Avatar Elseworlds: Shooting Stars

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"You cannot ignore these facts! It's suicide! No, it's worse. It's genocide! I tell you that Krypton will explode!" A man wearing a black body suit shouted at a council.

"And I tell you Jor-El, Krypton is merely shifting in its orbit." A councilman said calmly.

"This planet will explode within thirty days, if not sooner." Jor-El said sternly.

"Jor-El please be reasonable." A different councilman said.

"I've never been otherwise. This madness is your own." The irate scientist said darkly.

"Any more talk about this will give us no choice, but to charge you with insurrection and sentence you with life-imprisonment." The head councilman said with a note of finality.

"You would charge me of insurrection?" Jor-El asked incredulously. Couldn't the council see that Krypton was doomed? Couldn't they see past their pride to realize that they could be wrong about Krypton only shifting in its orbit?

"Has it now become a crime to cherish life?" Jor-El asked, saddened by the fact the council was so stubborn.

"Will you abide by the council's decision?" The head councilman asked as everyone stood to leave the room.

"I will remain silent." Jor-El said after a moment of thought.

"Neither I, nor my wife, will leave Krypton." Jor-El added as he took his leave.

A few days later at Jor-El and his wife, Lara's house, Jor-El was preparing a small space ship with many pipes and tubes as Lara walked in holding their son, Kal-El in red, blue, and yellow swaddling clothes. She wished that they didn't have to do this. Kal-El was their child. Why couldn't he stay with them?

"It's the only way Lara." Jor-El said as if he could read her mind, which was close to what he could do since they had been married for years.

"If he stays here with us, his fate will be the same as ours." Jor-El said sadly but firmly.

"But why Earth, Jor-El? They're primitives. They're at least 10,000 years behind us." Lara protested for the tenth time that week.

"He'll need that advantage in order to survive." Jor-El explained for the tenth time, and Lara accepted it as she placed Kal-El in the ship.

"He'll be so different. So alone." Lara said as she stroked her sleeping son's small patch of black hair.

"His dense molecular structure will make him strong. He'll be fast, nearly invincible, and Earth's yellow sun will cause his body to develop different ocular abilities more advanced than a human's or even our own." Jor-El said as he made the final adjustments to the ship's fuel tank.

"You will travel far, my little Kal-El." Jor-El said as he choked up slightly, and Lara felt the same as she felt tears in her eyes.

"You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders." Jor-El said to his infant son, as he took a green box from the control panel and placed it into the ship. He then engaged the ship's system.

'Goodbye my little Kal-El.' Lara thought sadly as the ship rose off the planet, and her son rose out of her life. Suddenly the Krypton began to shake violently as it erupted, taking the lives of billions of Kryptonians.


"It has been a hard year for us all here in Republic City. The disastrous mental and physical torture Avatar Korra was subjected to at the hands of the Red Lotus has left her unable to protect us for the time being. We've all had a lot of close calls, the near destruction of our city was halted by Avatar Korra just a few weeks ago by stopping the largest spirit attack the modern world has witnessed and preventing a full on Dark Spirit invasion. That's why today, I feel that it's not appropriate to look to the future anymore. The true place to look is the stars, to the outer limits of our imaginations to look for inspiration to carry us through. That's why today, Future Industries will now be known as Star Labs. Our new direction is the expanding of not just technology but science itself, to push us towards a future more fantastic and worthwhile than we ever thought possible. To aid the world in ways the Avatar cannot at the moment and to carry on in her name until she is able to return to us stronger than ever. To guide our world to a future where taking a trip to the stars is as casual as taking a trip to the beach. Thank you for your time. Please hold all questions until the grand opening of our first laboratory this weekend."

This was the speech heard across every radio within the united Republic and many bordering Earth Kingdom cities. The radio waves carrying Asami Sato's voice to millions of listeners as she made her bold announcement. The young CEO stepped off the podium at the press conference and made her way inside the newly rebranded main office of her company. She sighed as thought about the new business venture, a million things running through her mind on how to make this not end up a total disaster. A small cough snapped her out of her thoughts as a rather timid voice called from her left.

"Uh, excuse me. Miss Sato?" The voice said as she turned to be met with yet another reporter. She quickly glanced him over. Dull grey suit and hat, white dress shirt, red tie, and thick black framed glasses. Nothing to distinguish himself from any other reporter... Aside from the press pass hanging out of his jacket pocket which had the "Daily Star" written on it along with the name Kenta Kuraku. Asami sighed thankfully, he was from the newly dubbed Star Labs newspaper subsidiaries. The Daily Star editor-in-chief Ping Shiro had always been like an uncle to her and knew not to send that... One nosy reporter who Asami slightly shuddered with rage thinking about. It seems he went with the exact opposite to send this time.

"I'm sorry, but as I said I won't be answering questions today Mr. Kuraku, that's for the opening next week." Asami said, taking her best official tone as had vast experience dealing with reporters and she knew they were all the same even if this one was a little more reserved. They were pushy and could not take no for an answer even if it was shot out of a cannon at them. This reporter however said something that threw her for the proverbial loop.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I really am but Mr. Shiro said it's really important to at least get one statement from you. I just got on and this is my first job at a big paper, well first job that's not a freelance article, but..." The bespectacled reporter stopped and sighed.

"What am I doing? You must have a million things on your mind and I don't want to take up anymore of your time so I'll just let myself out." The young man nodded politely and gave a small apologetic smile before turning around. Asami was... Honestly taken aback by the level of politeness and soon found herself speaking.

"Wait! Sorry, just... I'm so used to reporters hounding me at these kind of things. It's kind of become second nature to assume all of them are going to do that." The engineer said as she smiled a little at the young man. He smiled cheerfully and looked relieved, taking off his hat and holding his hand out.

"Thank you so much, it's just... I want to make a good first impression with Mr. Shiro. Not that many farm boys end up becoming big city reporters you know?" The young man said as Asami smiled too, that smile of his being almost infectious.

"Well what kind of statement were you looking for Mr. Kuraku?" Asami asked as he took out his note pad and pen.

"You can just call me Kenta and... I suppose something to expand on what you said about this being for Avatar Korra." Kenta said as Asami thought for a moment. She said part of the reason in her speech but perhaps people need to know more before the questions began flooding her at the opening. And hopefully Korra herself would get the most benefit from hearing a more candid and less rehearsed response from her.

"Avatar Korra risked herself so many times to help not just this city, but the entire world. Without her there would be no Republic City, no Star Labs, and while the world would still be here? It would be a very different one from the one we know and not for the better. Korra is a close personal friend of mine and I want to make it clear, I am doing this not only for the people of the world, but to show that I am pulling for her to get back out there the second she's rested and ready." Asami said as Kenta finished jotting down his notes.

"Thank you for your time Miss Sato. If I'm completely honest myself, Avatar Korra is a real inspiration to me as well. One of the main reasons I want to get promoted to an investigative journalist. Get the inside story, expose evil and all that. Can't bend myself, but just a little to help out where I can. Anyway thank you for you time that was more than helpful." Kenta said as he walked out and left Asami in a... Actually pretty good mood.

"A good mood from talking to a reporter? That's a new one... Wait..." Asami said as she looked around with a keen eye.

"How did he get in here in the first place?"

Later at the Republic City Air Depot

"Alright boys, we just loaded the cargo and we're ready to head out. Should be a nice quiet flight to Ba Sing Se so please let's keep it that way, which means no fighting or gambling there and back got it?" The captain of an airship said as he and his crew began to lift off... However one of the crew as they came on board left one of the tethers fastened to the air ship. As soon as the airship rose it began to sling around and around.

"DAMMIT! SOMEONE FIND WHATEVER IS KEEPING US DOWN AND CUT IT!" The captain ordered through his microphone and the crew rushed to find the source of the issue. Seeing the tether a firebender crewman burned through it. However this only made matters worse as the airship began to careen out of control, as it was slingshot and it's path had it heading straight for a nearby building.

"DUMP THE CARGO AND BOOST THE GAS! WE NEED TO GET HIGHER NOW!" The captain ordered, the panicked crew scrambling to fulfill his orders. They managed to loose the cargo out the back of the ship but the sudden and rapid climb had all but played havoc with the steering mechanisms as the airship was now on a direct collision course with a skyscraper. Down on the ground those who saw it were in panic as the craft drifted ever closer to the building.

"I better phone this in to my paper." A man gawking at the event heard someone next to him say.

"You nuts?! You better run that thing hits and... Blewy?" The man said as he saw no trace of anyone and ignored it as he began to take his own advice and ran.

"CAPTAIN?!" A crewman shouted as they tried desperately to get controls back. Something knocked the ship harshly from behind though, as they lurched forward in their seats as the ship began to quickly rise upward, scrapping the top of the large radio tower atop the building they were going to strike not moments before. The stabilizing of the ship knocking their controls back into working order.

"Take the wheel Ming and keep her steady. I'm gonna go see how the rest of the ship is after that" The captain ordered as he calmed down and went back to assess the damage. A minute or so later he came back a dumbfounded look on his face as one of his crew looked worried.

"How bad is it Cap'n?" The man at the wheel of the ship said. The captain just walked over and tapped his shoulder.

"It's fine Ming... Just fly. No one... Go look. Just... Fly." He said as the ship flew off into the sky and made a turn back to the airport for repairs. However on the ground the situation was still ongoing as the scrapping of the radio tower had it threatening to come crashing down below. The final cable snapped as the occupants of the building, still evacuating from the airship crisis moments before, were about to to be flattened. They threw their hands up in fright as it feel straight downward on top of them... And then they slowly stopped. As they looked up to see it was suspended in mid air. The tower then moved and was sat down in the street as the gathered crowd looked upon the sight in utter astonishment.

"Now I hope this little scare hasn't put any of you off taking an airship. Any scientist or mathematician will tell you flying, statistically speaking, is the safest way to travel." The speaker was a young man, well built and standing tall. His sharp blue eyes and kind smile as he spoke showed an air of confidence, the red cape of his outfit bellowing in the wind. Said outfit looked like it belonged on a circus strongman as it was bright blue with red trunks and a yellow belt, red boots covered his feet and on the center of his chest was a yellow and red shield-like design with a red dragon in the middle of it. With a wink and a smile he flew off like a rocket on new years, leaving the crowd stunned.

The Next Day: City Hall

"The Post. 'Blue Bomb Buzzes Republic City', the Daily Planet, 'It Flies!', the Daily Star, 'Superman Stuns with Spectacular Save'. Chief Beifong? Master Tenzin? What can you tell me about this... Superman?" President Raiko said as he looked over all the various newspapers all speaking of one person... the Superman.

"Could he be an Airbender Tenzin? That flying trick is pretty much what Zaheer pulled off." Chief Lin Beifong asked her old friend and colleague as he shook his head.

"No, the speed described by the witnesses would have me think so, but to be able to fly like that and catch a 15 ton radio tower like it was nothing? That's a new one on me I'm afraid." Tenzen said as his brow furrowed.

"Same here. It took a team of my best metalbenders to haul that thing off the ground and this kid does it in less with one arm and didn't even break a sweat." Lin said as the three weighed over their options.

"Well President Raiko, he can fly. That means he'll be in the air, so I'll have two of my newest students make a sweep of the city for any sightings of him." Tenzin said as Raiko looked unconvinced.

"Your newest students Tenzin?" The president asked, a little unsure of that.

"Don't worry, it will be a scouting assignment nothing more and I'll have them call in any activity they see of this... Superman... As fast as they can." Tenzin said as the meeting came to a close.

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