Ok. This is like a really weird Tuck Everlasting epilogue. I mean, the real epilogue happens, but I manage to keep Winnie alive in a really weird way. This is for my English project! Ok! This is my story!

It was 1886 when Winnie Foster met her sister, Wendy Foster. In the Treegap asylum. Winnie was 16, Wendy was didn't know she had a sister, so she was shocked. Her mother told her that when Wendy was 5, she tried to kill a male villager, So she was sent to the Treegap Asylum. It had been 13 years since Wendy has seen a family member, and 6 years since Winnie had seen the Tuck family.

Wendy, Winnie's sister, felt jealous of Winnie since she had the life that Wendy wanted but never could have. So she a plan, a bright plan, but a horrible one as well. To poison Winnie, and then take her place. And it worked, Winnie was poisoned and Wendy took her place. But Wendy an extremely minor mistake, since she didn't know about the magical spring. When Winnie was dying, she drank the spring water to survive. She became immortal and spent the rest of her life searching for them until she found them.

62 years later, Winnie Foster was walking through the roads of Treegap. She didn't fear being recognized, for everyone she knew was dead, including Wendy. But when she was crossing the road, she was hit by a horse. That's right! A horse, not a car! Winnie backed up quickly, and the passengers of the carriage dismounted and hurried over to her, to see if she was okay. Then she saw the people, and she immediately recognized them. Mae and Angus Tuck.

"W-what? Mae! Tuck!" Winnie shouted, then engulfed both of them in a hug.

"Who are you? And how do you know our names?" Mae asked, not unkindly.

"It's me! Winnie! Winnie Foster!" She shouted again. They had to recognize her.

"N-no. Winnie Foster's dead! We saw her grave!" Tuck said, his voice traced with disbelief.

So Winnie told them her story. In the end they believed her. Then Winnie, Mae, and Tuck mounted the carriage and headed towards the west. Towards the Tuck's new home. Towards new adventures. And Winnie would see Jesse again, the love of her life.

It's soon short! Anyway, this is for a project, and thanks if you read it! See ya! Bye!