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Chapter Two

With a gasp Ella woke up; her eyes adjusting to the dark lit room. Groaning, she sat up on the uncomfortable surface she was lying on. When she tried to move her arms she was met with resistance, looking down she found that chilling metal restraints had been secured around her pale wrists.

Panicking, Ella surveyed the room around her. It was a large room with pillars arching across the width of the space; on the far side of the room she could see a metal barred door. It looked like it was the only way out of the cellar. She was trapped.

Ella's mind turned to her pack and she worried whether they were safe or if her captures had hurt them. But why take her? She wasn't exactly the most important member of the pack; she wasn't trained enough in her powers to be valuable enough yet. Unless they were using her for bait, to draw her pack here…wherever here was.

But then why wouldn't they have just attacked her pack when they took her? They didn't seem to have any trouble incapacitating them. For some reason her captors had come especially for her.

Ella knew that all she could do was wait for them to come to her and see if she could get any information from them. That was if they didn't kill her first.

Ella leaned tiredly against the stone wall, her mind racing over whether her pack was safe. It had been days since her captors had put her down here. She'd had no food; the only thing they had given her was water, which they had put in a bowl, like she was an animal.

She had tried asking the man who had given her the water questions but all she had gotten in return was a kick to the stomach. The tall man was dressed in all black with a strange cloak around his body, almost as if he was in a cult.

God, Ella hoped this wasn't some disturbing cult ritual or something. She knew that she shouldn't have read some of those terrifying occult books her Papa owned. They freaked her out.

They had to be looking for her now; Ella knows any member of the pack would do anything to save each other, they were a family. Especially her parents, they would do whatever it took to save her. That was proven when she was eight years old and a psycho werewolf had kidnapped her to try and lure Scott into a trap. What the werewolf had gotten in return was a majorly pissed off Derek and Stiles, which Ella wouldn't wish on anyone. Seriously, she had faced the wrath of her parents many times over the years but never as bad as that.

The sound of muted footsteps coming down a set of stone steps made Ella look up towards the metal door at the entrance of the cellar. The lock rattled as someone opened the door. Ella's heartbeat quickened as she stood up, getting ready to defend herself if she needed to.

It was a man, different from the one that brought her the water the other day. He was taller and had striking long white hair. He had an expressionless face and a cold emotionless look in his eyes that scared Ella to the very bones. The man proceeded towards her with purpose.

But what terrified Ella even more was that he didn't have any water or food with him, he was here to finally do whatever they had taken her for.

Ella backed off as the man approached, but her attempts of evading his grasp was to no avail as he roughly grabbed her arm in a punishing grip.

"Let go of me!" Ella shouted, managing to land a punch to the man's face. Thank god for all the combat training Auntie Allison had taught her.

She wrestled with the man for a few seconds, manging to land a couple more punches. Ultimately though Ella knew she couldn't win, she was too weak from not eating for days. Her hands were still restrained by the manacles so she couldn't move away from the attacker either.

The man growled, grabbing a stick from within his robes, pointing it at her and spitting out the word "crucio!" with venom.

Suddenly, Ella felt the red hot pain of a thousand knives being stabbed into her body all at once. It was the same unrelenting pain that had caused her to pass out when they took her. This time she didn't pass out but lay curled up on the freezing ground, twitching.

"You try anything else bitch and you'll feel even worse pain than that," the man growled, roughly grabbing her again and dragging her behind him as he walked towards the door. He kept the wooden stick raised towards Ella. Whoever these people were they definitely had magic and they seemed to be controlling it through some sort of wand. She hadn't even known they existed in the real world; Ella had been taught magic without a wand by Deaton.

It wasn't an option to use her magic though; they had somehow put a block on her, muffling the use of her magic.

She was screwed.

Dragging Ella roughly up the stairs, she stumbled, staggering from the aftereffects of the spell. Just past halfway up the dimly lit staircase, she fell down. The man roughly pulled her up, bruising her arm, relentlessly dragging her forwards.

At the top of the stairs it opened up into a grand hall, marble walls and features adorned the room. There were large draped curtains surrounding the huge glass windows at the side of the room, scattered light shining through the room. Despite the light gleaming into the room, Ella couldn't shake the strong feeling of darkness pervading the space, unrelenting and destroying any happiness.

Ella struggled further against the man's fierce grip as he dragged her towards the side of the hall encased in shadow. On the further side of the hall Ella could only make out an imposing shadow of a cloaked figure sitting on some sort of throne. Who even had a fricking throne?

Her heartbeat quickened as she neared the figure, his face emerging from the darkness. He wasn't even human. The monster had grey skin and an unearthly complexion, his slit like nose moving as he breathed. His piercing eyes held no emotion, a coldness that Ella had never encountered before.

"My Dark Lord, I have brought the girl," the man bowed to the creature sitting on the throne.

Dark Lord? What on Earth?

"Well done Lucius," the monster hissed like a snake, rising from his throne and gliding towards Ella.

She tried to move away but the man, Lucius, only jerked her forwards towards the Dark Lord. She landed harshly onto the marble floor, shoots of pain radiating up her knees. Ella barely felt the pain though as she was too busy freaking the fuck out.

The creature was standing just above her, reaching one of his skeletal hands forward. When his hand connected with Ella's cheek, she flinched violently. Looking up into the monsters eyes, Ella resolved herself and stood up. She hadn't been raised by wolves to just back down.

"What the fuck do you want?" Ella spat in the creature's face.

At first he didn't react, only reaching up to clean the spit off his face. Then his face hardened and out of nowhere he struck Ella across the face so hard that she nearly fell to the floor again. Before Ella could react, he grabbed her by her wavy brown hair painfully and lifted her up.

"You are brave little one but foolish, I will soon break that last bit of nerve you have within you. Once I have taken your powers and broken you down piece by piece you'll be nothing but an empty shell, pathetic and disgusting," he hissed at her. Ella whimpered, pain radiating from her skull as her hair was fighting to stay in her head.

"Well done as villan speeches go I'd say that was a solid 10/10," Ella smirked, fighting against the pain.

Suddenly, the creature released her. She hit the marble floor painfully, her cheekbone smashing against the ground roughly.

"Hmmm I love the humorous ones, I just take so much more pleasure when breaking you," the Dark Lord hissed at her ear.


Screams filled the hall, echoing throughout the whole of Malfoy manor. There wasn't a corner of the house where the ear splitting screams could not be heard.

Ella withered on the ground, her body twitching, the pain was ten times worse than when they others had casted the spell on her. Whenever she passed out and welcomed the escape of darkness, the monster woke her back up again and repeated the process. A never ending circle of agony pervaded her body over and over again…

All she could hope was that her parents were looking for her, Stiles and Derek Hale had to be looking for her. They had to be, please.

Meanwhile, in Beacon Hills the pack was happily gathered around the large dinner table, laughing and sharing stories of their day at work. They were blissfully unaware of the empty seat placed next to Derek and Stiles.

"Mommy can I have more juice please?" Jack asked Kira, tugging gently on her sleeve. His big brown eyes looking up at her.

"Of course sweetheart," Kira said, ruffling his dark curls, starting to rise from her seat.

"No, I'll go Kira, I've gotta grab some more ketchup anyway," Stiles said, smiling at the kitsune. He rose from the table, Kira thanking him as he stood. Stiles hummed happily to himself as he walked out of the dining room and towards the kitchen.

Opening the fridge, he grabbed a carton of juice and reached for some more ketchup from the cupboard over the cooker. As Stiles walked back towards the dining room a flash of red caught the corner of his eye, drawing his gaze towards the coat hanger.

Frowning, Stiles moved closer to the hanger, placing the ketchup and juice on the side. He grabbed the red double breasted coat from the hanger, holding the fabric gently between his hands. It was the one thing that the death eaters had forgotten to erase; they had taken all traces of Ella from her bedroom and the family photographs. But that lone red coat was the only clue left of her existence.

He had never recalled buying the coat and he hadn't seen any of the pack members wearing it. Instead of placing the coat back on the rack and forgetting about it, Stiles took it with him into the dining room. Something was niggling at the back of his mind, wanting to push through but refused to reveal itself.

"Guys, did any of you get a new coat?" Stiles asked, holding the item up for them all to see. All conversation ceased in the room and they looked to Stiles in confusion.

"Dude, why are you so worried about a coat?" Scott frowned, his chocolate brown eyes looking confused.

"Whose coat is it?" Stiles said with a raised voice, feeling distressed for no apparent reason at all. Derek rose from his seat, moving towards his husband worriedly.

"Stiles calm down, it's just an old coat that's been there ages and you've probably forgotten about it," Derek soothed, resting his hand on Stiles' shoulder.

"No I-" Stiles was cut off by his husband who took the coat from him and placed it back on the hanger in the hall.

"Sit down and eat Stiles, you've been working too hard at the station lately," Derek said, gently leading his husband to sit down at the table.

Giving in, Stiles sat down, not wanting to worry the pack. As he carried on eating his dinner Stiles couldn't shake the feeling that something was very wrong. That something- no someone- was missing.

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