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Chapter 1

Six years later:

We find ourselves back in the land of Sound, where everyone has moved of from what happened six years ago. People of all ages are up and moving about in their normal routines. Soon we find ourselves looking at an old factory of sorts where there are two incredible lines of people entering the building. Within this building you find workers running around working while they sing.

"St. Otogakure is gloomy

St. Otogakure is bleak

My underwear got frozen standing here all week

Oh, since the revolution our lives have been so gray!

Thank goodness for the gossip that gets us through the day!


Have you heard

There's a rumor in St. Otogakure?

Have you heard

What they're saying on the street?

Although the King did not survive,

One daughter may be still alive!

The Princess Sakura!

But please do not repeat!

It's a rumor,

A legend,

A mystery!

Something whispered in an alleyway

Or through the crack!

It's a rumor

That's part of our history"

All throughout this you can see a young man, bright blonde hair and vivid blue eyes, roaming the street listening to what everyone says. Soon he reaches a doorway, whispers a passcode and the door opens and he hurries in. Everyone of St. Otogakure continue to sing unaware.

"They say her royal grandmama

Will pay a royal sum

To someone who can bring the princess back!"

The same young man walked up the steps quickly looking for someone. He hears a whistle and a loud whisper of, "Naruto!", before he turns around and sees another young man with blue black hair, that stuck up from the back but you don't notice because it's hidden under a hat, and black eyes.

"Sasuke!" Says Naruto desperately. He steps close to him, whispers a few words and they set of separately.

Sasuke walks over to black marketeers watching and they try and sell what they have.

"A rubble for this painting

It is Kizashi I swear!

Count Yamato's pajamas!

Comrade, buy the pair!"

Sasuke sees Naruto eyeing the pajamas but before anything can happen he quickly steps up to him and leads him away from the woman.

"I got this from the palace

It's line with real fur!

It could be worth a fortune

If it belonged to her!"

Sings a black marketeer to Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke looks at it and pays the man before walking off with Naruto on his tail. Soon they enter through a curtain and continue walking while talking.

"Well Sasuke," says Naruto, "I got us a theatre."

"Well what a surprise." Says Sasuke teasingly. "You can be useful."

"Hey! Teme!" Exclaims Naruto. "You take that back! I woudn't be here with you, if my father didnt force me and if Hinata hadn't asked me to help you find her best friend. I miss my Hinata!"

Sasuke smirks before talking again. "Stop your wailing Naruto. Everything is going according to plan. Now all we need is the girl."

"I still can't believe we're faking these auditions and we're pretending to be sleazy people just to find her." Says Naruto. "It doesn't feel right. I mean she was. . .is our friend. There has to be another way."

"I know dobe, but you heard my father. We must do whatever it takes to find her. Even if it means being sleazy and faking auditions. I don't like it either, but just be greatful our fangirls haven't noticed us." Explains Sasuke as they walk up a series of steps. "Just remember we'll soon be out of here with three tickets in our hands. One for you, one for me and one for Sakura!"

Soon Sasuke starts singing,

"It's the rumor,

The legend,

The mystery!

It's the Princess Sakura who will help us fly!

You and I friend

Will go down

In history!

We'll find a girl to play the part and teach her what to say,

Dress her up and take her to Konoha!

Imagine the reward her dear old Grandmama will pay!

Who else could pull it off but you and me"

Sasuke soon steps in from stepping out into the small balcony and quickly moves around collecting a few things. He soon has in his hand the small music box belonging to the princess showing it to Naruto as he stretches out his arm. He places his arm around Naruto and leads him to the balcony one again they keep on singing.

"We'll be rich!

We'll be rich!

We'll be out!

We'll be out!

And St. Otogakure will have some more to talk about!"

They jump out of the balcony and stray sliding down the roof with their feet.

"Yeah!" Shouts Naruto as they keep sliding.

Down below people are dancing around a fountain of sorts.


Have you heard

There's a rumor in St. Otogakure?

Have you heard

What they're saying on the street?


Soon people are talking loudly and no one can understand what the other is saying through all the chatter.



Have you heard

There's a rumor in St. Otogakure!

Have you heard

Comrade, what do you suppose?"

Sasuke and Naruto are soon walking through the crowd lifting up their hats in greetings as they walk towards a trolley, getting right on it.

"A fascinating mystery!"

"The biggest con in history!" Sings Sasuke as he lifts his hat up in the air, quickly placing it back on his head before he's recognized.

"The Princess Sakura,

Alive or dead...

Who knows? Shh!"

The window washer soon covers his face as the birds start to fly right by him.

It's is now nightfall and we find ourselves in front of a big house, the sign reading 'People's Orphanage.' Chatter of children can be heard and the name Saki loud and clear. Soon a woman is walking our giving directions to someone.

"I got you a job at the fish market." Says the woman. "You go down this path until you get to the fork in the road, go left–"

"Bye! Bye everybody, I'll miss you!" Exclaims the voice of a young woman.

"Are you listening to me!?" Demands the woman.

The young woman, hair colored like cherry blossoms and eyes as green as the emeralds, stops talking and looks at the woman. The young woman is wearing a long red scarf wrapped around her neck with a big green coat and a big beige looking dress with a red belt around, black leggings and beige flat boots. She has grey fingerless gloves and a greyish soldier type hat on. "I'm listening comrade Anko."

"You've been a thorn in my side since you were brought here," says Anko pulling and turning her by her scarf, "acting like the Queen of Sheeba."

"Bye!" Says Sakura looking back at the orphanage while Anko keeps a hold on the scarf.

"Instead of the nameless no account you are!" Exclaims Anko. Sakura looks forward once again with a scowl on her face as she closes her eyes. She unwrapped her scarf and followed Anko. "For the last six years, I've fed you, I've clothed you. . ."

Sakura started mimicking her after a minute, ". . .I've kept a roof over your head."

Anko quickly turns to look at Sakura, a scowl upon her face. She unlocks the gate quickly and opens it. "How is it that you don't have a clue as to who you were before you came to us, but you can remember all that?"

"Oh but I do have a clue as to who I am!" Exclaims Sakura as she quickly pulls out the necklace that was around her neck.

"Ack! I know." Says Anko mockingly. "Together in Konoha. So you want to go to Konohagakure to find your family?"

"Mmhmm." Says Sakura.

"Little miss Saki, it's time to take your place in life and in line too. And be grateful about it." Says Anko as she throws Sakura her scarf. "Together in Konoha! Hahaha!" Exclaims Anko mockingly as she laughs. Soon she starts coughing and mutters one last time before walking back to the house, "be grateful."

Sakura turns around and walks straight ahead as she was told. By the time she reaches the fork in the road it is slightly bright, but still dark enough to be mid morning and the snow is still falling from the sky. Making everything the eye can see a beautiful white.

"Cough, cough, be grateful." Sakura says as she mimics Anko. She stands up straights glances back before looking forward. "I am grateful. Grateful to get away! Go left she says," continues Sakura as she moves to the left a bit, but stops. "Well I know what's to the left. I'll be Saki the orphan forever. However if I go to the right. Maybe I can find," she says softly with a sorrowful look in her eyes, "whoever gave me this necklace must have loved me."

She exhale deeply.

"This is crazy. Me–go to Konoha!?" She asks nobody as she walks in a circle arms extended. "Send me a sign. . .a hint. . .anything!" She demands as she gets even more frustrated. She sits underneath the pole with signs and places her cheek on her hand and looks down dejectedly.

From behind her a greyish white puppy comes up, barks gleefully and takes her scarf in its mouth. The pup moves runs forward a bit.

"Hey!" Exclaims Sakura as she still sits there watching the dog. "Hey!" She chuckles as she reaches for the pup. "I don't have time to play right now ok?" She tells the dog. The pup just keeps braking and moves away from Sakura with the scarf still in its mouth. "I'm waiting for a sign."

But even so Sakura still tries to reach the dog from her spot. She moves forward, but the dog moves out of her reach causing her to fall on her hands and knees. She manages to grab a hold of part of her scarf, but the dog–with the other part still in her mouth–moves a bit to the right.

"Would you leave me alone?" Demands Sakura to the pup. The pup moves around her tying her a bit with the scarf and Sakura nearly loses her balance. "Give me that back no?"

She falls forward and let's go of the scarf and the pup is left standing, wagging her tail barking joyfully on the path to St. Otogakure.

"Oh great," says Sakura, "a dog wants me to go to St. Otogakure." Soon it hits her. "Ah! Ok. . .I can take a hint." She says as the dog keeps barking. She moves towards the dog, bends to grab her scarf and looks up. She slowly gets up, grips her scarf nervously, takes a deep breath and starts singing to herself.

"Heart don't fail me now, Courage don't desert me, Don't turn back now that we're here."

She takes a step slowly as the dog took a hold of a small part of her scarf again barking wildly.

"People always say, Life is full of choices, No one ever mentions fear." She glances back a bit, but the. Looks forward once more. "Or how the world can seem so vast On this journey to the past!"

She picks a small pile of snow and throws it in the air. The pup jumping to bite it. Soon they hear a noise and they move out of the way of a horse drawn carriage moving down the path. Sakura gets up again and moves a bit and turns as she starts singing once again.

"Somewhere down this road, I know someone's waiting, Years of dreams just can't be wrong.

Arms will open wide, I'll be safe and wanted, Finally home where I belong."

She sings as she pick up the pup and twirls. She lets her a bit before placing her down on the ground again.

"Well, starting now im learning fast On this journey to the past."

She motions the pup to follow her as she keeps walking. Soon she stops in front of this cottage house where kids are playing outside. The children step out and play with her for a bit, while the children's parents look on laughing. Eventually she keeps moving on, walking backwards as she waves goodbye to the family with a longing look on her face.

"Home, Love, Family. There was once a time I must have had them too. Home, Love, Family I will never be complete until I find you."

The small pup stops in front of a family of squirrels and the two small squirrels step forward. She sniffs them and licks the while Sakura looks on, on vended knew. She soon gets up, pup in her hands and she twirls once again with the small dog in the air.

"One step at a time, One hope then another, Who knows where this road may go?

Back to who I was, On to find my future, Things my heart still needs to know."

She walks on top of a log as the pup is running before her.

"Yes, let this be a sign, Let this road be mine, Let it lead me to my past."

She sings as she skips and kicks up snow in the air.

"And bring me home, At last!"

Soon she reaches the end of the road, hat in her hands in the air as she looks forward and sees St. Otogakure.

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