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Two triangle shaped ships floated harmlessly through the vast emptiness of space, their pilots' unconscious and unaware of what was going on around them and where they were. A blue and white astromech droid was beeping frantically in the vain hope that his master would respond. The droid didn't know their current location; however, he had easily spotted a nearby inhabitable planet. Perhaps the local organic population could help his master as well as R4's. The blue droid contacted his red companion and with minimal usage of fuel altered their course.


-Starbase 1-

Stardate: 2258.37

Captain Christopher Pike stood in front of a window watching over the nearly completed Enterprise. In seven days' time the last security and safety checks will be finished and she will be ready for her maiden voyage, scheduled for the week following the upcoming graduation. However, it wasn't the pristine white ship that held his attention, at the edge of his sight two impossible small starships made their way towards to the spacedocks.

Christopher sighed, as he made his way in a practiced paced to the closest docking ports that the ships will encounter. Halfway there the warning alarm was ringing and all emergency procedures were underway, unexpectedly his first officer was already at the observation deck studying the already collected data.

"What is the situation, Mr. Spock?" the aged captain asked.

"Preliminary scans show us that the incoming objects are two separate ships with an unknown design and origin. It has been confirmed that there is some type of life forms present, nonetheless none of our hailing attempts appear to be working."

Captain Pike nodded, "what are your theories, Commander?"

"This appear to be a species attempt for first contact with the Federation and the hailing failure can be the cause of technological incompatibility between the communication modules." Spock hypothesized in a flat voice, though as the ships technological specs were uploaded into his datapad he arched an eyebrow. "The design of the ships is quite fascinating."

Pike looked down at his pad, he had never heard of a ship so small traveling from one system to another. Their interstellar technological was nothing if not impressive. As the docking bay doors opened and security took their positions, the ships stopped a few meters before the station. Not knowing what to do or what was happening everybody observed as the triangular portion of the ship unhooked itself from the ring and continued towards the dock.

Both red stripped ships landed softly and after a few seconds the engines powered down. Once whatever landing procedures were completed; the security officers heard the locks of the starships' hatch disengage and open.

What everybody saw stopped them in their tracks. The beings that resided within the ships appeared to be human and what was more curious was that they were unconscious.

"Men check on those and confirm if they are alive." Pike ordered ignoring for the moment all the question that were swirling in his head.

"Captain, both of them are alive… though neither is showing signs of coming around."

Pike nodded and sighed, things were certainly getting interesting. "Move them to the medicalbay and make sure that they are secured. Cable in whatever those rings maybe, make sure not to damage them."

"Yes sir," the officer in charge replied.

"Captain may I suggest that we hold off from examining their ships. We do not know what security they may posses and what will happen if we were to trigger it." Spock suggested logically.

Pike inclined his head, showing that he agreed with his first officer's observation. "That may be, however the higher ups will have questions and at this time we cannot provide them with any answers."

"Perhaps ordering a full blood panel and a complete in depth scan will tell us their origin and confirm if they are truly human."

The Captain nodded and relayed the orders to doctor in charge. Hopefully within the next minutes they will have more information about their newfound guests.

Yet, as they started to clear the area, only leaving a couple of security lieutenants behind. Captain Pike and Spoke heard a high pitch would seem that part of the ship was still online and functional. A few beeps and whistles latter, they witnessed a meter sized cylindrical mechanical unit fly out of one of the ships.

"Fascinating," Spock said.

The blue/white mechanical unit turned and gave another series a beeps, even more shockingly another mechanical unit flew out of the other ship. However, this one was red and beeped only once. The blue unit turned, leaned back and started rolling in the direction that they had taken the pilots.

That snapped everybody out of stunned state and without a single command two red shirts ran forward and tried to grab the moving unit.

Christopher blinked, 'tried' being the operate word. Once they were within arms reach, the red unit whistled and in less then a second the blue unit turned and electrocuted the nearest man. The other jumped back and looked down at his gasping comrade. The unit not wasting a second more continued across the dock and into the hallway.

As one Pike and Spock raced down the deck and after the unit.

The unit in an undetermined method rolled through the halls and interest/shock of Commander and Captain into the medbay.

The two stopped and cautiously walked closer to the unit. It was beeping around in front of the door that led to where they had the two pilots.

Once they were next to it, Spock stared down at the unit and up at his Captain.

"The unit wishes to enter the room."

Pike looked through the small window, "interesting how it knew that the pilots were here."

Cocking an eyebrow, Spock quietly opened the door. The unit immediately rolled through the entrance surprising the doctors; rolling first to older male and then to the younger. Afterwards it rolled back, out of the doctors' way and seemingly shutdown.

Spock's eyebrow was passed way half his forehead. "Fascinating."

It was indeed, Pike couldn't really believe what he had seen; the small machine appeared to only want to make sure that it's owner were being well taken care of. Pike didn't know how, yet he was sure that the machine was still highly aware of what was going on around them and that if at any moment it sensed danger to either male it would protect them with all its got.

The two commanding officer walked into the room and at once the head doctor made his way towards them, looking down at his datapad with obvious intrigue.

"Captain. Commander. The scans are in… and well the results are quite something."

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