Where are you going, Shirai-san?"

"I'm just going to visit someone..."

"Oh... Please take care."

"Yeah, I will."

Kuroko walked away from the Judgement office and headed to a flower shop. She bought flowers for someone special to her. After that, she rode a bus to get to her destination.

Having 2.3 million inhabitants, this city's population are composed mostly of students. This is Academy City. It is located somewhere in Tokyo. This city's technology is 20 to 30 years more advanced than the other countries in the whole world. Because of this, the students acquired psychic powers. They are ranked from level 0 to level 5, in which only seven people reached the highest level. One of them is the person that a certain teleporter is going to visit: the third strongest level 5, Misaka Mikoto.

As the teleporter arrived to her destination, she went into a small room. It was a mausoleum. It was guarded by a few armed men, but they let her in. She placed the flowers in a vase and stood in front of it. Her lips curved into a sad smile and said with a solemn voice:

"Good morning, Onee-sama."


"'Do we really need to tell that person about the situation?' asks Misaka as she feels uncertain about this."

"'Yes, because this is what Onee-sama wanted,' states Misaka.

"'It's already time. We should go. The target is already at the location,' says Misaka telling the others to hurry."

"'Roger. Commence mission,'"

Four people with the same appearance walked the back alleys. They are going to the same direction to where the teleporter went. This is because they got business with Shirai Kuroko, a level 4 teleporter, and also the best friend of Misaka Mikoto, their Onee-sama.


"I'm here again, Onee-sama..."

It has been a month since Misaka Mikoto, the strongest electromaster, was killed by an unknown criminal's hands. Despite the power to create and control 1 billion volts of electricity, she died. Her friends and family couldn't believe it, and their doubts worsened when the authorities ordered to stop the investigation. The city's administration hides something important to them, and they don't want it to be known to the public. But, Kuroko's determination never wavered. She'll continue to search, no matter what she might discover. If it's for her Onee-sama, she'll do anything.

The mere thought of it made Kuroko grit her teeth. She'll bring justice to her Onee-sama no matter what. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming inside the room. Thinking it was someone she knew, she looked at the source of the sound. Her eyes grew wide in shock, and she was stuck in her position.

"Wh-what? W-who... "

"'We are here to deliver a message to you, Shirai Kuroko,' says Misaka telling her intention of meeting you."

There stood in front of her four of her Onee-samas, or rather, four people who are very identical to her Onee-sama. They walked closer to her as she asked them again.

"You're not Onee-sama, right?..."

"'Yes,' says Misaka answering your question."

"Then, who are you?... "

"'We and Onee-sama share the same genetic code,' states Misaka."

She evaluated the girl's statement, and she reached into a conclusion.

"Clones... Ain't that illegal?"

"'Yes. And that's why 'they' hid it from you,' says Misaka stating the obvious."

Kuroko knew who are the people these clones are talking about that hid this information.

"The city's administration... They knew about this... "

"'And we're here to tell you everything for this is what Onee-sama wished for,' says Misaka as she clarifies their intention."

Kuroko thought deeply. Hearing the clones' story might aid in her investigation, but she's also afraid of what she might know. She shook off her fear and she decided.

"Let me hear your story." Then from there the clones told her everything, from the Radio Noise project, the fact that they couldn't reach level 5, the Level 6 Shift attempt on Accelerator, Mikoto's struggle in destroying the facilities, and the fact that hurt her the most: the reason Misaka Mikoto died.

After hearing all of that, she couldn't help but tremble. Her knees gave up as she slumped unto the floor. She couldn't think that her Onee-sama did all that. She felt useless for not knowing what Mikoto is going through despite noticing her abrupt change. She remained like that until something happened.

"'Ugh... What is this pain...' says Misaka...as she felt something is... invading her mind..."

"10032, what's happening to you? asks Misaka..."

Then the clone fainted, and was supported by the other clones. After a minute, she opened her eyes, but something is different. She regained consciousness and mustered the strength to stand. She flashed a nostalgic, bright smile, making Kuroko's heart flutter by the mere sight of it. After that, she spoke something that lighted Kuroko's expression.

"Long time no see, Kuroko."


Author's note:

*henk* hey people. It's my first time posting a story here, and this is actually just something I thought out of nowhere. XD Tehe XD

I decided to post it to ease up my mind. :)

(I'm sorry if there are grammatical errors. XD)