Wanda gave herself a once over look in the mirror before nodding, unlike most of the girls at this school she was no stranger to school dances. Something she found very ironic originally she had been the odd one out at school because she had never been to a dance, now she was the odd one out because she was the only who has been to one. From what she had heard formal balls in the wizarding world were exactly what you would expect of a victorian era ball with some modern technology everyone in nice dresses overly formal clothing with several political figures there to make an appearance, make allies and generally look good for the people or in this case the press.

Her dress was a beautiful work of art done by Janet, the Avenger had ignored any and all objections by Wanda about the dress and how it wasn't necessary for her to design one. She was bad enough for normal school dances, as Hank had often reminded her that a supposedly normally if very smart high school student wouldn't be able to afford a customized outfit by an avenger and that furthermore why would the avenger have made her a dress in the first place. So she reluctantly agreed to merely help choose the dress but now she had no such restriction and had steamrolled any attempt by either Harry or Wanda to object though the entire time she was designing Harry's dress robes she had been muttering about 'a stupid backwards society with an outdated fashion sense.' which to her was one of the greatest evils you could commit just short of allowing Hank to dictate what was considered fashion, he had designed his own suit and she stood by her opinion that it was a crime against nature and fashion.

Wanda strode down the stairs to the great hall drawing more than a few looks as she did. She wouldn't deny it helped her self confidence about her appearance to see several people struck speechless by her appearance. She had always been told she was pretty but when standing next the Black Widow, Ms Marvel or even Wasp she felt lacking. She understood of course that these were full grown women in their prime, though for Black Widow it seemed like that prime would never end. But it still felt nice for her ego.

"Hello Wanda." Harry greeted in his dress robes, she could help but notice that because he was always dressed so nice and formally even with the different style it didn't look quite as fancy as it should have, looking so much like his every day appearance. "Your beauty is even greater tonight than usual." he said grabbing her hand and kissing the back of it making Wanda chuckle.

"Cool it casanova, we are already dating you don't need to butter me up." she said poking him in the side as she took his arm. "Besides I have seen and heard every line you have." she pointed out making Harry put a hand to chest in mock insult.

"Are you saying I have become uninteresting to you."

"Dull as could be darling." she teased patting him on the cheek.

"Guess that means I just have to try harder." he returned as they went towards the side where the champions were waiting to start off the dance.

"Viktor." Harry nodded to bulgarian seeker he had been surprised by the intelligence the young man held while he didn't expect him to be a fool given that he was chosen to participate in the tournament. But he was surprisingly knowledgeable about some of the more obscure branches of magic as well. "I don't believe I have met your beautiful date." he said turning his charming smile to the girl, he believe she was in Gryffindor their resident book worm if he remembered correctly.

Wanda slapped his arm. "Control yourself." she scolded only to receive a grin in turn, rolling her eyes fondly she turned to the girl the held out her hand. "Wanda Maximoff nice to meet you."

"Hermione Granger." she introduced taking the offered hand and giving a shake a light blush dusting her cheeks.

A few moments later Cedric Diggory and his date arrived, she was a girl of Asian decent though from where was unclear, their appearance was slightly disheveled.

"Hey not late are we?" He asked noticing the other three champions had been here for a while now.

"Not yet." The French witch at the front of the group said. "But ze dance iz aboot to start." She told him.

"Oh good it would be really bad if we were late." He said shooting a glance at his date who merely smirked.

"Hey this is the first time we have had a dance at hogwarts it took me awhile to get ready." She turned to the other girls there. "You all get it right took me forever to get my hair right."

Hermione nodded. "I had to use a quarter bottle of Sleekeazy's Hair Potion." she admitted, making Wanda's jaw drop.

"Oh my God." Wanda muttered her jaw dropping and Hermione flushed. "I finally found someone whose hair is worse than Harry's."

"His hair isn't bad." Cedric said it never seemed messy, in fact it was a lot neater than everyone else at the school.

"Oh you haven't seen it without magic." Wanda told them. "Remove the spells on his hair and it's a total birds nest." she said making Harry glare. "What?" she asked with an amused grin. "prove me wrong." she challenged making her boyfriend pout instead.

The group of champions chuckled. Cedric realized he had yet to introduce his date. "Oh right this is Cho Chang my girlfriend." he said to them introducing his date. She smiled and waved at the group.

"Nice to meet you all." she said and a moment later McGonagall entered the room.

"The champions will begin the dance in a few minutes I recommend you straighten up." she advised looking at the slightly disheveled appearance of Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory, it wasn't to hard to figure out why they were really late. The two flushed and began to fix their clothing and lucky for Cho who had a bit of smeared make up Fleur was there.

"'Ere' allo' me." she said drawing her wand and flicking it at her fixing her make up.

"You have got to teach me that." Cho requested as she looked in the mirror and noticed her completely fixed make up.

"After zhe dance hmm?" she offered smiling as the doors opened admitting the champions.

The couples slide onto the ballroom floor just as the music began each of them dancing in tune with the music. Fleur was so breathtaking and elegant in appearance that she have been american break dancing and still would have looked regal. Even cedric and Cho seemed to be doing fairly well though they didn't have the finesse that Fleur and her date whose name Harry realized they never got.

The only ones having any trouble were Hermione and Viktor as it seemed Viktor was almost literally holding her up. While she seemed to have trouble with even the most basic dance. Soon the first dance came to a close and the rest of the schools students poured onto the dance floor eager to start dancing themselves. Though as soon as that happened Hermione & Krum moved to sit down.

"Sorry Viktor." she muttered as he helped her into her seat.

"It is vine Hermy-own." Hermione bit her lip in amusement. "Vhat it vas cluser da?" he had been having trouble with her name ever since he asked her out.

"Yes Viktor it was much better." she told him patting his hand.

He grinned. "And don't vorry abet de 'duncing, I hate to dance."

"Is that the reason you asked me? So you could avoid dancing." she asked with a small smile recognizing his attempt to cheer her up.

Soon the formal dance lulled to a stop causing the students to go find seats to eat.

Wanda and Harry took a seat across from Hermione and Viktor smiles on their faces as they enjoyed the dance. "Have fun?" Hermione asked a bit of jealously in her voice as she saw the two superheroes take a seat.

"Yeah normally school dances don't have such long formal dances just a brief one at the end." Wanda said, "So it is nice to be able to actually put those lessons to good use."

"Lessons?" Cho asked as Cedric pulled out her seat for her.

"Yeah you didn't think we just knew how to dance like that naturally did you?" Harry asked causing everyone there to cough awkwardly and look away.

"Oh my God you did." Wanda laughed. "No we were taught by the other avengers I learned from Tony while Harry learned from the Black Widow herself." she smirked at him remembering his embarrassment at learning to dance from her.

"Moving on." Cedric said with a small smirk of amusement. "How did everyone else enjoy the dance?"

"et vas nice." Fleur said, "thankfully my date can dance." she said looking at Cedric who flushed remembering how twice he stepped on his girlfriend's toes.

"I wasn't that bad right?" he asked looking at Cho, who gave him a patronizing pat on the cheek.

"Of course not." she said with an amused grin sprouting on her face. "What about you two I noticed you left the dance floor early, saving energy for later?" Cho asked Viktor and Hermione making them both light up like a christmas tree in embarrassment.

"Cho." Cedric muttered sharply making the girl's eyes light up in realization and an apologetic look come onto her face.

"N-n-no." Hermione stuttered out face still red. "Just tired." she told them, then it hit Harry why she was so tired and why Viktor had to practically carry her to her seat.

"You're hurt." he noted making the girl turn to him in surprise. "The way you walk and sit imply that you're injured." he said making the girl shrink.

"Not that there is anything wrong with being hurt, remember we are on a team with a guy who is only alive because there is a super magnet in his chest." Wanda said quickly shooting Harry a look, who shrugged true he could have been more tactful about pointing it out but it was clearly common knowledge at the school.

"It's fine there was just an accident in first year." she said dismissing the apology.

"You know I think there are some spells that can help with nerve damage." Harry told her making her look up sharply.

"How did you-" she began to ask before stopping.

"Know?" Harry finished for her. "Nerve damage is one of the few things wanded magic can't heal those kinds of spells have to be cast on you by you."

Hermione suddenly sat forward a lot more interested. "Really I haven't heard about this?"

"Well that because it was invented by Tibetan monks, it's all about making your physical body match you spiritual one." he explained. "It does work but it's kind of a hit or miss. You need an incredibly strong mind and great memory to perform it right. I recommend you look up Himalayan healing magic, their branch is the best given they deal with dead nerves all the time." what with all the frost bite.

"Thank you." Hermione said swallowing back tears, she had long given up hope on healing completely.

There were a few moments of awkward silence before Cedric cleared his throat. "So Harry what do plan to do when you win I heard you were forgoing the prize money giving it to second place?" he asked making the other two champions turn away from their food and dates to listen, part of the reason they had been so open and amicable with the other champions was knowing they admittedly had little chance of out doing a sorcerer.

"I have to compete and if I compete I am going to win." Harry said making them nod in understanding they all had experiences with things they didn't want to do but still put their full effort into it because they still wanted to win before continuing. "But considering I didn't willing enter it is only fair that I forgo the prize."

Suddenly the slow dancing music which had played quietly in the background while they ate began to change. "Oh look the weird sisters are up!" Cho exclaimed excitedly grabbing Cedric's hand and rushing to the dance floor.

"Well that's our cue to leave." Wanda said getting up glancing at the clock it was about ten o'clock.

"Leaving so soon?" Dumbledore asked as he passed by to head to the dance floor, much to the anticipation of many of the students who both really wanted to see how the headmaster would dance but also didn't at the same time.

"We have another engagement." Harry said. "One that should be a lot more rowdy."

"Oh more rowdy than that?" Dumbledore asked gesturing to the lot mass of students dancing and cheering.

They exchanged a look and smirked. "Party on Asgard." Harry and Wanda said at the same time.

Done sorry this took forever to get out.