Writer's note:

Hey guys! This is my AU of Billdip that is based of one of the stories from my Billdip oneshot! So if you already read that, the first chapter is the same as the beginning of the oneshot. So if you don't want to read it again you can go ahead and skip to the second chapter or you can refresh your memory and re-read it! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for reading!

Dipper was siting at the bar waiting to get the drinks Mable had asked him to order. He didn't really like crowded places, but he loved his sister and her friends. The three of them were the first people he told that he was gay to. However, stuff when sideways when the whole school saw him hooking up, drunk with a guy in a party. So now Mable, Grenda and Candy were the only people he could take in school. So he just went with them wherever they want. And he was pretty happy about it. He truly loved them after all.

"Hey, bring me two shots! One for me and one for this attractive gentleman!" A blond guy said sitting next to Dipper on the bar.

Dipper sighed and opened his best fake smile. The one that was clearly fake so people could truly see his intentions.

"Sorry, I don't hook up with strangers in a bar." He turned and told the blond guy in a baseball tee with yellow sleeves sitting next to him.

"I refuse to believe you do not recognize me." The guy said looking at him.

"Oh! You are that artsy kid from school!" Dipper said once he actually saw the boy.

"Don't you mean that hot artsy kid from school?" The guy said opening a perfect smile.

"Well, you sure are cocky."

"That is because I can be. I'm smart and attractive."

Dipper's drinks arrived, together with the two shot glasses.

"Yeah, I have to take these to my sister so-" Dipper said taking the glasses and getting up.

"At least have the shot." The guy said pushing the shot glass in front of Dipper.

"Sorry, don't drink anymore." Dipper said turning. "See you in school, Bill Cipher."

Bill opened up a smile.

"So you do know my name, Dipper Pines!" He screamed after Dipper that had already taken his way to the table.

Once he arrived the girls screamed and got her drinks each while Dipper took a sip of his diet coke.

"Where you talking to Bill Cipher back there? He is such a cutie!" Grenda screamed to Dipper.

"And I heard he is gay too, bro bro!" Mable complemented.

"Well, I have no intentions of dating anyone from our school, have no intention on dating anyone on our last year and definitely have no intention of dating/hooking up with a self-absorbed prick." Dipper said to the girls who booed. He just smiled and watched as they quickly changed the subject.

Monday morning Dipper heard his alarm ring and got straight out of bed. He went over to Mable's bed and shook her.

"MABLE TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL!" he screamed extra loud and laughed.

"Urg why do I live once again?" Mable said turning and putting he pillow over her head.

"Because you are certainly in a better state than Candy and Grenda and they will be in school so get up!"

Dipper put his clothes on, grabbed his bag and went down stairs.

"Morning Grunkle Stan! Morning, Grunkle Ford." He said grabbing a piece of toast and sitting down.

"Good morning, Dipper!" They both said together.

"Where is your sister?" Ford asked looking up from his science book. Their grunkle taught astrophysics in the Gravity Falls University and had written four books already. He was working on his latest one so he was often busy.

"Well, if you took your nose out of your work, Poindexter, you would know they arrived home about five hours ago. So let the girl sleep!" Stan said putting his paper down on the table angrily.

"I'm here, Grunkle Ford." Mable said scratching her eyes with the sleeve of her sweater.

"Mable, honey are you sure you want to go to school? I went to school in your condition so many times and let me tell you it did not work." Stan asked looking as if he was having a memory flash.

"I'm sure, Grunkle Stan. I love school." Mable answered.

"That is a thing you and Stan definitely don't have in common." Ford said laughing.

"Shut up. Let's go, kids, I'm taking you today." Stan said getting up and heading for his car.

On the ride they both told Stan all that happened the last night. Ford didn't take those things too well, but Stan loved to hear it. They told about the guy that Grenda knocked out and he guy that Mable totally shamed when saying no to him. When the ride ended, they didn't even want to get out.

"Have a nice day, kids!" Stan screamed out of the car window.

"Thanks, Gurnkle Stan!" The twins screamed back.

They walked over to the school gate and said their good-byes each going to their separate lockers. Dipper walked over to his looking down and with his cap as low as possible so that no one noticed him. He successfully got to his locker and got the materials out. However, when he closed the locker he saw school's number one jock standing on the other side of the door and cursed under his breath. He tried simply walking away but the other guy stopped him.

"How is it going Dip-dip?" Brandon said putting his arm in front of Dipper.

"Nice, just trying to get to my class." Dipper answered trying to walk the other way but now the jocks had surrounded him.

"So what was the gay nerd up to yesterday? Did you meet anyone interesting?" Brandon asked trying to sound intimidating.

"Look even if I did, it would be none of your business. So I would appreciate if you took a step aside and let me pass." Dipper responded trying to stay calm.

"Sorry, ain't gonna happen. At least not if you keep that attitude with us."

"You represent no authority for me to be respectful to you."

"Well, how about we kick your ass and then you start talking to us properly."

The group was closing up on Dipper.

"Oh well, here goes nothing." He thought to himself knowing what came after that.

"Sorry, gentlemen, do we have a problem here?"

Dipper opened his eyes and saw Bill Cipher walking over to where he was.

"What is it to you, Cipher?" Brandon said turning to address the blond guy that was his height, what was pretty tall.

"It would just be a waste of your time to hurt an innocent student right?" Bill said going up on the jock.

Brandon looked at Bill and looked back at his friends.

"Let's go guys. Let Bill save his boyfriend." Brandon said walking away.

The others left with one of the guys hitting Bill on the shoulder.

"Are you okay, Pine tree?" The blond boy asked.

"Don't call me that it sounds ridiculous. And just because you took me away from a beating it doesn't mean I feel attracted to you out of a sudden." Dipper said walking away.

"Well a thank you would be alright." Bill said following him.

"Thank you." Dipper responded in a small voice. "Why don't they pick on you?"

"They tried once and it went really bad for them. Now they just leave me alone. First time I thanked my father for making me take self-protection lessons." Bill said with his perfect smile.

"My grunkle would like you." Dipper said thinking of Stan.

"If you like me that is all I'm interested in." Bill said putting his hand around Dipper's waist.

"Cipher, you sure are straight forward." Dipper said taking his hand away. "Anyway, what's with the tux?"

"It fits my style." He simply responded.

Dipper turned to enter in a classroom and Bill grabbed his wrist.

"Where are you going, Pine tree?" He asked looking confused.

"To class. We are in school, you know" Dipper answered signing towards the classroom with his head.

"You wouldn't skip it with me right?" Bill asked with a grin.

"In your dreams, Cipher. In your dreams." Dipper said getting into his class.

"My dreams tend to come true, Pine tree!"