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8 year old Harry Potter was a strange child he was obsessed with keeping things in order. You could leave him in the messiest room in the world leave for ten minutes come back and everything would be nice and orderly. His Aunt never understood his obsession with it but took full advantage of it. Often having him cleaning the house, mowing the lawn or other such things. Knowing that his OCD would not let him leave the place in half haphazard mess. Now Harry was not naive, he knew his relatives hated him and he hated them.

But the breaking point came when his Uncle Vernon's sister came over his 'Aunt' Marge not that he was actually related to her. 'thank god' he thought. But she was a cruel woman that looked just her brother. An overly large woman who had little to no neck with a mustache and had a vile dog named Ripper, as the day wore on she kept insulting his parent saying he should have been killed at birth, that his mother was a whore and his dad a no good drunk.

But it reached its limit that night when as they sat on the back patio he was bring out a picture of lemonade. Marge was stating what a waste of space he was, when Dudley stuck his leg out tripping him. As he fell to the ground he spilled the lemonade on Aunt Marge as he was getting back up Marge snarled at him, "That was my favorite dress you little ingrate!" She turned to her dog, "Ripper get him." She commanded.

As the animal responded Harry ran trying to get away from the hound but he was not fast enough as it bit into his Achilles heel he fell and the dog went for his arm biting it. All while his family laugh and encouraged the dog, till suddenly Harry's other arm snapped out a green glow surrounding his hand before slamming it into the dog sending it flying several feet.

Marge cried out, "Ripper! You stupid boy!" She yelled as she stomped towards him. Harry waved his arm again this time at Marge and the same green glow surrounded her before she went flying towards her hound, Harry got up and looked at his arm before noticing that it was already healing.

As Harry turned towards the house he started inside. Going to his cupboard under the stairs finally deciding he had enough grabbing the few meager possessions he had. he grabbed a large messenger bag before putting everything in it and took several hundred dollars from his uncle before storming out of the house.

When his uncle Vernon came out of the house yelling for him to get back here, he froze he did not want to go back he wish he was anywhere but here. Like that museum in London that he went to for a school field trip when his Aunt could not come up with an excuse for him not to go. Harry suddenly felt strange and as he looked down he saw why green smoke was curling around his body when it reached his head he could not see anymore, but he got the strange feeling falling when his vision cleared he found himself lying on the ground outside the museum he was just thinking about. To thankful to wonder how he got outside a place all the way in London when just moments earlier he was in Surrey. Picking himself he went to the nearest park before falling asleep under a tree, silently wishing for no one to find him unknown to him a small glow surround him before he drifted off to sleep.

At the same time in New York a man known as Charles Xavier was using Cerebro to find new mutants when he felt a new mutant awaken, upon closer inspection he noticed that it was easily a high beta class[1] though there was a strange tint to it. When he tried to get a better feel of the person he could tell it was a young boy named Harry. But before he could get more he heard the boy think 'I hope no one finds me' before the boy's mutation flared up and he could no longer pinpoint his location.

As he leaned back he thought about how amazing it was that a small child could block Cerebro just by wishing to not be found. Now if he truly tried he could find the boy but the problem was that would hurt him a lot, tearing down the barrier he had set up just to satisfy his own curiosity was not something he was willing to do. Realizing he would not find out anything from sitting at Cerebro, he decided to see if he could find out what was going on with the boy's signature in Cerebro. Rolling away he went to look through his files to see if he had come across anything like this before.

A week had passed since Harry ran away and he had learned a lot about his powers which he had taken calling magic as he could not imagine what else it could be. One was that he could move object with his mind though once the objects started to weigh more than 5 kilos a green glow surrounded them. he also found he could influence people. He would not say control because most would shake it off if they did not want to do it. but he could make say a vendor ignore the fact that he took an apple or bag of chips without paying.

Another thing was teleporting he found that as long as he had an image in his head he could go anywhere he wanted he tested it by going from one side of Britain to the other. But it did tire him out if he did it more than a few times a day. The last thing he found out was that he could change things for example when he tore a large hole in his shirt using his magic he fixed it making look even better than before. He made a pair of jeans he had that were way to big shrink until they were a perfect fit.

Harry had often looked through rubbish bins for thing that while ruined for other people he could use his magic to fix and sell. It was earlier that day when he struck gold he found a Rolex ruined beyond repair. He knew it was a Rolex because his Uncle had gotten one a few years ago and showed it off to everyone and Harry had to clean it once a week for a year. That night he held the watch between his hands on focused on fixing the watch.

Normally this would not have work because like all wizarding spells, healing and repairing spells worked by using the user's knowledge. Healing spells worked by covering the area around the wound with magic to speed up the healing process or by finding what is injuring the body and removing the problem. Repairing spells on the other hand need an image to focus on you need to know what said object looked like originally and for machines how it worked. Harry did not know how it worked, but the magic of Order did; it knew exactly how to put the pieces and what to make to the watch work in peak condition. When he removed his hands he saw a brand new Rolex he smiled he wondered how much he could make with this.

Once he got to a pawn shop he walked to the nearest employee and used his powers to make it seem completely normal that he was here alone, he pulled out the watch and showed it the man at the counter. After inspecting it to make sure it was real he and Harry talked prices, with Harry using his powers to make sure he got the best price possible. After getting his money about 2,000 pounds he left the store with a smile on his face he went to the nearest clothing store and started to look for something suitable for him to wear. Something he did learn at the Dursleys was that appearances did matter Harry looked like a hooligan so people believed he was a hooligan. The Dursleys dressed like respectable people and people thought they were.

He found a nice dark green button up with a pair of black slacks and dress shoes after purchasing his new clothes taking about 300 pounds out of his savings. he started to look for a place to stay when he saw something that made his blood freeze there in the paper was a drawing of him scar and all as a missing child. He panicked he knew he could avoid people with ease. but he did not know how his powers would affect technology and did not want to take that risk. He picked up the paper to read it smiling as he saw the title about time the truth came out.

Young Boy Abused by Family

According to the official police report some of the family's neighbors heard a lot of screaming and several objects break called the police, upon further investigation it was revealed that the boy had accidentally spilled lemonade on his Aunt who was visiting and her dog attacked him when he finally managed to kick the dog away the boy's Aunt was furious that he hurt her dog and attacked him and the young boy rolled out of the way she tripped and hurt herself the young boy quickly got up and ran inside the house grabbing several things before running his uncle chased after him but was unable to catch him.

As a more thorough investigation revealed that the room they claimed was his was actually his cousins second bedroom and the young boy lived under the stair all three adults of the Dursleys family are currently being held by the police until their trials, While the boy has been sent to a foster home. the police have been unable to find the young boy there are no pictures of him but the police have released a sketch of the boy if you see him please contact the police.

Harry smiled good they got what they deserved but he realized he could not stay in London. So he decided to use his powers to see how far he could go, he went to the part of the newsstand that had post cards and pick one at random when he looked he saw it was New York. Concentrating on the image of empire state building he vanished in a green puff of smoke.

At a small house in Mississippi a blind woman suddenly froze. "Irene," The woman across from her asked, "are you alright?" but Irene did not respond instead she started to speak in a haunted voice, "2 shall meet one of Order and one of Chaos,

And together they shall face 3 trials,

A rain of fire,

An attack of metal men,

And a vortex of water,

Should they pass their trials they will be the greatest of allies and help lead Mutant kind to salvation. But should they fall they will be the worst of enemies and all shall fall before the darkness. Emerald Order shall be found in a storm of ice lead by mischief and Scarlet Chaos is already known and shall be found in the rain of fire."

As she finished the prophecy she collapsed to the ground before she was caught. "I'm fine just in shock I haven't said a prophecy in years." she said waving off the woman.

"Of course, will you be alright?" the woman asked worry clear in her voice.

I'll be fine Raven; I just need to catch my breath."

"If you're alright I must be going." She said as the evening's events caught up with her.

"Yes Raven I'll be fine go." Answered Irene, as Raven turned to leave she stopped at the door when Irene called out to her. "Tell Magneto not search for Order or Chaos till the storm of ice has happened." As Raven left, Irene got up and walked to the bookcase pulling out a few books she opened a false panel and removed the book within. It was her book of prophecy as she recorded the prophecy she thought about what this meant. She had thought she wrote all the prophecies that pertained to mutant survival years ago. From Masters of Mind and Magnetism to the Night Crawler. She wondered why the prophecy only came to her now rather than when she had received all the others. But like all the others it had the same part mentioning the darkness. '... and all shall fall before the darkness.' Every one of the prophecies of Mutants salvation had that in it and she did not know what the darkness was but it scared her.

In a dark room on the other side of the country a phone rang before being picked up. "Magneto, what is it Mystique?" he asked clearly annoyed at being bothered at such an hour.

"Destiny has made a new prophecy." She told him and immediately all traces of sleep were gone as he sat up.

"Tell me everything." He ordered and she did. As he listened he thought about what this could mean. When Mystique told him of Destiny's warning about not looking for the 2 he was annoyed but understood the dangers of ignoring the advice of a seer. So he reluctantly agreed to not look for them until the storm of ice had passed. 'But,' He thought 'once it has passed I will find them too much is a stake to leave to chance.'

The next night at Saint Markus's Sanitarium a young girl was sitting alone in her room. As usual the large steel door was locked with several dozen lock on it after the last time when she managed to use her powers to open the door and escape before they managed to drag her back to her room. After that they put a special current in the walls disrupting her powers weakening them greatly. As she reached out with her powers to try and open the door she felt something change with her powers. It was hard to describe but it was something she had not felt before. As she reached out to grab it she was surprised when instead of something blowing up as it normally would, a young boy a bit younger than her appeared she was surprised let out a startled yelp jumping back, "Who are? How did you get in here" She screamed at the same time the boy shouted,

"What, where am I how did I get here? Did you bring me here?" He asked as she took a closer look at him she noticed he had a green glow around him and was translucent.

Her eyes widened in fear, "You're a ghost?" she cried in fear.

"What why would you think I'm a ghost?" he asked wondering why she would think he was a ghost. When he noticed she was pointing at his chest. As he looked down he noticed he could see the floor through his chest and the same green glow appeared around him that showed up when he used his powers. As she walked up to him she tentatively stuck her hand through his chest when it passed through, she waved her hand through several more times. "Hey stop that."

She pulled back blushing a bit realizing what she was doing. "Who are you?" She asked.

He smiled "I'm Harry and you are?"

"Wanda." She answered, before asking "How did you get in here?"

"I don't know," he replied "one second I'm practicing my powers in a room the next I'm here."

Harry Potter was having a weird day it started fairly normal once getting up he looked around the city for someplace to stay that would not care that he was a kid. When he finally found a place it was late at night as he got ready to go to sleep he went through his normal routine of practicing his magic when he felt a pull on it when he followed the pulled he ended up looking like a ghost in a girls room. "So," he started, "where am I?" looking around noticing the lack of windows.

"You're in St Markus's sanitarium otherwise known as my prison." she said.

"Why are you in here?" He asked finding it hard to believe a girl his age could be crazy.

"I don't want to talk about."

"Come on tell me?" He persisted but she refused. After a few more tries she finally had enough.

"I said I don't want to talk about!" She yelled as she did the metal frame of her bed started to warp.

Harry's eyes light up, "You're like me." He exclaimed.

"What are you talking about?" she asked at the sudden change in subject. A little surprised he did not freak out like everyone else she has met.

"I can do that too." He held his hand out to move the glass on the table but all it did was shake a bit. "That's weird," he said "I should be able to move that cup easily." He spoke clearly confused.

"It's probably because of this room." She told him. "It was made to dampen my powers?"

"That sucks, why would they do that?"

"To stop me from escaping." She stated plainly as if it should be obvious.

"I should probably get back to my room." He mused aloud after a couple seconds.

"Wait!" Wanda called before he could vanish. "Could" she started meekly, "could you stay a bit longer?"

"Sure." He told her with a smile that she shyly returned. So Harry stayed another hour just talking with her telling each other stories. When he let out a small yawn, he decided it was time to go.

But before he could leave he heard Wanda call out to him. "You will visit right?" she asked not wanting to be left alone again.

"Of course," he responded with a smile. "why wouldn't I?" and with that he left.

When Harry woke up in his room he noticed nothing had changed. Getting up he stretched before climbing into bed.

Harry and Wanda will both be a bit overpowered for their own age group but among the adults they will be average.

remember wanda and harry made friends with each other so fast because they're both lonely and have never had anyone be truly nice to them. also Wanda is not as rage filled as canon because she A. he not been there nearly as long she is just now getting into the anger phase of her confinement before she was in the meek stage having her will basically broken by being imprisoned. B. THEY ARE CHILDREN. children make friends incredibly fast my best friend back when i was that age i met at on my bike and he lived across the street from me. we met one day and BAM best friends in like an hour. that's just how kids work.

1. mutants powers grow as they do most start of as delta and work their way up as they get older. the calcification goes as Gamma, Delta, Beta, Alpha, Omega.

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