A bit ranty here but I hate massive crossovers or at least stories that are massive crossovers from the start. Like all those rise of the guardians, tangled, frozen, how to train your dragon crossover. Trying to crossover twelve different series at the same time is impossible. Some writers do it well by slowly incorporating the different series and keeping the focus on two while letting the rest exist in the background but not be a central part of the main story in a marvel, dc manner a yes they exist but they are not all the focus of this story so right now pretend they don't kind of way. Like wizard of the kaleidoscope where it is a main crossover with Harry Potter and Naruto but also has elements of fate stay night and the dresden files plus maybe a few others. But others try and cram all of them in together and just make a jumbled mess. or perhaps one that is very good and more related to this topic is child of the storm, a great story that I am about half way through I recommend checking it out. a bit rough in the beginning but gets really good as time goes on.

Dumbledore smiled as the announcement for the Yule Ball spread throughout the school, it was amusing to say the least to watch young students have meltdowns over something as mundane as a ball. Though he did frown at some of the rude ways people both asked to go to the ball and rejected others. He chuckled when he saw one of the Weasley twins pantomime going to the dance to ask a girl out as the students all silently sat eating. His eyes found Neville Longbottom and Hermione Granger and as always a surge of guilt welled up within him.

He felt relieved when Severus sat down next him with a perturbed look on his face. "Problem Severus?"

"It is miss Maximoff." He said.

"Is there a problem?" Dumbledore asked. "I know she and mister Potter have been sitting in on your classes." whether or not he meant to, though Dumbledore was leaning towards he did, Harry had flattered Snape into allowing them into his class claiming that a potions master of Snape's level was rare and the chance to learn from him should be taken.

"No problem just surprised." He said pensive.

"Miss Maximoff as terrible at potions as she claims to be at cooking?" Dumbledore asked his eyes twinkling. The girl had been hesitant to join potions claiming she was a disaster in the kitchen she didn't want to know how much damage she could do with recipes that regularly exploded. But Harry had talked to her into it.

"Far far better actually." He answered. "The girl has a knack for potions I haven't seen before, I nearly had a heart attack when the girl made a mistake with the potion and began to throw in random ingredients to try and fix. But hers turned out to be the best by far." the girl was like a reverse Neville Longbottom didn't follow directions at all yet somehow managed to make a perfect potion, unlike the actual Longbottom who followed them near perfectly and still managed to make his potions explode. Honestly he had seen many students make far worse mistakes and not even get half the explosive reaction that he could.

Dumbledore chuckled. "I see, how is Mr. Potter at potions?" He asked curiously.

Snape considered it for a moment. "He is adequate." He admitted. "but he does not have that same knack for potions that Miss Maximoff has. He is very much like Miss Granger a very skilled potions maker but lacks the instincts to truly be a master, to set on following the instructions if something does go wrong he follows the textbook example of what to do not figuring out for himself what to do." Something that works great for cooking not so much for potions. It was one of the reasons someone comparing potions to cooking annoyed him, true for the first few years of learning it very much was but once one entered the world of more advanced and unstable potions, anyone could tell you that you had to adapt and change the recipe to suit the situation. It was why he only accepted O's into last two years of potions, the potions they made in for the OWL exams were the easiest of what they would make in sixth and seventh year if they could not handle those they should not be potion makers.

"Wonderful!" Dumbledore smiled Snape heard a strange buzzing sensation and looked around confused. It had sounded a bit like a muggle telephone and yes he did know what those were his home was in the muggle world and he had a phone that he kept in a completely empty portion of the house that was made to repel magic making it hold no more than an average street, he tended to leave it off and never use it for long or else they tended to explode.

Dumbledore himself seemed confused for a moment before he seemed to remember something and pulled a muggle flip phone out of his pocket. "Headmaster is a cell phone?" Severus asked confounded, technology did not work around magic.

"Ah yes Mr Potter gave it to me he wished to test how it would last in one of the most magical environments in the world while in a sorcerer's possession."

"He managed to get muggle technology working around magic?" He questioned, confused. "How?"

"Runes, he is a master runecrafter as we know from the first task." He knew the truth it had been explained to him but he had seen their point about someone trying to copy and/or steal his rune work to control what would no doubt be a massively popular venture even if only among the muggleborns a cell phone was something many of them desperately missed. If someone did manage to come up with a runic array that worked great they deserved every knut they earned but if they just copied his own to make a quick buck then they deserved nothing.

"I see, I did not know he was so advanced." He wouldn't have been the first rune master to try and make muggle technology work around magic but it did seem he was the first to succeed.

"Yes, he had been working on it for a year or two now." Dumbledore turned to the other teachers at the table. "What about you Filius? I believe they sat in on your class last week."

"It went well but was an incredibly humbling experience." The diminutive professor admitted. "With total ease they performed spells that even I have trouble with, maybe with not as much finesse but they are young I am sure in a few years they will have surpassed me in every way." He only wished he could have actually taught them; what an experience that would have been, he had no doubt that would have been his crowning achievement training two sorcerers.

"They do seemed to break several conventions on magic that I have long held true." McGonagall agreed with a sigh. "Mr. Potter has performed transfiguration on such a fundamental level that I have been unable to undo it." Eyebrows went up for everyone, unable to undo a transfiguration? McGonagall? That was one of the few branches of magic where she could claim to be one of the greatest in the world she was good in general but she thrived in transfiguration coming close to even Dumbledore in skill. "If I didn't know any better I would say he was permanently changing it."

"And Miss Maximoff?"

The deputy headmistress who had dealt with the marauders and The Weasley twins rubbed her brow. "Do not get me started on that girl, she may be a sweet girl but she is an absolute demon when it comes to transfiguration she refuses to allow logic to work in the slightest way. She doesn't even use spells! At least not for transfiguration, she just turns one thing into another; no visualization just things of a vague idea of what she wants and it comes out perfectly." She was ready to tear her hair out trying to figure out how the girl did it. She just seemed completely random in how her magic worked. Sometimes she caused just the most basic version of what was requested other times she would elaborate designs using only half the magic there was no reason to it! No patterns! Nothing!

Wanda yawned as she laid down after a long week, both she and Harry had been jumping between Hogwarts and the institute all week. Xavier was slowly cutting back on own appearances allowing Jean, Hank, Ororo and a few of the other students deal with the public more. He wanted to be clear that they all had a choice and believed in his dream as well, that no matter how you looked or where you came from you would be accepted at the institute. That is what in many was made the x-men a perfect face for mutants, through luck and circumstance they managed to gain a large diverse team from all around the world and different cultures.

There was Kurt AKA Nightcrawler, whom anyone at school would tell you that he was far more religious than normal as well as being German. Kitty and Spyke gave a more regular kid feel that not every member was a foreigner or inhuman looking outcast but rather just every day teens worried about normal stuff like grades and dating, something that Jean being a top of her class honor roll near perfect scores on all her tests was lacking. Jean was as Rogue once put it Miss Perfect, best member of the school soccer team as well as top of her class and several other things made people skeptical refusing to believe anyone could be that perfect. With Jean it was easy to believe she used her powers to get ahead in life, telepath and telekinetic both very subtle powers. After all any of the students could tell you everyone had liked Jean and got along with her except for a few people and the one thing they all had in common was that they knew about her powers. Plus all those impossible shots she always made during soccer she used her powers to slightly nudge the ball in the right direction, it was easier for people to believe that she was using her powers for her own benefit and that's why she is so much better then them rather than admit she just worked harder.

she and Harry were similarly seen like that they were avengers of course they were on the side of good but what about the rest of their kind, where they exceptions to the rule or did they set the standard. they were too idolized by most people for said people to equate someone they didn't know to them.

"Long day?" Harry asked and she felt him sit down on the bed next to her.

"Long week." She moaned. "It's Christmas break let us enjoy it." She whined.

Harry chuckled but nodded in agreement. "You can say that again."

"It's Christmas break let us enjoy it." She repeated with a tired grin.

Harry rolled his eyes amused. "Oh ha ha." He said giving a mock laugh before poking her inside.

Wanda slapped his hand. "Stop it." She groaned but Harry just poked her again.

"Or else what?" He asked with a grin.

Wanda opened an eye and shot him a glare. "Or else this." quickly she reached up and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him down next to her before resting on top of him.

Harry tried to pry her grip off him but it was futile her grip was stronger than steel. "Wanda let me go." He asked amused but wanda merely snuggled in closer.

"Never." She told him. "I warned you and now this is the price." She yawned.

"Can you at least let me get comfortable?" He asked trying to shift into a more comfortable position.

"Nope." She said popping the P before going silent. After a moment Harry noticed her breathing had evened out and she had relaxed her grip slightly.

"Wanda?" He asked not believing his girlfriend had managed to fall asleep so quickly. "Wanda?" he asked in a slightly louder voice realizing she really was asleep he tried to pry himself out of her grip but that had the unfortunate side effect of making her tighten her grip and move in closer.

Harry sighed and shifted so they'd both be a bit more comfortable before closing his eyes and going to sleep himself.

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