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To Slay The Dragon

Body Reformation Magic.

It is a type of magic that is distinctly different from Transformation Magic and Take Over Magic; a Lost Magic.

As the name goes, the magic reforms a person's body into whatever creature is desired. The magic, however, cannot transform someone into an individual person or creature like Transformation Magic can.

This is because the magic emphasizes individuality. For instance, when a mage uses Body Reformation Magic to turn into an Exceed, his or her body will reform into the Exceed body that the person would have if he or she had been born an Exceed. Therefore, the user's appearance as an Exceed when using Body Reformation Magic is the only Exceed form they will take.

In the past, however, some Body Reformation users had been clever enough to expand the amount of creatures they were able to become by reforming their body into a specific species. This means that a person could have five dog forms, but each dog they became represented what they would look like as each respective breed.

The caster also cannot will his or her reformed body to look as they want; the magic reveals what their chosen form will look like. An example to further explain this would be when a mage uses the move to reform into a Labrador Retriever and becomes the black variation of that breed, he or she will only be able to reform into that specific black variation whenever the magic is used to become a Lab again. The user cannot will his or her form into a yellow variation or chocolate variation of the Labrador breed.

Also unlike Transformation Magic and Take Over Magic, Body Reformation Magic leaves no obvious trace of the caster's original identity. The magic reforms the caster with the intention to seemingly make them a member of that species. The effected person usually only maintains his or her human soul and mind, though there have been occurrences where the new form has the same eye color or hair color of his or her original form.

Another unfortunate and more common occurrence was that the caster would lose his human mind or human soul. This problem is what ultimately led to the banishment of this form of magic and what led it to become Lost Magic.

Out of those who were able to successfully use this technique, only four users had been known to reform their bodies to identify as multiple creatures.

And out of those four users, only one had been known to still utilize magical abilities in their other forms.

Unfortunately, every Body Reformation user is now deceased...except for one.

This user currently resides in the Land of Fiore...as a proud member of Magnolia's famous guild, Fairy Tail.

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