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Dragon of the Elements: Side Stories

Chapter 9

Rectifying the Mistake

Draconis: Begin!


Issei was walking along a hallway in the Paru-Sama. "Man..." Issei sighed as they stopped at what felt like their fifth town, executing his idea to promote Kenshin as a good person in Confederate lands. "This is exhausting, but..." Issei smiled. "At least it helps Kenshin. He never deserved what happened to him."

Waiting in a nearby hallway was Raynare. "...D-Do I even have the right to ask this of him now?" She asked as her thoughts raced through her head.

"Oh. Hey Raynare." Issei said as he passed by her.

"H-Huh? !" Raynare said as she stepped back seeing Issei in front of her, smiling. "H-Hey." She said stroking her arm shyly.

"Huh? You OK?" Issei asked.

"Y-Yeah!" Raynare said, waving him off with a blush. "Say...Issei...we're stopped off in a town to resupply tonight according to Kenshin and Somo-San..."

"Raynare...are you asking me out on a date?" Issei asked using emphasis on the word 'date' \

"!" Raynare stepped back with a darker blush. "W-Well, if you don't have time I won't b-bot-!"

"Remember Raynare? I asked you first. Back in Hellas." Issei said.

"O-Oh, r-right." Raynare said with a nervous laugh.

"Is...everything alright?" Issei asked.

"Yes." Raynare said taking a breath to calm herself. "I was just caught off guard is all."

"OK. Uh...I wasn't really looking at the sights when we were down there earlier." Issei said. "Let's go find Kenshin and ask what he thinks. He said he'd been here before."

They walked to Kenshin's room and walked in, but were surprised at what they found. Kenshin was there, but he was sleeping in a chair, his head on Negi's lap who was petting Kenshin's head with a smile. She looked up. "Oh, hello there. I didn't notice you came in."

"Oh my where is a camera when you need it." Raynare said with a laugh.

"Heheheheh." Issei chuckled.

"Did you need Kenshin for something? He was sparring with that Sairaorg fellow, that's why he's sleeping. I offered to move, but..." She looked down at him with a blush.

"Yeah sparring with Sairaorg-San will do that." Issei said with a laugh. "Anyway, we just wanted to ask about places to go in the nearby town."

"Oh!" Negi said. "I could help. I've been there before."

"Oh? OK then." Raynare said.

"Alright. The town below has a couple of shops, a diner that serves all kinds of food from around Mundus Vetus or what you two know as Earth and it even has a lovely trail you can walk down that leads to a small lake." Negi said.

"Huh, I see." Issei said. "Well thank you Negi-San, we'll be going."

"Hum..." Negi donned a curious look.

"What's up?" Raynare asked.

"It's just...Kenshin warned me about Issei-San, that he's a massive pervert that is even worse than Rakan-San." Negi said. "So I'm curious as to why I'm not getting leered lecherously at by him."

"Oh." Issei laughed. "It's because I know you're off limits. I think Kenhsin might actually kill me if I tried anything with you."

"Oh, he'd probably just beat the ever loving hell out of you." Raynare stated offhandedly.

"True." Issei shrugged. "Well, let's go."

"Raynare-San." Negi said as Issei left.

"Huh?" Raynare said.

"You seem unsure of yourself. I can tell just by looking at you." Negi said. "Is something the matter?"

"Well..." Raynare looked away. "I've been debating on whether or not I deserve this."

"Why's that?" Negi asked.

"..." Raynare took a breath and explained how Issei and she met and how he became a devil.

"I see. Sounds like a mirror of Fate's situation." Negi nodded.

"Fate?" Raynare said with an arched brow.

"You know him as Tertium, but he doesn't like the name." Negi said. "I think you should try and move on."

"You think I'm not?" Raynare asked. "I'm still surprised that he forgave me so easily."

"Well it's not like you wanted to do it." Negi said. "He seems like a really understanding guy."

"And you can trust that so easily?" Raynare asked.

"See this book on the bedside table here? It's my ministra's artifact that can read the thoughts of others." Negi said. "When you started explaining why you did it. I used this artifact Diarium Ejus to read your mind. It's not that I didn't believe you I just wanted to be sure. I don't see any deceitful thoughts here...just the thoughts of a young woman in conflict."

"..." Raynare looked out the window.

"Back to my comment about your situation mirroring Fate's." Negi said. "He tried to kill me more than a few times. Now he and I are allies."

"Yeah but he knows you like that jackass." Raynare said pointing at Kenshin.

"Why do you call him that?" Negi said with narrowed eyes.

"Eh, we kinda just do it for fun now. He calls me Stripper Angel." Raynare said rolling her eyes.

"Why?" Negi asked.

"Well..." Raynare said as she changed into her fallen angel attire.

"Oh my, well it is pretty showy." Negi said. "But back to my point. Have you been honest with him since you two met again?"

"Yes." Raynare said as she changed back.

"Then I don't think you have anything to worry about." Negi said with a smile. "Now could you please leave? I need to wake him up so he can help me change the sheets."

"Alright...and um...thanks." Raynare said as she left the room.

" barely know her and you decide to help her?" Negi looked down to see Kenshin looking up at her with a smile. "That's so like you Negi." He added.

"I learned it from you." Negi said with a smile. "But do you have to be rude to her?" She scolded lightly.

"Oh come on Negi you know how I like screwing with people." Kenshin said as he sat up.

Raynare met back up with Issei who was standing on the deck of the ship. It was late afternoon. She looked out at the horizon with a pensive gaze. "You OK? What kept you?"

"Uh, Negi wanted to ask me something." Raynare said.

Issei stared at her for a moment. "I know what's bugging her, she still feels awful about how we first met." He thought as he looked away. "Hmn." He smiled. "I can help her move on today."

"Come on, what are we waiting for?" Issei said as they took flight.

"U-Uaah!" Raynare yelped before bringing out her wings.

"Hey...Raynare I know it's rude to ask, old are you?" Issei asked.

"'m not that old..just a few years older than you actually." Raynare said with a shy look.

"Oh really?" Issei said. "I was gonna look beautiful for an older woman."

"? !" Raynare's cheeks flushed as they landed.

"Oh? Are you here to keep talking about Kenshin Kuroshi?" A man, who saw them land said.

"No." Issei said. "Though he's been receiving your packages and letters...he's really flattered and happy about them."

"O-Oh...good." He said. "He never deserved it...we just want to apologize for it."

"Well he's been receiving it all, don't worry." Raynare smiled. "He bares no ill will toward you all."

"Really? Th-That's good...but...I think we'll continue to send our well wishes." He said.

"Please do...he would like to see it, more than you know." Issei said with a smile. The man nodded and walked away. Raynare walked toward the first shop. They found it was a variety shop filled with all sorts of things. It even had an arcade area, and dressing rooms.

"Is it just me or this more like a mall?" Raynare said with a slightly surprised look.

"Something." Issei said. "So what do you want to do first Yuuma?"

"!" Raynare rounded on him. "Wh-Why are you using that name?"

"Because I want to?" Issei said with a shrugging smile.

"G-God damn it! He's got me blushing like a shy little school girl! I'm not usually like this!" Raynare thought.

The two walked around the clothing section of the store, picking up a hairtie, a black low cut top and a matching white skirt. They also walked out with a bracelet on Raynare's wrist, the color of black diamonds. Issei glanced at her. "Hehehe~" He chuckled pervertedly in his head. "She really picked some showy clothes."

"?" Raynare looked over at him, causing Issei to look away. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah." Issei said with a nervous grin. "Don't want her to catch me eying her up." He thought.

"Well it's not like you wanted to do it." Negi's words from earlier rang in her head. "He seems like a really understanding guy."

"...Maybe I should relax and enjoy this more." Raynare thought with a small smile.

Raynare turned toward the arcade. "Hm...I wanna go in there."

"Alright." Issei said.

The two walked into the arcade and found an odd looking game. " that supposed to be Kenshin?" He said seeing one of the pictures of the fighters.

"Isn't that his sister too?" Raynare seeing another picture.

The title of the game was Guerilla Fighting Squadron Ala Rubra "Oh!" Issei said before leaning into Raynare. "Kenshin and Yukari were blasted back in time by the Former King of Demons, Forbesii using the Tsurugi no Kami that Kenshin's now safekeeping for Heaven. They ended up mentoring Hikari-San and Ryuushin-San, Kenshin's Dad and beating a shard of Ophis before Kenshin ended up in our world."

"What? !" Raynare whispered back in shock. "D-Don't say stuff like that so casually!"

"Wanna know something else?" Issei said. "The only way all of that was possible was when Kenshin and Negi-San's granddaughter time traveled to their time to give them a time machine."

"God damn it Issei, stop making me think about the logistics of time travel!" Raynare said comically slapping Issei over the head.

"Heheheheh." Issei chuckled as he rubbed his head.

"!" Raynare's eyes widened as she realized what she did. "Oh god! I hit him! H-He's gonna-!" Her thoughts halted as she felt a pair of lips against her cheek.

"What are you so worried about? A mere tsukkomi?" Issei said pulling away.

"!" Raynare looked over at him, her hand on the cheek he'd just kissed. "U-Um."

"Huh, I thought you said you liked men who were forward?" Issei said with a knowing grin. "I gotta say. Although I'm trying to get her to move on...seeing her blush and squirm nervously like this is kinda fun."

"A-Anyway..." Raynare said. "Wanna just play the game?"

"Sure." Issei shrugged. "Oh it's a beat em up."

"Oh, Nice...why did we both pick people we know?" Raynare asked as she played Yukari's character.

"Familiarity I guess." Issei shrugged as they proceeded through the game. "Huh, Kenshin's special move in this game is the Elemental Cataclysm?"

"Huh, in Yukari's special move, she puts the victims in an illusion and executes them one by one." Raynare said.

An hour passed and the two both fell before the Ryuujin boss due to unfamiliarity. "Haa...That was fun." Raynare said wiping the sweat from her brow, having been the last one to survive and had almost beaten the boss.

"Nice work there Yuuma-Chan." Issei said patting her on the back.

Instead of blushing and getting nervous, Raynare smiled and giggled. "Thanks Issei-kun. That was fun." She said.

"Oh?" Issei said with a slightly surprised look.

"Something Negi-San said made me think...maybe I should relax and enjoy this." Raynare said with a wink.

"Oh, well then, OK." Issei said as he grabbed her hand. "Where to next?"

"Stop letting me make the decisions, do something for yourself." Raynare said with a cute pout.

"OK." Issei said as he looked around the mini mall. "...Hm. Wanna take some pictures together?" He said gesturing toward the photo booth.

"~" Raynare smiled and walked toward the photo booth. They stepped in and Issei inserted some money inside. "Hey. How are you paying for all this? You paid for this." She said gesturing to her outfit. "And everything else."

"Oh, well Yukari-San, Miyuki-San, and Hikari-San all went around emptying the Rikudou Organization's caches and gave the money out of it to everyone saying they didn't need the money anymore."

"Oh." Raynare said before pouting. "Wait, then why didn't I get a cut? !"

"They said that they ran out of money." Issei said with a sweatdrop.

"Of course." Raynare said with a sweatdropping glower.

"S-Sorry, just let me pay for everything." Issei said with a sympathetic smile.

"I...guess I can accept that." Raynare said as they posed for their first picture. The two of them back to back striking a pose. The second one of them side by side.

The third was of them side by side, but Issei held Raynare in his arms, smiling while Raynare blushed but also smiled. The fourth one was an overly animated picture with Issei cocking his fist back as Raynare held a light spear in her hand. The two of them laughed as that picture was taken, however...Issei was the only one who heard the timer for the last picture, so he smiled, wrapping his arms around Raynare's waist and pulling her into a deep kiss.

"M-Mmmh? !" Raynare's face lit up as her tongue struggled to duel against Issei's.

The two walked out and Issei smiled as they parted. "That was good, wasn't it?"

"...You...have no idea..." Raynare panted as Issei's smile widened.

"OK Good!" Issei said with a laugh as they found themselves in front of the second shop.

Back at the ship Negi's eyes widened. "Oh no..."

"What is it?" Kenshin asked looking up from his book.

"I forgot to tell Raynare-San that the second shop in the town below us is an adult oriented shop." Negi said.

"Hahahahaha!" Kenshin laughed. "Trust me Negi, they'll both be OK. Should be a nice surprise for them, did you know it was?"

"I-I w-walked in t-there by m-mistake!" Negi sputtered.

"Uh huh...sure ya did." Kenshin snickered. "And you call me a pervert. I saw some of the outfits in your cabin." Negi just continued to sputter.

Meanwhile the devil and fallen angel couple had entered the shop and were promptly surprised at what they found. "W-What the...?" Issei said.

"...Fuck?" Raynare finished for him.

On the walls were various cosplay outfits and forms of sexy lingerie. On the counters were various sex toys and even erotic novels. The woman tending the counter even wore a bunny outfit that left nothing to the imagination.

"Wh-Why would that Negi girl recommend us to come here? !" Raynare thought. "And she calls Kenshin a pervert? !"

"Holy hell this is like a pervert paradise!" Issei thought struggling to contain his perversion. "I've gone into some sort of Nirvana!"

"Are you two just gonna stand there or are you gonna look around." The shopkeep said.

"!" Issei and Raynare looked at each other before nervously browsing the store. Raynare looked over some of the cosplay outfits. "...I don't think any of this would look all that great on me." She thought, thumbing around with a sexy teacher outfit while glancing at the cat girl outfit next to it. "I'm not really the cutesy type, the Yuuma Amano persona not withstanding, as well as this date."

"Hey how about this?" Issei said.

"Hm?" Raynare said looking over to where he was.. It was a classic dominatrix outfit, black in color with long gloves, a pair of high heeled boots and a corset. (A/N: If this sounds wrong go ahead and laugh)

"Well?" Issei said.

"Mrn..." Raynare pondered for a second before shaking her head. "It's too...what's the word...conservative...I guess. Besides I think my fallen angel uniform would serve the purpose better, besides it's missing the whip or flogger."

"Ah, I see..." Issei said with a nod.

"That said..." Raynare moved inward and set her head next to his ear. "I had no idea you were interested in such a thing Issei-kun." She whispered. "Do you secretly have a masochistic streak in you?" She paused to lick the lobe and ridge of his ear. "I could help you with that...if you like."

"U-Uhmmm..." Issei said, shivering from the lick.

"Mhmhmhm~..." Raynare pulled away and giggled. "Relax I'm just teasing."

"..." Issei glowered at her.

"...Or am I?" Raynare said with a wink. " I feel like I've finally relaxed about this whole thing."

The two continued to browse. Raynare paused in front of a set of lingerie. She took it down and held it in front of herself in the nearby mirror. "It's...a little big."

"We have various sizes dear." The shopkeep said. "That's just the showroom model, look below it."

"Oh." Raynare said seeing folded sets of the same outfit. She picks one out in her sizes. "What's with the showroom model? Do a lot of your customers have huge racks?"

"I'll neither confirm or deny sweetie, I'll just say yours is one of the bigger sets I've seen." The shopkeep winked. "Would your boyfriend like anything? We have a wide assortment of toys and outfits for men."

"N-Nah...I-I'm good I'm just here for her." Issei said with a nervous grin.

"Aw come on Issei-kun~ Don't you want something sexy to wear for me?" Raynare said with a sweet, teasing tone.

"W-Wha? !" Issei said stepping back with a shocked look.

"Ufufufufu~" Raynare giggled and pulled Issei to the dressing rooms. "I wanna try this on, wait a bit." She said before disappearing into the dressing room.

"...Man..." Issei whispered as Raynare changed. "She was so shy at the start, what happened?"

"Well, maybe she finally got comfortable with the idea of dating you." Ddraig said. "Like you said she seemed to be in conflict to start."

Behind the dressing room door Raynare leaned against the wall and let out a sigh. "That was kind of a rush, being able to tease him like that...but I probably won't be able to enjoy this for long..." She said with a downcast look before shaking her head. "Still..." She smiled. "I should enjoy it while it lasts." She said as she changed out of the outfit she was wearing and put on the bra. It was a type of bra that cupped the underside of her bust, but was pretty low cut, exposing a lot of cleavage. She slipped on the thong that came with it. She then put on a garter belt, the slipped on black stockings that came up to mid thigh and attached them to the garterbelt. She took a breath and opened the door. "So...what do you think?" She said doing a twirl before striking a pose, pushing her chest forward, jutting her backside out slightly as well, winking while blowing Issei a kiss.

"..." Blood rolled out of Issei's nose as he stared at her with wide eyes, a small, but very perverse smile on his face.

"Hmhmhmhm~!" Raynare giggled. "Glad you like it Issei-kun." She said before taking the tags off. "I think I'll wear it out." She said as she went back in and got dressed.

"Holy shit...that set looked so fuckin' sexy on her!" Issei thought.

Raynare exited the dressing room with a wide smile, as they approached the check out desk. "I wanna wear this out please, could I get something to carry my old outfit in?" Raynare asked with a smile, holding her old lingerie.

"Mmmhmhmhmhm~!" The clerk giggled. "Of course. Almost every customer has come out of here wanting to wear what they wanted out!" She said as she handed Raynare a bag to store her old lingerie in. "Could I interest you in an outfit like I'm wearing?" She asked as Issei handed over some drachma bills.

"Maybe next time." Raynare said with a smile. "It does look nice on you ma'am."

"Thank you." The clerk said with a smile. "Try not to have too much fun now you two." She teased.

Both Issei and Raynare blushed as they turned and walked out of the store. "C-Come on, lets go get something to eat." Raynare said.

The two went inside and ordered something to eat. Raynare propped her head up on her arms with a smile. "So...did you like what you saw?"

"!" Issei nodded quickly. "Yes! V-Very much!"

"Mhmhmhmhm~ Thanks, I'm glad." Raynare said before letting out a sigh.

"What is it?" Issei asked.

"It's just...I've been wrestling with the idea on whether or not I deserves this." Raynare said with a morose look.

"Trust do." Issei said grabbing her hand.

"!" Raynare looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Yuuma-Ch-...No...Raynare." Issei said with a smile. "Didn't you hear me in Kuoh? I want to give you a second chance."

"A-Aah?" Raynare slumped back in her seat with a stunned look on her face.

"I get that Kokabiel put you up to it...and I forgave you a long time ago." Issei said closing his eyes with a smile.

"B-But...wh-what I said...I was...such a-" Raynare was silenced by Issei's finger against her lips.

"You were desperate, desperate to survive...I get it. I've been there." Issei said with a laugh.

"I-Issei..." Raynare said as tears leaked from her eyes. "I-I'm so sorry" She cried out quietly.

Issei walked around the table and embraced her with one arm. "Hey, It's OK. I forgive you. I know now that in your heart you didn't want to kill me."

"N-Never..." Raynare sobbed silently. Raynare looked up into his eyes. "I-Issei...A-Azazel-Sama said I adored you when I was watching you, but...really I...I kinda fell for you."

"..." Issei's smile widened. "I see! have no idea how good that feels to hear." Issei said with a laugh as he kissed her on the forehead.

"!" Raynare's eyes widened as she felt this, but on her face was possibly the widest smile anyone had seen on her face. The waitress arrived with their food, but paused. "Oh my..." She smiled. "Should I give you two a moment alone?"

"N-No, w-we're good! It was just an affectionate moment!" Issei said in a panic.

"Mhmhmhmhm~!" Raynare giggled, embracing Issei. "I know we're hungry darling, but can we keep going a little while longer~?" She asked licking her index finger.

"Uuuuhhhoohooo!" Issei thought with a blush. "That's what I wanted to hear from her!"

"Well, I'll just leave these here." The waitress giggled.

Raynare embraced Issei tightly. "Issei-kun...I...I did love you." She whispered in his ear. "It...killed me to hurt you like I did...but remember this..." Her voice started to take on a hot tone. "I love a man who takes control."

"O-Oh my god! She wants me to take her after this date!" Issei thought as he absorbed the happy look on Raynare's face.

"..." Raynare pulled away and smiled at she enjoyed her meal.

"..." Issei pulled away and did the same.

"Issei." Raynare said as she finished with her burger while Issei was close.

"Hmnh?" Issei said with his mouth full.

"I know you must have hated me at some point." Raynare said with a smile. "Please...tell me when? So I can properly make up for it."

"..." Issei wiped his mouth and smiled. "You already have."

"!" Raynare's eyes widened in surprise.

"You protected Asia who you killed before from Grendel." Issei said with a smile. "After you apologized the first time I forgave you for myself...but when you protected Asia...I forgave you completely."

"...I-Issei?" Raynare said with a dark blush.

".." Issei smiled and kissed Raynare full on the lips.

"O-Oh my god! I-I'm kissing him! I'm finally kissing the man I love more than anything! ! !" Raynare thought

Issei pulled away and smiled. "Best not let it get too passionate right now hm?" He said.

"You're being unusually smooth right now." Ddraig noted in Issei's head.

"Well I'm just trying out things I learned from Kenshin and Kiba." Issei thought.

"A...Agreed..." Raynare said with a soft, shy smile. "Come on...we've eaten...let's go." She said pulling him out of the diner and along the forest trail. "Hm..." She leaned against him as she held his hand. "He warm." Raynare thought.

Issei smiled and held her close. "After all, if she's felt that guilty about this Ddraig...she deserves a date like this right?"

"Well...I don't exactly like the fact that you're dating one of my killers...and don't say anything because whomever killed you killed me the same time...I can't help feeling the sadness rolling off her." Ddraig said. "If nothing else, making her happy again would make me a little bit happy as well."

The two reached the end of the path, ending up at lake. It was at sunset at this time. Raynare's eyes widened a bit at this. "Th-THis must be destiny...or fate!" She thought as she ran forward.

"Huh?" Issei said with wide eyes.

"..." Raynare turned to Issei with a smile as the sky became one of a wavy purple color as she stood in front of the lake, like she'd stood in front of the fountain so long ago, her outfit changing to her fallen angel attire. "Issei?"

"W-Wha?" Issei said, his heart racing.

"..." Raynare's smile widened as she pulled back. " make me a woman?" She said with a shy giggle.

"!" Issei's heart skipped a beat. "Y-You're a-..."

"Hehehehehe!" Raynare giggled as she approached him. "I was saving it for the guy I loved." She leaned in to whisper in his ear. "And I finally found him."

This served to turn Issei on like no other as his lips met Raynare's in a lustful passionate kiss. Raynare's thought being one of absolute bliss. "Oh my god! ! He's actually kissing me like a lover! P-Please never let this end! !"

However it did, but much to Raynare's delight Issei moved downward, to her drenched, moist pussy and began licking it, immediately loving the taste. "O-Ohhhh!" Raynare cried out in ecstasy. "I-Isseeeeeeiiii!" Raynare said grabbing his hair. "D-Don't stop, don't ever stop! I don't care about your harem...I want to feel this as often as possible! !"

"Wow, she's really turned on." Issei thought. "I'm not even using the Boosted Gear and she's like this."

"Then that should prove her feelings for you. Yes the angel and the former nun love you partner, but this one is unrestrained by shyness or fear of becoming a fallen...she's true to her emotions. A sexual conquest between lovers always feels the best...why do you think the Gremory girl always seems to be really happy on certain days? It's because Kenshin, the Dragon of the Elements bedded her the night before."

"Should I even use the Boosted Gear on her?" Issei asked.

"Yes." Ddraig said. "Let her see it enjoyable punishment for what she's done." Ddraig said.

"Ok, Ddraig but if you're wrong I'm coming in there and singing the Oppai Dragon song a hundred times!" Issei thought.

"Hah! If that's the case I'll just eat you a hundred times! You won't die!" Ddraig laughed.

(Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!)


"!" Raynare's eyes widened as the feeling thundering through her body suddenly sextupled. "O-Oh my gooooooddddd! !" She cried out with a blissful smile on her face as Issei ate her out.

"H-Heh..." Issei said stammering a bit from how hard her hips squeezed his head. "Like that a bit much huh?"

"Y-You did that? !" Raynare asked as she looked down at him with wide, amazed eyes as she straddled Issei's face against the tree she was up against.

"It is called the Boosted Gear after all." Issei said with a small grin.

"Haaa..." Raynare let out a shuddering sigh. "...God...this is what I was talking about! Control me! Control when I cum! Control me entirely."

"If that's...truly what you want." Issei said with an aroused smirk. "God look so beautiful."

"..." Raynare's eyes softened as Issei complimented her. "Thank you Issei. I...want you to look at me with love."

"Hmn..." Issei said. "Do you want me to make you scream?"

"..." Raynare smirked softly. "If you can, my love...I'll forgive you if you can't.

"Heh!" Issei smirked. "Who do you think you're talking to? I was doing that earlier."

"Mmh!" Raynare's eyes lit up in excitement. "I know what to expect now

Issei rose up and met her lips in a fierce kiss. "Mmmh!" He felt Raynare's arms wrap around his head as they made out.

"Mmmhhh! !" Meanwhile Raynare felt Issei's thick cock enter her pussy and moaned into him.

"Oh god, Issei...that feels so fucking good!" Raynare moaned with a smile.

"Mmmhh! God Raynare, you're not the only one feeling good!" Issei said as he continued to slam his hips into hers.

"Oh fuck! ! Keep going Issei! More! Give me more of this~!" Raynare cried out in ecstasy. "Punish my pussy for what I did to you!" Raynare shouted

"Punish?" Issei said before being pulled into a kiss by Raynare.

"Give me...everything...Issei...don't hold back." Raynare said with a smile, before it became lewd in nature. "I've been such a naughty girl...give me the punishment I deserve."

Issei's eyes widen as he starts bucking his hips hard against Raynare's. "Alright...then take this you bitch!"

"Aaahhnnn!" Raynare gasped out with a smile. "Yes~! I'm a bitch...who needlessly took your life, please punish me~!"

"If that's what you want, that's what you'll get!" Issei said as he crushed his lips against Raynare's burying his cock deep inside her, her arms and legs wrapped around him.

"Mmmh! Mmmh! Mmmh! Issei~! More~! I deserve more~!" Raynare moaned out.

"God, you're more of a masochist than Akeno-San." Issei said.

"Most of us Fallen Angels have masochistic or sadistic tendencies in one way or another." Raynare gasped out, feeling Issei's cock piston in and out of her. She smiled a bit. "Still though." She pushed herself forward knocking Issei on his back. "I love how you've been taking control, but I kinda wanna be on top."

"Fine." Issei said, before bringing his hands to her breasts. "These are mine."

"Aahn..." Raynare gasped out with a smile as she slowly rocked her hips against Issei. "Yes...they're yours...I am yours...!" She said holding her hands over Issei's, pressing them harder against her breasts.

"!" Issei was even more turned on by the erotic smile on Raynare's face as she closed her eyes, moaning sensually. "Fuck Raynare, you sound so sexy!"

"Aahn~! Mmmhh~! I'm glad~! I want to be sexy for you!" Raynare said as she bounced her hips harder and faster against him.

"Raynare!" Issei said pulling her down, latching his lips onto her left nipple.

" really are an oppai fiend huh?" Raynare said embracing Issei's head. "Please...enjoy yourself with me. I'll make everything up to you...Issei~." She moaned sensually. "Just...let me be yours."

"Haa...!" Issei moved his hands from her breasts, to her ass.

"Mmnh? !" Raynare gasped out, pulling away from him with a sexy smile. "I thought you were just an Oppai Baka. You're going there on me?" She asked.

"I think I'm learning from Kenshin. I wanna appreciate every part of a woman." Issei said before raising her left arm up, licking her armpit.

"A-aah? ! S-Stop...t-that feels so good as well as ticklish!" Raynare moaned out.

"Do you like it?" Issei asked.

"M-Mou..." Raynare was actually embarrassed at the question. "I-Issei-kun...don't make me answer that."

"No...I want an answer." Issei said licking her armpit while his hands slapped her ass roughly.

"Aaahnnn~! You're abusing me now~? !" Raynare cried out.

"If I'm abusing you, why are you smiling so much...with your tongue hanging out even?" Issei asked, smacking her ass again.

"Aaahn...t-that's...I'm...not meaning..." Raynare said before Issei went back to her nipples, sucking on them both strongly.

"Admit it, you're just a bitch who was looking for a master to serve." Issei said as he thrust into her.

"Yes~! I am." Raynare shooting downward, wrapping her arms around Issei's neck, kissing him deeply as she pulled him onto her back. "So...make this Fallen Angel bitch yours." She said with a smile.

"Raynare...I was..." Issei was cut off by Raynare petting his cheek.

"It's OK. I'm ok with being called a slutty bitch by you, after what I did...I deserve it, but know that I am yours and yours alone." Raynare said with a beautiful smile.

Issei paused, blushing at this. "I'll live with you being a bitch, but you're no slut." Issei said as he kissed Raynare. "You are mine, if that's what you truly want."

"Issei..." Raynare said with tears in her eyes. "Thank you...earlier...I was just playing dirty talk...I don't want to just be your bitch. I want to be your lover~!" She said as Issei fucked her.

"Then you will." Issei said before gasping as Raynare got off of him and went on all fours.

Raynare smiled sexily at him, shaking her ass. "I don't care who sees us...put your cock in me and fuck me."

Issei smiled with excitement as he grabbed her asscheeks, massaging them gently.

"H-Hhaaaann...~" Raynare gasped out with a smile. "Issei-kuuuunnn~ Stop playing with meee~"

"Heheh..." Issei smiled a bit. "Come on, tell me you don't like it."

Raynare gasped as the head of Issei's cock rubbed the outer lips and clit of her pussy. "Issei~ Please...don't tease me...fuck me...fuck me~ Fuck Me~! !" Raynare shouted.

"Alright!" Issei said with a smirk as he buried his cock deep inside Raynare.

"Haaaannnn~! Yes~! Just like this~! Don't hold back on me~!(1)" Raynare said.

"Oh don't worry...I'm wanted punishment right? Well you did kill me. Even if you're sorry..." Issei said. "I don't care!" He said as he pistoned his cock in and out of Raynare's pussy.

"Aaahnnn! Aaaahnnnn! Yeeeesss! Punish me, punish the bitch who killed you~!" Raynare gasped out as Issei pounded her from behind.

"Yeah, I'm gonna fuckin punish you Raynare!" Issei said with a smirk as the Boosted Gear formed on his left hand.


Issei lifted his transformed hand brought it down onto Raynare's ass, "Aaaahhhnnnn~!" Raynare gasped out, her tongue hanging out past her lips. "Yes~! Just like that! Fuck me just like this! Treat this bitch like she's meant to be treated!" Raynare gasped out.

"Alright then!" Issei said slapping Raynare's ass again, making it bounce as he thrust into her.

"Ooooh...fuck...!" Raynare's eyes closed with a smile. "Fuck...that feels so good Master!"

"Master?" Issei asked.

"In the bedroom only." Raynare said looking back at him with a winking smile. "Outside it's just Issei or Issei-kun." She giggled. "Come on...give me more~!" She moaned out. "Punish the bitch who-"

"Raynare. I already forgave you though." Issei said.

"I know." Raynare said. "I'm glad, but I still feel like I should be punished. It's up to you on how you punish me." She said wiggling her hips from side to side.

Issei smiled. "Then...I'll do it by continuing to fuck you Raynare!" He said pounding her some more for minutes on end.

"Aaahnnn~! Yes, just like that Issei-kun~! !" Raynare cried out in rapture as she hugged Issei tightly.

"Oh fuck~! Raynare~!" Issei moaned out cumming inside of Raynare without warning.

"Haaannn~! So hot~!" Raynare gasped out.

"Haa...haa...haa..." Issei panted as he held himself up.

"Haa...haa...Issei seriously...I'm so sorry for-" Raynare was cut off.

"Raynare, seriously, it's OK." Issei said with a smile.

Raynare smiled back. "Is it really?"

"Yeah, but if you ever wanna act all submissive or dominant in front of me again...go ahead." Issei said.

Raynare's eyes brightened at this. "Hell yeah! I can tell that the Dragon of the Elements is a noob at it, I'd love to hold something over him!"

Issei laughed. "Same here!" Issei flipped onto his back.

Raynare climbed off Issei and laid on his shoulder. "Raynare?" Issei said.

"Hug me...I wanna feel your warmth." Raynare said wrapping her arms around Issei's neck.

"Heh..." Issei smiled, hugging Raynare close as she brought his head into her bust.

"..." Raynare giggled a bit as Issei cheered as her boobs surrounded his face. "You really are a boob freak."

"Maybe we should be getting back." Issei said.

"Yeah, you're probably right." Raynare said as they got up and got dressed. Issei reached over and grabbed Raynare's breasts from behind. "Hmhmhmhm~! Honey that tickles!" Raynare giggled.

"..." Issei smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Just a little more fun, come on." Issei said as they both brought out their wings.

"Hang on...let's walk back for some of it." Raynare said.

"Heh, alright." Issei said before Raynare wrapped her arms around his right arm, squeezing his bicep between her breasts. "Heheh." Issei grinned.

"Hmhm." Raynare giggled.

With that, the two walked back to the village, flying back to the Paru-Sama there after.

(chapter end)

Raynare: Gee this sure took awhile.

Draconis: Look, I'm sorry, there's not a lot on you, other fanfics aside.

Raynare: Well...that's fair.

Issei: (hugs Raynare) I enjoyed myself.

Raynare: (Hugs Issei back) Yeah, so did I.

Kenshin: (crosses arms) That little comment you made about me being a noob...I'm just responsive to my lovers needs.

Raynare: Whatever, there's no need to be jealous

Kenshin: Who's jealous? !

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