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At the bullpen, Tony, Ziva and Tim were working on a cold case, the silence was dominant.

Tony and Ziva were looking at Tim and exchanging glances

"I can't take it any more" Tony stood up

"Me neither" said Ziva while standing up too

"What is it?" Tim was confused

"It has been two weeks since she left Tim. You can't keep pretending that everything is fine buddy. Did you look in the mirror lately?" Tony said

"Tony and I were talking and we can't stand seeing you wearing yourself out without doing anything to help you" Ziva patted Tim's shoulder "We are here for you McGee. Just tell us how you feel, pour your heart out"

Tim sighed and said "I really appreciate your concern guys, but I'm….."

He was interrupted by Tony "like hell you are fine, probie. "

"What do you want me to say Tony. That my heart is broken. That I miss her but my hands are tied. That I can't believe what happened? "

"Wow, if you can talk probie, why did you keep your mouth shut?" Tony teased him

"She's a girl McGee, and as a girl I assure you, she would appreciate your support" Ziva said

"She doesn't remember me Ziva. What if she never does?" Tim said in frustration

"Then win her heart back McGee" Gibbs walked into the bullpen talking a sip of his coffee

"Boss?!" Tim gave him a questioning look

"She loved you once McGee, that will never change even if she doesn't remember now. Besides It's not like she's gonna spend the rest of her life in London"


The next day, Tim walked into the bullpen and went straight to Gibbs' desk.

"Good morning guys, boss. Would you please sign this?" Tim said handing Gibbs a paper

"What's this McGee?" Gibbs said, taking the paper from Tim's hand

"My annual leave request boss. I'm going to the UK"

"Way to go probie" Tony chuckled

"Good luck McGee" Ziva gave him a hug

"Don't worry McGee, go now and I will take your leave request to Vance" Gibbs gave him one of his rare smiles



At the door step of peter's house, Tim was having second thoughts.

Did he do the right thing? How would she take his visit? As Invasion of her privacy or she'll understand that he really cares. It was too late anyway to change his mind and leave because she was already opening the door.

"Agent McGee what are you doing here?" she said in a great surprise

"I…I want to say…. I couldn't wait till you get back to the States. I needed to see you. I don't want to sound bold or pushy but I want to help you I hate to feel that my hands are tied. I couldn't just stand and watch." He said quickly

She cleared her throat and said "Where are my manners, please come on in" she opened the door widely

He walked in, feeling that a heavy burden was taken off his shoulders as a part of his mission was accomplished. She didn't ask him to leave.

"This way to the living room" she ushered him and he followed her and when they sat down, she started

"So you have come all this way from the States to London just to help me?"

When he nodded, she smiled at him and said "I really appreciate that, Agent McGee"

Her smile was heartwarming so he smiled back and said

"First of all can we please put formalities aside and just call each other by our first names, it sounds weird when you call me Agent McGee" he whispered

"Second of all, the Doctors said you need the help and support of your family and friends. I don't want you to feel that I'm interfering with your life or that I'm imposing myself on you If you feel that my presence bothers you, just ask me to leave"

"First you jump off a bridge to save my life and then you flew all this way to London to help me and you think your presence may bother me?!" she said and the to lighten the mood she added

"A girl would love to have a handsome man around who is ready to help her" she smiled at him

The awkward silence was unavoidable, till her eyes fell on the wound in his arm, she frowned and narrowed her eyes

"What is it, Jessica?" Tim said worriedly

"That wound in your arm, rings the bells in my head but I don't know why" she paused for a second and added "I've been having these nightmare and dreams lately, things that I can't put together. May be memories from the missing part of my memory"

"Wanna share them with me?" he said and held her hands with both his hands sending shivers down her spine

She didn't object when he got closer because she felt content

"I've been having these dreams, about a sliver Porsche being in a crash, snakes attacking a young man, and a terrifying dream about a yacht in the ocean, I keep having these dreams over and over again but I don't understand what they mean"

When she was done, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders; she flinched then rested her head on his shoulder. He sighed with relief

"These dreams mean you are starting to remember. I have explanations for them."

"I've been pushing people away for a long time. I have a different feeling about you. That means being with you changed me. I think it'll be interesting to get to know you one more time" Jessica said

His genuine joy was obvious on his face

"I will tell you in details everything from the minute I spilled my cup of coffee on your laptop to the day you woke up in the hospital."

"Okay I think you owe me an explanation about that day in the cafeteria" she said mischievously

He smiled and said "Okay I will, if you accept my invitation for coffee?"

"I will, if you promise not to spill your coffee on my dress" she laughed out loud

He laughed and said "I promise I won't"


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