It hurt to let her walk away like this. Knowing that they would most likely meet again, that things could be far worse then. It struck a deep cord within the elf, that she who was born with magic didn't believe. He had even shown it her, done feets of magic that none in this world could do. Yet, she still chose not to believe. Instead she had asked countless that he couldn't answer.

Havok closed his eyes and turned away from her retreating figure. The prince would have to be patient and bide his time. Long part of his hair fell before his eyes as he looked down at his wolf Midnight. His brown orbs staring into lupine gold as the wolf regarded him. Both knew that Havok was in deep shit. Despite telling himself that he couldn't fall for her he knew that head.

" Oh my Little Swan, you may very well be the death of me." The elf stated as he looked up hoping to see Emma, but she was already gone.