Dipper went to school on Monday still trying to figure out what to do. He had locked himself inside the Shack on Sunday and put all of his electronics inside a drawer as to not be able to be contacted by anyone and fall into the inevitable panic attack. Stan and Ford had asked him many times what was happening and why he wouldn't leave the house but he just said that he had too much homework to do. That morning when he got his phone he saw that Bill had texted him multiple times and got no answer. The whole ride to school he tried to come up with a reason why he would not answer.

He walked slowly to the gate always looking next to him to make sure that Mabel was still there. As they approached the school Dipper could already see his boyfriend leaning against a wall waiting for him. To Dipper's dismay he looked particularly gorgeous. He was wearing black jeans and a yellow shirt with black suspenders and combat boots. He had definitely done something with his hair because it was more wavy than usual and looked as if it was shinning.

"So I'll see you later!" Mabel yelled at Dipper taking him out of his trans. She didn't really know what he was going through but she knew he had to talk to Bill. Probably by himself.

"NO MABEL DON'T!" Dipper tried shouting after her but was too late.

He looked forward and breathed deeply. He would have to talk to Bill eventually. Bill was still his boyfriend and he shouldn't be that scared. Right?

Dipper awkwardly reached Bill and the blond boy shinned him a huge smile.

"Hey, Pine Tree!"

"Hey, Bill. I'm sorry I didn't answer your texts… I was busy working in the Shack. My grunkle had me clean up the whole place." Dipper lied in a tiny voice.

"That's totally okay! I was just scared that you might have been going through something or, I don't know, decided that you hate me." Bill said softly as he leaned against the wall very closely to Dipper.

The Pines twin had never seen his boyfriend act so… carefully. He definitely knew that something was up. He was acting as if he was walking in thin ice. Dipper really appreciated his effort.

"Never! I would never start hating you! Everything was fine I swear." Dipper affirmed opening a small smile.

With that Bill leaned down and planted a small kiss on Dipper's lips.

"Look at the two princess making out! It could be adorable if it wasn't so gross!"

The two broke apart as they heard the scream coming from behind Bill. Brandon. Dipper could see the annoyance in his boyfriend's eyes. He opened a fake smile and turned.

"Look, Brand, if you want me to kiss you so badly you can just ask me! I know no one else will do it but if that is what it takes for you to shut up I will make the sacrifice." Bill screamed at Brandon and his goons immediately turning back to Dipper.

Dipper opened a smile too as he saw the other boys dissing Brandon for the comment. He was getting more comfortable by the minute. Bill stood up for him… He really wasn't tired of him just yet.

"I honestly can't take Brandon's bullshit anymore. I want to go to college so bad." Bill commented.

"Well… High school is whack but we have each others back." Dipper let out.

Bill raised his eyebrows and Dipper could see the smile on his face growing exponentially.

"Was that a "Be More Chill" reference I just heard?!" He questioned excitedly.

"I thought since my boyfriend is a musical geek I might as well learn a little bit about it." Dipper confessed blushing.

Bill quickly kissed Dipper again. He had researched musicals for him! He couldn't be that scared of him! He wasn't loosing Dipper just yet. After this he knew just what he had to do.

"Hum so Pine tree, I was wondering: you've already been to my house more than once and met my brother but you never actually met my parents. So I was going to invite you to have dinner over at my place! Since you know my brother is here for Thanksgiving and the whole family is together it's a great opportunity to introduce you." Bill suggested after breaking the kiss.

Dipper was in utter shock. Have dinner with Bill's parents? That was a huge deal.

"I thought you didn't really get along with your parents…" He commented.

"I don't. And I normally don't introduce people to them, especially if I'm dating because they don't really take the whole "I'm into dudes" thing that well, but, hum…" Bill paused and looked into Dipper's eyes with a soft smile. "you are too especial. I need to do this."

"Yeah, I would totally love to! When would that be?" Dipper answered excitedly.

Bill won. He really did care and he was going the extra mile to show it.

"Tomorrow! If that's okay with you, of course!"

"Yeah, I'm sure I don't have anything."

The next day, Dipper was in front of his mirror once again questioning his outfit choice with Mabel laying down on his bed. This seemed to be a constant when the topic was him going to the Cipher's.

"But Mabel you have no idea they seem like they are really uptight." Dipper commented as he adjusted his bowtie.

"And you are wearing formal clothing! You could literally not put anything else that would look more like you are an overachiever." Mabel said as she sat on Dipper's bed braiding her own hair.

"But this looks too… gay!"

"Yeah, and you are dating their son. I think there's nothing more gay than dating a dude."

"You have a good point."

"Also, you are gay, bro bro! It's not like you are trying to hide it."

"I know but Bill's parents aren't cool with that like Stan and Ford."

"Well, they kind of have to be. Their son is an LGBT icon."

"But they aren't! I really don't want to screw this up!"

"Dipper, from what you are saying this thing is already screwed up by the fact that you are a dude. So why don't you just realize that you look gorgeous and formal and just chill out, okay? You are a A+ student who will most likely get into an ivy league college and knows more physics than all of our teachers. They are going to love you. Even though, you know, you have a dick."

"Ew, Mabel, don't talk about my penis! It's gross!" Dipper screamed and threw one of his shirts at Mable as she fell into a giggling fit.

Dipper took another look at the mirror and breathed deeply. He looked at his watch and decided he really had to leave. Guess that outfit would do.

"Okay, Mabel, I really have to leave. If I'm not back by like midnight Bill's parents have murdered me because I'm too little for their golden boy and you can alert the authorities."

"Or you and Bill are just having sex."

"MABEL STOP!" Dipper screamed as his sister laughed even more. He really shouldn't have told her anything. "You are unbelievable."

With that, Dipper went down the stairs and got into the living room where strategically both his grunkles were watching TV.

"Hum, Grunkle Ford, Grunkle Stan, I'm leaving okay?" He said shyly taking the old men's attentions from the TV.

"Wow, kid! You are all dressed up! Where are you going?" Stan said taking a sip of his soda.

"I'm going to have dinner at Bill's house with his parents. Also can I go with your car?"

"My car?!" Stan practically screamed.

"Bill's parents?!" Ford questioned in the same fashion.

"Yeah, you know I do have a license and Bill and I are kind of dating?" Dipper said and raised his hand with the ring.

"WHAT?!" Both the Stans screamed in unison.

"When were you planning on telling us that, Dipper?" Ford questioned looking a bit hurt.

"Why are you having dinner at his house first? I was the first one to support this relationship, Dipper! This is unacceptable!" Stan said getting up from his chair.

"It isn't a competition, Stanley." Ford commented calmly.

"Of course it is! And we are losing, Ford! Dipper get my car, you are at least showing that family that you have class!" Stan yelled throwing Dipper his keys.

Dipper laughed at that and quickly got into the living room to hug both his grunkles.

"I promise I'll invite Bill over! I'm sorry I hadn't told you guys I just didn't know how to! I'm sure Mabel will give you details if you want but I have to leave! Love you! Bye!" Dipper said as he left the house and headed to the Cipher's.

Dipper walked up to the huge white doors as if it was the first time he was seeing them. He had never done this and to say that he was terrified was an understatement. He once again breathed in and looked at his watch. 7:30. At least he was right on time. Closing his eyes, Dipper knocked on the door. Seconds later, Bill opened it smiling widely.

"Pine tree, how punctual!" He said and gave Dipper a hug. "Didn't expect anything else."

With that Bill winked and guided Dipper inside to the living room. Standing there were the remaining Ciphers. They looked absolutely like they belonged in a butter commercial, the kind with a beautiful, smiling family eating breakfast together. Except they weren't smiling, with the exception of Will. Dipper shyly approached them with Bill following.

"Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend, Dipper Pines." Bill said gesturing to the very tall, blond couple standing before him. His smile never faltering. "William you already know."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Cipher." Dipper said in a small voice that was smaller than he intended and went to shake their hands.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Dipper." Bill's mother said first.

"Yes, it is a pleasure to meet the boy that finally convinced our son to settle a bit." Bill's father spit looking at his younger son. Dipper could swear he saw the corners of Bill's mouth twitch.

"Great to see you again, Dipper." Will said giving Dipper a hug much to his surprise.

He finally smiled as Bill hugged him sideways assuring.

"Well, since we already had the obligatory awkward introduction, how about we eat?" Will suggested with a smile. "Bill?" He looked at Bill with urge.

"Yeah! Sounds great!" Bill said and started leading Dipper to the dinning room.

Dipper almost didn't recognize the long dinning table without any bottles of vodka on top of it but just continued smiling as he sat down next to Bill. He silently thanked William for choosing the seat right in front of his.

Dipper's father sat at the edge of the table and rang a little bell as soon as he did two maids started bringing in what looked like an appetizer much to Dipper's shock. He knew that Bill's family was wealthy but for some reason he expected them to actually bring the dishes themselves.

"So, Dipper, you are also a senior in school, right?" Bill's father asked as he started cutting the thin slices of salmon on his plate.

"Yes. That's how we met." Dipper answered smiling as Bill squeezed his hand under the table.

"Dipper is an A+ student though. He certainly has a bunch of AP classes and that's why I don't get to sit with him that often." Bill commented proudly.

Dipper could feel his face turning red.

"Hum, yeah, I really like studying." He said simply.

"Wow, that is shocking. I'm in Law and even I didn't really like studying." Will said trying to lighten the mood.

"And do you already know what you want to do in college, Dipper?" Bill's mom asked this time.

"Yeah. I actually want to double major in physics and computer science. I'm really into physics and my grunkle, who is a physicist, advised the computer science."

"That's very impressive. And surprising, might I say, given your profile." Bill's father replied at that. Was that a homophobic comment? "Bill should learn a little from you since you two are… together." It was definitely homophobic.

Dipper could see Bill's grip tighten on his fork.

"Well, I think Bill chose a pretty impressive career too. It's just not conventional." Will said before anyone could say anything else.

Dipper looked over at Bill who was smiling as he looked at his brother but manage to still look pissed. He remembered how Bill said that Will would always protect him from his parents.

"And you got all alternative and open-minded after you dyed your hair, William." Bill's mother spat as if it was something bad.

"Yeah, mom, it really was the hair. I'm also getting a neck tattoo and a trans boyfriend."

"William! That isn't funny!" Their mother exclaimed.

"I'm not joking! Totally serious, cross my heart!"

Will looked over at Bill and Dipper and winked.

"Changing the subject: Mom, Dipper saw the pictures of your wedding and told me you looked gorgeous." Bill said trying to contain his laughter.

Bill's mother's face lit up. She opened a smile for the first time in the evening and looked softly at Dipper.

"That was quiet an amazing dress, wasn't it?"

"Beautiful! I have never seen a prettier bride!" Dipper said a bit more relaxed.

"Yes, she always is gorgeous, indeed." Bill's father said taking his wife's hand in his. "That's why she managed to give me these two beautiful children. Unfortunately, they tend to waste that beauty or try to ruin it."

Dipper almost chocked on his food. That was highly unnecessary. He could see Will rolling his eyes and Bill close his eyes. He saw his boyfriend's chest rising and falling slowly. He was really trying to calm down.

"Well, I… I think they are both beautiful. Both inside and out. Just takes a bit of time to get used to their personalities. Or Bill's at least." Dipper said trying to lighten the mood. Bill shinned him a small smile but Dipper could see he was still majorly pissed. He looked over at the Cipher's and could see they were not amused by the comment. Too gay?

"Thanks, Dipper. You're pretty cute yourself." William said looking at Bill worriedly. He could see where this was going.

Bill's dad ringed the bell again and their plates were exchanged for a main course. After a moment of silence, Bill's dad restarted the chat.

"So, Dipper, what is it that your parents do?"

Bill looked at Dipper worriedly. He didn't know what the deal with Dipper's parents was but he didn't live with them so he didn't expect it to be anything good. The loathing he was feeling towards his father at that moment was unbelievable.

"Hum…" Dipper started and put down his silverware. "Actually my parents are dead. They passed away in an accident when my twin sister and I were 5. We live with both our grunkles now."

"Oh so you are an orphan?" Bill's mother asked with judgment dripping from her voice.

"Yeah." Dipper responded intimidated.

The way that question was directed at him made him very uncomfortable. He had learned how to deal with being an orphan but being "accused" of it was never a pleasant sensation. And he got that more often than he would like.

Bill's eyes never left Dipper's face. He squeezed his boyfriend's hand but could see that the topic was taking him off of his comfort zone. Honestly, Bill would feel attacked in Dipper's position too. He could feel a deep pain in his chest to see the brunette boy suffering at the hand of his parents. The anger just pilled up inside of him.

"And your… grunkles? Are they a couple too?" Bill's father questioned also not seeming pleased.

That was it. Bill raised from his sit and smashed his cutlery against the table.

"Shut the fuck up, Lucius!" He yelled at his father.

"Bill, sit down! And don't talk like that to your father!" Bill's mother said horrified.

"No, Barbara, I won't sit down! Honestly, I cannot believe you two! Okay, you are used to criticizing me so I expected it to happen but do not do this to my boyfriend! No, he isn't gay because his grunkles are a couple, which they aren't by the way they are twins, he is gay because we are BORN this way! And he might be an orphan but he turned out fucking great! If you actually took time to hear him out you would know that this boy right here is way too fucking good for me and is really special! He is the best person I ever dated and you didn't even take the time to figure that out!" Bill screamed at his parents.

He immediately grabbed Dipper's arm and dragged him away from the dinning table. Dipper just looked over at his boyfriend with tears in his eyes. How could someone love him so much? He stood up to his own parents because of Dipper. That might have been something normal for Bill but it certainly wasn't for him. In that moment he couldn't believe he had ever doubted Bill.