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Chapter 1

Yako takes a deep sigh as she sat on the couch in the office. The door swung open, Neuro coming inside. His eyes wandered as he observed the office that he left in the care of his slave. He noticed that everything was like before except for the grown Yako sitting on the couch. Yako, now, glanced at Neuro and gave him an annoyed face.

"What's wrong?"

Neuro looked at her and eyed her from head to toe. Yako knew this and added more to her annoyance. He talked for the first time since they left the airplane.

"I see that you keep the way things are except for one thing…"

"What's that?" Yako looked confused.

Neuro showed his evil grin at her and she knew it was danger. But even though, she thought how nostalgic his smile was, she never thought she'll ever see it again after 3 years has passed in her time.

"You seemed to have gained weight, you pig. You're body looks bigger than before. You seem to have the wrong proportions, maybe I can use one of my tools to fix that" He smiled and brought out a rolling pin with spinning spikes.

"Eek!" She gave out a 'I knew it' face and her body shivered for remembering all the tortures he'd given her in her first years together with him. Somehow, she missed that company of his. Unexpectedly, she laughed.

"Oho? What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Nothing Neuro" She stopped and gave him a thoughtful look. "I just missed this, that's all" she smiled.

At that moment, his heart raced, if there is any other word for him than just his blood pumping. He don't know this kind of feeling or what it's like, or even the human psychology. He just deduced that it hurts because it is the effect of adjusting to the lack of miasma again in the human world. Yako suddenly talked.

"And Neuro it's not fat you're seeing. It's puberty" She grinned "I know you're high intelligience knew this kind of development in the human body" she teased.

"You've gotten quite bold, Yako. You dare question my intelligience? Do you want me to remind you who helped you become who you are right now?"

"I've become what I am right now because of my hard work" She said looking at the table then looked straight to Neure's eyes and smiled. "Nevermind. You won't even like it I guess. I don't forget. You are the reason I am like this"

Neuro gave a confused look. This is the same psychology about humans that he can't understand. Why do they dismiss such things if it's much of importance? There's something more there is to it but he can't touch it.

Yako looked intently and somehow he's confused also for Neuro never gave her a confused look before. He usually looks at her in a blank face. Yako stood up and about to go to the door to get some fresh from all of this that happened that she notice the rope in front of her, waiting to be stepped on.

'Huh. Neuro and his tortures'

Yako stepped on it anyways and Neuro let out an evil grin pulling the rope. Unknown to him that Yako faked putting her foot in and withdrew it back as the rope thought it caught her. She giggled and looked at him with pride.

"Neuro, that won't work on me" She grinned "I've got training for that to thank"

"Heh. Three years and you've grown a backbone. If I knew you would be like this, I should've given you more training not to intervene with your master's entertainment"

"I think that entertainment wouldn't be the same I'm thinking of" Yako heard a ring from her phone from her pocket and answered it immediately and after a while, the call ended. She started to speak again. "Anyway, to start this reunion thing, hey Neuro! You hungry? I have a mystery for you"

"You've learned to feed your master willingly. You've evolved wonderfully, slave"

"Quit with the slave. Haven't you called me your partner long ago? Let's go"

They got out of the door as Neuro followed behind. She thinks it's odd. Neuro wouldn't let her take over even if she is her partner. Did he change? Thinking like that, it gave her chills. She knew there's something wrong in his movements. Maybe she's just unused to Neuro again, this thought passed her. She doesn't know that Neuro watched her as she walked in front of him. She passed it as a thought. Unknown to her, she doesn't know what tragedy it is to come.

3 hours has passed…..

"Neuro!" Yako ran to him as a cloaked man removed his hand through Neuro

Neuro fell limp on the ground, unmoving. Yako's eyes began to accumulate tears. She looked at the cloaked floating in the air. "Who are you!? What did you do to him!?" she glared at the cloaked man.

"Nougami Neuro is no longer needed in the Demon world for we have to exterminate him for good. Be thankful. He wouldn't be bothering you anymore. Doesn't he make your life like hell? You're now released from him. Be free, Katsuragi Yako" The cloaked man just disappeared like a mist in the sky.

"How did this case turned out like this?" she sobbed "He just got back….you're not someone who can decide which people make my life miserable. Neuro is….Neuro…"

Yako then shouted on top of her lungs . The police came afterwards. Sad that they saw the reaction of their detective to the death of her assistant.

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