Vaders robotic arms. However in the end the entire 909th and Naruto are ultimately killed. Naruto and the 909th wake up in the afterlife where they meet Aayla Secura and Kami who gives them all a second life and transports them back to Naruto's dimension above his homeworld and the story goes from there.

Anyway some key things about this story:

Naruto is 2 years older than the other Rookies such as Sasuke, Sakura, and the others.

Minato and Kushina survived the sealing however both were rendered sterile from to much direct exposure to the Kyuubi's chakra.

16 years have passed since Naruto's disappearance, and the graduation age was changed to 16 years old.

Now sorry about the really long Author Note but I now present to you the first chapter of "Return of the Maelstrom"…may change the title later.

Sitting around a fire holding a stick and cooking a small lizard was an 18 year old spiky blonde haired young man with sky blue eyes, a rather handsome face that many women would find attractive and 6 whisker like birth marks with 3 on each cheek. He was wearing a set of brown robes and pants with a set of white armor that covers his chest and the tops of his arms, with orange and blue stripes down it. On the shoulder guards of the armor there were two symbols one on each side. On the left shoulder guard there was a circle with a pair of white wings in it with what appears to be a beam of light rising up between them with a star near the bottom *The symbol for the Jedi Order*. On his right shoulder there was what appeared to be a red swirl that resembled a whirlpool *Uzumaki Clan symbol*.

The young man rotates the stick holding the lizard allowing it to cook on the other side when he hears footsteps approaching. He looks up to see a man wearing white armor and a white helmet. The armor covered the man's entire body and had two set of blue and orange lines on it running down the chest and on his arms. His helmet had a black visor that resembled a "T", a crest painted orange and blue, and an antenna on the right side of his helmet *Phase 3 Arc Trooper Armor*.

The armored man snaps off a quick salute as he stands at attention "General our scanners indicate that a large force has dropped out of hyperspace above the planet. They have also begun sending down troop transports…all of them are Imperial" he says gravely at the end.

The blonde haired man lets a small smile come across his face as he removes the lizard from the fire "Striker how many times have I told you I am no longer a General? Furthermore you know I am not one to show respect just cause of someone's rank" he says chuckling at the end of his statement.

The now named striker begins to chuckle along with him "Sorry Naruto force of habit, besides you will always be a General to not only myself but also the rest of the 909th" he says with a smile on his face as he removes his helmet revealing his dark tanned skin, golden brown eyes and close shaved head.

The now named Naruto rips off one of the cooked Lizard's legs and hands it to Striker who takes it and bites off a chunk of the meat "How big is the enemy force?" Naruto questions before taking a bite of another of the lizards legs.

Striker swallows before sighing "We estimate that it is likely an ENTRIE Legion along with the majority of another one. Considering that our forces only number around 2,500 it's a safe bet that we aren't going to make it out of this one alive" he finishes somberly.

Naruto stands up and dusts off his robes "You know Striker you and the rest of the 909th don't have to go down with me" he says offering his friend a way out.

Striker just chuckles before shaking his head "Naruto I stood by you during the first battle of Geonosis when the war began, the rest of the 909th joined shortly after and you lead us through countless battles. In all of the battles your tactics saved us countless times to the point that we rarely suffered more than 25 casualties a mission. Those who did die were not forgotten as just another soldier and were given full funerals and their names inscribed on a memorial wall that you handmade I may add. You treated us as individuals instead of clones and instilled in us that"Those who abandon a mission are scum, but those who abandon or betray their comrades are lower than Hutt shit". It was this teaching that helped us all disobey Order 66 when it was issued and stand by you now. We are not going to just abandon you now, each and every one of us is willing to fight to the death right alongside you" he says with determination.

Naruto stand there listening to everything Striker is saying and can't help but smile, his friend-no his brother in all but blood-was right, he then thinks on Order 66 and what happened.

*Flashback 1 month ago*

Naruto and the 909th were walking back to their campsites cheerfully after a successful mission to wipe out the Separatists droid forces attacking Ryloth. As they were walking Stiker's long distance communicator beeps indicating someone was trying to contact him. Naruto notices this and raises an eyebrow as a 6-inch tall blue holographic robed figure appears.

The holographic figure looks at Striker "Captain Striker the time has come Execute Order 66" he says in a raspy voice.

Striker and the rest of the clone's eyes gloss over for a moment as the orders register before they remember all of their time spent with Naruto and what he taught them. Their eyes regain focus and Striker glares at the holographic robed figure "With all due respect sir…Go suck a Hutt's Nuts!" he yells shocking the figure before smashing the communicator.

Naruto watches this happen in confusion before he is suddenly hit by a massive tremor in the force. He begins feeling the lives of hundreds…no thousands of Jedi across the galaxy being snuffed out one by one. The feeling knocks the breath out of him and he clutches his chest trying to breathe before falling to the ground unconscious as Striker and the rest of the clones rush to his side.

Naruto wakes up to see Striker sitting not far from him tending a fire. Naruto rubs his head and groans catching Strikers attention. Striker walks over and hands Naruto a cup of water "You feeling better General? You gave all of us a pretty good scare when you collapsed like that" he asks.

Naruto finishes off the water and takes a deep breath "Yeah I am better now Striker I was just hit by a massive tremor through the force. What was that message you received right before I passed out?" he asks narrowing his eyes.

Striker's eyes widen hearing this "General I can't say much since I don't even understand it myself but when that figure said "Execute Order 66" it felt as though my brain shut off for a moment like the engine was on but no one was at the wheel. It was then that a single thought ran through my head which was to kill you but then all of time we spent fighting along side each other and what you taught me ran through my head and I returned to normal. Apparently the same thing happened with the rest of the men since they said they experienced the same thing" he says explaining what happened to the best of his ability.

Naruto curses hearing this as it proves his hunch "That is what I was afraid of my friend" he says somberly confusing the clone.

Striker scratches his head hearing this "What do you mean General?" he asks not following Naruto's train of thought.

Naruto interlaces his fingers as he brings his hands close to his face "What I mean is that I don't think this was an isolated incident. That massive tremor I felt through the force was the deaths of thousands of Jedi all across the galaxy" he says in a monotone voice as if all emotion was stripped from him.

Striker's eyes widen hearing this "You don't mean what I think you mean right?" he asks hoping he was wrong.

Naruto sighs "Yes I think that the same individual that gave you that order also gave it to every single other clone commander stationed under a Jedi General across the galaxy…except they weren't able to fight off whatever happened to them and carried out their orders" he says sadly.

Strikers legs nearly give out hearing this as many of those clones were not only his brother by blood but also friends, and some of the Jedi were also his friends. As he tries to grasp the severity of the situation one Jedi in particular pops into his mind someone who is very precious to Naruto "Naruto please tell me that SHE wasn't one of the Jedi whose death you felt" he asks praying to al the higher powers that she wasn't for his friends sake.

Naruto just lowers his head "Striker HERS was the most powerful of all of the deaths I felt and the one that knocked me unconscious" he says in a dead voice as tears come to his upon remembering the death of the one person in the entire galaxy he cherished above all others…Aayla Secura.

Aayla Secura was a cerulean blue skinned female Twi'Lek and fellow Jedi Knight. The two of them had grown up together in the Jedi Temple after one of Aayla's masters Quinlan Vos saved her from being sold into slavery and found her to be force sensitive. During their time as younglings learning the ways of the Jedi the two became fast friends to the point they nearly inseparable.

As the two of them grew older their feelings for one another began to deepen from just friendship into something that the Jedi were forbidden from …love. Unknown to the other at the time they buried their feelings for each other and went on with their lives as Padawans under their respective masters. Aayla had become the Padawan learner of Master Quinlan Vos.

Naruto had become the Padawan learner of Master Shaak Ti one of the masters who had taken a particular interest in his learning the others being Qunlan Vos and Master Yoda himself. For the next few years Naruto and Aayla would see little of each other outside of occasional times they ran into each other at the Jedi Temple. However both of them would soon become Jedi Knights at the age of 15 after undertaking the trials.

However only 6 months after the two became Jedi Knights the Clone Wars broke out after they along with 200 other Jedi were sent to the planet Geonosis to rescue recently promoted Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, his young Padawan Anakin Skywalker, and Senator Padme Amedala from a Geonosian Battle Arena. Of the 200 Jedi that went only around 20 made it out of the arena alive and that was only thanks to Master Yoda arriving with the Clone Army.

However even then the battle wasn't over as the first battle of the Clone Wars had officially begun with the remaining Jedi on Geonosis leading clone troopers against the battle droids of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was during that battle that Naruto and Striker as he would later be known met for the first time.

In the 3 years that followed Naruto lead Striker and the rest of the 909th Maelstrom Corps on countless missions and soon became on the most decorated groups in the Republic Army. It was also during this time that Naruto and Aayla's mutual feelings for each other finally grew to be too much for them to bury. The two confessed their feelings for each other and became a couple but were forced to keep it a secret due to the Jedi Code forbidding attachments. However they decided that after the war ended they would retire from the Jedi Order and therefore not have to hide their relationship.

Striker walks over and places his hand on Naruto's shoulder snapping him out of his thoughts "I am sorry to hear that Naruto I know how much she meant to you" he says surprising Naruto. Striker laughs seeing this "Oh come on don't look so surprised that I knew about the relationship between you and General Secura. Hell the entire 909th knew something was going o between the two of you but kept it secret out of respect for the both of you" he says with a smile.

Naruto sits there for a moment still shocked that not only Striker but also the ENTIRE 909th knew about his relationship with Aayla. Naruto finally recovers from his shock by coughing into his hand "Well that aside for now we need to get back to the "Red Fox" and begin searching for any surviving Jedi and then go from there" he says trying to change the subject.

A frown comes across Striker's face hearing this "I'm sorry Naruto but the Red Fox was destroyed" he says shocking Naruto. Stirker sees this and decides to explain "We aren't 100% sure but from what we can tell there was a secret self destruct code hidden in the ships mainframe that was triggered from long distance, most likely by the same person that issued Order 66" he says sternly.

Naruto curses hearing this, the Iron Fox was their home base so to speak one of the earliest Venator-Class ships to come out of the Republic shipyards at the start of the Clone Wars. It had seen Naruto and the 909th through every battle they were ever in and had been just as much a part of their forces as anyone. Not only that it housed over 90% of their supplies ranging from weapons, rations, and ammo to transports, tanks, speeders, fighters, and bombers. It also was where half of the 909th was currently on standby since the Separatist forces that had been attacking Ryloth weren't that large. This meant that of the roughly 5,000 soldiers that made up the 909th they were down to 2,500 which was something unheard of for the group.

Naruto slams his fist into the ground at the loss of nearly 2,500 brothers in arms, men he had fought alongside, joked with, became friends…no brothers in all but blood with. It also meant that they were trapped on Ryloth and sitting ducks for the attack that was sure to come since Striker and the remaining 909th refused to carry out Order 66.

Naruto sighs "We will have a memorial service for those we lost, and then go from there since we are basically trapped here. We must also prepare for the imminent attack that is sure to take place due to you and the others refusing to carry out Order 66…thanks for that by the way" he says with a chuckle at the end.

Striker nods hearing this and gives a quick salute "Understood General I will let the others know…and Naruto don't mention it after all "Those who abandon the mission are scum but those who abandon or betray their comrades are lower than Hutt shit"" he says with a smirk before heading off to tell the other clones the news.

Naruto sits there for a moment before chuckling before his mood becomes somber as the last 24 hours finally sinks in.

*End Flashback*

Naruto is snapped out of his thoughts when he notice Striker trying to get his attention "Naruto Cham Sindula is calling again" he says holding out a communication disk with a beeping light.

Naruto sighs hearing this before taking the disk and answering the call as the 6 inch tall blue holographic from of a male Twi'Lek appears "Cham what can I do for you?" he asks already having an idea of what he is going to say.

The holographic figure smiles "Naruto my friend our sensor indicated the incoming Imperial forces and we wish to aid you in the fight against them. The Twi'Lek people wish to stand alongside those who have helped us protect our home" he says with enthusiasm and determination.

Naruto sighs hearing this as it isn't the first time Cham and his people offered to help them in the fight against the Imperials when they arrived "Cham we have been over this before I will not allow you to put the future of your entire people at stake for us. This isn't like in the Clone Wars my friend the Imperials are coming her with the sole purpose of killing not only myself but also the entire remaining 909th. Furthermore this isn't a battle for us it is a final stand since there is no way out for us. What you can do for me is protect your family and race, live on and remember us" he says with a smile.

Cham is silent for a moment as he thinks about what Naruto just said "Very well my friend I shall abide by your wishes. However you and the 909th shall never be forgotten and will always be considered Heroes to not only Ryloth but also the Twi'Lek people as a whole" he says with a smile.

Naruto smiles hearing this "Thank you my friend and it was an honor knowing and fighting alongside you…oh and look after little Numa for me" he says happily and remembering the little Twi'Lek girl that had become sort of like a mascot to the 909th during their time on the planet.

Cham smiles as he salutes with his right arm across his chest and his fist over his heart "It was an honor fighting alongside you too my friend, and I shall look after little Numa as if she were my own daughter" he says before they bid each other a final farewell and the transmission ends.

Naruto smiles at the holo-disk before using the force to crush it beyond recognition so that the call can't be traced if it lands in enemy hands. He then turns to Striker who already has his helmet back on and his twin DC-17 Blaster Pistols in his hands and nods as the two of them walk to where the rest of the 909th is.

As they reach the rest of the 909th Naruto looks around and gives each and every clone a nod and receives one in return before they get up and take position with their blaster rifles at the ready and begin following behind the two. As they reach the end of the group they stare out at the enemy of over 20,000.

Naruto whistles seeing this "Well it seems like there a quite a few of them eh boys?" he asks getting a cheer from the 909th. Naruto then pulls two silver cylinders off his belt and holds one in each hand before pressing a button on them causing a blue blade to come to life from the one in his right hand and a red blade from the one in his left hand.

Striker notices this and raises an eyebrow though it was hidden by his helmet "You are going to use "Crimson Fury" for this last stand General?" he asks a little surprised since Naruto rarely used the red bladed lightsaber.

Naruto just chuckles hearing this "Striker we are up against the entire 501st and what looks to be the majority of the 212th. That means that the black armor wearing fellow in front if them is bound to be Skywalker and from the hate and anger I sense pouring from him he has become a Sith. Besides it's our final battle so I might as well go all out and make it one that will never be forgotten "he says with a smile at the end getting a chuckle from the clones nearest to them.

Naruto then rolls his shoulders to loosen them up and begins slowly walking forward with the 909th keeping pace right behind him.

*Play "Soldiers/ We Are Soldiers" by Otherwise*

As they walk forward they begin picking up speed and begin to sing as one before they break into a full on run and their final battle begins. The 909th opens fire with their blaster rifles sending blue lights of death at the enemy who fire their own weapons in response. As both sides continue to charge at each other Striker pulls out a detonator and pushes the button on it setting of the hidden explosives they hid beforehand. Explosions tear through the enemy clones killing them by the dozens yet the two sides continue to charge at each other.

Naruto uses his lightsabers to deflect blast shots back at their senders as he charges straight for the black armored figure wielding a red lightsaber. He reaches the armored figure and the two lock blades "I would say it is nice to see you again Skywalker but that would be a lie" he says as the two continue to clash.

The armored figure slashes at Naruto only for it to be blocked by Naruto's blue blade "That name no longer has any meaning to me I am now Darth Vader" he says through his helmet.

Naruto raises an eyebrow hearing this and slashes at Vader's arm only for Vader to block his strike "I have to be honest that is a pretty cool name…minus the Darth part of course" he says before spinning an aiming a slash at Vader's abdomen forcing him to jump back. Naruto then lunges forward with a thrust aimed at his right leg only to pull a feint and aim at his stomach.

Vader blocks the feint and slashes at Naruto's chest forcing him to leap back but Vader presses his attack forcing Naruto go on the defensive "You cannot win here Naruto you shall fall just as the rest of the Jedi Order has" he says continuing his attack.

Naruto barely managing to keep the lethal lightsaber of his once friend from slicing him to pieces manages a small smile "I know I am going to fall here Vader but I will still fight on regardless. As for the Jedi Order falling yes it has been dealt a tremendous blow but that doesn't mean that it is defeated. So long as there are people out there who believe in what the Jedi stand for they will never be truly defeated. Sooner or later you, the Empire, and your so called Master will be defeated and the Republic shall once again rise from the ashes, and the Jedi will return to protect it along with the galaxy" he says before launching his final counter attack.

Naruto swipes at Vader's chest only for his attack to be blocked. He then swings his red blade at Vaders left arm sever the robotic limb at the elbow causing Vader to let out a howl of pain. Vader swings his lightsaber in rage and severs Naruto's left arm at the shoulder causing Naruto to let out a howl of pain as he jumps back.

Naruto looks at where his left arm used to be then at the sparking stump of Vader's left arm and chuckles "It looks like we have "Disarmed" each other" he says with a dry chuckle only to receive silence as a response from Vader. Naruto sighs seeing this "Yeah I know not one of my best lines but oh well. How about we finish this with one final attack like we used to when you went by Anakin Skywalker?" he suggests.

Vader thinks it over for a moment before nodding "Very well one final time we shall clash and finally determine which of us is stronger" he says as he readies his blade.

Naruto smiles hearing this "Oh yeah that's right we are tied at 49 wins each" he says readying his own blade. The two stare at each other for a moment before they charger their and clash one final time kicking up a dust cloud that blocks them from view. When the dust clears Naruto has a smile on his face and is seen with Vader's red blade sticking out of his back and his own lightsaber deactivated in his hand.

Vader seeing this scowls behind his helmet "Why did you deactivate your blade and allow yourself to be impaled?" he asks enraged that Naruto would just through the fight.

Naruto coughs and some blood trickles down the side of his mouth as he manages a weak smile "Because even if you have betrayed the Jedi, killed your former comrades, and become a Sith you are still my friend deep down inside. You are just lost in the dark, but one day I feel you will make your way back into the light…Besides I miss Aayla and want to be with her again" he says a weak smile on his face.

Vader's eyes widen hearing this "You mean that you and her were…" he begins trailing off as he sees Naruto nod.

Naruto looks up at the sky for a moment and smiles "Yeah were together and kept it secret, we were actually planning to retire from the order when the war ended so we wouldn't have to keep it secret" he says confirming Vader's suspicions.

As Naruto coughs again and more blood trickles down the side of his mouth and knows his time is short "You think an old friend can ask for a dying wish?"he asks.

Vader is shocked by Naruto's question but nods "Very well out of respect for your skills I shall grant you a dying wish" he says.

Naruto chuckles hearing this as it confirms that his hunch about there still being a little of Anakin left inside Darth Vader "I wish to be cremated as a Jedi…and that you do not harm the people of Ryloth. They had no part in our battle and did not help us in anyway and there our innocents" he says.

Vader thinks it over for a moment before nodding "You last requests shall be honored go into the force in peace" he says s the light from Naruto's eyes fades and he passes on becoming one with the force.

Several Hours Later

Darth Vader watches as the last of the flames that engulfed the deceased body of Jedi Knight Naruto Uzumaki die out when a clone trooper wearing the standard ARC trooper armor with Orange stripes on it walks up to him.

The trooper salutes before speaking "Lord Vader we have finished counting the losses, we suffered 9,090 casualties, and 909 wounded. All of the remaining 2,500 traitors belonging to the 909th Maelstrom Corps have been counted and every single one of them are dead" the clone says dutifully.

Vader is silent for a moment before speaking "What of their bodies?" he asks the clone.

The clone nods acknowledging the question before speaking "As per your orders a grave was dug for each of them and they were buried with their rifles sticking in the ground in front of them and their helmets resting on their blasters." The clone says before pausing "My lord permission to ask a question?" he asks the dark lord of the sith.

Vader thinks for a moment before nodding "Permission granted Commander Cody" he says to the now named Cody.

Cody is silent for a moment "My lord these men were traitors to the Empire for not following their orders, why were they given such treatment after their deaths?" the clone asks confused as to why traitors would be given individual graves instead of being left to rot where they fell.

Vader is slightly surprised by the clones question but answers none the less "While they may have been traitors at the end of their lives they were some of the most elite soldiers during the war. The missions they went on protected the Empire while it was still the Republic and ensured it's continued survival until the time was right for it to become the Empire it is now. That alone is enough for them to be buried in thy way they were. However when they did betray the Empire they did not take the coward's way out by running and hiding. Instead they stood their ground even though they knew they were going to die, they faced their imminent death with dignity, honor, and without fear. Those are the reasons why they were given such treatment in regards to their burial Commander" Vader says explaining his reasoning.

Vader then begins to walk towards his transport "Commander Cody order the troops back to the ship we are done here" he says getting a salute from the clone. Vader takes one last look at the ashes of where his deceased former friend lay before continuing on his way.

*Unknown Location*

Naruto opens his eyes to see himself in what appears to be a white void of nothingness. He gets up and looks around to see Striker and the rest of the 909th including those who died when the Red Fox self destructed which confuses him. He then spots two figures standing not far from them causing his eyes to widen as he recognized them.

The first is clearly a clone trooper and like Striker he is wearing Arc trooper armor. However unlike the orange and blue paint that signifies Striker being part of the 909th this trooper has an almost burnt-yellow color stripes on his armor. There is also a visor on the top of his helmet in place of the antenna that is on Strikers helmet. This was Commander Bly of the 327th Star Corps…the same group of clone troopers that Aayla was the Jedi General of.

The other figure was a cerulean blue skinned Twi'Lek woman with chocolate brown eyes. She had a curvy figure with High CC-Cup breasts a thin waist and curvy hips. She was wearing a brown skin tight leather low-cut long sleeve top that exposed a fair amount of her cleavage and ended just above her mid-riff, a pair of Brown skin-tight leather pants that hugged her curvy hips and brown leather boots. On her head was a brown leather head dress that had leather strips wrapped protectively around her head tails or "Lekku" as they called.

Both Naruto and Aayla spot each other and rush to each other embracing the other as they meet with their foreheads resting against the others. Tears of joy rolled down their cheeks at finally seeing each other again.

Naruto leans back and cups Aayla's cheek with a smile "I missed you my blue angel" he says before gently pressing his lips to hers expressing all of his pent up emotions that were in him in the month since he felt her death through the force.

After a few minutes the two part to hear clapping and turn to see the smirking faces of Striker, the 909th, and Commander Bly causing the two to blush slightly as they remember they aren't alone. Naruto rubs the back of his neck sheepishly "Whoops forgot we weren't along here…wherever here is" he says before the group is blinded by a bright light.

When the light dies down it reveals a white haired woman with golden eyes wearing a white kimono. The woman looks at Naruto and smiles "You are a hard person to find Naruto Uzumaki, for the last 18 years I have been looking for you since you disappeared from your dimension on the night of you birth" she says shocking the group.

Naruto just stares at the strange woman with a confused expression on the face and manages to say "Huh?" causing the woman to sweat drop.

The woman coughs into her fist to regain her composure "Allow to introduce myself my name is Hikari or Kami if you will one of the three great goddesses of the multi-verse. Now as I said for the last 18 years I have been looking for you after you vanished into thin air after the Kyuubi no Kitsune was sealed into you on the night of your birth" she says introducing herself and once again stating she had been looking for him.

Naruto just scratches his head in confusion "Um I honestly have no idea what you are talking about in regards to this Kyuubi no Kitsune. However I was found on the steps of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when I was just an infant" he says not really understanding what was going on.

Hikari just face palms hearing this "Okay this is getting us no where how about I just show you the world you come from, give you a brief history about the inhabitants, and explain the whole Kyuubi no Kitsune situation to you will that help?" she says getting nods from the group. Hikari then goes on to explain that he comes from a world of mercenaries called "Shinobi" or "Ninja's" and that by using a internal system of energy called "Chakra" they are able to do amazing things like breathe fire and walk on water to just name a few.

Hikari then goes on to explain how the night of Naruto's birth the Kyuubi no Kitsune one of the 9 Bijuu who are the guardians of the Elemental Nations and sadly have been misunderstood and sealed away into living people to be used as weapons in times of war. Seeing the appalled faces of the group Hikari then goes on to explain that not all "Jinchuriki" as they are called are created for such a reason and that it is sometimes a necessity to protect not only the Bijuu but also the people as was Naruto's case.

Hikari explains that the night of Naruto's birth a man came and kidnapped his mother Kushina Uzumaki who had just given birth to him and ripped the Kyuubi out of her as she was the previous Jinchuriki. The man then went on to use a special technique to force the Kyuubi to attack the Hidden Leaf Village or Konoha which was Naruto's home village. Naruto's father Minato Namikaze was forced to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto to protect the village which the Kyuubi had been destroying at the time. However after the sealing was finished Naruto vanished right in front of his parent's eyes.

Naruto rubs his temples as he tries to take in everything he had just been told "Okay so I am from a different dimension and in said dimension my home world is full of people that are basically Mandalorians with super powers. On the night I was born a mad man ripped a giant fox made of this "Chakra" stuff given physical form out of my mother and used it to attack my home village. Then my father who was the leader of said village sealed said fox inside me and I disappeared right before their eyes afterward. I then ended up on the steps of the Jedi Temple and was taken in and trained to be a Jedi. I later entered a secret relationship with my Blue Angel here and later died with my brothers in all but blood. Then to top it all off I end up reunited with Aayla and Bly-Nice to see you again by the way-in some kind of white void and meet a Goddess is that everything so far?" he asks.

Hikari nods her head "Yes that is everything so far" she answers the blonde haired Jedi.

Naruto just nods his head hearing this "Okay now the only question I have is why have you been looking for me for the last 18 years?" he says wondering why a GODDESS would spend so much time looking for a single mortal.

Hikari chuckles hearing this "It is because you the Child of Prophecy in your home dimension. You will either save and revolutionize your home world or destroy it in the darkness that is soon to engulf it" she says finally getting to the reason she had been looking for him.

Narut is shocked to hear this but then realizes something "Well that's all and good but there is just one problem with all that…I'm dead" he says with a deadpan expression on his face.

Hikari giggles hearing this "Yes you are but I am a GODDESS, I can bring not only you but the rest of you back to life…IF you decide to return to you home world" she says shocking the group.

Naruto looks to Striker and the rest of the 909th and he gets a thumbs up from Striker "I say we take the offer Genral after all the 909th doesn't abandon those we can save" he says getting a cheer from the rest of the 909th. Naruto then looks to Bly who just nods his head in agreement.

Finally Naruto looks to Aayla who has a smile on her angelic face "I say we accept the offer Naruto, after all as Jedi it's our duty to help those in need. Besides it would be nice to see your home world and we could finally be together as a real couple without having to hide it" she says before taking his hand in her own.

Naruto smiles hearing this and kisses her cheek before turning to Hikari "Well it's decided we will accept your offer" he says with a grin.

Hikari smiles upon hearing this "Very good now I also have a few gifts for all of you. For the brave clone troopers I have fixed the problem with your DNA that causes rapid aging that would have killed all of you within a decade. You now will all age normally and live have an average human lifespan" she says shocking the clones as they hadn't even known they had such a problem but were grateful it had been fixed.

Hikari then looks at Aayla and smiles "For you Aayla I have awakened your dormant chakra coils. Like Naruto your race has the ability to use chakra but never knew how to access it. This lead to your races chakra coils becoming dormant throughout all the generations" she says shocking Aayla that her race had such ability.

Hikari then looks to Naruto "For you Naruto I have this as a gift" she says before in a flash of light a little ways from them is the massive form of the "Red Fox" completely restored and looking almost brand new. Hikari giggles seeing the wide eyes of the group "I present to you your ship the "RedFox" she is completely repaired and still the same as she was the last time you saw her. As a bonus I have included all of the equipment and vehicles that were aboard her at the time of her destruction" Hikari states shocking the group even more.

Hikari then mentally chuckles knowing Naruto will like this next bit of news "I have also informed your parents of my success in finding you and they can't wait to see you again and how much you have grown" she says with a kind smile.

Naruto smiles hearing this "Thank you for everything Hikari and I will do my best to repay you for these gifts" he says with a smile.

Hikari giggles hearing this before pullign out a slip of paper with some numbers on it and hands it to Naruto "This is the location of a spot where you and your group can establish a base of operations away from prying eyes since your home worlds technological level is now where near what you will be bringing with you" she says.

Naruto nods hearing this as he had been to worlds that were not very advanced technology wise and had to do something similar as to not stat a panic "I understand and we will be careful with how we use our technology" he says getting a nod from Hikari. Naruto then begins leading the group towards the "Red Fox", and after they all get inside and the ship is powered up and lifts off the ground Hikari snaps her fingers and they all disappear.

*In Space Orbiting Naruto's Home world…Now called Elemantia*

In the empty space around Elemantia a bright flash appears and when it dies down it reveals the massive triangle shaped from of the "Red Fox". On the bridge of the mighty Venator-Class ship Naruto, Aayla, Striker, and Bly look out the view ports at Naruto's home world and are amazed by its beauty.

Naruot then gives the order for landing preparations to begin as he looks at the coordinates Hikari had given him. As he looks back up at Elemenatia through the view ports an eager grin came to his ace as he felt things were going to be getting pretty interesting after all The Maelstrom had Returned.

End Chapter 1