"Are you Dipper Pines?"

The question came from behind him. Dipper quickly stood up and turned to face the man that he was so afraid of meeting. Was what he was doing right? After the conversation he had with Will, Dipper couldn't stop wondering what he was getting into. Will knew Bill better than Dipper could ever dream to. Maybe he was wrong about who Bill was. Maybe he was getting into a relationship that would crush his heart without even knowing.

"Yeah. Daveed I assume?" Dipper asked with his voice shaking.

"That's me." The man answered opening up a light smile.

This was it. He looked through Bill's Facebook and found Daveed in about thirty seconds. Thankfully Bill was not the kind of ex that resented and blocked the people he had previously been involved with. After browsing through what seemed like millions of pictures of the two of them together in the most varied destinations (was he getting jealous?), Dipper finally got the courage and sent Daveed an inbox asking if they could meet. The response was warm and nice; he agreed to do it without any hesitation. Was that a good or a bad sign?

Daveed sat in front of Dipper and asked for a glass of water. Dipper couldn't take his eyes off him, he seemed to be everything any gay dude would want. He was tall, had a messy brunette hair, green eyes, a beautiful smile, stylish clothes Dipper would die to own and just an attractive composure in general. If that was what Dipper had to live up to then he was definitely getting into more than he could handle. The glass of water came, Daveed got it, thanked the waiter and took a sip of it before breaking the silence.

"So you are Bill's latest obsession?" Daveed questioned stirring the ice inside his water. Every word he said sounded flirtatious and Dipper has barely heard him say ten of them.

"I guess you could say that." Dipper responded with doubt.

Obsession. Why was that always the choice of words when talking about someone Bill was interested in? Daveed looked up and smiled at Dipper reassuringly.

"Why did you want to meet me? I am hoping it's not some kind of paranoia stay-away-from-my-man scenario because believe me I am over that." He reassured never losing the smile.

"Not at all. I just wanted to…" He looked for the right words. "Well, I just wanted to ask you some things. I'm new to this whole relationship thing and honestly I am so lost. This was the best way I found of trying to prevent my heart from being broken."

Daveed laughed and rested back in his seat. Dipper got a little less tense. He had nothing to fear, Bill's ex very unlike the men himself seemed very peaceful.

"Shoot it. What do you have for me?" He said.

"Hum, how did you and Bill get together?" Dipper asked quietly.

"The Walter Mitty guide to the world. He probably told you about that because I know I certainly would so I'm guessing you know what that is. The trip is long and goes to so many places so they encourage the group to befriend each other before going and send all of us each other's social media info. Bill and I were the only high schoolers in the group they were mostly college kids. That and me living close to Gravity Falls were the reasons why we talked to each other the most before going on the trip. We actually met and hang out previous to it and you know Bill he is not one for hiding interest in others. To be fair neither am I. We got each others contacts about a month before the trip and we met multiple times during that month. It was obvious something was going to come out of it so the day before the trip we met in that one cool club you guys have here, do you know which one I'm talking about?"

"Yeah I do." The only thing that Dipper could think of was that it was the same place him and Bill had met. As much as he might have wanted to before he couldn't forget the confident smile in Bill's lips as he asked for a shot for the "attractive gentleman" next to him.

"So we met there and I kissed him. Then during the trip we spent every waking moment with each other and the relationship happened."

Dipper took a minute to assimilate what he was hearing. Daveed asked if he wanted to ask for food and so they did.

"Why did you guys break up?" Dipper asked once they had finished ordering food.

Daveed chuckled and looked down at his glass. He looked back up searching for the way to phrase it.

"So Bill is a very interesting person. Once he's done with you, he's done. Not that I am that much better I have been known to quickly forget people in the past but he took it to a whole other level. When we came back we met a couple more times and then one day we went to a little café and he told me he wanted to break up. I questioned him, I didn't understand why he was doing that I mean we had come back from what I was afraid was going to be just a summer thing and we were doing fine. But he said he didn't love me anymore and he couldn't go on doing something he didn't feel was true. And just like that I'm the past."

"It was abrupt?"

"Hell yeah it was. It hurt. And it hurt even more that he stopped sending me snaps and commenting on my pictures. He stopped talking to me and I have a minimal of self-respect to not text him even if it's just friendly after I got dumped. It wasn't that he was ignoring me or anything he just started getting really… cold."

Their food got there and Daveed stopped talking. Even though it seemed like something that had affected him, now he was talking about it light-heartedly. Dipper wondered if he would do the same thing in his shoes. What if Bill just got sick of him and threw him away like that? Dipper wouldn't be talking about it as if it had been nothing some months afterwards. Slowly he was coming to the realization that indeed that meeting was confirming something he feared: Bill Cipher was going to break his heart.

"Do you regret it?" Dipper blurred out without even thinking about it.

"I'm sorry what?" Daveed asked taking a bite of his food.

"Do you regret dating Bill?"

"Not in a million years." He smiled looking into Dipper's hesitant eyes. "It hurt that Bill ditched me like that and let me tell you I was so not okay with it for a while. But if I'm being completely honest it was one of the best relationships I ever had. Loving Bill was thrilling and let me tell you being loved by him felt as if the world loved you. He's exciting and he devotes himself so completely if you allow him to. But not in that clingy and completely awful way so many people do. Jesus if you want me to tell you about some clingy people I went out with for you to watch out we can stay in this place for the next week."

They both laughed. Dipper felt more reassured and smiled at Daveed.

"Let me be real here: if Bill Cipher is in love with you enjoy it. It's great being his boyfriend and that's why it hurts when he says he doesn't want to be with you anymore. But if I could go back I would have done exactly the same things."

"Yeah, sounds like you guys had something great going on."

"Obviously better than whatever you two have." Daveed said sarcastically.

Dipper put his hand on his chest as if he was hurt and they both laughed.

After finishing their meals and talking for a while Daveed and Dipper said good-bye to each other. Daveed was fun and charming, he really struck Dipper as a nice guy and left Dipper wanting to meet him more. However, as pleasant as the meeting had been now the Pines was left wondering: what was he going to do about Bill?

"You told him what?!" Bill screamed not believing what he had just heard.

"Bill calm down this isn't as bad as you think." Will tried arguing but by now he already knew he had lost complete control of this situation.

"No, William, I am not going to calm the fuck down! This is the one good thing that is happening to me this year and you are about to fucking ruin it!" He screamed once again getting more and more agitated with every word.

"Bill, I am sure I didn't ruin anything. I'm sorry okay. I admit it I fucked up but I'm sure he didn't listen to me! He said he loved you."

"William, that boy is like a freaking scared little lamb when it comes to relationships and especially when it comes to me. It took me so long to get him to believe that I was serious about him and now because of you all of that has gone down the motherfucking drain! He is going to break up with me. Oh my god, he's going to stop talking to me that's the least he's going to do." Bill screamed and sat down on his bed.

Will walked closer to him and tried putting his hand on Bill's shoulder but it was quickly pushed away.

"Bill, look-"

"I don't want to fucking hear it, William." Bill said looking ahead of him and not moving.

"I just wanted to say that he really likes you. I could see it in him and in you talking about him. You know how you are when you like people. It's enchanting! Once you show people love they can't leave you behind." Will said sitting next to Bill carefully.

"You're one to talk." Bill let out shortly.

Will looked forward and took in a deep breath. He let out a small laugh.

"What did you want me to do, hun? Stay here? Go to a shitty school in order to stay with you? Is that what you wanted, Bill?" He said dryly.

Bill didn't answer and just kept looking ahead. Will got up and headed to the door.

"Look, I know we both fucked up, okay? We are not in the best of terms and I said something I shouldn't, but here's the deal." Will stopped and breathed calming himself. "You're problem is with me, I left you behind. Dipper isn't going to do the same thing. You just need to talk to him."

"It's not that easy." Bill whispered more to himself.

"Of course it is. Bill, I gave you this unrealistic idea that anything will make people walk away from you and I'm sorry okay? You'll understand my reasons when you are picking your college but people don't just ditch people they care about that easily." Will argued sitting back down next to Bill.

"Really? Because you do." Bill incriminated his brother. He paused and looked down. "And I do too."

"That's because we're Ciphers. We weren't made to be contained. But this Dipper kids is containing you isn't he?" Will questioned poking Bill's arm.

"It seems like it." Bill said looking at the leafs around his finger.

"So get a hold of yourself, go to up to Dipper and tell him that your ridiculous brother that pretends to know everything but actually doesn't know shit was just being an asshole and taking out the bad blood he has with you on him. Say it exactly like that and if he tells you that you shouldn't say that kind of stuff about your brother quote me."

Bill tried avoiding it but he let out a small laugh. Will smiled. He won. He put his arm around Bill's shoulder and gave him a tight hug.

"It's going to be okay, Bill. I promise. You might not agree with me but there is absolutely nothing in your life that I can ruin." Will said still hugging his brother.

"Thanks, Will." Bill said quietly as he waited secretly enjoying his brother's embrace. "We are still not okay though."

Will took his arms away and sighed. Of course they weren't.

"Fine. But get your boyfriend back. We can talk about our stuff some other time." William said getting up and leaving Bill's room.

Bill sat there watching his brother walk away. He breathed in deeply and tried clearing his mind. There was something really important he needed to do.