Summary: The war is over and the last standing is the supposed Destroy of Time – Allen Walker – the one that lost everything because his friends decided that they would do anything in the war to allow him to destroy the Earl.

After the battle he was left alone in the carnage of the war, the bodies of his friends and family littering the ground as he screamed out his sorrows. He – Allen – gave up walking in the light for he found that he was always drawn – pulled – into the dark.

Instead of fighting the darkness he embraced it with open arms and by doing this he changed, and not just in personality but appearance too.

The Millennium Demon

Chapter 3: New Class Mates

The girl's smile may seem harmless

But the meaning behind it does not mean it's painless

Allen's POV:

"Indeed it has Tyki and Road," I smiled warmly at them as Road jumped off me, helping me to my feet as I dusted my clothes of imaginary dust. "So, how is the family fairing? Hmm, I can see that your forms haven't changed like mine but that is probably because I joined Satan's side."

"Satan? You mean the Demon king? I – we – have ran into a person who was hosting him at the time, when we had awakened he offered us to join his side but at the time I declined because I wasn't sure if you wanted to be part of another war." Road stated as she unwrapped a red lollipop and stuck it into her mouth. Tyki inclined his head in agreement as I let a laugh leave my lips, smiling gently at the two of them.

"Guys after I killed the Earl, I was the only one left and Satan appeared in my head, his voice changed in frequencies but I could still understand it, 'Come and leave the light. Turn your back on this world and come to mine, for I promise that you'll never have to say goodbye and you may do as you please as long as you stay out of the way of my plans,' it was very strange but I agreed because I felt that I had nothing left to live for." I uncurled my tail from around my stomach as it swayed behind me as I looked at the two Noah's.

"Allen do you want us – the family – to join you in this battle?" Road rocked on her heels as she awaited my answer, pulling the lollipop stick out of her mouth and throwing it away somewhere.

"You can but I don't want the entire family joining me on this little mission because it will be over soon. So, which members would like to come with me? Or do you want me to call Wisely, Sheryl and the twins and ask them?"

"I'm pretty sure that'll just appear when you really need them but Sheryl has to keep his position as Prime Minister of Portugal, so he'll be busy." Tyki pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, he placed it between his lips and breathed in its toxic chemicals.

"I understand." I looked towards Tim who was fluttering next to Tyki; he swayed his tail as he tried to swat the smoke out of Tyki's hand. After a couple of attempts Tim eventually hit the cigarette out of his hand and it fell to the ground, Tyki glared at Tim as he grinned towards the Portuguese man.

I nodded mostly to myself as I looked towards Road, "If you want Road, you can join the same class that I'm in?"

Road's eyes lit up as she practically screamed with joy as she bounced on the spot causing me to laugh as I ruffled her wild hair, "Yes, I would love that! Can we go now?! PLEASE!"

I smiled fondly at Road as I directed my arm to the gate I arrived in, "I hope Sheryl doesn't get angry with me for taking you, but let's be off and Tyki, you can drop in whenever you want too. Goodbye for now Tyki."


I sat near the back of the class room with my arms crossed as I watched a new girl with blonde short hair, big green eyes and was dressed in a pink komodo that had butterflies on it. She fidgeted as a small blush seemed to form onto her cheeks; I raised a brow towards Rin as he seemed to give off an aura that said he knew who she was.

Yukio stood at the front of the glass as he directed his attention to the girl standing next to them. "Class this is Shiemi Moriyama, starting from today she is you're new class mate."

She bowed and held her hands over chest. "I-it's a pleasure to meet you all!"

'Neah, I have a feeling that she'll be similar to an old friend.' A faint smile seemed to spread across my lips as I look down and tune into Yukio's class but not before listening to Neah's responds.

'I don't know... But we'll know in time, won't we?' I could tell Neah was smiling as Yukio rambled on with his class.

He stopped when a girl with spikey blue hair crashed into the room, grinning as she looked around the room and lunged herself across the other side of the room towards me. "Allllllen~!"

Oh, and this is Road Camelot, another late starter." Yukio looked at me with slight narrowed eyes as I shrugged. Road happily wrapped her arms tighter around me as I struggled to breath.

"Road… Can't breathe…" Road released her grip and sat down next to me, hugging my arm tightly as Yukio continued on with his class, not that the class was really paying attention because they were all staring at me and Road.

I sighed as the day slowly went on, the bell went it was time for break. I gently nudged the sleeping Road as she stirred and got up, rubbing her eyes. I chuckled and shook my head as I slowly made my way to the fountain Rin and Yukio normally sit at.

I sat on the other side with Road, she was eating a bag of candy as I watched as everyone slowly cleared out of the area, Yukio leaving to go to his next class. I watched Rin and Shiemi talk and it slightly amusing until Surgo appeared with his friends following him. I sighed and looked towards them, ruffling Road's hair as she snacked on candy, slowly standing up and watching them bicker. "Road, it's time for our next class. Let's get changed."

"Can I watch you get change Allen~?" My cheeks darkened slightly at Road's question as she fell backwards and began to laugh.

"That's not funny Road and now I'm not gonna!" I shook my head as I let my hair cover my eyes. The bell ringing as I walked to our next class, Road hanging onto my back and earning some weird stares.

I sat on the edge of the arena as Road sat on my lap, looking at the Reaper as it chased after Rin and Suguro. I wrapped my arms around her waist because I could tell that Road was planning on jumping down there and was going to either torment or play with the Reaper.

Rin and Surgo began to fight as they pulled away from each other, the teacher pulled Suguro to the side as they talked for a bit and Rin and the others talked. After a while they stopped and everyone left the arena, Izumi and Shiemi ran around but Shiemi kept falling over every ten steps.

A phone began to ring as everyone stopped and looked at the teacher as he answered his phone, he hung up after a minute and warned the class not to go into the arena. He then dashed out of the room as the class relaxed. I combed my fingers through Road's hair as she sucked on a lollipop, humming her song as she swung her legs over the edge.

"Stop your bitchin', if you're going to fight do it else were and don't get yourself killed." I sighed as Suguro was making a bet with Rin, who was not caving into the bet. Suguro got angry by the minute and moved towards the Reaper, he stopped in front of it but when Izumi began to laugh at him.

The Reaper went berserk and Rin jumped down in front of him, my eyes widened as the Reaper snapped its jaws around Rin and I quickly stood up, sliding down the arena's edge, Road holding onto my back as the dust slowly cleared and Rin was standing in front of it with his hand on its nose.

I slowly moved over to the Reaper, placing a gentle hand on it as it flinched away from it, smiling faintly at I hummed faintly and Road cheered as she let go of my neck and cooed over the demon. The demon's eyes widened slightly as it looked at Road, it sensed something dark around this being and shrunk back slightly.

"Allen, can I had it? Please." Road looked at me with puppy dog eyes as I shook my head.

"You'd have to ask the do-Mephisto!" I mentally slapped myself when I nearly called him dog. I bit my tongue as I sighed as the bell went, signalling that today's classes we over.

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Question Time:

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To answer both your questions, technically Tyki is older then Allen because Tyki's inner Noah has been around for seven thousand years and Allen has only been around for a hundred and fifty/fourty years. So, Tyki being older makes Allen younger and the small of them, so Tyki has the right to call Allen 'Shounen' meaning 'Boy'.

And however you look at it, Tyki will technically always be older then Allen but if I was going by the manga then yes, Tyki would be called Shounen because Allen's Noah is technically the other half of the Millennium Earl meaning that Allen and the Earl are the same age just in separate bodies.

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