Chapter 5

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The morning rays of sunlight had already begun to shine through the bedroom window. However Naruto and Aayla had yet to get up from the position they fell asleep in despite the two being awake. Naruto was gently running his left hand along Aayla's lekku his fingers ghosting along the sensitive appendages. Aayla meanwhile hummed quietly occasionally letting out a low moan at his touch.

The two lovers enjoyed peaceful moments like this the most especially since they were so far and in between when they were fighting in the clone wars. Often times they would be stationed on almost opposite sides of the frontlines millions of light years apart in completely different systems. This lead to the two not seeing much of each other except for the rare times when they worked together or had leave at the same time. It was during said rare times of leave that they made the most of their short time off spending nearly every moment together before ultimately being called back to lead yet another battle.

However despite their long gaps of separation the two were never truly apart as they shared one of the most intimate of connections…a Force Bond. A Force Bond was essentially as the name suggests is a bond between two people through the force. Through the bond the two were able to communicate through great distances, fight in perfect harmony, and allowed each other to borrow upon the strengths and abilities of each other while also strengthening each other. One final thing the bond gave them was something they only discovered when they made love for the first time. Through the bond they felt each other's pleasure only enhanced to an almost unimaginable level. It was as if they ceased being two separate beings and instead melded into one. There was no Naruto, no Aayla only the perfectly melded single entity of pleasure. The only side effect of this was that while they made love they were almost completely oblivious to the world around them, which they learned after nearly getting caught by Shaak Ti when she surprised Naruto with a visit one time when they were all on leave.

Naruto and Aayla continued to lay in bed for a few minutes longer before Aayla looked and they shared a tender kiss. As their lips parted the two smiled lovingly and conveyed their thoughts through their bond.

*30 minutes later*

Kushina was walking down the hallway to the room shared by her son and his lover with a large smile on her face. She was feeling happier than she had in years, in fact the last time she was this happy was when she first found out she was pregnant with Naruto. The cause for her happiness was the return of her beloved baby after nearly 20 years. It did sadden her quite a bit that she had missed so much of his life and that he probably didn't need her to be such a large point in his life with him being a grown man now…with a lover to boot. However she brightened up a bit upon realizing that despite him needing her to such a degree as he would during his childhood he still wanted her in his life.

She reached the door to the shared bedroom of Naruto and Aayla and knocked on it to see if the two were up yet "Naruto-kun, Aayla are you two awake yet? Breakfast will be ready soon." She asks. A minute passes with no response so Kushina decides to open the door to see if the two are up. She looks into the room and raises an eyebrow upon seeing the bed empty and begins to wonder if they had already woke up and were maybe outside in the back yard.

Kushina turns to leave but stops when she hears the shower in the bathroom running. Making her way over the bathroom door she notices it is partly open and pokes her head in and notices Naruto's discarded clothes on the floor. She smiles seeing this figuring he is in the shower and opens her mouth to tell him breakfast is almost ready when she hears a feminine moan. Kushina then notices a pair of blue-skinned cheeks held up by a pair of hands followed by a blue-skinned back and the "head-tails" of Aayla pressed up against the glass of the shower door.

Seeing this cause Kushina to blush before she notices the cheeks and back pull back from the glass. However a moment later what is clearly the front of Aayla is pushed up against the glass in its place "Ahh Naruto right there!" Aayla moans out as a pair of hands cups her breast and spiky blonde hair can be seen behind her. Steam begins to pour out of Kushina's ears as her face is redder than her hair at accidently walking in on her son and his lover clearly in the middle of the throes of passion.

Kushina quickly leaves the bathroom silently shutting the door behind her before running out of the bedroom into the hallway. She takes a deep breath before she hears chuckling and looks to see Striker standing across from her devoid of his armor instead wearing a black bodysuit of some kind "You walked in on them while they were intimate didn't you ma'am?" he asks upon seeing her flustered state. Kushina just nods her head in response getting another chuckle from the trooper "Don't worry about it ma'am I have done the same thing myself. However considering what happens when those two make love it is understandable" he says cryptically.

Kushina having finally got her blush under control raises an eyebrow hearing this "What do you mean by that?" she asks.

Striker smile before looking at the door leading to Naruto and Aayla's room "When those two are together like that it is as if the entire world around them fades away and it is only them" he says with a kind smile happy for his friends. Kushina's eyes widen hearing this as she had no idea that the love between Naruto and Aayla was that deep. She turns her head to look at the door before smiling knowing that her son has such love in his life.

Kushina then looks back to Striker and smiles "Thank you for telling me that Striker, and breakfast will be ready shortly" she says grateful to the man for everything he told her.

Striker chuckles before snapping a salute "Happy to help ma'am and would you like my assistance in preparing breakfast?" he asks getting a giggle and nod from Kushina in response before the two head to get breakfast ready.

*One hour later*

Naruto and Aayla freshly showered and dressed in their Jedi robes happily walk into the dining room to see Kushina and Striker just finish putting the food on the table as Minato reads the morning newspaper at the table. Minato looks up from the paper and smiles seeing the two "Good morning you two" he says before folding up the paper and setting it to the side.

Naruto smiles back "Good morning everyone sorry we weren't able to help with breakfast" he says apologetically.

Kushina just smiles hearing this "Nonsense dear you were probably just emotionally tired from yesterday, and Aayla was probably as well" she says getting a chuckle from the two Jedi masters before they take a seat and everyone begins to eat.

As everyone eats their breakfast Naruto looks to Minato "So what is the plan for today?" he asks wondering what is going to happen.

Minato swallows the eggs he had been chewing before answering "Well after breakfast there is a Council meeting between the Clan heads, Elders, and Civilian council in which I will inform them of your return. You along with Aayla and Striker will need to attend this. After that I will announce your return to the rest of the village" he says getting nods from Naruto, Aayla, and Striker.

Naruto then reaches over to the plate of sausages and scoops a few onto his plate before holding it up to Aayla "Would you like some more sausage Aayla?" he asks causing Kushina to nearly choke on her food and take a drink.

Aayla smiles before shaking her head "No thank you Naruto I am almost full, maybe later though" she says politely declining and nearly causing Kushina to do a spit take at the innuendo as her mind drifts back to earlier. Striker seeing this can't help but smirk as he could tell the two Jedi were completely oblivious to the possible innuendo and the reaction of Kushina.

The rest of breakfast passed pretty quickly much to the hidden relief of Kushina as she didn't think she could handle anymore oblivious innuendoes from the pair of Jedi. After getting the dishes from breakfast cleaned up Minato Hirashined everyone to the Hokage tower. As they stood outside the doors to the Council room Minato turned to Naruto "Okay Naruto your mother and I will go in first and after a few minutes I will call for the three you to enter" he says getting a nod from the three.

Minato and Kushina then enter the council room and take their respective seats with Kushina sitting in the seat reserved for the head of the Namikaze Clan next to the other clan heads consisting of Tsume Inuzuka, Shibi Aburame, Hiashi Hyuuga, Inoichi Yamanaka, Shikaku Nara, and Chouza Akimichi. Minato sat down in the seat reserved for the Hokage next to the his advisors and Elder Council consisting of Koharu Utatane, Homura Mitokado, Danzo Shimura, and the now retired Sandaime Hokage and head of the Sarutobi clan Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Minato looks around the room seeing that everyone was present including the civilian council and smiles "Good morning everyone and thank you for arriving so early as we have much to discuss today particularly a very special announcement" he says greeting everyone and starting the meeting.

Hiashi looks to his former teammate with an impassive face "I presume it is regarding the mysterious flying craft that appeared above and then landed on the Hokage tower yesterday afternoon?" he remarks stoically as it was the only really notable thing to have happened recently to warrant a hastily called meeting.

Minato chuckles a bit before smiling "Yes that is part of it and it ties into the main reason for this meeting which is the return of someone who has been missing from our village for nearly 20 years" he says causing nearly everyone's eyes to widen and Kushina to smile. Minato then looks to the door "You may come in now" he says as everyone turns their attention to the now opening doors. As the doors open three figures walk in two wearing brown hooded cloaks with the hoods up hiding their features and one in some kind white form fitting armor.

The figures approach the meeting table and stop a few feet away before the two hooded figures remove their hoods revealing their features to everyone. The councils are initially shocked by Aayla's appearance before they turn their attention to the nearly identical replica of their Minato save for the whisker-like marks on his cheeks.

Minato smiles proudly for a moment "Allow me to introduce my no longer missing son Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, Aayla Secura, and Captain Striker" he says shocking the councils.

Naruto and Aayla bow their heads slightly in greeting for a moment before Naruto takes a step forward "I am as my father introduced Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, however I prefer just Uzumaki since it is less of a mouthful. I hold the rank of Jedi Master in the Jedi Order like my companion Aayla here, and am the commander of the 909th Maelstrom Corps with Captain Striker here as my second in command" he says introducing himself along with Aayla and Striker.

Once more the councils are rendered speechless for a moment as they try to process everything they have heard. After a moment they regain their bearings and Hiruzen is the first break the silence "My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi and it is a pleasure to finally meet you Naruto and I have to admit you are a near carbon copy of your father in terms of looks" he says with a slight chuckle at the end.

Hearing this Naruto and his group also chuckle a bit "It is a pleasure to meet you and regarding your statement about my looks I do admit it holds some merit. However I think I may have my father beat in terms of looks don't you think Aayla?" he jokes getting a few chuckles from the Clan Heads.

Aayla take a moment making it look as if she is thinking it over before smiling "I have to agree with you there Naruto. While your father does have the "Pretty-Boy" type of looks you have the "Pretty-Boy but with a Wild side" type of looks that beats it every time" she remarks getting more snickers for the Clan heads as a small cloud of depression hangs above Minato's head. Meanwhile Kushina smiles happily from her seat as she is really starting to like Aayla.

After a few moments the chuckling begins to die down and Hiashi looks to Naruto "Naruto-san you said that you and Aayla-san are Jedi Masters of the Jedi order what does that mean?" he asks curious about the titles.

*Naruto smiles at the question before going on to explain what exactly a Jedi is and what the order is along with its role. By the end his explanation many in the room are shocked and intrigued by what they were just told.

Meanwhile as this was going on Danzo was thinking about the flying craft that Naruto and his group arrived in. The technology behind it was easily decades if not centuries ahead of anything they currently had and if he got his hands on it and anything else the young Uzumaki had he could not only make himself Hokage but also make Konoha the uncontested super power of the Elemental Nations.

With this in mind he began his plans to acquire the tools that would lead to his rise "Uzumaki-san I was wondering what that flying craft was that you and your group arrived in was?" he asks playing it off as if he was just curious about the strange machine.

Naruto looks over to Danzo and immediately gets a warning from the force to be extremely wary of this man and to be on guard. That coupled with the fact that just the look of Danzo was giving him a very "Palpatine" type of vibe raised more than a few red flags for him. Naruto brought his right hand up and scratch the back of his right ear three times with his middle finger sending a silent sign to Striker to be on guard and ready for anything. Striker seeing this understood the action and brought his arms to rest near his blaster pistol holsters ready to draw them at a moment's notice. Aayla on the other hand got the message Naruto was sending through their bond and shifted her stance and arms so she could draw and activate her lightsaber in a split second if need be.

Naruto after sending the signal let his arms rest at his side before answering "It is called a LAAT-Gunship and is mainly used to transport people from place to place in a short amount of time why do you ask?" he explains while leaving out it was quite heavily armed.

Danzo feeling that Naruto was leaving vital information out but unable to prove anything at the time decides to try going about it another way "I was merely curious as it is clearly far more advanced than anything we currently have access too. Additionally since you are a citizen of Konoha I assume you would be willing to let us examine one to see how it works?" he says causing a the Civilian council to nod in agreement while the rest of the councils narrow their eyes at Danzo having an idea of what he might be up to.

Naruto simply shakes his head in response "I am sorry but you are wrong on both accounts. I may have been born in this village however I am not a citizen as I grew up in the Republic and am a member of the Jedi Order. Furthermore the LAAT-Gunship and any other technology in my possession is property of the Neo Uzushio Republic" he states flat out denying Danzo access to any of the technology he brought with him. It was completely obvious to Naruto that Danzo wanted to get his hands on the advanced weapons in the hands of the 909th.

Danzo scowled at being denied access to the weaponry and was about to say something when he was interrupted "What do you mean you refuse to let us examine the technology!" one of the civilian councils yelled in outrage.

Naruto merely sighed before looking at the man "My answer was very clear I will not allow anyone to examine any of the technology in my possession so that they can replicate it" he states reiterating his previous statement.

The man just got even angrier hearing this and stands up "Now you listen here I don't care if you are the Hokage's son you have no right to deny us anything! You come in here with that tail headed abomination-GACK!" he begins to say only stop and reach to his throat which feels like it is being crushed.

All eyes turn to Naruto who is standing there with his arm outstretched hand poised as if cupping something and glaring heatedly at the man. Naruto's left eye begins to turn from the normal sky blue to a sulfuric yellow with a fiery red ring surrounding the pupil. He continues glaring at the choking man "I find your lack of respect and your hypocrisy to be UNACCEPTABLE!" He snarls while increasing the pressure on the man's throat.

Naruto glares even harder at the man and further increases the pressure on his throat making him gasp even more "You called my love a degrading name used to slander her people and an Abomination and yet since the moment she revealed herself I have sensed the lust for her just oozing off of you!" he snarls and is about to crush the man's throat. However be he can carry out his action Danzo sends a discreet signal to his men hidden in the shadows of the room causing them to jump down and surround Naruto, Aayla, and Striker with their swords drawn.

In response to this Striker whips out his blaster pistols and levels them at two of the mask wearing men, Aayla draws her lightsaber and activates it the blue colored blade of plasma humming to life with a snap-hiss. Naruto meanwhile raises his right arm and uses the force to call his lightsaber to his hand before thumbing the activation switch igniting the blue blade.

Everyone's eyes widen at seeing this turn of events before Minato stands up "What is the meaning of this stand down now!" he yells at the Anbu who just remain where they are.

Danzo looks over to Minato and narrows his lone visible eye "They are merely doing their duty Hokage-sama after all your son is attacking a member of the council" he remarks with a hidden smirk.

Minato silently curses as Danzo is technically right even if the man brought it on himself for insulting Aayla in such a way. Minato was well aware of how horrible that particular term was to people of Aayla's race after having been told about it along with Kushina this morning while learning more about the Twi'lek and her people. Minato sighs before looking to Naruto "Naruto I know what he said was despicable but release him" he says hating the fact that he did so.

Naruto stand there for a moment before releasing his grip on the man's throat causing him to gasp as he refilled his lungs with air. Naruto and Aayla then turn of their lightsabers and Striker lowers his blaster pistols slightly. Danzo seeing an opportunity sends another discreet signal to two of the men and they move to attack the group. However before they make it within two feet of the group Striker blasts one through the skull with a single blaster shot killing the man instantly.

The other attacking Anbu levels a swing at Naruto who quickly activates his lightsaber and cuts through the man swords instantly along with sever the upper-half of the man's head from his body. The now dead Anbu falls lifelessly to the floor the both halves of his head smoking and glowing slight where Naruto's bladed sliced through and instantly cauterized the flesh and bone.

Naruto then levels his lightsaber at Minato shocking everyone but none more so than Minato and Kushina. Naruto glares at Minato as his right eye once again changes to sulfuric yellow and molten red "You proclaim yourself as the leader of this people yet your own soldiers blatantly disobey you and attack people. You are no true leader you are simply a man pretending be one…this meeting is over we shall be at your office waiting for you when you are done playing here" he snarls his eyes hardening as he deactivates his lightsaber and walking out of the room with Aayla and Striker following beside him.

Everyone is speechless but what they just witnessed. Not only were two Anbu taken out with such ease they might as well been civilians but Naruto also debased Minato's rule as Hokage in front of the entire council. However the battle hardened shinobi and the elders couldn't get the look in Naruto's eyes out of their mind. It was something that was rarely ever seen even among Kages, the look of a TRUE LEADER. One who has earned the complete and utter respect and loyalty of everyone under their command and lead said people through to safety time and time again no matter the circumstance.

After a few moments of silence Minato cleared his throat getting everyone's connection "This meeting is over go about whatever business you have. I will be announcing my sons return to the village within the next few hours" he says getting up with Kushina following suit and the two leaving via Hirashin. After the two left everyone else began to file out of the room with their own thoughts. However unknown to everyone Danzo was smirking at his plans beginning to bear fruit as not only had he seen the extent of two of the weapons in the possession of the Uzumaki boy but he had also inadvertently made the Yondaime Hokage lose face.

After leaving the council room Naruto and his group arrived in his father's office and waited for his arrival. Moments later said individual arrived with Kushina in tow and just plopped down in his chair behind his desk before sighing tiredly. Minato then looked up at Naruto and couldn't help but scowl slightly "Do you have any idea at what the ramifications of the stunt you just pulled could lead too?" he asked narrowing his eyes.

Naruto merely stared down at his father for a moment before speaking "I opened your eyes to the truth while at the same time laid the groundwork for you to possibly capture those who would conspire against you" he states calmly.

Minato and Kushina's eyes widen at hearing this as the thought hadn't even occurred to them. By publically calling out Minato's leadership like that it could lead to people who were against Minato to become more bold in their possible plans to undermine him and thereby more liable to make mistakes or slip up leading to them getting caught.

Naruto just stared at his parents as they continued to think "However I also meant what I said back there. You claim to be the leader of these people yet there are those under your command you actively plot to remove you from your station. A true leader is one who has earned the total and unconditional loyalty of those under his or her command and until you have done so all you are is a pretender." He says causing Minato to sink into his chair since he knew it was true.

Naruto lets his father think for a few minutes before continuing "Now I need to inform you that we will likely only be staying in this village for another day or two at most" he says shocking his parents.

Kushina's eyes widen hearing this "What do you mean you are going to be leaving this is your home" she says her eyes watering up slightly at the thought of her son leaving so soon after finally coming back into her life.

Naruto sighs hearing this and upon seeing his mother on the verge of crying "What I mean is that it is time for us to go back to Neo Uzushisho as we have been gone for to long as it is. There is still much to do their in terms of rebuilding and settling. Furthermore I stand by my statement from the meeting, despite being born here this is not my home. My home is the Republic, Jedi Order, and with Aayla and my brothers" he says wrapping his arm around Aayla's waist and she doing the same to him with her own arm. Naruto sees tears now trailing down Kushina's cheeks and mentally curses before coming up with an idea "However I could use someone to help teach Aayla and myself how to use our chakra, preferably someone who would also know their way around Uzushio in the event I need to know some things about the island" he says with a small smile.

Kushina's eyes widen hearing this as she realizes what he is hinting at and looks to Minato who is just smiling and nods in her direction. Kushina smiles before launching forward and hugging Naruto tightly nearly knocking him off his feet in the process getting a chuckle from the others in the room. After a few minutes Kushina releases Naruto who has a smile on his face. However moments later he turns to look out the window feeling the force drawing him in that direction. He turns to look at Aayla who nods signifying she also felt it. They both felt the presence of someone that was force sensitive and that person was heading their way.