It was a song she had heard more times than she could count. More than that, Emma remembered having it sung to her. Even though it was a duet he had sung it with such skill that one would not have noticed unless they had heard as it was meant to be sung. Tears collected in her eyes as it played now. Choosing Hook, it had been the wrong choice and listening to the song only made that painfully clear.

" Mama, what's wrong?" Her little girl, Jattalia asked. She was only five and yet everyone seemed to think that Hook wasn't her father. In all honestly it was possible as she and Havok had been together just before she had found out she was pregnant.

" Nothing Sweetheart, just thinking about some things." Emma replied as he moved to hold her daughter close. Jattalia didn't even look like Killian. She had Emma's long blonde hair, but her features and magic were all Havok.

" But Mama, you've been listening to this song for hours." Her daughter stated worry in the girl's brown eyes. Not that her eyes stayed brown, though Emma had never seen it happen. Hook would always scold the girl when her eyes turned blue and took on the look of a dragon.

Emma pulled back and looked at her daughter pointedly. Had she been listen to this song for that long? She could help it, the song reminded her of him. Of the dragon that had given her his heart. That would most likely love her for all of time. Havok had even taken on the Dark Curse not only for her, but so Rumple wouldn't be stuck with it. He had a be heart and was willing to do anything for those he held dear. Despite him being darker than her parents would have liked, that dragon held her heart even though Killian had changed for her. Havok had stood by her and kept her grounded while she had been the Dark One. No one else had even tried.

" Jattie, why don't you go play with your brother?" She asked putting on a smile. Emma had to act like she was okay for her daughter. She had to be strong, had to make this work.

" Okay Mama." The five year old smiled and hugged her mother before going to find her brother Henry.

With a deep sigh Emma got up and was about to turn off the music. Yet the next lines caused her to stop. If she sang, would he come? She had resisted the urge to call for him for these past five years. When the chorus came she sung along with it.

"But I love you until the end of time/Come what may, come what may/I will love you until my dying day."

As the tears finally streamed down her face Emma turned off the song. Sinking to the ground she pulled her knees up to her chest and cried. She missed him so much, but they could never be. He was the Dark One now, and she the Savior. It was a happy ending that would simply never be.