Violet Aquaria Potter sighs wearily as she waits for her O.W.L results before she could make her escape. She had learned the routine of her watchers, and with the help of the Goblins had caught up on her Mundane education. Now all she needed were her test results and she could get emancipated. The goblins had secured her a home in Ekoda, somewhere in Japan. She had bound Dobby and Winky to her having one of them get her a lozenge from magical travel agency that would teach her written and spoken Japanese that would let her seem like a native. If she were to disappear then she had to do it right.

The fact that the sheeple honestly thought that she had no clue of their plans for her made her laugh. That year dealing with Umbitch had pushed her last button, she'd lost her godfather because that damn bastard, Dumbledore had sent him off on a suicide mission. Only the twins had any idea of her plans and even then she had told them nothing so they would have plausible deniability though she had made them something similar to the galleons the DA had used to communicate. This way she could send word for them to get out when she was well established or they could send her an S.O.S so she could let them know where she was.

She would love to see the looks on everyone's faces when they realized that she had escaped right out from under them and used their own laws against them. She would let them handle their own damn problems after she made sure to get those she cared about out of the damn country.

Chapter 1

Kuroba Kaito looks at the new girl in his class, Sumire, apparently half English though she could be fully English if she happened to be a magical, what with her last name of Black. Kaito knew the names of the English Pureblood families though he didn't think there were any Black females his age unless she had a Black ancestor in her line, possible with all the inbreeding those fools were prone to. She happened to have brown eyes and black hair with red highlights, he could also tell that unlike the rest of the female population she did in fact wear shorts under the uniform skirt. His light blue eyes take in the contacts in her eyes, he knew they were prescription but they also changed her eye color. What color they were originally he didn't know but, something told him the change was important. Kaito makes his way over introducing himself and presenting his new classmate with a lavender colored rose.

Sumire smirks, " Not bad, Kuroba-san, not bad at all. "

Kaito felt a shiver traverse his spine and an answering smirk upon his lips, " A fellow purveyor of mischief, I presume? "

" Too right, old chap. " Sumire says.

Kaito grins, oh he could have fun with her because something told him going against her was a very bad idea. The entire class is stunned when Kaito starts roaring with laughter after the lights had flickered until they see what had happened to them. The girls all had green and silver hair while the males save for Kaito had yellow and black hair. One other was unaffected by the chaos, the new transfer student. As one the student body shudders, a female version of Kaito. Sumire grins, " Think you can beat this, Kuroba-san? "

Kaito smirks, " Call me Kaito and yes, I do believe I can, Black-san. "

" Sumire, Kaito. "

The entirety of 2-B pales, " Dear Kami, now there's two of them. "


Albus Dumbledore is fuming because his pawn had thrown off her shackles and now she couldn't be found. Where the hell had he gone wrong anyhow? How had she slipped through his net? It was maddening that the girl had managed to get away. The goblins were of no help and quite frankly they hated him. She had also had them reclaim everything stolen from her as well and the interest went to the greedy little bloodsuckers. He knew he had to find the girl and soon but she was staying under the radar and wherever she was she must have gotten a new wand and registered it wherever she happened to be. Most likely she had also changed her name and appearance. The girl would pay for her impudence.

All of his plans to make her a martyr, to take over as the savior again, ruined because she had somehow learned the laws, gotten emancipated, and subsequently disappeared. He had the Order trying to track her down but apparently the girl had played dumb until it was time to take her O.W.L.'s. She had aced them all, pissing off Hermione Granger in the process. He'd thought it was all going well only to realize he had been played quite perfectly by the Potter Heiress. Three months had passed since Violet had slipped her shackles and Dumbledore would make sure she knew the consequences of her actions though she still didn't have an heir or heiress.


Nakamori Aoko just watches the verbal interplay between her childhood friend and Sumire-san. They had hit it off immediately and three months later though it pained her even she was wondering when one of them would make a Kami damned move already. Anyone could see that Kaito was extremely interested in her and as for Sumire, well, the girl admitted to Aoko privately that she'd been orphaned young, her maternal family had treated like a slave and, she had apparently been too popular at her old school to have any decent dates. Sumire had no idea how to proceed with romantic entanglements but she could do sibling relationships.

Aoko had taken it upon herself to help Sumire out, at least with her feelings. The girl was quite firm about girly stuff. She let Aoko teach her how to apply make-up and had practiced so she could do it herself but she rarely did. She spent more time talking pranks with Kaito and learning his brand of magic tricks. To their class' collective horror she picked them up too easily and the rest of the school had noticed that Kaito was extremely protective of Black-san. If someone didn't take the hint Kaito pranked them unrelentingly until the message was received. Sumire on the other hand, all she had to do was glare at any girl that Kaito couldn't ease away from.

Sumire-chan was scary when she brought out that glare, Aoko even eased up on using her mop on Kaito since Sumire pointed out that it could be considered abusive from an outside perspective and she also pointed out that the girls should just wear damn shorts under their skirts already, fucking problem solved. Aoko had flinched along with the rest of the girls in their class when she made that point. Though Sumire did spend an awful lot of time with Momoi Keiko as well. Why that was Aoko had yet to figure out. Little did Aoko know that her friend Keiko had all the blackmail on everybody in the school and Sumire had quickly figured that out, getting on the girl's good side by helping her get more damning evidence.

Once at school Sumire slips away briefly before rejoining Kaito and Aoko. For some reason Aoko felt a shudder of apprehension move down her spine. For Kaito it was a shiver of anticipation to see what chaos his lovely Sumire would be wreaking today. His thoughts stutter to a halt, since when was she his anyhow? Sure she was the only one he had ever given a lavender rose to but she was just a friend, wasn't she? Only Aoko saw the uncertainty in her childhood friend's eyes and realized that Kaito may just be realizing what the rest of the student body had, that the prankster magician had feelings for the purveyor of chaos.

Kaito didn't have his father to turn to, to help him sort out his own feelings and both him and her father had nearly died of mortification when it came time for a certain Talk. Chikage had given her that particular Talk as well. There was no way Kaito would ask her father for help on this, he wouldn't talk to his mother either. Mostly because Chikage would embarrass the hell out of him. It was at lunchtime when the screams started and Kaito feels everyone look at him, the magician pouts, insulted, " Blame Eris-chan, not me. "

Sumire has a low, lazy smirk on her face, " Eris, huh, I can live with that. Primordial Goddess of Chaos, yes, that does have a nice ring to it. " Then she cackled, raising the hair on the spines of everyone save for Kaito.

Konno-sensei pales dramatically and dismisses class early. Sumire was already out the window, Kaito following her immediately, " How did you pull off that cackle anyhow, Sumire-chan? "

Sumire smirks, " Channel every ounce of cunning, deviousness, and mischief into a laugh. "

Kaito finds his own cackle and Ekoda High can feel an impending sense of doom coming down upon it. Kuroba Kaito had met his match and instead of taming him she complemented him. She was just as bad as he was and in some ways worse. Keiko alerted by the screams had gotten plenty of useful blackmail photos and sent a set to the Post Office Box that Sumire maintained. " That does work, thanks, so, Sumire-chan, would you be adverse to going on a date with me. "

Kaito had thought long and hard through school about his feelings towards Sumire before deciding to give it a shot. Sumire smirks, "I was wondering when you'd ask. It would have been far too easy for me to ask you and besides I had fun trying to get your emotional intelligence to match your intellectual intelligence. "

" You've been courting me through your pranks, haven't you? Now I feel like an idiot. "

" Don't feel too bad, you've had a better foundation then I ever did. You got to actually know your parents and you still have your mom. I lost both of mine at fifteen months old. "

It was then that Kaito's brilliant mind put together all the clues, " On Halloween, right? "

Sumire sighs at this, " I wasn't sure about you or not. "

" Hey, I won't bust you. Besides at least this way you know I'm not after your fame or money. "

Sumire gives him a deadpan look, " Worse, you want me for my brain. "

Kaito just laughs at this and they work out the details of their date. The magician swearing to make things fun for the Potter heiress seeing as how she'd likely only had sycophants to deal with so far. " Have you had any positive experiences in the dating department? "

" You count the Yule Ball during that thrice damned TriWizard Tournament? " Sumire asks.

Kaito blinks, " Who'd you go with anyhow? "

" Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbatons champion and one quarter Veela. Since I'm not interested in my own gender and she wanted someone whom could resist her allure we went together, oh you should have heard the uproar that caused. " Sumire admits.

Kaito smirks, " You attended with the one person guaranteed to not want to try and bed you, damn. So whom did you receive the Talk from? "

" Oddly enough my mom left a memory behind that I saw during the summer before my third year and the school nurse as well. " Sumire states.

" Lucky, I got that Talk from Aoko's father. " Kaito says, shuddering, he still had nightmares about that.

Sumire rolls her eyes, "Come on, we'll plan out our pranks at my place this time and I can also get you keyed into the wards. "

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