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Chapter 3

(Shadows Pov)

I shut the door behind us. I turn around to Rouge.

"Alright that's one part of the plain done." She whispered looking at the crowd in front of us.

"But it's not over yet..."

I looked over at her. She must of noticed me getting nervous again.

"No going back now." She said in a taunting voice. I just growled in anger and of fear. I truly hated dancing. And barn house dancing just made this all worse. We could of slow danced... but Rouge is a kind of mobian who loves to make things interesting. She never let's you get out of something she wants. And if she is going down I'd be going her.

My family and I use to have little dance plays. Maria and I would put on the dance plays. We'd make up dances and mess around. We got most our moves from dance videos. We practiced for weeks just to get a few of the moves down. But when we'd put on the play it we'd mess everything up. It was still a lot of fun.

Rouge nudged me to fallow her back to our spot where we had entered. I knelt down and crawled with her.

Just up ahead some of the party guessed blocked our way back. Damn it! I thought. I hated when plains didn't go well into play.

Rouge saw the party guest and started to look for another way over there.

She was getting panicked. She had no idea where to go. And neither did I.

(Rouges Pov)

Well, this has made a turn... I thought, If they see my dress they'll get curious. I have to get us out of here! I looked around frantically. I saw a vent but it was to small for my dress. We couldn't go through the crowd. I can't fly, that'd give me away. There is just no way out. I thought to myself, Except... Chaos control. But I don't wanna do that! That'd ruin our wedding adventure!

I let out a tiny moan of frustration. I look over at Shadow. He new I had no idea what to do. We'd Chaos control out of here if this was a mission. But I want this to be something we do without magic. And Chaos Control make a bright green light if you use it. It might just give us away. We're stuck and there is really no way out of it. Well, at least not without taking the fun out of it.

"Rouge?" I jumped and looked at Shadow.


"We either do this or don't. Chaos control or sit her waiting for a plain or for them to move. Pick." Shadow whisper not being mean or anything just giving me options. But I still didn't want to Chaos Control. But in order to do this we must or time will run out and the music will change for no reason. Making everyone confused and worried about where we are. But each option he listed might ruin everything. This is way to hard, we're agents and we've been in worse scraps then this.

I looked around once more and I saw a way. Or more like a window. Why didn't I see that before! I thought.

I looked back over my shoulder to Shadow.

"I choose none of you're plains." Shadow looked even more frustrated.

"I found a different way out." I said proudly with an added wink.

"Where? There is no way-" He stopped after I pointed to the window. I gave a triumphant smirk.

"Well, let's get moving!" I whispered.

(Shadows Pov)

I took her arm and stood up slowly. We made our way to the window. This was kind of risky. Cause anyone could see us right now. We'd have to get out fast.

She slowly opened the window. Once she got it open I lifted her up. Her dress all over my face. She finally slipped through. Now it was my turn I lift one leg up and Rouge grabs my arm to help me over.


I freeze.

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