The Falcon flew through the Finalizer's jammer radius at rift speed, ditching Tie-Fighters like toe-nail clippings. The First Order's entire Armada flared out like bees as waves of Republic X-wing fighters assembled past Dantooine's atmosphere. The exterminators were here.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your Captain speaking. We are about to enter a high turbulence area. Please keep your trays and seats in their upright position. In case of emergency, there are no emergency exits, so hang on and prepare to kick some ass!"

The Falcon sped into the fray rendezvousing with the Republic onslaught.

"Accelerate to attack speed!" Ben ordered, and everyone looked at him. They were already at attack speed. "I've always wanted to say that."

A ring on the coms blared annoying and in the middle of everything. Ben ignored it while everyone gave him the look.

"You better answer that," Finn warned. Ben winced, and slammed the vidcom.

"Ben-Jacen Solo Junior!" the face of his mother yelled. "You'd better have a really good explanation for why you're committing high treason!"

"Yeah? Well maybe you have a good explanation for why you abandoned me and tried to ruin my life?" Ben replied while maneuvering the Falcon between blast bolts.

"Ben, I love you."

"Oh, do you? That's why you sent me off to some backwater world to be a monk far away from you?"

"I only wanted the best for you. Your gifts were manifesting and I wanted you to have opportunities that I never had."

"What about what I wanted? What about me?"

"You have a duty to restore balance to the Force. It's your destiny."

"Fuck destiny—"

"—Ben, this is your father."

Everyone in the Falcon caught their breaths as the voice of Han Solo took over the coms. A long moment of silence passed before he went live again on his end.

"You're right. To hell with all this hokey religious crap."

"Don't say that to him you narfle-headed ninny-footed snooty-brained—"

"Woman, be quiet! The men are talking!"

Ben took a breath. Han's booming voice was intimidating has heck, but when he got back on, he was consoling.

"Look, Ben…I know I haven't been there for you as much as I should have. I'm not the best with kids. Heck, I didn't even want to send you off with you uncle for training. It was your mother's decision, and we've fought about it every day since you ran away. But I want you to know that I'm proud of you, proud to call you my son, and I'd be damn proud to have you call me Dad again. Now you show those Imperial assholes how Solo rolls, and if you bring that ship back alive, you can have her."

A light exuded from Ben, igniting him inside. The most evil, determined smile crossed his face as he switched the com channel to Open.

"Gold Leader, Red Leader, Green Leader, Rogue fighters, rally on my mark."

"Who is this?"

"This is Rogue Leader. All units fall in."

A static cheer rang out over the coms, and Republic fighters swooped into arc formation with the Falcon as their spearhead. Ben accelerated into the fray with a mad violent streak igniting the Republic fighters at his flanks.

A signal went out across the etherium, and the Falcon's coms blared in static.

"Holy heck they're jamming our signal. They've put up a firewall! We've lost all communications!"

"Pfft," Ben smirked, "they've been doing that for years. Bebe!" The ball droid rolled over to the coms deck and plugged in. She ran TOR, and all systems were back in business in seconds.

"Rogue Leader, you reading?"

"I'm scanning Gold Leader. We're back online."

"Hey you got that movie downloading I asked for too?"

"Roger buddy. Tehe."

Tie-fighters swooped in a cylindrical ring around the Dantooine command ships, now that their network jammers had failed. They unleashed an onslaught of firepower on central posts to drop their shields down to near half.

"The fleet can't retreat. Tie-Fighters have walled off escape routes for the Alliance."

"Let's punch a hole for them!"

And Ben gunned the Falcon around, taking Gold Unit with him. The big command cruisers put up their deflector shields while the Falcon spun through attack formations unloading hell.

"I can't shake him!"

"There's no one on us…?"


Everyone peered at Ben, whose face was pure evil delight.

Gold leader patched through to Ben.

"Ben, the front deflector shield of the command cruiser's been cut to half."

"You worry about those fighters, I'll take care of the tower!"

"What are you talking about, Ben?"

"Tehehe…" Ben unloaded tracking torpedoes into a group of ships chipping at the command boat like flinging candy. Finn and Rey rolled their eyes.

"They're coming in too fast!"

"Ben, shut up!"


Phasma was on the turret gunning ion bolts straight into Tie-fighters defenses like it was too easy. She'd trained them all, after all.

"Galen Merek will have planned for this attack," called Phasma.

"And he can suck my—"

"Ben! Your mother's on the coms!"


He twirled the Falcon in perfect step with the leader while Phasma no-scoped a bolt straight into his rear thruster.

"No more antics padawan, or I'll shove that laser sword right where the sun don't shine!"

"No promises!" Ben hollered back.

A scrambled signal went out, and lateral laser uplinks glowed on the mothership. A triangular sheerlight beam emitted from the central cannon, gathering immense power by the nanosecond.

"The Finalizer is arming!"

At that moment, all enemy fighters dashed back to the mother ship, leaving themselves vulnerable and the Alliance completely free to pursue. This was it.

"All units retreat!" Ben shouted.

"But we've got them on the run!" replied Gold Leader.

"Fall back! That's an order! Everyone run!"

The Falcon zipped around bash-barreling back toward Dantooine. Half of the Alliance hovered in uncertainty, while the other half still followed Gold Leader in hot pursuit, picking off tie-fighters like shooting fish in a bucket. Ben got back on the main com.

"Trust your feelings, guys! What does your gut say?"

The coms stayed static for a solid minute while the Falcon still raced home. Then the red codes flashed across the screen, and all fighters turned tail to follow.

The Finalizer closed its fleet gates once all tie-fighters were inside, encasing the entire First Order back within a singular shell. Everyone was at the Falcon's viewing window by this point, leaning on each other forgetting to breathe. The Finalizer accumulated its full neutron mass, and launched the solar target beam straight for Dantooine.


Matt the Radar Tech was biting his nails.

At the last moment, the Finalizer's aiming system banked its hulking mass around, toward the outer expanse of deep space. The flareshot burst into a fiery laser line straight into the Hell Nebula, where the antimatter sent it straight back with a huge middle finger from the cosmos. The Finalizer shifted off its axis, lit up, and exploded in supernovic sheerlight.

A collective cheer rang out on the coms, and everyone jumped all over each other in the cock pit. The thermal blast rocked the ship off its axis for a bit, and warning sirens blared for a minute then ceased.

"Hey! There!" Finn pointed out the viewing window. A command ship with a tie-fighter escort had escaped the Finalizer, and was preparing the jump to hyperspace. Starkiller.

"He's heading for Corriban! Let's get him!"

But Rey shot her hand over the controls.

"He knew what we were doing, and he let us. We won't catch him…today."

They exchanged knowing glances, and turned the Falcon about to head back home.

The entire solar system rejoiced in their streets as bits of Finalizer debris rained down into star systems' atmospheres. The meteorites fell in spectral confetti, burning the last bit of the First Order to stardust.

Ben and Finn stood with Rey overlooking the city, the Falcon parked on landing gear behind them. Rey gazed out over the burning skies, toward a forlorn star system on the edge of nowhere that held her path. Ben went to her with a solemn gaze.

"You sure you want to do this? It was years ago. He could be gone. He could be dead. He could be…changed. You and I can keep training here, together."

She took his hand, holding it hard.

"Come with me."

"I can't go back. You can never go back, only forward." And that, he dropped the keys to the Falcon in her hand. Bebe hovered around her legs with happy beeps, but Rey stared hard into Ben's eyes. A distance of galaxies spanned in his irises, and a feeling that all was as it should be overcame them both. Rey took a breath and turned to the Falcon.

"Rey," Ben called to her. She looked back at him over her shoulder. "May the Force be with you."

A deep breath, a long moment, and she and the droid boarded the loading ramp.

The thrusters fired, and Finn put a hand on Ben's shoulder as they watched the Falcon take off into the atmosphere.

Through wayward asteroid belts and abandoned planetary rings, Rey navigated the stars. Her voyage took her to a life-inhabiting system orbiting a super gas giant far off the conventional charts. She docked on a beach along a silver ocean, and hiked along some rocks until she came to a stone stair.

At the cliff, a man in a long robe stood in solemn silence. He sensed Rey's presence, and knew. With steady heartbeats and a look of destiny, she ascended the steps to return her new master's sword.