Naruto X Bleach ideas

% need new story 2 use & possibly need new story 4 use * Important- high usage ability

&Dark Naruto- his hollow self Multiple Zanpakto Spirits

Chakra = Spirit NRG joined W/Physical NRG*
Urahara makes special Gigai that restores ability to use chakra

Kurtachi- Orochimaru reincarnate- (pursuit 4 experiment mostly 4 reaction - will not do experiment he would not use on self)

Kaguya- Mirror Shikai, Gate-like Bankai

Time passes more slowly in Elemental nations than elsewhere

- Oroborus spirit - Fenrir Spirit - Hel (symbolic- norse source) spirit - Madara's?

Shinigami- Consumer 1- Kaguya's hollow

Kaguya tiny piece of self in Naurto durring Kuramas sealing Enlarge size during battle- transfers?

Uzumaki clan- envoys for 13 courts*

Some hollows only eat other hollows- those r 1s that should not be slain Extreamly rarely- learn to absorb ambient NRG 2 grow Sometimes- Soul eating hollows only consume the wicked lives, or learn to feast from hell

&Soifon - Helped seal Kurama in Naruto? %Could not take or stay due to perseaved obligations.
Visits after Rukia incident, turn out Naruto has sleeping Zanpakto, Kurama takes place of hollow.

%Guardian(s) of Hueco Mundo- Naruto & other Jinjuriki?
Became Akuma- Both Shinigami and Hollow at same time-
not just 1 with the other's powers

%Naruto leaves- attacked by mob at same time- returns later as gennin