Chapter 5 Marigold

Toichi's poker face almost faltered under his wife's stare. He was exhausted, though the bags under his eyes were carefully hidden by makeup. Traveling had always been hard on him, but now even more so—how was he supposed to know that the air pressure on airplanes made babies cry!? But ignorance aside, Toichi was now at the final hurtle.

Convincing Chikage to keep Hitomi.

The baby was resting quietly in his arms, more content to observe the house around her. He appreciated her silence now more than ever; as hard as it might be to convince Chikage to keep her, it would be harder still if she was bawling her pretty eyes out.

Chikage spoke first. "So… when you told me that I would be the only jewel in your jewelry box, was that a lie?"

"She's not mine," he answered. "You're the only jewel I've ever kept. I would never lie to you, precious. I found her in a dumpster after my heist; I couldn't just leave her there."

"So you decided to kidnap her from her country!?" She snapped, pinching the bridge of her nose. "You couldn't have dropped her off at an orphanage or a police station!? Why did you think this would be a good idea!?"

"She needs us. She's only a little girl. I can't—no, I won't abandon her to the world. Not when we can help."

"And what about your real family!? What about the son you're putting in danger by taking that child!?" As if summoned, Kaito toddled into the room, his face scrunched up in confusion. Chikage grabbed Toichi's arm. "You could get arrested for this!"

"Funny, you've never been this worried about me during a heist…"

"That's because I can trust you not to get caught then! This is kidnapping!"

"No it's not." Kaito started tugging on Toichi's pants. "No one wanted her and no one will come looking for her. She was thrown away like trash, precious. Please… we can be her chance for a loving family." He held Hitomi, who was starting to wake up, out to her. "Just… hold her? Just for a while?"

Chikage hesitated, but eventually let the baby into her arms. As she started down at the waking babe, Toichi picked up Kaito and held him on his hip. "What is it, Kaito?"

Kaito pointed to Hitomi. "Who's that?" he asked, his voice high with youth and curiosity.

Hitomi's eyes finally opened and she stared at Chikage with a similar intensity. Chikage gasped slightly at her eyes—the same emeralds that had captured Toichi. "Her name's Hitomi," he told Kaito quietly as his wife began to rock her slightly.

"She's…" Chikage whispered, barely able to speak. "I see what you mean now, love. Kaito, this is your little sister."

"Really!?" Wonder colored his tone as Kaito reached for Hitomi, not noticing or simply indifferent to the fact that he was several feet in the air and struggling. Toichi fought to hold on and stepped closer to the other two. "Tomi's gonna be my sister."

"That's right." Chikage angled Hitomi so she could see her new brother. "Hitomi, can you say hi to Kaito-oniichan?"

Blinking, Hitomi gazed at Kaito's excited face before solemnly patting it. Kaito's grin out-shined the stars. Reaching into the pocket of his overalls, Kaito pulled out a crumpled flower—a marigold—and dropped it in Hitomi's lap with a flourish. "Ta-da! For the pretty lady!"

Hitomi promptly tried to eat the flower.

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