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For a group of leather wearing, demon slaying badasses, hunters tend to be a superstitious lot. Most sleep with a weapon under their pillow, while others spike their morning coffee with the taste of stagnant holy water. Warding and sigils are memorized and drawn on almost everything, including clothing tags and footwear. When they gather, devil's traps are drawn and salt is laid before anyone can even think of taking a breath. But when they gathered, stories were shared. Mostly loud booming boasts about how many baddies could be taken down in one night, but others were whispered, as though the hunters being spoken about were like Beetlejuice. Say their names one too many times, and they just might appear.

Like ghost stories on a dark, cold night, certain tales were told with such fearful reverence that you'd think the Winchesters were the monsters, not the heroes of the stories.

Sometimes, the stories were told by one-offs, people who had met the Winchesters once and only once.

"I'm not an idiot, I know they were only human." Deputy Sheriff Kathleen Hudak sighed into her whiskey. It was the anniversary of Riley's death and she found herself a few too many glasses of the good stuff deep. "Humans who hunted people, but humans nonetheless. But it doesn't change the fact that those two boys put an end to dozens of killings that even the police couldn't stop."

"What did you say their names were again, Katy?" Kathleen's oldest friend, Donna Hanscum asked as she twirled the straw of her Shirley Temple. Donna always made a point of visiting Kathleen on Riley's death day to make sure her friend wasn't alone. To her it didn't matter how long the drive from Stillwater back home to Hibbing was. She would always make that drive for her friend.

"The Winchesters," Kathleen responded fondly, ignoring Donna choking on the bubbles of her drink. Surely it had to be a coincidence. Kathleen sighed. "God, when they took Sam, it was game over. I've never seen anyone so laser focused before. It was scary." Donna grinned. Definitely not a coincidence then. She resolved to thank the boys for bringing peace back to her friend's life, whether they remembered Kathleen or not.

Other stories were whispered rumors, told in hushed voices covered up by the din of a bar or dingy diner.

"Did you hear? About Dean Winchester! They're saying he was chosen by God…"

"Did you hear? About Sam Winchester? No, he left college. Apparently, he's part demon, and is gonna bring the Apocalypse. And he drinks demon blood."

"Walt and Roy put a bullet in Sam and Dean Winchester's skulls, but then, two days later, they heard a knock on the door. Walt opened it up, and there was Dean Winchester, looking as alive as you and I. He took 'em down, and took 'em down hard. They say they're buried somewhere out on I-90, but I heard that Dean hacked 'em up into little pieces and sunk 'em in a lake…I don't care that you saw them yesterday, Singer! I know what I know!"

"Sam was the Devil's meat suit, but he survived. I heard it was his brother what pulled him back. That he was gonna go full Satan, but Dean showed up and he remembered how to be human."

"Nah, Dean's retired. Couldn't hack it after his brother jumped into Hell with Lucifer ridin' shotgun…Yeah, I know. He called me up the other day. Said that I must know somethin' since I knew about that faith healer all those years ago. Said I didn't know nothin' about how to jerry rig Lucifer's box open. Poor guy. I give him a year, tops."

"Dean's talked to Death. No, like, "DEATH"!"

Other stories were shared proudly, in defense of the Winchesters, by people who knew them well enough to know that the stories were always going to be exaggerated.

"No, I'm bein' serious!" Jo slammed her beer down at the same time as her full house hand of poker. The other hunters around the table groaned but let her gather their chips towards her. They should've known better than to challenge a Harvelle. "The Winchesters took me on my first hunt." Jo added proudly, counting up her pot.

"Bullshit!" one of the male hunters called. "I've heard about them Winchesters. They don't hunt with no one but each other."

Jo flipped open her phone and showed the group the photo of her, Sam, and Dean on the drive to her hunt. "America's first serial killer," she crowed.

"No way!" one of the girls awed. "How did it go?

"Well, I'm alive, aren't I?" Jo scoffed.

"Are they as good as everyone says?"


Across the roadhouse, Ellen wiped down the bar as one of the regular customers growled on about how much more difficult hunting was these days.

"Well, it sure as Hell wasn't their fault that the Gates of Hell got open!" she snarled at him, tossing her dishrag over her shoulder and leveling him with a glare. "And they sure put everything they had into closing them." She rolled her eyes at his sputtering excuses. "I don't care what Walker said, that man always was a few fries short of a Happy Meal and besides, he's dead now. Went full vamp from what I heard."

And years later, at a different roadhouse in what seemed to be a whole new world, the doors blew open and a blustering young man strode through. "You wanna hear about my hunt with the Winchester Bros? Sure, amigo. So, Sam, yeah Lucifer's meat suit Sam, and Dean were definitely out of their depth with that one, but let me tell you…"

So, you see, when hunters gather, there are always going to be stories. Stories about hunting monsters of mythical size and origin, stories of the origins of scars, and stories about hunters gone rogue. But nothing will ever top the legacy of stories about the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean.

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