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Chapter One:-

It started as an ordinary day, McGee walked out of the elevator, holding his cup of coffee looking hopeful.

"Good Morning guys" he said cheerfully

"morning McGee" said Ziva kindly

"Morning McBond, how was your hot date yesterday" said DiNozzo

"Don't ask Tony" McGee huffed

"That bad?! I can give you private lessons Probie, teach you how do it right" Tony said with a big grin

Tim smiled and was prepared to take his first coffee sip when…

"Dead Marine. Grab your gear" ordered Gibbs

"Good morning to you too boss" McGee mumbled

"Saying something McGee" Gibbs turned around

"Nothing boss" he threw the coffee in the trash can "Monday again, here we go"


At the crime Scene, McGee was feeling very sick while photographing, the murderer was obviously one twisted man.

"Why the unhappy face McGoo" Tony teased

"Don't you see what I see DiNozzo?! That's one sick bastard"

"This is not the first time we see a crime committed by twisted bastards McGee and I'm sure not the last" stated Tony

"Okay wise man, I'm done here, I'll go check the smashed computer and see if i can get anything out of it" McGee walked away

At the HQ McGee was checking the hard desk while Ziva and Tony were working on the cell phone records.

Tony noticed that McGee was frowning and doesn't look comfortable at all, Tony was in the mood for a little tease, so he looked at McGee with a smirk.

"Still wearing the unhappy face McGoo, is it the girlfriend issue or is it still the twisted crime issue"

"Make them two twisted crimes, Tony" McGee snapped

"What?" Tony said in surprise

"That psycho dead Marine has files of kidnapped people for illegal organs trading on his laptop"

"Oh My God" Ziva was very angry "I would have killed him myself if he wasn't already dead. Then May be it's a revenge case, one relative of the kidnapped persons" she continued.

"it's a possibility, yes. It could also be an internal job one dealer to another" McGee said simply

"The problem is that the files are incomplete, the laptop was smashed. That's all I could retrieve but no real evidence.

There's another problem though. One of the kidnapped people in the photos was identified as an FBI Agent who was reported missing a few months ago. So we have to report the case to the FBI as well and obviously there will be joint investigation with the FBI"

"Good Job McGee" was all what Gibbs has to say


After briefing Vance with the news, Vance contacted the FBI and called Gibbs to let him know what will be done.

"Listen Gibbs, The FBI will send Agent Williams to join us, they want a piece of the SOB who kidnapped their agent and want to close his case. So I think they will send one of their big dogs to help us"

Leon was not happy about any agency interfering with his investigation

"Why don't they just send Fornell? We don't know this Williams" Gibbs barked

"He's busy with another important case. Look Gibbs, I don't like it either but Fornell himself recommended this agent. I will make sure agent Williams knows that he works under your lead and follows your orders. Besides, that won't take long. The bastard is already dead, they just want a closure for their agent's case"

"Okay Leon " Gibbs said before he leaves.


Giving instructions to his people Gibbs started

"Okay people, listen" Gibbs barked "Agent Williams from the FBI will be joining our investigation and our team temporarily; he will work under my lead, so no leads or reports will be given to him unless I say so. Understood?!"

"Her… agent Gibbs" a feminine voice said

"What?" Gibbs turned around to find a tall blond girl in her late twenties, She was beautiful but her beauty was hidden behind her unfriendly attitude, her bun hair style and her serious look.

"I said her, Agent Gibbs, agent Williams is a her not a him, unless you have another opinion" she smiled and before he could respond she said

"And don't worry I was just on the phone with Director Vance and he told me exactly what to expect"

She Offered her hand with confidence "Pleased to meet you. I'm agent Jessica Williams"

Gibbs didn't like her attitude but he shook her hand anyway and said

"Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and the people who work under my lead call me …boss"

"I'm fine with Gibbs" she smirked

"That won't be a problem" he said

"This is my SFA agent Anthony DiNozzo" she shook his hand

"And this is Agent Ziva David" she shook her hand too

"Pleased to meet you agent David"

"And this is…where's McGee?" he asked

"Right here boss, sorry I was with Abby" he smiled

"McGee, this is Agent Jessica Williams, agent Williams this is agent Timothy McGee…"

he didn't get the chance to finish what he wanted to say cause as she turned around to shake his hand they both paled

"you?!" they both said at the same time but she was looking very angry.

"Pleased to meet you, agent Williams. Please let me explain what happened that day."

DiNozzo elbowed him mischievously

"What did you do probie? Is she one of your Exes?"

"Hear what agent McGee?! Of all people you are the one I wished I never see again cause I promised myself that if I ever see you again I will…. I will….." she took a deep breath

"You left the place in hurry without even looking back without a simple apology" she said angrily not giving him the chance to explain.

"That doesn't sound like our probie. Why didn't you apologize McGee? You do that a lot" said Tony playfully

"Zip it DiNozzo. I went to the Cafeteria the next day and the day after looking for you, but I didn't find you, I asked the waiters but no one could help me"

"Thank you, Mr. Nice Guy, that is really reassuring.I feel better now, but my laptop is still toasted you know" she snapped

"Hey Hey, chill out both of you now, you can kiss and make up outside the doors of this agency, get it?! Right now I want the job done". Gibbs said firmly.

"Fair enough Gibbs" she said "Can you please tell me the details of the case"

"You are gonna have to spend some time with our computer specialist to be briefed" Gibbs stated

"Okay where's your computer specialist?" she asked

Gibbs grinned "That's what I was trying to tell you. Meet special agent Timothy McGee, our computer specialist"

Huffing she mumbled "that's gonna be a long day"

Curiosity was eating Tony and Ziva. Tony whispered in Tim's ear "seriously probie, what did you do to piss her off?"

"I will tell you later Tony, right now I have another mission. wish me luck" he said with sarcasm

Tim and Jessica sat at Tim's desk to brief her with the case details

"Before i start can you give me a chance to explain to you what happened?" Tim said politely

"Listen, Pretty boy, I didn't come here to make friends, I just wanna do my job so don't bother cause i don't care what your reasons are" she said coldly

"But I do, and with all due respect I will speak whether you like it or not" he said firmly

"Alright make it quick please" she sighed

"We were in a mission; I was supposed to follow this guy who we assumed was a suspect. I followed him to the cafeteria that day and pretended to be there just for coffee. I didn't expect him to leave so soon. I was holding my cup of coffee and I had to move quickly when he left and you know the rest I stumbled and…..you know spilled the coffee on your computer and your outfits" he blushed, then added

"I blamed myself for what happened, but I couldn't lose him, that's why I left in a hurry, and that's all. I'm really sorry"

She Sighed "you put me in a really tough position. I was writing my reports that day and I lost all the data, my superior was not happy, I had to explain what happened and be treated like an irresponsible employee. That was really humiliating"

"I wish there's something I can do" he said kindly

"Yes there's, you can start briefing me about the case"

"Yeah, right we can do that" he finally said

Checking the dead marine's phone records, Ziva and Tony found nothing suspicious. His phone records were just to his family, his girlfriend and his friends. When they tried to contact his girlfriend they learnt that she was in a business trip and that she'll be back in a few days so they left her a note to call them back.

"Okay then, we need to move, McGee and Williams go to question the neighbours. Tony and Ziva go to corporal Jensen's base and talk to his superior and co-workers, and I will go to see what Duck has for me" Gibbs ordered

"On it boss" they moved quickly


"What do you have for me Duck?"

"He was beaten so hard Jethro, almost every bone in his body is broken and then they literally drained his blood out, whoever did this is a cold blooded but a professional murderer, no finger prints, no bullets nothing"

"Thank you Duck"

In Corporal Jensen's base, Tony and Ziva started their mission.

His Superiors and co-workers were in shock to hear the news of his death and they all agreed that he was always a man of his words and he was a man of honor and nobody believed he would do something so terrible like organs trading.

Giving their reports to Gibbs, he said

"Either he's a really good man and somebody is trying to make him look guilty Or he was faking it and made everybody believe him" Gibbs said

"it seems this case will take longer than we thought"

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