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Chapter 1

Change of Heart

Warlow POV

When I had stopped at the Stackhouse residence earlier only to discover that Sookie and her parents were no longer there, my temper took over. I was speeding through Bon Temps, cursing the fucking rain which was making finding their scent harder. Finally, after a long half hour of searching, I noticed their car heading in the direction of the bridge.

I knew why they were heading that way. My heart clenched when I remembered the conversation that the Stackhouses had had the other night after my visit. They had called my little precious Sookie a monster, an abomination, a burden. Their daughter was nothing but a curse to them.

"I was thinking once of drowning her…" Michelle had told her husband and he had seemed repulsed by this idea. His reaction was the only reason why I hadn't entered and killed them yesterday. Clearly, Corbett Stackhouse had changed his mind and signed the death warrant for himself and his treacherous wife.

Brakes squealed when Corbett had been trying to stop their vehicle when I had landed in front of them. The terrified looks on their faces was almost comical and I smirked when Michelle locked the door from the inside. I hovered on her side of the car for a moment and waved gently, showing fangs in my smirk. I laughed when the woman crawled closer to her husband. Smelling Sookie's scent in the trunk of the car, I circled their vehicle and headed her way. These pathetic humans could wait – Sookie couldn't.

The child's heartbeat was thankfully strong but slow and I sighed with relief, realizing that she is just resting. There was no doubt that the drug had induced her rest, but it was for the best. This way she will not be witnessing me killing her parents. The Stackhouses were still inside when I took hold of the edge of the truck and ripped it off, throwing it over my shoulder.

I smiled when I heard Michelle's soft scream from the inside. "Oh my God, he just crushed it like a tuna can…" she sobbed and her husband assured her that they will be okay. Well, he's just lied. They will not be okay.

I gently reached for Sookie and frowned, seeing her thin pajamas soaked with rain. Her body was trembling gently and it only fueled my anger. I reached to move a strand of her blonde hair from where it stuck to her forehead. The sight of her young face caused a strange reaction in my chest. It was almost like… regret?

What do I regret? Taking a girl away from her idiotic parents? She will be better off without them. I will take her under my care and protection. I will teach her how to use her fae heritage and how to become a vampire one day. Because this is why I'm here – to take Sookie Stackhouse and shape her the way I want, all to make myself a perfect companion who will wander the Earth with me. For all of eternity… Her great-great-great grandfather had promised me this after all.

"Surely Sookie will feel that she was sold like a common slave," the tiny voice in my head mocked and I growled. I hated when he was talking, but moreover, I was shocked at hearing him right now. It was nighttime – he should be out only when the Sun shines on me. "She will hate you just like you had hated Lilith. I thought better of you than to be a man that hurts a child…"

"Shut up!" I hissed, pinching the base of my nose.

"Take her away from her house, her grandmother and her brother… Kill her parents. She will be thrilled, I bet. What would you do? Would you glamor her to forget them? She's like you – she cannot be glamored! Would you break a child's spirit and soul just to have a brainless follower?"

The pain in my chest was getting unbearable and I roared, punching the side of the car, causing the whole vehicle to shake. At that same exact moment, Sookie's eyes fluttered open and she sat up in the truck. She gasped when her eyes stopped at my extended fangs and I hurriedly hid them from her view. Her big blue eyes filled with tears and I watched her, expecting to hear a scream, but to my surprise, the girl launched herself onto my chest and hugged me with as much strength as her small body would allow.

"Please…" she whispered quietly. "Don't let them hurt me. Mama's so mad at me!" Sookie was sobbing and my bloodlust almost completely overpowered me. But surprisingly, at this same moment, I felt a peace in my heart, something I have never felt while wandering this world as a vampire.

My arms closed around her tiny frame and I soothed the crying child as best as my beastly nature could allow. "Shhh," I whispered into her hair. "No one will hurt you, I promise."

The girl moved away from me and looked me straight in the eyes, shocking me by her bravery. "But ya wanna hurt Mama and Dad…" she challenged and I gulped.

"I do," I admitted. "Would you like me to punish them?"

Her nose wrinkled adorably while she was considering my offer. "Would ya spank them?" she asked seriously and I didn't even try to hide a grin.

"I was thinking about something more extreme, I'm afraid," I said just as seriously and she gasped when I sent her my answer telepathically.

"Ya gonna kill them?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"I was planning to but clearly it will be upsetting for you, so I am thinking about a different approach."

Sookie was watching me suspiciously, now slightly scared. "Meaning?"

"Tell me, do you love your parents?" I asked, sitting in the trunk as much as I could and turning to her.

"Sure do!" she answered immediately.

"And do you like them?" I questioned further. The girl frowned, thinking about her answer. I was able to hear from her mind that her parents aren't as nice as her Gran, but still she doesn't want them to be hurt if she was telling me the truth. "Don't lie to me Sookie. I know what you're thinking!" I warned her when she'd decided to lie to me.

The girl's eyes became almost round when she realized what had just happened.

"Can ya hear private voices too?"

"Yes, child, I can. And I can help you to master this ability," I offered, earning myself one more nose crinkle.

"Mama says I'm not right in my head…" Sookie confessed and I started to doubt my current lenience towards her parents. Maybe I should kill them after all…

"With due respect to your moronic narrow-minded mother – she's an ignorant idiot."

"A lot of insults for all the respect ya had mentioned…" the girl mumbled and I laughed. She was a delightful intelligent creature. It took me a moment to calm myself from my uncontrollable laughter. I haven't had such a good laugh for ages - literally.

I outstretched my hand and offered it to the girl. "I will not harm your parents, but I will make sure that they will stay away from you and not make you feel upset ever again. How do you like that idea?"

Sookie was actually considering my offering carefully, glancing at my hand from time to time.

"Will you keep Gran away from me as well?"

"Not if you don't want me to."

"And Jason."


Sookie huffed, lying back in the trunk and balling her body next to mine. "I have to think about it but I'm cold now…" she told me and I felt ashamed that I hadn't noticed how badly her body was shaking.

"It's agreeable," I said, nodding. I'll glamor her parents into following us to their home and think about the whole situation later.

Corbett was easy to bend to my will, but Michelle was keeping her eyes tightly closed after she had witnessed me influencing her husband. It was a little tricky to force her co-operation without causing her bodily harm, but thankfully, she loved her husband more than she did her daughter. One strategically aimed threat towards him made her obedient.

I was smiling like a fool when I helped Sookie change her pajamas and braided her hair (even though I wasn't very good at it). When she was safely tucked into bed, I sat on the floor next to her and closed my eyes, thinking about what the fuck had happened with me on the bridge. Was it some long lost humanity awakening inside of me? Either way, I felt a strange urge to protect and please the tiny human. For some reason, I didn't want her as my child as long as she won't be sure if it will make her happy.

"Hey?" I turned to Sookie when she gently nudged my shoulder.

"Yes, child?"

"What's your name?" she asked sleepily.

"Macklyn Warlow," I answered in a whisper.

"It's nice…" she mumbled, drifting off to sleep. "But you look more like Ben…"

I chuckled, watching her eyes closing. She was sound asleep in no time and I propped my head on the bed, thinking about what she had said. Maybe I really wasn't that Warlow anymore.

Fifteen years later

"Oh my God, it's happening! Ben? Can you hear me? Come downstairs, she's on TV!" Sookie shouted and I rolled my eyes. She has never been able to comprehend the fact that I could hear her whisper from the other side of the house. Every time that she wanted something and I wasn't in the same room, she would just holler.

My girl was just the sweetest.

"Yes, moeto dete, I'm coming…" I dragged myself into the living room and scowled at seeing Nan Flanagan on TV. I watched the Authority rep who was revealing that the vampire race truly exists. That they are peaceful and harmless to humans.

That they feed upon True Blood.

That they had decided that this human world is finally tolerant enough to accept vampires into their society.

Blah, blah, blah…

How can anyone believe this fake Irish bitch? I had met her once and truly – bitch – was the nicest way to describe her.

"Do you know her?" Sookie asked, sitting next to her Gran and popping a French fry into her mouth.

"Yes," I nodded. "To put it simply, the AVL has chosen the right vampire as their spokesperson - she is a testimony to vampire duplicity."

"I expected that you would be more content about the 'Great Revelation', sweetie," Adele chuckled but I only huffed. "It means that you can be 'out of the coffin' officially..." she added as an after-thought and Sookie joined in the laugh.

"Unfortunately, it also means vampire politics…" I added under my breath and Sookie stopped laughing immediately.

"Are you going tonight?" she asked, turning to me and watching me with concern.

"No, I'll go tomorrow. I want to put it off for as long as possible."

"But…" Sookie bit her lower lip, watching me seriously. "What if he decides to punish you?"

"Don't worry, my child. I doubt if he will have enough balls to do this," I joked, winking at her, but Sookie didn't share my amusement.

"Do what you think is best, Ben," she said, using a tone that she knew was making me feel guilty. "But I am not happy with your ignorance."

A corner of my mouth twitched while I was trying hard not to laugh. My Sookie has grown up into a beautiful, smart and brave woman. Every time that she was trying to be strict or intimidating, she looked a little like an angry kitten. If she decides to become a vampire some day, she will probably be the cutest fanger in the world.

"It's not ignorance, moeto dete, it's confidence," I told her, reaching over the couch and planting a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

"Yeah, right… Go and tell the local sheriff that you have been hiding right under his nose for the last fifteen years just because you thought yourself too far above him to waste your time for a short trip to Shreveport to register."

"Don't be overdramatic…" I warned softly, but I could see that Sookie was worried, so I let her grumpiness slip. Adele raised eyebrows at me and said that she would give us a moment of privacy.

When Sookie's Gran was outside of the room, I walked over to my girl and sat next to her on the couch. After a few minutes of silence, Sookie turned to me and put a hand on my cheek. I sighed happily and nuzzled closer to her. She has always been like a sedative for me, keeping my beast at bay. I was her guardian, her friend and I was almost the same as a human with my daughter.

"You'll have to be Warlow again?" she asked quietly and I felt my heart ache when her eyes filled with tears.

"Yes, but only with vampires. Here, for you, I'll always be just Ben, moeto dete."

She nodded, swallowing her tears and putting on a brave face. "Okay, I get it."

"And if it will ease your mind, I'll go tonight…" I gave in, not wanting her to be worried any longer than necessary.

Sookie beamed and nodded happily. "I think it will be safer… Go and show this Emil you're not just any vamp!"

"Eric," I corrected her softly. Sookie raised an eyebrow at me. "The sheriff's name is Eric Northman," I explained but Sookie only shrugged.

"Doesn't matter. I could care less about him," she said and turned to the TV, clearly deciding that the conversation was over.

"Fine." I kissed a crown of her head and waited for a hug. Sookie has always been hugging me when I was supposed to leave to go somewhere.

"You won't get it. You'll get a hug when you come back… And only if you come back without any visible damages!" she threatened me and I laughed, closing her in a tight embrace. "Not fair!" she mumbled into my arm but she didn't fight me back.

"I'm off then."

"Go!" Sookie shooed me out, annoyed but trying to hide her worry.

I took to the sky the second that I was outside and I flew towards Shreveport. Sookie's concern was ridiculous. A vampire like Eric Northman could not threaten me in any way whatsoever.

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