Draconis: I guess I might as well write this out. It's been getting mulled around in my head for quite awhile now.

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Draconis: Yep.

Grayfia: Hm...well I suppose if you really want to.

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Dragon of the Elements: Side Stories.

Chapter 1

A Dragon of His Word.

Draconis: Begin!


"I need you to prepare yourself." Kenshin said.

"For?" Grayfia asked.

"Life without Sirzechs." Kenshin said.

"!" Grayfia's eyes widened before narrowing. "You...You just said that you wouldn't kill him."

"And I meant it, but that does not mean Hottan won't pull a fast one on me and eject himself from Sirzechs and leave him open to a potentially deadly attack." Kenshin said.

Grayfia pinned him into the wall. "You listen here...I will not prepare for life without him, because you will not let him die!"

"...You're scared." Kenshin said.

"..." Grayfia didn't respond.

"Look...I know...It's not easy to think about, in fact thinking about it is probably tearing you up inside, but...I know this man better than anyone. I will try my best to not let it happen, but...I'm not perfect as my Rikudou codename would imply...if the worst does happen...I swear to you on my life I will do whatever is necessary to make up for it, even if it can never be made up for." Kenshin said taking her hands off him, holding her in his arms instead.

"You do realize what you're saying right?" Grayfia asked with a quiver in her voice. "That if Sirzechs falls, you will become my..." She trailed off.

"Yeah...I am prepared for that life if it comes to it." Kenshin said.

The scene shifted to Kenshin and Grayfia fighting against the possessed Sirzechs. However...


At the same time as Hottan took aim at Grayfia with his Fantasy Magic, Sirzechs' barrier lowered just as Kenshin's Kuroi Jigoku cleaved him across the chest. "Guullh!"

"? !" Kenshin's and Grayfia's eyes widened in shock as Sirzechs' body crumpled.

"Ghh! D-Damn you...!" Hottan seethed. "You left yourself open at the last second!"

"Sirzechs! !" Grayfia screamed running up to him.

"!" Kenshin went to his knees and started applying charms to the wound.

"It won't work, if I go down I'm taking this bastard with me!" Hottan roared as his voice tapered off.

"Kenshin!" Grayfia said looking up at him.

"R-Right!" Kenshin said flashing through handsigns. "Healing Light!"

"Hey! ! We need help over here!" Grayfia shouts.

Asia came over and aided in the healing, but... "I-It's not working, the wound isn't getting any better!"

"Onii-Sama!" Rias shouts.

"...Hahahaha..." Sirzechs laughed weakly. "Looks...like this is it..."

"Shut up! You don't get to die on us!" Kenshin yelled. "I won't hold your life on my conscience and you won't leave these two and your son behind!"

"...It's...OK...Kenshin..." Sirzechs said through labored breaths. "I'm...sorry I didn't...tell you about every...thing."

"That's not important now, just keep your damn eyes open!" Kenshin said.

"Onii-Sama! Stay awake!" Rias cried.

"Sirzechs...please don't go!" Grayfia said, tears streaming down her face.

"I'm...sorry...but...this...is the end...for me..." Sirzechs said as his eyes went dull.

"Nonononono...hey..hey.." Kenshin said, voice quivering and his eyes wide with disbelief and shock as Sirzechs' chest stopped moving. "Don't you dare die on me! Come on! ! LIVE! ! LIVE DAMMIT! ! !"

"!" Kenshin bolted upright, panting heavily. "..." He looked around. He was in a bed in Lucifer's Castle...that's right...his dream was a memory from a month ago in Underworld time.

Sirzechs...didn't make it. He died, to take his place Grayfia had been named the new Lucifer, she had initially refused, but when she took into account that she was the closest one to Sirzechs and knew what he wanted to do as a leader...she relented. She had taken all of Sirzechs pieces as her own, and made Kenshin her Queen to show the council that he could be controlled.

Kenshin got up and started getting dressed. He had traded in his black jacket and red outfit for a traditional butler's outfit. "..." He seemed to have a permanently dead look in his eyes these days. Serving the new Lucifer was a full time job. To this end...he'd given up everything. He had released control of his pieces to be given to Issei when he attained high devilhood.

The council had initially wanted him to fry for what happened after hearing his report, it was only with Grayfia's, Serafall's and when they had been convinced that him killing Sirzechs was an accident, Ajuka's and Falbium's help that his name was cleared.

The next thing he had given up was the thing that hurt the most. He broke off his engagement to Rias, he did this privately with Lord Gremory and Venerana. He still recalled how Rias cried when he had done it.

He looked himself in the mirror as he finished dressing. When Rias had run out of the room. He asked her parents to let her choose her next suitor. She deserved that much. The two had agreed, but she had refused every single one of them...saying she only wanted one person. That she already loved another.

Kenshin left his room and proceeded down the halls. He found Grayfia's pawn Beowulf waiting in the audience chamber. Kenshin leaned up against the nearby pillar, crossed his arms and stared at the floor.

"Oi, butler." Beowulf said.

"..." Kenshin ignored him.

"Oi, I'm talking to you." Beowulf said with a glare.

"..." Kenshin still ignored him.

Beowulf walked over and grabbed Kenshin by the neck. "When I talk to you boy, you will answer me!"

"..." Kenshin said nothing.

"Grh...I am so sick of your shit! Our king, one of the Satans is dead because of you and yet you're still alive, and you walk around here like nothing's happened!" Beowulf shouts.

"You can our king for that." Kenshin said. "If not for her. I would most assuredly be dead. Besides, I do not answer to you, never have...never will. I answer to Lady Grayfia Lucifer and her son, no one else."

"Grrhh!" Beowulf moved to punch Kenshin in the face only to have his wrist grabbed, stopping it's advance.

"..." Kenshin glanced over to see Grayfia holding Beowulf's wrist.

"Milady, I..." Beowulf was cut off.

"Enough. Handle the summons I've just received." Grayfia said handing a folder to him. "You're dismissed."

"I...yes ma'am." Beowulf said, sparing a glare at Kenshin before leaving.

Grayfia walked to her throne and sat down. She still wore her usual outfit, she just couldn't seem to get rid of it. "...Must you rile him up?"

Kenshin pushed off the pillar and walked over to face her. "I merely told him the truth. I do not answer to anyone save for you and Millicas." Kenshin said. "It's not my problem if he can't see that. Everyone else gets that, but him."

"..." Grayfia let out a sigh. "Very well..."

"Is there anything that needs doing right away? I'd like to get a jump on things." Kenshin said.

"Well...the furniture and décor could use some dusting. I could help you if you like." Grayfia said.

Kenshin shook his head. "No. I can take care of it. Don't you have a meeting with Serafall, Ajuka and Falbium today?"

"That's right, I forgot." Grayfia said with a sighing nod.

"Do you want me to heat up the baths for you later then?" Kenshin asked.

"That would be nice. I was thinking of bathing with my son, would you like to join us and help me clean him?" Grayfia asked.

"No, it's not my place." Kenshin said as he turned to walk away. "If you need me, you know how to find me."

"Kenshin." Grayfia called out.

"..." Kenshin stopped. "Yes?"

"You...didn't have to break your engagement with Rias to keep this promise of yours." Grayfia said.

Kenshin looked up. "I killed her brother, your husband, Millicas' father...to still be with someone like her...after doing that would be an insult to his memory."

"You know that's not true." Grayfia said.

Kenshin turned to her with a self depreciating smile. "All I want to do now is serve you and die...I don't deserve anything more than that."

"..." Grayfia stared at him, saying nothing.

"Now, if that is all Lady Lucifer, I shall be going." Kenshin said crossing his arm over his chest and bowing before walking away.

"..." Grayfia let out a sigh. "Oh Kenshin..."

A procession of footsteps was heard and Grayfia looked ahead to find Lord Gremory and Venerana entering. "Oh, Hello. What brings you here?"

"It's merely a social visit." Lord Gremory said.

"I see." Grayfia nodded.

"How is everything?" Venerana asked with a smile.

"It could be better." Grayfia sighed. "Beowulf tried to attack Kenshin again."

"Oh dear..." Venerana said with a concerned look. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes. I stopped Beowulf before he could do anything." Grayfia said.

"I see...well that's good." Lord Gremory said. "Where is Kenshin now?"

"Dusting." Grayfia said.

"Hmm...for someone who couldn't cook or clean for himself very well, he transitioned to being a butler quite well." Venerana said.

"Yes. He said he picked some things up from his sister and mother, but it still needs work." Grayfia said. "Despite his protests I do help him with cooking dinner."

"I see." Venerana nodded.

"So, how are you doing with your new post?" Lord Gremory asked.

"Oh, I'm doing just fine...the job's a lot easier than he made it out to be." Grayfia said waving him off with a smile.

"Alright...and how are you doing...just you and Millicas?" Venerana asked.

"Millicas is still kind of depressed, but he's not angry at Kenshin, he never was." Grayfia said. "He knows what his father did."

"And I guess Kenshin's own misery isn't helping matters." Lord Gremory said. "Hey Serafall let's...huh?" He looked behind him.

"Serafall was with you?" Grayfia asked.

"Oh dear...that girl." Venerana sighed.


"DAMMIT!" The three of them heard Kenshin curse.

"Oh dear..." Grayfia said. "Kenshin must have broken a vase." They walk over to where Kenshin to find him sweeping up a vase with a pissed off look on his face muttering curses under his breath while Serafall looked hurt. Kenshin took a breath. "I'm...sorry for yelling." He said in a stilted voice. "Are you OK?"

"Aah...y-yeah." Serafall said.

Kenshin turned to Grayfia. "Just take it out of my pay." He sighed. "Not like I was doing anything with it anyway." He muttered as he took the dustpan away to get rid of the broken vase.

"..." Grayfia stared at his back.

"Where does he go after he's finished working?" Lord Gremory asked.

"Today, he's actually planning to visit Sirzechs' grave." Grayfia said. "I was planning to go with him, but the meeting came up and he said he wanted to go alone anyway."

"Hm..." Lord Gremory stroked his chin in thought. "Venerana would you mind if we stayed here for today and leave tonight?"

"Sure, why?" Venenrana asked.

"I'd like to have a word with Kenshin, man to man." Lord Gremory said.

Grayfia glanced at him before letting out a sigh. "Do what you will."


Early Evening.

Kenshin stood in front of Sirzechs' grave, he took a pull off a bottle of vodka. "...so we're finally gonna have that drink." Kenshin said tipping the bottle over and pouring some on the ground before taking another pull. "Haa..." He exhaled. "You know Lord Gremory, you're terrible at hiding."

"Well, I never thought I needed too." Lord Gremory said.

"You'd be dead quickly in my world." Kenshin commented as he took another pull off the vodka bottle after pouring some on the ground.

"That seems like a waste." Lord Gremory said.

"It's symbolic." Kenshin said. "Having a drink with a dead comrade entails pouring whatever it is you're drinking on the ground, typically where they're buried."

"I see." Lord Gremory said. "Hm?" He said as Kenshin held the bottle out to him.

"It's a half gallon bottle and he is...was...your son." Kenshin said.

"..." Lord Gremory took the bottle and took a pull off of it. "So...what's your deal lately?"

"My deal?" Kenshin asked as he took the bottle back.

"Being pissed off all the time." Lord Gremory clarified.

"..." Kenshin took a long pull off the bottle. "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you."

"Try me." Lord Gremory said as he took the bottle back and matched Kenshin's pull before pouring a large amount on the ground.

"..No." Kenshin refused.

"OK, then answer me this." Lord Gremory said. "Why did my daughter have to lose not only her brother, but the man she loved as well?"

"..." Kenshin said nothing.

"Well? Why did you unilaterally decide that she would be better off without you? This has been bugging Venerana and I for awhile now." Lord Gremory said.

"Krh..." Kenshin growled.

"Well? !" Lord Gremory said.

(Whizz! Crash!)

"!" Lord Gremory's eyes widened slightly as the bottle went sailing by his head as Kenshin locked his scowling eyes onto him.

"Because I'm fucking poison!" Kenshin shouts baring his fangs at him.

"Yeah? How so?" Lord Gremory said, unintimidated by Kenshin's anger.

"Whenever someone gets close to me, they die..." Kenshin growled. "If I had to watch her die...!" His eyes widened as Lord Gremory socked him in the face

"You coward." Lord Gremory said scowling at him. "If you're worried about her safety, protect her yourself! Everyone's got dead people! I had to watch my own clan get reduced to a few, so whe-!" He was cut off as Kenshin decked him in the teeth.

"You want to compare lost clans with me? ! I killed my own kin! !" Kenshin roared.

"Nn? !" Lord Gremory stared at him in shock. "What?"

"That's right, the Kuroshi and Tsuki clans are dead because I was forced to kill them!" Kenshin shouts. "My own father died during a life or death fight with ME! ! Sirzechs is dead now because I was too WEAK and too fucking stupid to save HIM!"

"..." Lord Gremory watched as Kenshin panted heavily.

"...M...My own greatest enemy is myself..." Kenshin said gripping his left temple as tears stung in his eyes. "You're right..I am...a coward..." He said. "But...if I ended up being directly responsible for Rias'...or anyone else's death again...I..."

"...Kenshin..." Lord Gremory said.

"She's just...safer with you..." Kenshin said. "But...you know what the worst part is...?"

"What?" Lord Gremory asked.

"..." Kenshin turned toward the grave. "I never...got to tell Sirzechs that I was sorry...and that I forgive him..."

Lord Gremory nodded. "I see..."

"...I'm sorry." Kenshin said. "But...I just can't take seeing the corpses of those close to me anymore...everyone has a limit...and I hit mine a month ago..."

"Why did you get so angry at breaking that vase earlier?" Lord Gremory asked.

"...I'm just sick of being such a colossal fuck up." Kenshin said. "I fucked up saving my family, my father, Sirzechs...I...I'm just sick of it."

"I understand." Lord Gremory said.

"..." Kenshin let out a sigh. "I'm going back."

"Same." Lord Gremory said as he warped back. Venerana, Grayfia and Serafall were waiting for him.

"Well?" Venerana asked.

"Well...I probed him until he exploded on me." Lord Gremory said. "He has the worst case of survivor's guilt I've ever seen and he's hard on himself...harder than he is on anyone else. Earlier wasn't because of anything you did Serafall, he was just angry at himself."

"For breaking a vase?" Serafall asked. "That's...a little weird to be that angry about."

"He just piled it on to the list of things he feels he's fucked up...both big and small." Lord Gremory said.

"Like what happened last month..." Venerana said with a forlorn expression.

"And other things that happened before he got here..." Serafall said.

"And he's scared that he might end up being responsible for something happening to Rias as well." Lord Gremory said.

"Oooh...that poor guy..." Venerana said.

"Could you tell the other servants to prepare dinner tonight. Whether he likes it or not. I'm giving Kenshin the night off." Grayfia said.

"Of course." Venerana said with a smile. "We'll see ourselves out too."

"Thank you." Grayfia said.

"What should I do?" Serafall asked.

"Thanks for coming Serafall, but I can handle this alone." Grayfia said with a smile. "He is technically my responsibility now."

"I see..." Serafall said with a slow nod. "Could you...keep me posted?"

"Of course." Grayfia nodded.

"OK, thanks Gray-Chan." Serafall said with a smile as she warped away.

A communication circle opened up. "Your bath is almost ready." Kenshin said.

"OK, I'll be there in a moment." Grayfia said.

"OK, I'll get to preparing dinner then." Kenshin said.

"Actually Kenshin, I'm giving you the night off, you haven't had one in awhile, not since you got that nasty hangover a couple of weeks ago, but could you lay out something for me to wear after I finish?" Grayfia asked.

"Sure." Kenshin answered.

"That should keep him there long enough." Grayfia thought. "He usually has trouble imagining what I'd like."

Kenshin laid out a pink kimono with floral print with magenta lingerie. He heard the door open and turned to find Grayfia, her hair done up to keep it at around shoulder level, holding a towel in front of her chest that she had wrapped around herself until just now.

"..." Kenshin stared at this, his face heating up. "Uhh...didn't you say you were going to bathe with Millicas? Shouldn't you be wearing a bathing suit?"

"Millicas has already bathed." Grayfia said with a small smile.

"I...see..." Kenshin said. "Well, here is your outfit, I figured you'd like to wear something comfortable, yet fashionable, so..."

"Thank you." Grayfia nodded.

"If that is all I'll be retiring to..."

"Actually Kenshin, I could use some help washing my back, would you mind?" Grayfia asked.

"..." Kenshin's face grew hotter. "Uhh..sure I guess I could help you, just...give me a moment."

"OK, I'll be waiting." Grayfia said walking into the bath hall.

Kenshin disrobed and tied a towel around his waist before following her in. Grayfia was seated, back turned toward him. Grayfia turned her head toward him with a smile. "I already washed my hair earlier, so no need to worry about that." She said brushing her hair to the side.

Kenshin knelt down behind her and lathered up some soap before placing his hands on her back. He traced circles into her skin. "..." His eyes narrowed, focusing on his task.

"Ooh..." Grayfia let out a content sigh. "Kenshin, your hands feel really nice."

"Sorry, I..uh...tend to instinctively give a massage to people while I wash them. All the people who have asked for this have been women so..." Kenshin trailed off.

"I see..." Grayfia said.

"Do you want me to stop?" Kenshin asked.

"No...it's fine, keep going." Grayfia said. "I could actually use a massage, my back and shoulders have been hurting lately."

"Well maybe if you didn't insist on trying to help me with the chores on most days..." Kenshin muttered.

"Sorry, old habits die hard I guess." Grayfia said.

"Still, you're a Satan now. You need to preserve your energy for..." Kenshin was cut off.

"Those meetings don't take much energy. It's not like I'm being asked to fight right now, even then..." She trailed off.

"...I see." Kenshin said as he moved his hands to her lower back.

"Haa..." Grayfia let out another sigh. "I know we're devils, but your hands feel heavenly right now..."

"Th...Thank you." Kenshin said. He moved his hands upward, rubbing her shoulders.

"Mmn..." Grayfia's neck rolled around subtly as she felt the muscles loosening. Once Kenshin was done he poured some warm water on her back washing the suds off.

"OK, I'm finished back here. I'll be..."

"Actually Kenshin, could you do the front as well?" Grayfia asked.

"Th-The front? !" Kenshin shouts.

"Yes, I trust you." Grayfia said waving him off.

"..." Kenshin shook his head. "No, it's...not my place. I'll be in my room if yo-"

"Kenshin, that's an order from your master." Grayfia said as Kenshin moved to leave.

Kenshin slumped as he knew he couldn't refuse. "Dammit Grayfia, I don't have any right to touch you like this so why are you being so difficult? !" He thought.

He lathered up more soap and moved his hands around her waist, rubbing the suds into her belly before moving to her hips and doing the same. "Kenshin, when I asked you to do the front, I meant all of it." Grayfia stated blithely.

"!" Kenshin stared at her back, as he swallowed a lump in his throat and took a breath and exhaled. His soapy hands moved toward her breasts and cupped them from underneath, stroking his palms around.

"Haaaa..." Grayfia let out an airy sigh.

"..." Kenshin moved his head over her shoulder. He was nervous about doing this, but he still needed to be able to see what he was doing. He moved his hands to the gap between her breasts and caressed them with his fingers.

"Hnn..." Grayfia murmured.

"Tell me if you want me to stop." Kenshin said.

"No...don't..." Grayfia said shaking her head with her eyes closed.

"..." Kenshin nodded and moved his hands over the top, grasping them softly and rubbing the soap around.

"Mmu..." The new Lucifer let out a soft gasping moan.

Kenshin felt her hardened spires under his palms. "This...is really arousing her, isn't it?" He thought.

Grayfia's eyes opened slightly. She felt something poking her in the back of her waist. "..." She looked at Kenshin's face, seeing a flush, accompanied by soft, husky panting. "He's enjoying this...good..." She thought.

On an impulse Kenshin's hand movements got broader and harder. "Haa..." Kenshin exhaled, his breath coming out in a shudder.

"Mmnn...!" Grayfia bit back a loud moan and kept her eyes on Kenshin's face.

"?" Kenshin noticed her staring and turned his eyes to meet hers.

"..." Grayfia's right hand moved behind Kenshin's head and turned it fully toward her. Once she did, she moved her own head forward, causing their lips to meet. "Mm..."

"? !" Kenshin's eyes widened in shock as Grayfia's closed. "What is she...MmNN!" His very thoughts were cut off by his own moan into her as her hand began rubbing his ears.

This action caused Kenshin's mouth to open, allowing the new Lucifer's tongue easy access, to which she took. Her tongue seemingly dancing around his. "Mmm! !" She moaned loudly as Kenshin's hands squeezed her breasts roughly rubbing them together, kneading the flesh around at will. Her back pressed against his chest, she shivered from his caresses.

On another impulse, Kenshin's right hand left her right breast and trailed downward. He felt her legs opening a bit to allow him access, but was surprised when her eyes opened wide and she shoved him away. His back hitting the floor he stared up at her. "Wh-What...I thou-..."

Grayfia stared at him, shock written on her face, looking almost horrified. "I...I...I know, but...I-I can't do this after all!" She reached over and dumped a bucket of warm water on herself to wash the soap off before taking off out of the bath hall.

"..." Kenshin watched her retreating form before letting out a sigh, shaking his head. "Soooo close!" Sylph said.

"Sylph, please..." Kenshin thought. "I was pretty sure nothing was going to happen, and in the end, nothing did. Grayfia's still a grieving widow."

"Still, she is brave for trying. A lot of women need a lot longer to move on from the death of the man they loved." Salamander said.

"Yeah..." Kenshin thought with a wistful sigh.

"Kenshin..." Undine said, a sympathetic tone in her voice.

Kenshin got up and got dressed. He walked to Grayfia's room and knocked on the door. However he got no answer. "...Grayfia...if you're in there...I just wanted to say I'm sorry..." He said.

"..." Still no answer.

"..." Kenshin let out a soft sigh and left, heading to his room.

Inside the room, Grayfia was indeed there. She was leaned up against the opposite wall, her hair pulled down, her hand wiping one of her eyes, crying. "Oooh...what was I thinking? !" She said. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" She berated herself as tears flowed down her face. "Oooh...I never should have thought I was ready to move on, and I surely shouldn't have tried to move on using Kenshin like that either!" She sobbed. "He's as broken as I am now!"

The new Lucifer cried herself to sleep that night.


Two weeks later.

Kenshin was cleaning around the castle when he was approached by someone. He turned and found her Knight, Souji Okita. "..." He let out a "What?"

"I'm not here to berate you like Beowulf does." Souji said shaking his head. "Do you know what's wrong with Lady Grayfia?"

Kenshin thought back to their time in the bath hall. "No idea." Kenshin said.

Souji let out a sigh. "Look, if you know anything...could you let someone know?"

"I don't, Souji." Kenshin grunted. "She's not spoken to me in two weeks. I've been getting my chores from Enku for cripes sake, and that if I'm not handling much more important matters."

Souji nodded. "Alright. I'll leave you to it." Souji turned to leave, but stopped. "You keep it all inside, that's why you've not been very reactive about Lord Sirzechs' death right?"

"..." Kenshin said nothing.

"...I fear that will eat you alive one day." Souji said. "...I just hope it doesn't drive you to turn your blade on yourself...then my former master would have died for nothing."

"..." Kenshin watched Souji walk away. "If I killed myself...anyone who really cared about me would likely find a way to revive me, just so they can do it themselves as punishment for being so stupid..."

Kenshin continued with his chores. A couple of hours later he was approached again. "Hm?" Kenshin said. "Oh, Millicas. What is it? Do you want someone to accompany you into town?" He asked.

Millicas shook his head. "Uh uh..."

"Then what is it?" Kenshin asked.

"O-Okaa-Sama..." Millicas said.

"I...uhm don't know where your mother is." Kenshin said.

Millicas shook his head again. "No, I know where she is..."

"Then what is it?" Kenshin asked.

"She...she seems as upset as Rias-neesama does now..." Millicas bowed his head. "Why is Okaa-Sama crying?"

Kenshin turned away. "Grayfia's been crying? I guess there's no surprise there." He thought.

"I heard her one time..she apologized to Otou-Sama." Millicas said.

Kenshin nodded. "I see...well, lately your mother has been trying to find someone to be with again, you do understand right?"

Millicas nodded. "Yes. Devils live very long lives naturally, after some time it's natural that a grieving woman or man move on for their own sake."

"Yes. It's obviously too early, if she's crying and apologizing to your father over it." Kenshin said. "...No need to tell him that the person she tried to move on with was me..." He thought.

"Yes, but...she also apologized...to you Kenshin-niisama." Millicas said.

Kenshin stared at him. "...To me?"

"Un..." Millicas said before bowing his head. "Kenshin-niisama, please help Okaa-Sama, I...I don't wanna see her cry again..."

Kenshin's eyes softened. "...OK, count on it."

Millicas nodded and walked away. Kenshin let out a sigh. "Why are you apologizing to me...?" He said to himself.

Kenshin finished his work and went to Enku. "Anything else?"

"No." The Kirin said shaking his head. "However Venerana-Sama is here to see you."

"Venerana? OK send her to my room." Kenshin said.

"I already did." Enku said.

Kenshin nodded and thanked Enku before heading up to his room. He stopped as he heard two voices. He recognized one of them as Rias. "..." Kenshin hesitated to enter.

"Rias I'm sorry, but I'm just here to ask Kenshin-San about Grayfia. Next time I come over you can come with me and see him." Venerana said.

Kenshin let out a breath. "OK...she isn't here in person...that's good..." Part of him wanted to see her, but...at the same time he knew he still wasn't ready to face her.

Kenshin opened the door and walked in. Venerana turned to him. "My apologies for coming on such short notice Kenshin-San."

"It's quite alright Venerana-Sama." Kenshin said with a polite bow. "You being here means that you must be concerned about Lady Lucifer too."

"Yes." Venerana nodded. "I was hoping you could enlighten me as to what's happened."

"..." Kenshin closed the door and walked toward the cabinet across from his bed. "Can I get you anything before we begin?"

"Oh, just a glass of white wine." Venerana said.

"Yes." Kenshin said pouring two glasses and bringing her one. The two walked out onto the veranda and sat at the table. "Fuuu..." He sighed. "Where do I begin?"

"Why not start at the beginning?" Venerana suggested.

Kenshin took a sip of the wine and told Venerana what happened those two short weeks ago. Venerana closed her eyes, letting out a sigh. "I see."

"What do you think it is? Because I'm drawing a blank here...hell Millicas telling me she's apologizing to me while she's crying just confused me more." Kenshin said. "I mean..."

"...Kenshin...I think Grayfia's been taking a page out of your book...and been bottling it up for awhile now." Venerana said.

"..." Kenshin went silent.

"I guess it can't be helped...A Satan's work doesn't leave much time for a private life...even if it is just to cry it out." Venerana sighed.

"Yet she's able to now?" Kenshin asked. "I've been the one taking care of her Satan duties lately, I'm just glad Serafall's been so helpful in that regard, otherwise I fear I might have run us into the dirt."

Venerana giggled. "Oh I think you'd have done OK. Didn't you read Sirzechs' and Grayfia's notes?"

"...No..." Kenshin said.

"Well...I guess she just never bothered to ask for the time off...I mean she was thrust right into that spotlight." Venerana said. "She must have felt she needed to pick up right were Sirzechs left off."

"..." Kenshin gulped down the rest of his wine and looked down at the table.

Venerana reached over and grabbed his hand. "Kenshin, what happened with Sirzechs...it's not your fault. It could have happened to anyone."

"...I know...but...I still promised her that I'd free him, that I'd save him from that bastard Hottan...just like I promised my family that I'd give them a brighter future...just like I promised Miyuki that I'd save our father..." Kenshin said.

"But you still tried, you still cared enough to try...not many can say that." Venerana said.

Kenshin got up. "I've told you everything I know. You may leave whenever you please."

"OK. Thank you." Venerana said.

Kenshin nodded and left. He walked aimlessly until he found himself in front of Sirzechs' grave. He looked down at it and let out a sigh. "Sirzechs...none of this would be happening if I hadn't gotten you killed." He said with his eyes closed.

The wind blew, accompanied by a voice. "You don't know that..."

"?" Kenshin looked around.

"Remember? Sometimes with my power you can hear the voices of the departed. This is the perfect spot to communicate with him." Sylph said.

"I do, if you were here, I wouldn't be feeling AS miserable, Grayfia wouldn't be a widow, Rias would still have me and Millicas would still have his father." Kenshin said.

"Maybe so, but you didn't get me killed. You don't know, something else could have happened, a hundred different things could have happened." Sirzechs said. "You weren't going to be able to beat Hottan and save me, not without getting yourself killed in the process."

"That was my price to pay, not yours!" Kenshin shouts.

"Kenshin, it doesn't always have to be you to pay the price." Sirzechs said.

"Oh right, a leader does his weapon a solid by giving up his life for it." Kenshin snapped.

"You aren't just a weapon." Sirzechs said. "You should have realized that so long ago."

"Tch..." Kenshin said glaring at the ground.

"Kenshin, please take care of them for me. That's my last request." Sirzechs said. "I trust you, like you once did for me."

"...Fine, seeing as I'm still alive...undeservedly so." Kenshin said as he left.

"..." The wind blew again and Sirzechs' presence faded.

Kenshin went back to Lucifer Castle and was immediately stopped by Enku. "What is it?"

"There is a dinner tray waiting in the kitchen, could you please take it to Lady Grayfia?" Enku asked.

"That's probably not the be-" Kenshin said.

"Everyone else is busy with summons work and tending to the castle grounds before nightfall." Enku said. "You're the only one we can spare."

"...Alright." Kenshin sighed as he left.

"Will that be enough Venerana-Sama?" Enku asked once Kenshin was out of earshot.

"Yes. That will do Enku-San." Venerana said, standing behind him with a smile.

Kenshin came to Grayfia's door with a tray in hand. He tapped his foot against the door two times. "I'm coming in...please be decent."

"..." No answer.

Kenshin turned the knob and opening the door, walking into her room. She wasn't in bed. Kenshin set the tray down on the end table next to her bed. However, he then noticed someone behind the dressing screen.

Grayfia walked out from behind it wearing a kimono, Kenshin recognized it as the same one he set out for her two weeks ago. "Oh, Kenshin...What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I brought you dinner." Kenshin said. "I'll be going." He turned toward the door. "...Huh?" He said as he worked the doorknob. "What the?" The Dragon of the Elements said jerking the knob around. "..."

"What's wrong?" Grayfia asked.

"The door's locked." Kenshin said.

"Oh, well I have the key in my..." Grayfia looked around in her dresser. "Huh? No...wai-..." Her hands roamed around the dresser. "...Someone swiped my key."

"Well...Venerana-Sama's here." Kenshin said.

"Haaa...it must have been her then." Grayfia said. "Either that or she asked someone to come in and do it."

"..." Kenshin went silent.

"S-So, we're stuck in here then." Grayfia said.

"Apparently..." Kenshin said.

"W-Well...I guess if you've brought me something to eat..." Grayfia said.

"Enku asked me to come here and bring that to you, saying that everyone was busy with summons work and tending to the castle grounds outside." Kenshin said.

"Huh?" Grayfia said. "That's...Kenshin everyone gets their summons requests early in the day and it's far too late in the day to be tending to the grounds. Besides you'd be out there doing it as well I'd assume."

"..." Kenshin stared at her, before glaring at the door. "That two faced luck giraffe..." He muttered.

Grayfia couldn't help laughing a bit at this. "I've never heard him called that before."

"Well he lied to me and..."

"I know, I was just laughing at it is all." Grayfia said.

Kenshin sat down as Grayfia ate. It passed silently until she was finished. Kenshin took the tray away and set it to the side. "...Grayfia."

"Yes?" Grayfia asked.

"I'm sorry." Kenshin apologized. "For a couple of weeks ago...I went too far."

"..." Grayfia shook her head. "You have nothing to apologize for."

"Neither do you, to me anyway, yet you did." Kenshin said.

"I did..." Grayfia said letting out a sigh.

"Why?" Kenshin asked.

"I...tried to use you as a means of moving on." Grayfia said. "Not only was I not ready...it was with someone as broken as I am now..."

Kenshin bowed his head. "...It's my fault...that you're even broken in the first place."

"No..." Grayfia said shaking her head. "We both failed...you and I..."

"...Still I promised you...and failed." Kenshin said.

"I forgive you." Grayfia said grabbing his hand.

"...You don't mean that." Kenshin said staring into her eyes, sorrow showing in his eyes. .

"I do...you still tried to save him, despite being upset with him." Grayfia said as tears welled up and streamed down her face. "...I...still..."

Kenshin grabbed her and buried her face in his chest. "Enough, if it's difficult for me to hold it all in, it's impossible for you to keep this up."

Something broke inside her as she let out a loud wail of anguish. She cried out all of her pent up grief and pain that she had been keeping inside for almost two months. She whimpered out apology after apology to both Sirzechs and Kenshin.

Kenshin held her tightly as his own tears flowed down his face. His own apologies coming out, for his failure in saving Sirzechs.

Thirty minutes later, Kenshin let her go. "..." He wiped her eyes before wiping his own.

"...Thank you..." Grayfia said.

"Of course." Kenshin said as he took a seat. "...Y'know...I just don't get it though..."

"What?" Grayfia asked.

"Why do people around me...feel the need to sacrifice themselves just so I can live...is...my life really worth that much?" Kenshin said.

"...To them it probably was...to your father, Negi-San, and even Sirzechs, but in the matter of the last one, he was thinking about Rias and myself as well..." Grayfia said.

"..." Kenshin's eyes closed. "It's selfish of me...but...I miss her...her and my family...what right do I have to be with them, after I allowed yours to be destroyed."

"...Kenshin." Grayfia said.

"?" Kenshin looked up at her.

Grayfia moved in close to him. "For tonight...please...don't think of me as your master." She said, setting her head on his shoulder.

"..." Kenshin glanced at her as she did.

"Just for tonight...please...allow me to be thought of...as just a woman in need of comfort." Grayfia said.

"...You're sure?" Kenshin asked.

"...Yes." Grayfia said looking him in the eyes. "Just...please do something before I change my mind."

"As you wish..." Kenshin placed his hands at her sides, and leaned his head in, but he hesitated just as he was about the close the distance between their lips.

"Mmn..." Grayfia closed it for him, meeting his lips in a soft kiss.

Kenshin's arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. "Mn..." He felt her hands roaming around his body, working his uniform off. They parted lips as Grayfia lifted Kenshin's shirt over his head before she moved back in, kissing him once more. Kenshin wrapped his arms around her waist and left hip and stood up, causing Grayfia to let out a surprised moan. Kenshin turned and sat down on the bed. They parted lips and stared into each other's eyes. "Just so you know, if you call out the wrong name, it's OK." Kenshin said.

"Funny...I was about to say the same to you." Grayfia said.

"Uh...I've never had a partner with your color of hair." Kenshin said. "I was only saying it's alright because Sirzechs and I both have red hair."

"Hmhm..." Grayfia leaned in and kissed him on the lips. "I know...but still."

"I guess." Kenshin said as his hands roamed upward, grasping her clothed breasts.

"Hmn..." Grayfia bit back a moan. "The way you felt them in the baths...do it like that." She requested.

"Yes..." Kenshin said moving his palms to the underside of her breasts, rubbing them softly before moving to the sides.

"Mmnnn..." Grayfia let out a hushed moan as Kenshin's hands worked her breasts.

"...We both might end up regretting this tomorrow." Kenshin said.

"Maybe so...but right now...we're just two broken souls seeking comfort in each other, by any means necessary..." Grayfia said with a smile.

"...Beautiful..." Kenshin said.

"What I said?" Grayfia asked.

"That and the smile on your face. It's the most sincere one I've seen in awhile from you." Kenshin said.

Grayfia's face flushed, but the smile remained. "She was right, you are quite the flatterer."

Kenshin responded by pulling apart the top of her kimono and baring her breasts. "Haa..." He let out a pant, laced with lust as he started rubbing them.

"I didn't feel like putting on the bra, seeing as I wasn't going anywhere." Grayfia said.

"Kinda glad you didn't now...makes 'comforting' you all the easier." Kenshin said as he extended his tongue against her left nipple.

"Haan...oooh...don't you worry, I'll get to...'comforting' you soon enough..." Grayfia said, her arms around his neck and her body subtly grinding against his.

Normally Kenshin would have said 'No, this night's for you' but...this might be the only time they'd ever do this and if that was the case..he wanted to feel her take the offensive on him. "Whatever you say Grayfia..." He latched his lips onto her left nipple, sucking on it, while his left hand worked her right breast, his index finger pushing and flicking her nipple.

"Aah, mmnn, ohh...Kenshin that feels so good..." Grayfia sighed contently. "Don't stop...I...want to feel this more..."

"Yes..." Kenshin said, his voice slightly muffled by the digit in his mouth. He sucked hard, his index finger pushing her right nipple in.

"Hyaan!" Grayfia gasped loudly, holding his head tightly, feeling herself rubbing her crotch over a bulge. She moved one of her hands down to his waist when Kenshin grabbed her wrist. "Kenshin..?"

"I'll let you get to me shortly, but for now let me do this for you." Kenshin said.

"..." Grayfia nodded with a smile. "OK."

Kenshin nodded back and gestured for her to move off of her so he could stand up. Grayfia nodded and sat down next to him. He got to his feet and took out his cards and invoked his Balance Breaker. At her look he let out a laugh. "Don't worry, I can take off the armor." He said doing just that.

"What's it for then?" Grayfia asked as Kenshin knelt in front of her.

"You'll see." Kenshin said as his hands brushed the kimono off her arms, leaving it on her by the sash tied around her waist. He placed his right hand on her left breast, rubbing it roughly while his left hand moved downward. He felt her legs opening to let him in. "...You're not going to shove me onto the floor this time are you?" Kenshin asked.

"No." Grayfia said. "Go ahead."

Kenshin nodded, moving his left hand in further, tracing his fingers up and down, gliding them along the fissure in her panties. "It's warm..."

"Haa...mmn...please don't...tease me..." Grayfia said.

"Just getting you ready." Kenshin said. He pushed his fingers against her lower lips, feeling them slip into a wet fissure.

"Mmm!" Grayfia squeezed her eyes shut holding back a moan.

"Why me?" Kenshin asked as he worked her over, kneading her left breast around at will with his right hand, while teasing insertion with his left hand.

"Wha?" Grayfia asked with a pant.

"Why ask me to do this? You don't have anyone else in mind?" Kenshin asked.

"Because...ever since you fought Raiser and freed Ojou-Sama from her engagement, I had come to admire you." Grayfia said. "The way you carried yourself, reminded me so much of Sirzechs during the war, and you know what happened there..."

"So you're saying you're in love with me?" Kenshin asked.

"No...I still just admire you, but...if I have to choose someone other than Sirzechs to do this with...you're the first name on that list." Grayfia said with a small smile.

"I see..." Kenshin said. "I'll try my best to live up to your expectations." He moved lower and looped his fingers into her panties and yanked them down. He saw the wet silver curls just over her bare pussy.

Seeing him stare at it brought a blush to Grayfia's face, but before she could voice it, Kenshin had already leaned in, his nose nestled against her pubes. Her body jerked in pleasure the next second. "Ken..." She rasped out, feeling her Queen's tongue rubbing firmly at just the right spot.

"Ohh...this feels...sooo damn good..." Grayfia thought.

Kenshin licked and sucked at her pussy, moaning contently at the taste. The back of Grayfia's left hand was against her lips, trying to silence her gasps. Kenshin pulled her hand away as well as himself. Before Grayfia had time to complain about the lack of stimulation, she found her upper and lower lips were now both being tongue fucked by her Queen. "Mm..."

"Clone..." She thought in a daze as the clone's tongue aggressively pushed against hers and explored her mouth, his hand holding her head from the back. Her eyes shot wide open as it felt Kenshin's fingers slipping inside her, but it felt like he was rubbing every inch of her that his fingers were touching.

"Are ya sure you should be breaking out that technique for comfort sex?" Sylph asked.

"You're complaining?" Kenshin thought.

"Ah, good point." Sylph said.

Grayfia would have been crying out loudly, alerting her other servants, and even her son had Kenshin not kept her quiet, as the jolts of pleasure ripped up and down her spine. Her hands shot out and blocked both of their eyes as her body to arch, moaning loudly in climax. Suddenly the clone that had been fiercely making out with her vanished, reverting back into a stencil. Once her orgasm subsided, she panted heavily, still dazed from the feeling of euphoria she had just experience. She looked down to see a disappointed look on the real Kenshin's face. "Wh-What?"

"You blocked my view." Kenshin muttered just loud enough for her to hear. "I wanted to see you cum."

"...Then just make me climax again.." She stated, resisting the urge to laugh at him.

Kenshin nodded and moved up, bringing his hands to her waist. "I intend to...as many times as I need to until you're completely satisfied...or unconscious, I don't know, whichever comes first."

Grayfia narrowed her eyes into a smoldering gaze. "You forget your place Kuroshi Tsuki Kenshin..." She grabbed him and spun around to make him lay on the bed. "I am the Satan here."

"I have not Lady Lucifer, but the fact remains that I did just bring you to orgasm in but a few minutes." Kenshin stated, returning her look with one of his own. "How do I know you can keep up with me?"

"We'll just have to see, won't we?" Grayfia asked as her lips met his again, taking the lead and slipping her tongue past his lips. "Mm..." She moaned softly, feeling Kenshin's hands on her backside, cupping and giving it a squeeze.

Kenshin was surprised at how well Grayfia was kissing him this time around. It was as though she was completely different when on the giving end. "Mmn!" He moaned into her as he felt her hand slip into his pants and grip his shaft, pumping her hand up and down.

"Mmm..." Grayfia pulled away. "Why am I not surprised that it's so hot?" She spoke blithely.

"If you were, I would begin to wonder if you remembered just what I am." Kenshin responded similarly. The two had succeeded in what they set out to do this for, a temporary release from their pain, now they just wanted to enjoy each others' carnal passion.

"Hmhmhm..." Grayfia leaned down, pecking him on the lips before sliding down his body. "OK...you did me, now it's my turn to service you..."

"...Hahaha...y'know, I can't help feeling that would sound so much hotter in your usual maid garbs." Kenshin remarked.

"Ufufu...I bet it would." Grayfia said as she went to her knees in front of him and started pulling off his pants. "He certainly thought so."

"Aha, I knew you did maid cosplay in bed for him." Kenshin said.

"Of course I did, and he did things for me too." Grayfia said as she threw Kenshin's pants to the side. "Mm..." She moaned as the musky scent filled her nose, bringing her hands in to work the shaft and testes simultaneously. "Such a lewd scent..."

"Mmn...gh...G-Grayfia...your hands are so soft..." Kenshin said propping himself up on his elbows to watch what she was doing.

"Thank you." Grayfia said as she brought her lips to his head and brought her tongue to the glans, stimulating them. "Mmn..."

"Fuck...Grayfiaaa..." Kenshin moaned out.

"...I've only ever done this with Sirzechs, granted we were considering asking around about a third partner, we've only ever been with each other...to see another man like this...it's so arousing..." Grayfia thought. "Sirzechs...I'm sorry for acting so soon after you've been gone..."

Kenshin unintentionally read her mind and said. "Well...I wasn't exactly planning on doing anything like this with anyone after I...broke up with Rias...so... you're not alone there."

"...Please don't read my mind..." Grayfia said with an annoyed look.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to." Kenshin said.

"I know, but still." Grayfia said.

"I'll try not to." Kenshin replied.

Grayfia nodded and moved upward, taking his cock between her large, fleshy mounds moving them around in small circles, stimulating his rod. "Mmn...it's so hot...I can feel the heat through my chest."

"Mm..that's actually something I was working on...using the Yonseirei's magic. This is what I do with the flame magic of Salamander." Kenshin said.

"Then you had better keep that up...it's making this feel so good for me." Grayfia said.

"What do you think I activated the Balance Breaker for?" Kenshin asked.

"Mm..." Grayfia craned her head down and started flicking her tongue on the tip.

"Mn...!" Kenshin bit back a loud moan as she continued to do so while shifting her boobs around his cock.

"Haa...haa..." Grayfia panted as she latched her lips onto the tip, her tongue sliding across the urethral slit.

Kenshin shivered from her actions, as well as her hot breath hitting his tip. "Wow...she's..so good..." Kenshin thought.

"Mhn..." Grayfia lapped up his precum as it began to seep out of him.

"Aah...!" Kenshin gasped softly as Grayfia sucked harder. "Ggh..."

"Something the matter?" Grayfia asked with a smile, taking her lips off his tip.

"Not...at all...this feels amazing..." Kenshin said.

"Ufufu...glad to hear it." Grayfia said before an idea came to mind. "Stand up."

"Uhm...OK?" Kenshin said doing as she asked. Grayfia moved to his place on the bed and took his manhood back between her breasts after he turned around. "Hm?"

"Go ahead, I believe you know what to do here." Grayfia said, a hint of lust in her voice.

"Aah, that huh? OK." Kenshin nodded and grabbed her shoulders, thrusting his cock between her boobs as she squeezed them together by crossing her arms. "Hnn...damn...if this is how a titfuck feels from you, I almost can't wait to get to the really fun part." Kenshin said with a wincing smile.

"Hmhm...I almost can't wait either..." Grayfia said, shooting him a sultry smile.

"Haa...I almost feel we shouldn't be doing this though, like I said earlier." Kenshin said.

"I know how you feel, but there's no turning back now." Grayfia said. "We're both far too drunk on our own arousal to stop and we're still locked in here at that."

"That said though...I can't raise any complaints against joining in sexual congress with such a beautiful, sexy woman like you." Kenshin said with a chuckle.

"Haha...flatterer." Grayfia said as she craned her head down and opened her mouth, allowing Kenshin's cock to slide in and out, her tongue licking it again and again.

"Hnn...Grayfiaaaaaa..." He sighed out.

"Ufufu...he's so cute when he's deep in his own lust." Grayfia thought.

That thought in mind, Grayfia couldn't help having her left hand drift south, rubbing her lower lips, and her engorged clitoris. "Mmn...hmh..umh..."

"Ggh...Grayfia...I-I'm gonna...!" Kenshin strained out.

"Do it, please...You made me cum, now it's your turn to climax." Grayfia said shifting her breasts with her right arm in tune with his thrusts while looking up at him.

"Fine then...!" Kenshin said before letting out a loud moan, spraying his ejaculate all over the new Lucifer's face and into her mouth.

"Aaah...haa...aahh...haa..." Grayfia gasped and panted softly as his spurts subsided. She licked her lips, taking some of the cum off her face. "It's...so hot..."

"Haa...haa...yeah..." Kenshin said.

Grayfia scraped some of it off with her finger, and licked it off. "Mm...not as good as his, but it's a close second...oh...I'm sorry I keep comparing you to Sirzechs both out loud and in my mind." Grayfia said. "I-I'm not trying to say you're doing bad, but..." Kenshin pressed his finger to her lips.

"Shh..." Kenshin said. "It's OK. You did love the guy."

Grayfia nodded with a smile. "Thank you for being so understanding."

"Of course..." Kenshin said taking a cloth and wiping off the rest of his cum from her face. "After all, he was your husband...I'm just the flavor of the month."

Grayfia took him and placed his back to the bed again. "Still, it's a flavor with a great taste...and I desire more."

Grayfia straddled Kenshin's waist who looked upon her with lust shining in his eyes. "Yes...indulge yourself in your servant's taste till your heart's content Lady Lucifer."

A demure smile appeared on Grayfia's face. "I told you not to look at me as your master right now, but...that was so fitting to the situation, I'll let you get away with it."

"Yes, now come on, ride me...Grayfia." Kenshin said placing his hands on her hips.

"As you wish." Grayfia said as she raised her hips, gripping his throbbing sex organ, her expression in contrast to how she usually acted, an elegant beautiful maid, now acted like a sexy, erotic seductress. Kenshin looked upon her in need...he needed to feel her more and if he were to judge by how she looked, her front braids pulled out. Her body glistening with sweat and shivering in lust. She needed him just as badly.

"Gghh!" Kenshin grunted as his head slid between Grayfia's lower lips. He moved his right hand closer to her pelvis and started rubbing her clit with his thumb.

"Oooh...mmmh...you'd better keep that up..." Grayfia rasped out. Her face now contorted in pleasure.

"As you wish, Grayfia." Kenshin said.

"Mmh...ooh..uhn..nnh..aah..ahh.." Grayfia moaned and whimpered softly as she took more of him inside her.

"Haa...haa..." Kenshin panted softly, feeling her squeezing him.

"So...much to take in..." Grayfia said, her eyes closed.

"Yeah..." Kenshin said. "I take it...he wasn't as well equipped as I am?"

"No, it's not that...yours and his are about the same length, but...you've got...just a bit more girth than he does..." Grayfia said as she finally pushed her hips all the way down, her lower lips touching his groin.

"I see..." Kenshin said. "Now...if you can, please move...this is...kind of unbearable."

"Yes...I know..." Grayfia said as she rose her hips back up, and dropped them down slowly, working into a rhythm. "Oooh! He feels soooo hooott! It's not fair, he has such an unfair advantage in this situation...!" She thought.

"Haaa...haaa...haa..." Kenshin panted. "Fuck...I don't know how long I can hold it back...I already feel as though I could cum..."

"Is...something wrong...?" Grayfia asked seeing his discomfort.

"Undine's power...raises my perceptions...to everything." Kenshin said. "I haven't found any sexual use for Gnome's power yet, so I typically don't use it."

"Wouldn't her power dampen the physical sensations you feel from your heightened perception?" Grayfia asked.

"I suppose, but I don't think it would help all that much..." Kenshin said.

Translation, 'I don't want to put it on, because I want to feel this as much as possible.' A smile appeared on Grayfia's face as she leaned over, looking Kenshin in the eyes. "If you say so." She said.

Kenshin's eyes narrowed as her riding got faster and harder. "Ooh...G-Grayfia...mmn..."

"Haa...haa..haa..." Grayfia panted, her own eyes narrowing. "Ken...shin..." She gasped out in a daze.

Kenshin moved his left hand up and placed it on her right breast, rubbing it softly before taking her hardened nipple into his mouth, sucking on it. "Mmnh..."

"Haa! Mmn! Oohhh!" Grayfia moaned loudly as she felt him sucking on her, his thumb playing with her clit and his manhood going in and out of her. She felt the pleasure building, surging to a pinnacle.

"Ghh! Hnn!" Kenshin grunted as he felt her vaginal walls involuntarily milking him.

"I-I'm going to...I'm..." Grayfia gasped out, weakly holding herself up.

"I know...I feel it too..." Kenshin said.

"...!" Grayfia gripped his shoulder and crushed their lips together in a heated, yet sloppy kiss as they climaxed together. Grayfia moaned loudly as she felt Kenshin's hot seed filling her. When their orgasms subsided, they broke the kiss, only moving a mere inch away from each other, panting heavily. "..."

"I...came inside...I..." Kenshin was silenced by Grayfia's lips.

She pulled back with a smile. "I don't care...if anything happens...we'll deal with it together, right?"

"Of course." Kenshin said as she laid next to him slipping her arms back through the kimono to put it back on. "Thank you...Grayfia."

"Hm? What for?" Grayfia asked.

"For...forgiving me." Kenshin said. "And for welcoming me here with open arms, despite how much pain you must have been in."

"It's what Sirzechs would have done, if the situation were reversed." Grayfia said. "Besides, as I've said before...what happened isn't just on you, it's on the both of us."

"Yes..." Kenshin said as he snapped his fingers, dressing himself in sleepwear. "Goodnight Grayfia."

"Good night...Kenshin, and thank you...for the wonderful night." Grayfia said with a yawn as she moved in next to him, feeling her back against his chest. She felt Kenshin's hand on her waist and heard him whisper something. Suddenly she could hear wind followed by.

"Don't feel any guilt over this...I want you to be happy."

A lone tear flowed out her left eye. "Yes, thank you for everything...Sirzechs."


The next morning.

Grayfia was in the bath hall having finished washing her hair and tying it up when someone walked in. It was Kenshin. "Oh. I didn't think anyone was in. I'll come ba-"

"Actually Kenshin, I could use some help washing my back again. Could you help me?" Grayfia requested with a smile.

"..." Kenshin smiled back at her. "Of course."

As Kenshin started in on her. "Kenshin...I believe you told me once before, that with Sylph's magic, you could sometimes hear the voices of the dearly departed...is that still true?"

"Yes." Kenshin nodded. "But to do so is extremely exhausting for the dead in question and they can't do it very often."

"I see..." Grayfia said with a nod. "Did you..happen to communicate with Sirzechs yesterday?"

"..." Kenshin looked up at her before narrowed his eyes. "Yeah."

"What did he say?" Grayfia asked.

"He talked to me about his death, and asked me to take care of you, Rias and Millicas." Kenshin said.

"I see." Grayfia nodded.

"He also...spoke with me after we...y'know..." Kenshin said. "He asked me to transfer Sylph's power to you...and I apologized for things I had said before."

"So that's what that was..." Grayfia said before turning her head toward Kenshin. Without saying anything. She leaned in, letting her lips meet his. Kenshin hesitated to respond, but gasped as Grayfia's left hand reached back and rubbed his manhood softly. "Haa..." She pushed her tongue into his mouth. His hesitation melting away he kissed her back, his hand going under her left arm to knead her left breast. She pulled back with a smile on her face. "You're insatiable...you want to go again?"

"This coming from you? Who made the first move?" Kenshin responded coyly.

"Ufufu...good point..." Grayfia said as she stood up, with Kenshin following suit. She leaned over, setting her hands on the wall in front of her. "We don't have an abundance of time like we did last night, so we should probably skip the foreplay."

"Whatever you wish milady." Kenshin said lifting her left leg up, letting his towel drop to the ground. He rubbed his head up and down her lips.

"Hmmn...you dare tease your master?" Grayfia asked.

"Only when she deserves it." Kenshin said before pressing his cock against her entrance and pushing it in.

"Hmnh!" Grayfia held back a moan as Kenshin speared his way inside her. "Ooh...you're going to go hard right to start?"

"Like you said, we don't have an abundance of time." Kenshin said as he thrust into her hard, working his way into a rhythm.

"Hhn! Ooh! Aahhn...Mmh! Ghh!" Grayfia moaned and groaned as Kenshin quickly found that rhythm and snaked his right hand under her arm, rubbing one of her large breasts, pinching the nipple between his index and middle fingers as he did. "Ooh..you're so forceful right now..."

"You're the one giving me the opportunity." Kenshin said.

"Aahn! Mmnn! Un...believable..! I'm going to...to...Aaahhh!" She let out a loud cry as her climax hit her. She slumped against the wall. "Haa..haa..why did...I cum so fast?" She wondered.

"I dunno, maybe it's your body reacting to the need to make this quick." Kenshin said. "Shame mine didn't do the same."

Grayfia turned, seeing Kenshin's still erect length. "Here...let me fix that." Grayfia said placing her left hand on his right leg while her right hand pumped up and down his shaft. She leaned in pointing his cock straight up, giving the back a long lick before taking the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

"Ggh..." Kenshin grunted. "Fuu..."

"Mmn...haa..." Grayfia moaned and panted around his cock as she took more of it in.

"Haa...damn..." Kenshin panted.

"Hmhm..." Grayfia laughed softly as her left hand moved to work his testes while she pistoned her head back and forth on his length, sucking hard on it.

"Oooh...!" Kenshin let out a loud groan as she worked him over. "Aah...Grayfia...get ready it's coming soon...!"

"Mmhmmnn..." Grayfia's eyes were closed, hearing him, but not letting up.

"Ggh...aaahh!" Kenshin threw his head back, letting out a gasping moan as he let loose, cumming in Grayfia's mouth.


"Haaa..." Grayfia gasped, taking her mouth off his cock. "There...all done." She said with a calm smile.

"Thanks..." Kenshin said.

"Now, I suppose I'll excuse myself. I only came in for a wash." Grayfia said grabbing her things and leaving. Kenshin couldn't help his eyes drifting toward her as she left.



Kenshin was cleaning up in the audience room with Grayfia watching, pointing out if he missed a spot when a teleportation circle, bearing the Gremory crest appeared. "Huh?" Kenshin said. "Oh, I'll excuse myself." Kenshin said moving to leave.

"No, stay." Grayfia said.

"..." Kenshin turned toward the circle as someone appeared from it. It turned out to be Rias.

"OK, I'm here as you asked Grayfi...a." She stopped as she took notice of Kenshin.

"H...Hey." Kenshin greeted.

Rias turned to Grayfia. "What is this about?"

"...Just because I lost the one I love doesn't mean you have to lose yours...speak with each other." Grayfia said as she warped away.

An uncomfortable silence washed over the two as they couldn't even look directly at one another. Finally unable to take it anymore. Rias spoke up. "...Why?"

"Why?" Kenshin asked.

"...Why did you call off our engagement?" Rias asked.

Kenshin bowed his head. "Because...I felt responsible for what happened, you losing your brother, Millicas losing his father, Grayfia losing her husband, even though I promised her I wouldn't let that happen..."

"..." Rias glanced away. "I..didn't want to lose you too."

"Yeah...I know." Kenshin said. "But...that wasn't the only reason.."

"Then what?" Rias asked.

"Rias...I really love you." Kenshin said. "Remember what I said to you, about the people I say that to?"

"The people I say that to...have a nasty habit of getting separated from me." She recalled.

"Yes..." Rias nodded.

"When I got back after Sirzechs died...I was terrified...I could barely sleep...I kept having dreams of it happening to Mom, to Miyuki, Yukari, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia,...to you and everyone else..." Kenshin said. "Sirzechs' death reinforced that belief...that overriding fear of mine, the fear of solitude...and I...!" Kenshin's eyes widened as Rias crashed into his chest, crying.

"Kenshin...!" Rias sobbed. "Ohh...Kenshin! I was so scared that you were going to walk out of my life forever!"

Tears spilled out of Kenshin's eyes as he tightly embraced Rias. "No..I never wanted to, but...I just felt you were safest with your family."

The two stood there, holding each other for what felt like an eternity to them before finally letting go of each other. "Kenshin...I miss you so much...it hurts." Rias said.

"I know...I feel the same." Kenshin said. "I'd...love to be with you again...if you'll have me."

A radiant smile washed over Rias' face as tears shimmered in her eyes before finally spilling over. "Of course...nothing would make me happier."

Kenshin smiled back at her and leaned down, cupping her cheeks and kissing her. Rias responded in turn. They split apart and embraced. "But...I can't come back with you." Kenshin said.

"E-Eh? W-Why?" Rias asked.

"Because...I'm needed here, not as a servant but for Grayfia's and Millicas' sakes." Kenshin said.

"...I understand." Rias said as they parted. She smiled at him. "It will be lonely in the clubroom without you, but...I think I'll manage."

"If you ever need me for anything at all, call me OK?" Kenshin asked.

"Of course." Rias said. "Let's go on a date soon?" She asked.

"I'm totally there." Kenshin said with a smile.

Rias smiled back as she warped away. "You know...you didn't have to stay." Kenshin turned to find Grayfia and Millicas standing next to the throne. "You could have just said to me that I could call you whenever I needed." Grayfia said.

"I know, but I made you a promise, and this is the way I intend to keep my word." Kenshin said.

Grayfia nodded with a smile. "Very well...back to wo-mm..." Grayfia was cut off as Kenshin captured her lips in a kiss.

"Huh?" Millicas said looking up at the two curiously.

Kenshin pulled away and smiled. "Thank you, I shall be on my way Lady Lucifer."

"Of course...carry on." Grayfia said. She watched Kenshin walk away.

"Ne, Okaa-Sama, is Kenshin-niisama going to be..." Millicas was cut off by her mother ruffling her hair. "Okaa-Samaaaa..." He whined.

"Truth be told...I'm not quite sure Millicas...we'll just have to wait and see." Grayfia said with a smile.

Kenshin looked out the window of the castle. "I don't know if this is how you want me to take care of them for you Sirzechs...I really don't...but...it's the way I've chosen to do it. You just rest in peace." He thought with a smile.

Kenshin carried on, his days as the servant of Grayfia Lucifer had only just begun.

(chapter end)

Draconis: Whew!

Kenshin: Hmm...hey Grayfia, you wanna...like go somewhere sometime?

Sirzechs: Hey! In the main story I'm not dead!

Grayfia: Sounds good, what time?

Sirzechs: Grayfiaaaa!

Kenshin: I was thinking about seven PM. Wear whatever you want.

Grayfia: OK, it's a date.

Sirzechs: What the hell? My pawn's stealing my wife!

Kenshin: ...Pfft.

Grayfia: ...hehe...

Sirzechs: Huh?

Kenshin & Grayfia: Hahahahahaha!

Sirzechs: What's so funny? !

Kenshin: Oh man Grayfia we got him good!

Grayfia: Oh yes we did...hahaha!

Sirzechs: The date was a prank?

Kenshin: I like my ass the way it is thanks, untouched by Ruin the Extinct spheres.

Draconis: Cut! Dammit you two were supposed to draw it out more!

Grayfia: Oh I'm sorry, but Sirzechs' acting was too believable, it's like he actually thought Kenshin was stealing me away.

Sirzechs: (sweatdrop) S-Sorry?

Kenshin: Anyway, lets wrap this up.

Draconis: Right.

Anyway, this was fun to write. If you liked it, great! Maybe I'll do more one shots, not necessarily like this in the future. We'll see.

Draconis678 out.