Hufflepuff: The Accidental Occult

Hufflepuff, while the house of the Loyal and Hard Working was also the house of Cannon Folder.

It was disappointing really and while most would have abandoned it as 'Useless Duffers', Buck Rockgut was not most people. Where others might have only saw a waste of valuable oxygen, The American saw a blank slate and dare he say it: Potential.

Sure, right now they where nothing but a group of Nancy Cats, clinging to one another like scared children but with proper training and a firm hand, the American had little to no doubt they would become something greater.

Something actually worth wild- a force no one would suspect.

It would take time and effort but luckily the American fount he had seven years to spare towards the effort.

Taking over Hufflepuff House was about as easy said as it was done, taking only three months for the American Agent to do so... It was sad really. Even Rockgut would confess to that as he watched the older years and his year mates sit around him- looking up to him like sheep to their Shepard. By time he was done, hopefully this wouldn't be an issue any longer.

"Listen up, Nancy Cats. Hufflepuff house is officially under new management and with the new management comes a new decade. No longer will we tolerate being the laughing stocks of the Wizarding Community. No longer will we be forgotten by any and all. Its time to shape up. Its time we stood our ground and showed this world exactly who Hufflepuff House really is and what happens to those that dare to cross us. "

Later, when its dark outside and the American manages to locate himself to Ravenclaw Tower both his Nancy Cat and Mad Russian would finally agree on something.

Weither attentional or not; Buck Rockgut had official started his own Occult.

During their third year, after watching said occult attempt to burn one of Riddle's Infiltrators/Recruiters for the Knights of Walpurgis at a stake, Nigel would never look at a Hufflepuff the same way again.


"Its not an Occult!"

Raising a brow the rouge shared a look with the spy before glancing back into what had once been the Hufflepuff Common Room. Pictures lines every wall, heavy smoke from a multitude of burning incenses filled the air, the students where all kneeling in front of a golden statue chanting in words the Russian was half certain that just made up- or created their own language.

"They're worshipping a golden statue of you..."

"Bones said they made a mistake in the design."

"They have multiple pictures of you on the walls."

"Its a prank. "

An elegant brow rose as the Russian glances to the Brit beside him with a blunt 'You try' look.

"They're wearing cloaks."

"Everyone in the school wears cloaks, Nancy Cat. Don't tell me you fried your brain already."

Emerald eyes glanced back into the room once more only to catch sight of a group of Cloaked Hufflepuff dragging a student dressed in green and silver to the statue where another Hufflepuff was waiting with a rather wicked looking knife.

"They're about to sacrifice a Slytherin to your statue."

Raising a brow the American granted the two before him his best 'You're an idiot' look.

"I'm not falling for that one twice Nancy Cat. If that's the best you can come up with I suggest you two go back to your tower. "

Ultimate Defense Against a Dark Lord Possessed Spy

"You're not Nigel, are you?"

Blood Red eyes- resting where emerald jewels had once been only minutes before- meet a lone gold, as a sneer twisted upon the spy's face.

"Of course I'm not that Fool. I am the Dark Lord Volde-"


For a moment all the rouge eyed agent could do was stare at the down form of the Nancy Cat and the rouge looming above him with but one question in mind.

"Where did that shovel come from?"

A golden eye pierced the American as the rouge raised an elegant brow, spinning said shovel in a way similar to how an old cowboy would his gun.

"What are you talking about, Rockgut? I've always had this."

Then where the hell was he keeping it as the American was certain he would have noticed if the rouge was carrying about a shovel everywhere he went. Red though didn't seem to notice the dark haired teens trail as thoughts as he keep talking.

"Its the perfect two in one weapon."

"Two in one?"

A happy noise- and wasn't that a strange thing to hear- left the back of the rouge's throat as he nodded.

"Not only can I assault nimrods with it but I can also use it to bury the fools and any evidence that could have been held against me. "

...Of course.

"What should we do with the Nancy Cat when he wakes?"

"Well... I can give you a shovel and if he still thinks he's some Dark Lord you can attempt to knock it out of him. "

For a moment silence consumed the two before Rockgut held out his hand.

He always wanted a reason to hit the Nancy Cat without having to listen to his Mentor's long-winded lecture about Comradeship as punishment.