Chapter 3

Once everything was taken care of at Hatter's Havok headed into town. It was a quaint little town that had so many things that pointed to the Enchanted Forrest. The dragon didn't have to look long before finding his grandfather. Mr. Gold's pawn shop, yes that was certainly him. Opening the door Havok smiled when he heard the bell. The imp was still mourning his lady love, but Havok didn't think she was dead.

" I'm sor…Havok?" Rumpelstiltskin asked as he watched the man that had just entered his shop. The sign said closed, but if it was Havok than his grandson was welcome.

" Papa, I'm glad to see you remember me." The dragon smiled widely. His eyes were glamoured to be brown, but bits of blue were showing through. " I hope you don't mind me popping in?"

" No, lock the door and come join me in the back." Rumple stated with a small smile. " How's your mother?"

The dragon turned and walked back to the door to lock it. " She misses you, though she might be coming to visit. The portal for here is working now." Once the door was locked Havok headed to the back into the room his grandfather had mentioned.

" It would be good to see her." The imp nodded as he sat behind a desk. He watched as Havok sat behind the wheel. " She taught you how to spin, didn't she?"

" Mama? Yes, she did." Havok nodded as he thought about it. His other grandfather who had never been his grandfather to begin with hadn't approved. " Tartarus never approved."

" He was always too strict." Rumple stated as he shook his head. " There is also the fact that he couldn't accept that his son considered you his even though you weren't."

" That is true too." The dragon nodded as he ran his figures over the wheel. "I haven't had the chance to spin in years."

" I've got some straw." The Dark One smiled fondly at Havok. He knew Havok would ask for what info he wanted and he would tell him. The dragon was family and there was also the fact that Havok was likely to help. In fact that was the only reason Rumple could think of for him to be here.

" Please do bring it out." Havok chuckled. " So, the Queen adopted a son?"

Rumple smiled as he got up to get the straw. " Yes, she did. I was even the one to find him. Didn't take much, just a call really."

" That is very you." Havok chuckled as he watched. The dragon knew the imp had no idea who he had been, but it was still very him. " Funny you didn't know who were."

Rumple nodded as he got the straw and returned. He limped over to Havok and handed the straw to The dragon. The imp was well aware that the thread make here would be gold. Havok's magic was more closely lined with the Fair Folk, so he could use it even here.

Havok took the straw and was soon spinning the straw into gold. It wasn't the bright gold that Rumple made, but a pale almost white gold. It made sense when one took into account he was an ice dragon. As the imp watched he noticed that the glamour was gone. This left Havok's eyes to be as they were naturally. Icy hues that looked reptilian and he was a dragon so that was to expected.

" What has Regina been up to?" Havok asked as he continued to spin, turning the straw into fine pale gold thread.

" She is doing everything she can to keep Emma from breaking the curse." Rumple replied as he looked a little uneasy. The imp had been forced to help the queen in some ways, playing both side really when you thought about. Though he was helping Henry and Emma more than he was Regina. He however wasn't sure how this would sit with his grandson.

" I see, well, Emma is about to a little more help." The dragon smirked as he stopped spinning. " Regina can't touch me and I happen to know this town's savior."

" Really? Well, you always were going off on adventures." Rumple chuckled not all the surprised. " How old were you then, I wonder?"

" One fifty I think." Havok stated as he tilted his head to the side. " Time passes differently between realms. It's, wibbly, wobbly, timey wimey."

Rumpelstiltskin laughed at that and shook his head. " Yes, you what? Two fifty now?"

" Three hundred." Havok corrected with a shrug. " I have come to terms with the fact that I will always be the older one in any relationship."

" Good, because dragons live forever." The stated as he looked at Havok. Dragons were immortal when left alone, only a blow to the heart or decapitation could kill. Though there was also one weakness that had resulted in Havok being the only true dragon left. Once a male imprinted on a female he is bond to her. If she rejects him without undoing the imprinting the male would literally die of a broken heart. T made things hard, more so since Havok was his grandson.

" I know, but eternity is a long time to be alone." Havok stated as looked at his grandfather. He could see the worry, the concern over what would happen next.

Rumple gave a knowing smile at that comment. He himself had been without someone for a very long time. Sure, he had his adoptive daughter and her family, but they were royals. Gabby was queen of Wonderland now and with both Varen and Typhon dead. Havok was all she had and soon enough she would die and leave him all alone in this world. " I always be here for you."

" Yes, because the Dark One lives forever too." Havok scoffed as he shook his head. " There is no magic here. You're a dead man walking without magic once this curse is broken."

" It's not that there isn't magic, it's that I can't access it." Rumple replied shortly. " But I'll be bringing magic here after the curse is broken."

" Yes, because that will go over so well." Havok stated sarcastically. " Let us go over what magic has done for you. It caused your son to look for a way to get out of the Enchanted Forrest. Even took him away when he found a way out and wanted you to go with. Accept the magic had made you to chicken out and let him go to an unknown world all by himself."

Rumple had bristled at the mention of Bae, but everything Havok said was true. Magic had done nothing but destroy most of his life. Had caused him to spend hundreds of years alone with only short reprieves from the loneliness. " You're not wrong, but I still need it."

Havok rolled his eyes before getting up. " Sure you do." Havok stated a bit angry now. " You need it like a dragon's needs gold. Oh wait, dragons don't need gold, we just like it and find it more comfortable than a bed."

The imp flinched at the jab, but it was certainly warranted. Magic was a crutch, a drug that he was completely addicted to. It was different for those born with it like Havok was. His being was infused with it in a way Rumples would never be. The imp understood that and he respected it. Respected that his daughter and Havok could render him immobile for a few hours at least.

" Are you done?" Rumpelstiltskin asked as he looked up at his grandson. His eyes were hurt and there was anger underneath as well.

" Yes, and I'm going to leave you to wallow in your own misery for a few hours while I go find Emma." The dragon stated as he left the room. It wasn't long before the lock was undone and the bell rang out, sharp against the settling silence. The dragon was going to go find Emma, his little swan.