It had been 2 years since Harry first met Wanda. While she was suspicious of him at first, eventually she had warmed up to him enough to tell him that it was her father who locked her up because he and she quotes, 'Did not have time to deal with an uncontrollable mutant.' Harry in turn told her about his time at the Dursleys and how they hated 'disgusting freaks like him'. Though Harry tried he was still unable to get her out of her room it seemed that it really was effective at blocking their powers. Normally when they talked it was Harry who Wanda visited because they could not risk her randomly appearing in the middle of the street. Though she often visited him to at least see something besides white walls. He had also been helping her control her powers teaching what he learned on his own and what he could find that worked from books about magic. Even if most of the books were shams they did contain some useful exercises for example he found out that Ancient Greek helped with his powers while Wanda found Ancient Gaelic more useful. Wanda had recently been visited by a man called Professor Xavier who was a mutant like her and was trying to help her control her anger towards her father. When he first came to talk to her he immediately knew Harry had been visiting though he did not know who Harry was.

"Wanda you have a visitor." her guard informed her, Wanda blinked in shock no one ever visited her except for Harry and they did not know about him so who would be visiting her. As she waited for the door to open a bald man in a nice suit walked in- no not walk in but roll he was in a wheelchair. she was startled out of her thoughts when he spoke.

"Hello Wanda," he greeted her, "my name is Charles Xavier and I wish to help you control your gift." he told her bluntly seeing no reason to dance around the issue.

She laughed "My dad couldn't help me control my powers what make you think you can?" She asked not believing he could help her for a second.

'Because Wanda' he began though his lips weren't moving 'I would like to believe I have more patients than your father.' her eyes widened when she realized that he was a mutant like her.

"As you can see," he continued aloud, "I am a telepath. However you gifts are much more destructive than my own and I believe that-." He stops looking around. "Who has been visiting you Wanda?" He asked the calm kind look on his face disappeared replaced with a serious expression, she thought of not telling him and playing dumb, but she realized he could just take the straight from her mind if he wanted.

"It's a friend of mine," She answered "he has been helping me with my powers." she said refusing to say anymore the Professor seeing that pushing the issue would not help him gain her trust dropped it but wondered who could be helping her and why.

The following months he would occasionally ask her about her mysterious friend. But she never told him anything and he never pushed her. Recently the Harry and Wanda had started working on a spell that would allow them to get Wanda out, but the biggest breakthrough in their research came after the invasion of Frost Giants led by Thor's Brother Loki.

Harry was running through the streets with several other people trying to out of city with a news crew nearby broadcasting. 'Great,' he thought 'now the whole world can see us become paste on the sidewalk.' normally Harry would have just teleported out of the city but whatever caused this was stopping him from teleporting out. He was interrupted from his thoughts when a Frost Giant dropped down from nowhere in front of them. As people cried out in fear and the news camera turn towards them the giant laughed "Well seems it's my lucky day a full course meal." It said before swinging its club down on them. As it came down Harry held his hands up and focused on stopping the club, when a green shield of energy formed around the group stopping the club in its tracks. As people looked around trying to find the source of the shield one of the people pointed to Harry and they notice the same glow as the shield coming from his hands. Harry cursed as the camera focused on him he really hoped that they could not get a good look at his face otherwise his life had just gotten a lot harder.

As the giant brought its club up to smash the barrier again, Harry dropped the shield and threw his hands out sending the giant flying. It hit a building before being buried under the rubble. He let out a sigh of relief, when he heard another cry of fear turning around he paled half a block away there were 10 more of the giants just as big as the first one. As they got closer Harry took a deep breath building up his magic and threw it at the first 2 to knocking them out before they knew what was happening. But now the other 8 were wary of him when he noticed this he cursed. He managed to take out 2 more before he was too tired to continue and one of the giants smacked him away.

As one of the giants advanced on him club raised to kill, A cry of "have at the." was heard. Right before a bolt of lightning struck the 3 giants closest to him and a Hammer to flew through the air taking out another as the Hammer flew back to its source Harry saw who it was it was Thor god of thunder and member of the avengers Harry was staring in awe when Thor spoke "Are you alright young one?"

Harry shifted grunting in pain while holding his ribs before nodding.

"Rest now young sorcerer, you have done well now allow me finish up here." Thor quickly dealt with the 2 Frost Giants remaining. As Thor turned away from the Frost Giants, a car flew in sending him flying. Before he could recover a green blur came in and started hitting him. Once Harry was able to get a better look he saw that it was Loki Thor's brother and leader of the invasion as Loki threw blast after blast of magic not allowing Thor a chance to recover, Harry panicked he had to help. As he focused all his power into a single attack drawing on more power than he ever had before and just as it reached its peak he unleashed all his power in go and though it barley fazed Loki it was enough to distract him allowing Thor to free himself.

With a cry Thor launched himself at his brother and without the element of surprise he was quickly defeated. "Thank you for your help young one." Thor told him as he landed in front of Harry.

"Your welc-"Harry began before collapsing being caught just before he hit the ground. Thor picked him up and flew towards the avengers' mansion.

The next day on the news, "It seems the day has been saved once more by the avengers' but the question on everyone's mind is who was the young man who helped saved the day. Which some people have been beginning to call the Emerald Sorcerer. More at -" the TV was abruptly cut off as a tall black man draped in black with an eye patch over his left eye stood there. "Any word on who the kid is Stark?" he asked.

"No, whenever we try to do a facial recognition scan the kid's powers flare up shorting out whatever machine is trying to ID him. Kid's costing me a fortune." Tony complained but anyone there could see he was excited by the challenge.

The man sighed, "Thor what about you got anything?" He asked looking pointedly at him that boy looked far too much like Loki in his opinion to be coincidence.

Thor understanding what he was implying shook his head. "No, the boy does not have a drop of Loki's blood within him. He is completely mortal, even the Allfather confirmed it." He informed them.

"Here's an idea," Janet Van Dyne interjected "how about we ask him?"

"You think that would work?" the man asked skeptical.

"You know Fury, not everyone is out to kill us, some of them do want to help." She retorted.

"Fine we do it your way first but the boy shows any signs of hostility we lock him up." Fury agreed it may be harsh but better safe than sorry. As he walked out the avengers discussed who would go and talk to him they eventually decided on Thor and Janet. They picked Thor because the boy had met him and Janet because it was her idea. It was 3 hours later when Jarvis Tony's AI informed them he was waking.

Harry woke up with an aching head, he let out a groan 'I feel like crap.' He thought. Harry looked around at the room he was in it wasn't his room much was clear. His head whipped around towards the door as he heard it open. When he saw who entered he was both shocked and nervous it was Wasp and Thor 2 of the avengers. Wasp smiled she was an attractive woman with short brown hair and kind brown eyes. "You should not be moving so soon, you cracked a few ribs you know." She said scolding him lightly. He blushed unused to someone telling him to be careful before realizing what she said he lifted the shirt he was wearing looking down at his ribs poking them they seemed normal Wasp looked close and blink those ribs should still be cracked yet there was not a mark on him. She shook her head, 'Must be a benefit of his powers.' She thought. "Anyway, I'm wasp and this is Thor what's your name?" she asked. Harry hesitated for a second before responding with a quiet, "Harry."

"Well Harry what's your last name so we can call your parents?" she asked with a kind smile.

"They've been dead for years." he said with a little sadness, he did miss them but it had been years and he barely knew them.

Wasp winced, 'Wow,' she thought 'nice move Janet.' She decided to ask a question that would hopefully not be as bad. "Well who takes care of you? Do you have an Aunt or Uncle we can call?" Wasp asked Harry's eyes widened in fear at the mention of an Aunt or Uncle which did not escape Wasps' notice. "Hey," She told him softly putting a hand on his shoulder. "It's alright we won't make you go back if you don't want to, ok." He nodded "Harry Potter" He informed them.

"thank you, now Thor wanted to talk to you." Thor nodded stepping up Harry had not realized till then how tall he was standing at about 6'6" with long blond hair and blue eyes and a suit of armor he made an imposing sight. Harry was snapped out of his thoughts when Thor spoke, "Who taught you magic young sorcerer?" he asked honestly curious as the boy was quite powerful.

"No one taught me sir, I am self-taught." Harry informed them. Thor raised an eyebrow while it was not unheard of for a magic user to teach themselves, they usually had someone to teach them the basics. The boy must have been incredibly intelligent to teach himself. "Well," He spoke after a moment's thought "you are very strong young one. With time and training you would quite the formidable foe." Harry puffed up a bit with pride it nice to be complimented but then doubt started to show through. "You really think so, but you are so powerful and I could not even affect your brother."

"Don't compare yourself to my brother he has had millennia of practice." Thor told him. "Besides did you not help me beat him? If it was not for you I might not have won. For that I am in your debt if you need anything don't be afraid to ask." Thor said before getting up to leave when Harry called out he seemed embarrassed "Do you think you could get me a book on basic magic?" He asked blushing. Thor let out a chuckle and nodded. "Of course."

Once they were back in the lounge the other avengers who had been watching the whole thing on a monitor began to talk "so what do you think is up with him?" Hawkeye also known as Clint Barton, an average sized man with brown hair and eyes asked messing around with his bow.

It was Antman otherwise known as Hank Pym who spoke first a tall man with dirty blond hair and brown eyes. "He is a kid." He stated, "If you remember he trying to get out of the city with everyone else I'm sure that if he had escaped he would not have come back to help he acted on instinct and fear. Plus he had the usual hero worship that most kids have for the avengers."

"What about the way he reacted when Janet mentions taking him back to his relatives he almost freaked out remember." Hawkeye pointed out. This time it was captain America a blond haired man with hard brown eyes, who spoke. "Not everyone is accepting of people with powers, his powers could have come in at a young age and his family might not have accepted them so he ran."

Next Tony spoke up, "You're not really going to give him those books he asked for are you Thor?" He asked.

"Why not," He answered. "They are just common books of magic not my brother personal spellbook." A bit annoyed that he would think him stupid enough to give a child something they could not handle.

"Alright," Tony said backing off "besides Fury wants us to keep an eye on him make sure he does not become a threat."

Antman snorted "Fury sees everything as a threat, even his own shadow."

"Well Harry will be leaving soon you know. His ribs are already healed and if we try and keep here he won't take that to well." Janet spoke up.

Natasha a beautiful redhead with curves in all the right places and from the way she dressed it was clear she knew it, finally spoke, "how about we let him go but one of us takes him under our wing that way we can watch him and gain his trust." The others grimaced at the thought of using the kid like that but could come up with no better idea. So they agreed while trying to decide who should become his mentor Thor spoke up "I will do it." they turned to Thor not expecting him to volunteer. "Why?" Hawkeye asked.

"Because if we are going to do something so dishonorable then we can't just leave the boy with someone who won't be able to teach him a thing. I am the only one of us who has any knowledge of magic; the rest of you would not know how to teach him." they shrugged at that it was true none of them knew the first thing about magic. Thor got up and made his way outside once there he called out "Heimdall open the Bifrost" and in a flash a portal appeared in front of him stepping through he flew to Asgard. Once landing there he greeted Heimdall a tall black man with glowing orange eyes. "What brings you here my prince?" he asked as Thor rarely visited Asgard these days and that was normally to drop off Loki after his latest mischief but he had brought his brother back yesterday so it couldn't be that.

"Books," he answered "books of magic to be precise." Heimdall peered at him trying to see if this was another of Loki's tricks finding nothing out of place he nodded. "Then you shall be going to the library do you know where it is milord?" he asked with a grin.

"Yes I know where the library is Heimdall." He said understanding his hatred of reading was well known.

"How could you milord you have never been there before." Heimdall responded.

Thor chuckling good naturedly went on his way greeting a few people on his way to library once there the librarian blinked in shock seeing Thor in the library of all places. Quickly composing herself she walked up the prince. "Do you need any help milord?"

"Yes, do you have books on beginners magic." He asked looking around never have realized how big the library was.

"Of course my prince over here." She said leading him to smaller section of the library she pointed to a small shelf. "These are all our books on beginning magic."

He looked "thank you for your help." He said before looking at the book it was 10 minutes later he picked 4 books 'Beginning Magic' which was about learning how to access you magic and basic exercises in controlling your magic, 'Basic Battlefield Magic' which taught spells that were useful in battle like quick healing spells and energy attacks, 'Common Household Spells' which were useful for common household chores and keeping oneself clean, and 'Magical Abilities' which told about common and uncommon powers that used magic. Removing them from the shelf he was surprised to see exact copies take their place. Taking the books to the front desk he asked if he could get them translated into English. "Sorry milord but only the one on magical abilities can be translated the rest you risk accidentally removing the spells in them." She said putting a spell on 'magical abilities' to translate it while taking the books putting them in a sack for him to carry.

He nodded "it's alright thank you for your help." He said before leaving. The next day he headed back to earth.

Once back he went to the mansion to find everyone was in the kitchen eating while Tony and Hank tried in vain to get Harry to let them study his powers. "Come on it's for science?" Hank almost begged.

Harry shrugged "I use magic how does that help me." Hawkeye was laughing his ass off the entire time it was hilarious watching 2 of the smartest people alive meet the stubbornness of a child.

"I will pay you." Tony offered the boy. The kid actually seemed to consider it for a moment. "How much?" the young sorcerer asked.

Tony smirked, 'everyone has a price' the inventor thought right before he slapped over the head by an annoyed Wasp. "Don't you dare try and corrupt him Tony." She said with a glare.

Thor stood at the door amused by their actions when Harry looked up "Thor you're back." He shouted in excitement.

Thor chuckled before swinging the sack on his shoulder around and opening it up pulling out the books within "I believe you asked for these" the Thunderer said holding them out Harry zipped out of seat a took them from Thor.

"Thank you!" He exclaimed opening them up before realizing 3 of them were in another language. "Um Thor I can't read these." He told the god.

"Yes sadly the books can't be translated without translating the spells as well." Thor informed him. "But" he added seeing the child's face fall. "I can teach you."

"You would, but aren't you busy being a hero?" he asked confused why he would waste his time teaching him.

"It is not uncommon for warriors to take apprentices to train." Thor informed him.

"You would really train me?" He asked afraid it was all a joke.

Thor nodded "yes."

"Ok then." Harry cheered sitting down and opening the book he could read about to start. When a hand grabbed the book from him placing it on the table when he looked he saw it was Wasp standing there. "Oh no young man you are eating first" she told him with stern look.

"Alright." he said walking to the table picking up the book on his way past.

"And no reading at the table." She said taking the book from him he let out a sigh and went to the table. "That means you too Hank." she said without turning around Hank sighed putting the book back. Clint laughed and let out a cough that sounded suspiciously like 'whipped'. Wasp turned her glare on him and he shut up immediately. She nodded going back to her seat and eating.

After eating as fast as he could he immediately went up Thor with the books to begin learning. "Eager to learn are you?" he asked with a smile, Harry nodded sitting in front Thor. As he taught he noticed how similar Harry was to his brother years ago before they became enemies the way he immersed himself in whatever he was working on as time passed he saw the boy was just as smart as Loki as well picking up a basic grasp of the language in a few hours. When it was later Harry's eyes fluttered and he let out a yawn. "Thanks for teaching me Thor but I should get home."

Wasp looked up from where she was sitting. "Where do you live?" she asked wanting to make sure it was safe. "We can take you there."

"It's ok I can get there on my own" he told her.

"It's late you should not be out on your own powers or not." She said.

"But I can teleport there" he informed them.

"Wait," Tony spoke up "if you can teleport then why did you not use that to get out of the city?" not understanding why he would risk himself needlessly like that.

"It wouldn't work something was blocking it." he answered embarrassed.

"That was most likely my brother trying to make sure Asgard could not send reinforcements." Thor told him.

"Well anyway," Wasp spoke up "we should know where you live to make sure we can reach you in an emergency." After telling them where he lived he left for home. Once there he entered a trance going to Wanda's room.

When he got there Wanda was fuming. "2 days without visiting me, I thought something happened to you." She yelled at him. Normally she would not mind but with the attack on New York she thought he had been hurt.

"I know" he apologized. "But you won't believe what happened to me." He said before telling her about everything from the books to becoming Thor apprentice.

She smiled, "This is great now we can actually learn real magic instead of figuring it out ourselves." Harry spent the rest of the night teaching her what he learned from Thor.

It was 2 weeks later when they finally managed to make real progress with getting Wanda out; managing to teleport a small dice into her room it was small but a major improvement. On the avengers side of things he finally met the Hulk who was teleported to Nevada right before the battle began. Harry also made his second debut as a hero while fighting against a super villain named vortex a criminal that could control the wind while Thor fought him Harry used a spell to blast him away knocking him out once the battle was done and vortex was locked up in police van. Harry fixed the damage caused by Vortex by using a mass repairing spell.

Harry also got a costume to go with his new hero life, he was perfectly fine with his normal clothes but to a fashion designer like Wasp that was sacrilege. She outfitted him with boots and a black jacket with green sleeves and leather bracers, 3 gold strips on the outside of the coat going around his body with a golden leather strap a bit above his chest and leather body armor to protect him with his hair combed back [1] when asked why he looked so much like Loki Wasp just shrugged and said "Loki is a jerk, but he has style." Watching her language as Harry was around. Many people in the city thought that with his appearance, powers and having Thor as a mentor that he was Loki's son and that the avengers were trying to keep him on the side of good. Kids loved him though he was a superhero their age and got hang out with the avengers. The adults were much more mix in their response to him. Some hated him because of his supposed parentage, while some had accepted him, others had adopted a wait and see attitude. That regardless did not stop Jameson from tearing into him say that he was no different than his 'father' and was just biding his time waiting for a chance to take over.

At first Harry was confused and hurt why people would hate him for something Loki did someone whom he had no relation with. But Wasp calmly explained to him that people were scared and that he should work to prove them wrong. Thor was a surprisingly good mentor taking time teach Harry what he needed to know about being a hero along with taking time to teach him Old Norse and what little magic he knew.

1 month later Harry and Wanda were going to perform one last test before getting her out of the asylum that night Harry began the spell from his room Harry spoke in Old Norse "vesener av magi låne oss støtte som sender dette objektet til min venn" and the object in front of him vanished in a green flash of light.

Once Harry finished Wanda waited for the spell to work as a green cloud of smoke appeared in her room she leaned closer trying to see through the cloud. When the smoke cleared she saw what it was and blinked it was a stuffed wolf with a noted attached to it when she pick up the wolf she took the note of it and read "dear Wanda happy birthday hope you enjoy Mr. Fuzzles company." She read the note again was it really her birthday, she remembered that the frost giant invasion happened on July 5th and it had been a month and a half since then that means it was august 12th wow it was her birthday she stopped caring about her birthday's years ago. She smiled looking down at the wolf. That night as she went to sleep she held the wolf close to her. one week later they were ready to try and get her out.

"Vesener av magi låne oss hjelpe bringe meg til min venn" Harry chanted before vanishing in a plum of green smoke.

As Harry began the spell Wanda prepared herself to help with the escape spell. When Harry appeared in her room in column of green smoke she reached out to touch him and her hand instead of passing through as it normally did it instead made contact with his skin. Wanda jumped up, "It worked." She shouted overjoyed giving Harry a hug as Harry hugged her back.

"Come on let's get out of here." Harry said grabbing her hands.

"Right." She nodded grabbing what few things she valued and gripping his hands they began the spell to get out.

"Vesener av magi låne oss hjelpe sende oss til et trygt sted" They chanted before vanishing in a pillar of purple smoke. It would not be till professor Xavier visited the next day would they noticed she had vanished.

However instead of ending up in at Harry's apartment they were in the middle of the family room in the avengers' mansion.

As the avengers saw a cloud of purple smoke appear in the middle of the room they prepared themselves for battle. When they saw instead of being a criminal mastermind or super villain it was Harry and a girl his age with long brown hair wearing black pants and a white shirt.

Harry blushed, "whoops." He said upon seeing the avengers.

"Harry why are you here with a girl?" Wasp asked with a stern expression on her face and a glare. When Harry looked around he saw the rest of the avengers had similar looks on their faces. Except Tony he was giving him thumbs up. "I was aiming for the apartment actually. Don't know why I ended up here." He informed them honestly confused until Wanda spoke up.

"Of course," She said "we said safe place not your home. So it took us to where you felt safest, with the avengers." She told them clearly annoyed that they did not think about that when they were making the spell.

The avengers' attention turned to her, "And you are?" Hawkeye asks wondering who she was.

"I'm Wanda Maximoff." She told them.

"Great and why would you two be trying to go to Harry's apartment aren't you two a bit young to be doing things like that?" Tony asked with a grin. The two of them tilted their heads confused not understanding what he was talking about. When they both blushed bright red realizing what he was implying, "shut up you old pervert," Harry yelled cheeks stained red with embarrassment "we were trying out a spell."

"Is that what they're calling it these days, trying a spell?" he asked with a smirk.

Wanda was so embarrassed her control over her powers slipped and a glass on the shattered. The avengers looked to the glass in shock when Wanda spoke "I'm sorry." she apologized waving her and fixing the glass immediately.

The group of heroes blinked "give us a minute Harry?" Wasp requested before they all left the room entering the meeting room.

Once there Tony called out to Jarvis "Jarvis bring up all info on Wanda Maximoff." He requested.

When Jarvis was done he spoke "she seems to be a normal girl until her sixth birthday, after that she was committed to St. Marcus's Sanitarium sir."

"Why was she committed?" Steve Rogers aka Captain America asked finding it hard to believe a girl could be crazy at that age.

"It says she was unstable and had a habit of breaking things. So her father had her committed." Jarvis informed them.

They were all quite for a moment till Tony spoke up remembering the abilities she displayed in the other room. "It's most likely when her powers showed up her family took it badly and had her committed to get rid of her."

"Then how did Harry meet her he lived in Britain before and never could have met her?" Wasp asked.

When Thor spoke "Not necessarily it's possible that Harry met her during a spirit walk, many sorcerers' go on these by accident when they first discover their powers. It is possible that when he discovered his powers he met her while she was doing the same." The immortal told them.

"So what do we do about her?" Hawkeye asked.

Natasha spoke up, "Who says we have to do anything she is clearly close to Harry and will probably stay with him so we don't have to worry about losing track of her. We should just wait and see." Said the assassin.

In the other room Harry and Wanda wait nervously for avengers to return. the mutant was scared they were going to send her back while Harry was promising he would not let them. When the heroes reentered the room they smiled at her "Don't worry kid we aren't going to send you back to St. Marcus." Tony told her While Wanda tensed at the mention of her prison of 6 years. "Now, why don't you two go back to Harry's apartment and 'try some spells'" he told them while laughing as they blushed Harry glared at him before waving his hand and they disappeared in cloud of smoke. As the avengers relax and went back to what they were doing Hawkeye took a look at Tony and started laughing. The sound of the archer's laughter made them all look up before seeing Tony and they all struggled to contain their laughter.

while Tony was confused looking at himself and seeing nothing out of place he asked "what's so funny?" Wasp just pointed at a mirror. As Tony looked in the mirror he saw their reason for laughing his hair was a bright fluorescent pink so bright it actually hurt to look at. "HARRY!" Tony roared immediately knowing who did it.

Meanwhile at Harry's apartment Wanda was laughing before asking "How long do think it will take him to find out?" she asked giggling.

"I'd say about 2 minutes." He answered with a grin before showing her around her new home.

"So this is your room." He said showing her the room next his own. As she put her stuff away he noticed how little she had. "We can go shopping tomorrow to get you new stuff." He informed her.

Harry looked at Wanda in shock how someone spends all day shopping yet only get 8 outfits he did not know. Harry knew he himself had expensive tastes not liking looking anything less than his best and spent plenty of time picking out his clothing. But the most time he had ever spent while shopping was an hour and a half and he got 7 outfits from 4 different stores. He was not surprised by the amount she spent though she at first tried going into a common clothing store planning on buy a few sets of cheap clothing but Harry was having none of that. He dragged the witch to one of the stores he normally went to that catered to both men and women and told her to pick out whatever she wanted when she seemed nervous about costing him too much he sighed and told her that unless she spent more than 5,000 dollars she did not have to worry.

When Wanda asked how he could afford that he told her about how he had a deal with several stores, he would fix things for half the price it would normally cost them and they would always come to him first. Once she found out that money wasn't an issue she went kind of crazy trying on everything she could get her hands and by the time they were done it was 8pm they got there at 11am how does one spend that much time shopping? When he asked the male avengers that a few days later they laughed and said to quote Tony, "That Harry will always be a mystery." the worst thing was that both he and Wanda were being forced to go to school. Luckily they did not have to go with kids their own age and were able to skip 2 years. Harry was able to skip because numbers, science and math just clicked with him, Wanda because while locked up she had nothing better to do then read so she learned a lot.

It was a week later when Nick Fury showed up at avengers' mansion with a harder than usual look on his face.

"What's up Nick." Asked Tony with his usual smirk on his face, Fury didn't say anything just handed him a file Tony took it with a raised eyebrow "Ok well aren't you cheery." He said before opening the file as he read the file his face turned grim he got up and walked up to an intercom and slide the usual keypad to the side punching several keys he finally spoke "Avenger Assemble" Tony – no not Tony this was Ironman called. Within hour the whole team had assembled from Black Widow to the Hulk.

"Everyone we have 4 giant meteors heading toward earth at their current speed they will reach us in 2 day when the hit they wipe out at least North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and parts of South America." as he spoke a screen turned on behind him showing images of the meteors and of where they were projected to hit "Now everyone will be on deck Hulk for this you will be taking on the biggest one that will touch down in the Gobi Desert. Thor you will be covering the one that will hit the Sahara Desert. I will take the one headed towards Germany. Antman you will help them coordinate the nuclear attacks on the other meteor. While Wasp you Hawkeye, Black Widow and cap' help evacuate the nearby cities. Harry, Wanda," He said addressing the two young heroes looking serious. "I'm sorry but like I said we will need all hands on deck you 2 will be setting up barriers to deal with the smaller ones that get through. Shield will tell you where those are."

The next 2 days were spent setting up barrier after barrier they ended up put over 30 barriers up each all over the world which Harry noted with annoyance were not all places likely to be hit, but some the homes of the rich and powerful too scared to even leave their houses. Once finished they went back to New York to wait out the rest. As the meteors came down everyone was watching to see what would happen.

Thor was meditating he had spent the last 4 hours building up his powers and as the meteor came down to earth the god of thunder roared out a battle cry of "FOR MIDGARD!" unleashing all of his power in one swing as he hit the meteor it stop for just a moment before exploding in a shower of lightning. "Man of Iron," he spoke into an ear piece. "The threat has been vanquished."

Hulk was waiting for the meteor to show up immersing himself in his never ending pool of anger. When Hulk saw the meteor he smirked and with a roar of "HULK SMASH!" He launched himself at the meteor with a savage grin. When he hit it the meteor it shattered into dozens of smaller chunks that were quickly blasted out of the sky by the military.

Above Germany Ironman was in a special suit of armor it only had the bare minimum of protection, but in exchange it had a massive boost in its weapons systems. "Jarvis," the billionaire spoke as the meteor came into sight. "Divert all power to the Unibeam" as the centerpiece of his armor glowed he prepared to unleash its power. "Now Jarvis!" The hero ordered as he did so a massive blast of energy was shot out of his center of his armor obliterating the meteor completely. "Ironman here, my meteor's gone."

As the last meteor entered orbit Antman waited for it to line up "fire on my mark." waiting a few moments for the targeting system to get a lock. "Now" and with that several nuclear missiles were fired at the meteor he smiled when they hit before seeing a much smaller but still extremely large pieces continue on. "Antman here, we have a problem."

Ironman was the first to respond "what's the problem Hank."

"A piece of the meteor broke off and is headed to New York it's too small and fast of our missiles to hit. But Tony if it hits all of New York will disappear, not just the city but the entire state as well."

Everyone was silent that was at that was over 0.16 percent of the world's population gone like that and no one was close enough to stop it as everyone was too far away, even Thor at full power going max speed would still be 10 minutes too late.

"Damn it, get as many people out of the city as you can see if you can get them far enough away."

"Tony some people won't want to leave the shelters."

"Well it won't matter how good those shelters are they won't survive a direct hit by a meteor."

Harry and Wanda were nearby having overheard the warning looked at each other and nodded they knew they could stop it as they teleported to the top of Stark tower they looked up "Are you ready?" Harry asked nervously.

She gave a little smile, "Not even a little."

"Me neither." The sorcerer responded. As they prepared the spell Wanda suddenly grabbed Harry's hand "Thank you," she said "for being my friend." He smiled "Right back at you." As they lifted their hand into the air they cast the spell it was a very simple spell actually you visualize what you want to cover and so long as you have power it will hold against almost anything. As they cast the spell for the first time ever they casted a spell truly together. Now there are two main kinds of combined spell casting one were 2 or more people cast a spell at the same time building off one another like a wall, or when 2 or people merge their magic temporarily causing their magic to multiply depending on how compatible their magic is building the wall faster and flowing better. Now on the outside they would appear the walls would appear to be equals. But when tested one would find that the second wall is much denser being able to take at least twice as much damage as its counterpart. Some would assume that because Harry and Wanda's magic where opposites then they would merge horribly being incredibly weak. But they would be wrong for chaos and order were not opposites constantly fight for dominance. But 2 symbiotic forces working together constantly to achieve a goal. So when they worked together a massive shield shot up cover the entire city as the shield color first appeared red then green flickering back and forth till finally turning purple. As the meteor hit it did not break, it did not shatter, it was not obliterated, it just disintegrated into nothingness.

As people looked up in shock and cheered they looked for the source of the shield they found a beam of energy coming from stark tower following it there an executive employee let several news crews in with him to see what caused the shield when they got to the top of the tower they were shock to see the Emerald Sorcerer and a young girl around the same age dressed in red casting the spell that was making the shield as they collapsed into unconsciousness they News Crews tried to get a closer look when the other avengers showed up and took them back to the manor.

An older man was sitting in an office watching the news to see the report on the meteors and where that shield came from.

'"This is channel 8 news Carrie Weathers reporting in from Stark Tower were just moments ago two young heroes stopped a meteor from destroying all of New York on their own one of the heroes it already known to us" she as a picture appeared beside her of a young man dressed in a black, green and gold. "As the Emerald Sorcerer, however this new hero is not, dressed in all red and pink she help stop the meteor" as a picture appeared in place of the Emerald Sorcerer the man's eyes widened "Wanda" he whispered recognizing his daughter even after all these years. "in a fitting fashion to her partner she is being called the Scarlet Witch." The man let out a sigh of all the people in the world that could have been Chaos it had to be his daughter the one person who hated him the most. He had heard she had escaped for when he put her and was on guard for days expecting her to attack him at any time. When nothing happened he assumed she could not find him. But it seems she was with another, living the life of a hero, things had just gotten much more difficult. 'Yes,' Magneto thought, 'it seems as though saving mutant kind has gotten much more complicated. but at least they have past their first trial i doubt the other will be as easy'

Done it took half a week but it is done 7 thousand words.

translations 'being of magic lend us aid send this object to my friend.

beings of magic lend us aid send me to my friend.

beings of magic lend us aid send us someplace safe.'

[1] Loki's appearance from Thor the dark world minus the trench coat but a normal one in its place and his hair is shorter.

also like I said the heroes will as strong as in the comic books. don't worry Professor X will appear next chapter

you notice how I keep comparing harry to Loki he is not related to him or anything like that but I love the way he was in the movies he was like I said Loki is an ass but he has style

Another thing is that the triwizard tournament will happen in harry's 5th year all the characters will be the same everything is just being moved up a year so umbridge appears in 6th year instead. this is to give me more time for character development.

also while Wanda/Harry is the end game of the story they will date other people and the breakups will not all be giant explosions of rage some just won't work out.