Chapter 2: Blue

14 years later…

Today was just a bad idea in general for Kaito Kuroba.

First, he had gotten back from his heist at 3 am, which meant he only had three hours of sleep. He had overslept, so naturally he had arrived late to school and discovered that sensei had, in his absence, partnered him with Aoko and Hakubastard in a project worth 40% of their grade! Judging from the smug expression on Hakuba's face when he suggested that they go to his house after school to work on it, the blond asshole had planned it for sure. Then the school had the audacity to serve fish for lunch, destroying his appetite for all of eternity. Add that to Akako's weird prophecy about a "blue light returning to his life," and…

By the time he was allowed to go home, all Kaito wanted to do was curl up on the couch in the KID cave and sleep for a week. But noooo, he had to stay up because Hakuba wanted everyone to have an "equal part in participating." Kaito scoffed. As if! The detective just wanted to snoop around inside his house!

Right then, Aoko and Hakuba were walking ahead of the sulking thief, chatting about—what else?—their mutual hatred of KID. Hakuba was constantly tossing smug glances at Kaito, obviously feeling that he had the upper hand. Which is why when Hakuba walked up to his house, Kaito gleefully noted a water balloon hurtling at the detective's face.

Pink paint dripped from Hakuba's forehead and streaked across his face.

"Hit the deck!" Kaito called out joyfully, a smile already stretching across his face as he dived behind a bush. His eyes shined brightly, his exhaustion forgotten, as his fingers wrapped around a water gun that she must have placed there while he was at school.

God, he loved it when she came home!

His classmates quickly followed his lead as more water balloons soared over head. "BaKaito!" Aoko roared. "What are you doing!?"

"Oi, why do you always blame me!?" Kaito tried to spot where the balloons were coming from, but several smoke bombs went off simultaneously, filling the yard with multicolored smoke.

When the smoke cleared, the yard was empty and there were no suspicious figures in any of the windows. Kaito gripped his water pistol tighter. Silence was never a good thing when she was involved. It meant she was plotting something.

Hakuba tugged on his arm. "Kuroba, what the hell is happening—" Kaito hurriedly shushed him, eyes peeled for their opponent.

Aoko slowly crept out from behind the bush. "They've stopped," she whispered, getting up from her knees. "Do you think they're gone—!"

She had spoken too soon. A net shot out from the front door and wrapped itself around her legs. "Aoko!" Kaito and Hakuba shouted as Aoko was pulled into the house, screaming.

There! Kaito pulled the trigger the moment he spotted her peeking out from the side of the house. The gun clicked and a flag with the word "Bang!" on it in English popped out. Kaito groaned and threw the useless thing away. He'd left most of his pranking supplies at home in his rush to get ready today and the only things he did have were obviously KID's and couldn't be used in front of Hakuba. He sighed. There was only option left.

He turned to Hakuba. "I need to use your underwear."

"What!? No!"

"Damn it, Hakuba, now is not the time to be a prude!" Kaito tackled him down. It was difficult and mentally scarring, but Kaito finally wrestled away the detective's unmentionables. He found a stick lying near them and wrapped the underwear around one end. Kaito grimaced as Hakuba glared at him; he did not need to know that Tantei-san was a briefs person.

He hoisted the unusual flag up in the air and waited. Soon, a young, feminine voice called out, "You still have to say it!"

Kaito muttered some horrible things under his breath then yelled, "I surrender to the great and powerful Hitomi-hime, ruler of all Japan! Please have mercy on our poor, pathetic souls!"

There was an ominous silence and Kaito feared that she might not accept it and continue attacking him when the voice spoke up behind them. "You know, I was really hoping that you'd last a little longer. It's like you weren't even trying!"

Kaito and Hakuba turned in unison to see a girl behind them. She looked about 15, with short, dark brown hair that was somehow even messier than Kaito's. She wore a sky blue sundress and no shoes, with a blue crystal hanging around her neck. But her most prominent feature was her eyes, a bright emerald that sparkled with mirth. Kaito smiled. "Maybe it's just because you're getting so much better. You're going to have to show me how you did that water balloon trick. I didn't even see it until the last moment!"

"Not a chance. A magician never reveals her secrets," she said, then glanced at Hakuba. "Sorry I hit your friend."

"Don't be, he's a bastard."

Hakuba finally seemed to regain his wits after losing his briefs and managed to sputter out "What…how?"

"Oh, yeah." Kaito glanced between the other two. Was…was she checking Hakuba out? Ew! "Tomi-chan, this asshole is my own personal stalker, Saguru Hakuba. Bastard, this is my little sister, Hitomi."

A look of pure horror dawned on Hakuba's face. "Oh, God…there's two of them now."

A/N: Yay, first official chapter! Hope you like it; I thought starting out with a little humor would be nice. Next chapter is Hitomi's pov.