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Haru was moving away.

He was leaving Iwatobi, and he wouldn't even say where he was going. He said he didn't know. His mom had called him one day, said it was urgent, so he listened. She told him he had to leave Iwatobi, that something had happened to his father. She said to meet her at the train station with all of his things, because he wouldn't be going back any time soon, at least not permanently.

Haru refused to believe that he would never come back, so he had asked Makoto to look after his home.


His best friend ever since he had been in kindergarten. He remembered the day they met- Mako had simply offered to tie his shoes. The next day, he sat and coloured with him when nobody else would even talk to him. Makoto was in his life every day for as long as he could remember- and now they were going to separate them.

How could they? How could they not see that Haru belonged in Iwatobi- with his few friends, and Makoto.


Haru had to leave tomorrow. This was his last night in his home. Makoto offered to sleep over, and he almost refused. He didn't want to see his best friend cry. Haru didn't want his best friend to see him cry. But he agreed- he knew he would regret it deeply if he didn't. He was leaving early in the morning, so he would have to say goodbye in the afternoon, and he wouldn't have been able to sleep.

So Mako was here, and Haru was sitting on the bed beside him, and they were watching some movie that was playing on TV that Haru had forgot the name of long ago. The movie was reduced to white noise, only a whisper compared to the thoughts in his head.

What will my new school be like? What will my family be like? What will my friends be like? Will I even have friends? Will my friends be sad?

Will Mako be sad?

Will Mako be happy?

Will they all be relieved that finally, the dark cloud he was would finally be leaving?

These thoughts bounced violently around his head. They hurt him, these thoughts. They were so painful that Haru even started to cry. He tried to be quiet but Mako turned around almost instantly.

"Haru!" He gasped softly, shutting the TV off. "Don't cry! What's wrong?"

Haru pulled his knees to his chest, burying his face in his arms. This is exactly what he didn't want. But he secretly wanted it to happen, just so he could feel Makoto's arms around him, comforting him gently. Mako was always so gentle.

Mako softly wrapped his arms around his friend, and Haru shoved his face into Makoto's shirt, now sobbing. He was going to miss this, Mako always being there when he needed him. For the first time since the day before kindergarten started, he was going to be alone.

"Hey, hey.." Mako whispered into Haru's neck, rubbing soft circles into his back. "Don't cry, ok? You're going to be fine. We're going to be fine. Everything's ok.."

Mako continued to whisper nonsensically, but it comforted him. All of it did. The gentle rubbing on his back, the white noise in his ears, the soft scent of chlorine wafting from Mako's shirt, even the taste of the tears dripping into his mouth and onto their legs.

"It's all going to be ok.." Mako's voice broke and he held Haru tighter.

Haruka leaned away from Mako's chest to look up at his friend. Sure enough, Mako's shoulders were softly shaking, tears now flowing down his cheeks.

He smiled sadly, wiping tears off of his neck. "You won't even miss us."

Haru shook his head vigorously and wrapped his arms around his friend. "I'm going to miss you so much, Makoto Tachibana. More than you can even know. You're the only person I really trust, the only person always there, and I'm just the one keeping you back. You'll probably be happier when I'm gone. And I'll be fine, I don't mind being alone."

"Haru you're not going to be alone. We can always visit eachother, we can always call eachother, and you probably won't even be gone for long. And don't you think for a second that you're holding me back. If anything, you're lifting me up."

Haru began to sob again, and had somehow moved into Mako's lap, but it wasn't uncomfortable. The proximity of the two boys only made them relax even more, and Haru clung to Mako's shirt, which was now damp from both of their tears.

"I'm going to miss you so much, Haru-chan." Makoto confessed.

Haru's eyes widened. "You're going to miss me?"

Makoto laughed a genuine laugh. "Of course I will. You're my best friend, and you have been since Kindergarten. You always will be."

Haru placed his forehead on Mako's shoulder, contemplating the warmth rising in his chest. Love, he decided. That's what it was. Something he didn't feel like he had for anything other than the water.. and maybe mackerel. He realized he loved Mako, more than he had ever loved anything before.

Haru leaned his head back and gazed up at Makoto's gentle green eyes, and Mako smiled at him. He placed his forehead on Mako's, their lips inches apart.

"Do you love me?" Haru whispered.

Mako seemed confused. "What do you mean, Haru?"

Haru repeated his question. "Do. You. Love. Me?"

Mako thought for a couple seconds. "I.. I guess... Yes. I do love you Haru. A lot."

Haru smiled, and by instinct, moved his hands to Makoto's cheeks. Closing the distance between their lips so much that Haru could feel Mako's breath against his, Haru closed his eyes.

"I love you too." Haru hummed, closing the remaining distance between their mouths.

Makoto didn't hesitate, placing his hands on Haru's hips right under the hem of his t-shirt. Haru had never kissed anybody before, but instinct had gotten him this far, so he decided to let it guide him through, holding his hand. He softly moved forward, wrapping his legs around Mako's hips, and moving his hands up to tangle them in his soft brown hair. Mako's hands moved up under his shirt, rubbing Haru's back.

They paused briefly for breath, and Mako scooched forward, grabbing Haru's wrists and pinning him to the wall. Then their lips were together again, fighting for dominance one more. The back of Haru's head was pressed against the wall, just like his back and hands. He didn't argue. He just relished the taste of Mako's mouth, the feel of his legs under his.

They broke apart again, panting gently, and Mako let go of Haru's wrists, moving his hands down to lace their fingers together. A single tear rolled out of Haru's eye, and Makoto kissed it tenderly away.

Another thing to miss.

Haru had never been drunk before, but he thought this would be pretty close to replicating the feeling. His forehead against Mako's, thier noses touching. He almost felt like if he blinked, he would drift away.

Then Mako placed his hands on Haru's cheeks, their fingers still laced together. He gently pulled Haru towards him, and placed a long, chaste kiss on his lips before lying down on the bed, pulling Haru on top of him. Haru rolled slightly, and settled down beside Mako, his head resting on his shoulder, his hand resting on his chest. Mako gently wrapped an arm around Haru's waist, and placed his other hand on his cheek.

Mako kissed Haru's forehead, and then they were asleep.

Haru woke up first, for once. He lay contently in Mako's arms, wanting to stay there forever. But he knew his mother was going to be expecting him at 7:00. He softly retracted his arms, then gazed for a second at Mako's face before gently sitting up and getting off of the bed.

He had packed the day before, his bags were lying near the door. He only had a backpack and a small duffel bag. Haru realized that he hadn't changed out of the clothes he wore yesterday, but he didn't care. His mother was tearing him away from the only love he had ever had. He couldn't care less if she wanted him to change his clothes.

He picked up the bags, but paused when he saw what was lying beside them. Makoto's sweater, thrown aside yesterday afternoon. Haru picked it up without hesitation and pulled it over his head. This would be his comfort, whenever he wouldn't be able to call Mako. This would be his remedy. He thought for a second about leaving a note, but he didn't. Makoto was smart. He would know who took it.

He picked up his bags, and walked over to the bed. He leaned over gently and whispered. "Goodbye, Makoto. I love you." and kissed him, then got up and walked to the door. His hand paused on the doorknob, and he gazed back at the boy sleeping in his bed instead of on a cot on the floor.

For a second, Haru felt as if Mako had kissed him back.

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