Avatar Elseworlds: Shooting Stars

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Superman flew high above the skies of the southern Earth Kingdom, patrolling around where several bandits had been reported by the local village. He honestly felt ashamed he couldn't do more to help, but with the rest of the world still uneasy about his unearthly origin he would have to take things slow for now.

'Too much too soon and suddenly people will be crying alien invasion left and right.' The caped wonder thought sullenly, but pushed those thoughts out of his head and returned to the task at hand. Seeing a large plum of smoke in the distance he flew toward it, stopping midair when he saw what was causing it. A large burning woodpile, crudely made to look like his emblem. He flew close and blew out the fire, his breath turning into an chilling squall that put the blaze out in a matter of seconds. He flew down to the ground and waited, this was meant to get his attention so that meant whoever set it up was still near. He could hear footsteps shuffling behind the trees a few yards away, hesitating from coming into open it seemed.

"You can come out, I know you're there." Superman called out, as a number of soldiers came out of the nearby treeline accompanied by a woman and a man with glasses. Superman crossed his arms over his chest as the woman came to a stop a few feet from him, her male companion staying closer to the soldiers.

"So, you're the 'Superman' everyone has been going on about. I don't see what's so special honestly, I can tell an airbender when I see one. I've seen the leader of the Red Lotus fly like you, and that little breath trick just confirmed it." The woman said as Superman kept a calm composure. She smirked a little at his silence, feeling this meant she was right.

"Now I admit when I heard reports of you, I was a little... Intimidated, but I can already tell those reports were exaggerated. You moved too fast, people in a panic seeing things... But it's going to stop. I can't have people putting their faith in some circus reject with a hero complex, so I'm offering you two options. You either work for me or leave Earth Kingdom territory now and never return." The armor-clad woman said with a definite note of finality.

"You're Kuvira right? I've heard about you, what you're trying to do. Before I answer though, just out of curiosity... What if I say no?" The caped man asked as Kuvira's metalbending soldiers aimed sharp daggers of steel at him, floating around them ready to strike as fast as lightning.

"Then you die. Simple as that." Kuvira said as Superman nodded.

"Okay..." Superman said, before a gust of wind erupted and all of Kuvira's soldiers were knocked out, the only indication the costumed man had even moved was his cape wafting about from the motion. Kuvira reacted as fast as she could, bending a knife out of her armor, sending it straight at the man's chest... Only for it to bounce off. She bent the armor from her unconscious soldiers and tried to encase the Man of Steel in a metal coffin. Only for him peel his way out from the inside. Kuvira backed away in fright, her bespectacled companion running to her aid, but as he did the caped man stopped in his tracks.

"Like I said, I know what you're trying to do. Extorting dozens of people into devoting themselves to you, refusing to help anyone who doesn't fall in line until they're so beaten down by the influx of outlaws that they can only say yes. I won't lie, it's a smart plan. Horribly unethical but smart. You want to know why people won't play along with your little scheme? Because they can tell a future tyrant when they see one. I won't stop helping people who need it, maybe you should try it." Superman said as he then flew off.

"Are you..." Kuvira's companion began to ask, before the so-called "Great Uniter" stood.

"No Bataar, I'm not fine... Not by a long shot... No one talks to me like that."

Bolin sighed as he walked down the streets of Republic City, kicking the dirt a little. Ever since Team Avatar fell apart after the Red Lotus ordeal he didn't know what to do with himself. Being a mover star was a bust since people just wanted more Nuk-Tuk movers... Which if he was honest he was sick of. As he ended up stopping by Narook's Noodlery and sitting down at his favorite stool at the end of the counter. Or at least he would be if someone wasn't sitting there already. The young man already there looked up when he heard Bolin's grumbling.

"Oh sorry there, this your seat?" The young man in glasses said as he got up and moved to over. Bolin was taken aback a bit at the politeness but still sat down.

"Uh thanks?" The earthbender said as Narook came out of the kitchen. Asking for his usual Narook went back to prepare it, as Bolin noticed the man next to him seemed as though he tried to say something... Bolin realized he ordered before he could.

"Uh sorry about that." Bolin said as the man sighed. He bent over and grabbed his bag, which as far as Bolin could tell was some sort of camera case. However the man stopped for a second as he saw something out of the corner of his eye, reflecting off the window of the diner, a pair of masked men slinking into the back alley. Clicking his tongue in thought, he stood up and looked to Bolin.

"You don't happen to know how to work a camera do you?" He asked as Bolin looked at him oddly.

"Well I can aim and shoot yeah. Why?" The earthbender replied as the other young man smiled.

"Well see I'm a reporter and well, so far I haven't gotten a photographer. Let me tell you it's kind of a pain trying to take notes and take pictures at the same time. Mind helping me with something for a minute or two?" The reporter asked as Bolin shrugged.

"Eh, sure. I ain't got anything better to do until my food's done." Bolin said as he followed the reporter out the door, carrying the man's camera.

"Name's Kenta by the way." The reporter said as they rounded the corner and into the alley.

"I'm Bolin." The earthbender replied. Kenta stopped for a moment and looked back at him.

"Weren't you..." The bespectacled man said as Bolin sighed heavily.

"... Friends with Avatar Korra?" Kenta finished before Bolin could say anything further.

"Yeah, still am just kinda..." Bolin replied, searching for the right word.

"Out of touch?" Kenta helped as Bolin dropped his head and just mumbled a yes. Kenta gave an apologetic smile before quickly ushering Bolin behind a dumpster. Peaking his head around, Bolin following his lead, they saw two masked men one apparently a waterbender, trying to break into a reinforced door next to the back entrance of Narook's.

"What's all that noise..." A familiar voice said as Narook himself came out and saw the waterbender quickly grabbed hold of him as his partner pulled a knife.

"Sorry pal, nothin' personal." Suddenly a camera flash went off as the two looked down to the other end of the alleyway and saw Kenta and Bolin. The waterbender threw Narook down and sent ice shards toward the duo, Bolin managed to put up an earth wall to block most of them, but one winged Kenta in the shoulder who seemed to fly backward a ways. The two thieves ran off as fast as they could, Bolin looking down at Kenta who quickly grab his shoulder.

"I'm alright, go after them!" The reporter said as Bolin nodded, taking the camera and running off after the thieves. Bolin kept running and managed to chase the thieves back to their safehouse it seemed, keeping a good pace back from them to let them think they weren't being followed. However he quickly noticed the two he was chasing was suddenly one. The next thing he knew his world went black as he felt pressure around his neck.

Bolin woke, tied to a chair, his arms and legs completely immobile so bending was out the question, and his mouth was taped shut. He saw the two men sitting at a table, playing cards from the looks of it. Bolin looked around, there was a big heavy metal door from the looks of it, with metal covering the rest of the room. Like a panic room from the looks of it, likely underground then. Which meant he couldn't bend anything, and even if they left him alone there would be no way to call out for help and anyone hope to hear him.

"Kid's awake." One of them said, their makes were off.

"Big whoop. Finish this hand and we'll throw him off the docks. That little camera of his too." The other one said. At this point Bolin was sweating like he was in a sauna. Suddenly though, the door to their hideout was ripped open.

"You know if you didn't want visitors, you could put up a do not disturb sign." Bolin looked and saw Superman himself standing in the door way. The waterbender of the duo bent water from the sink and made ice shards to fling at the costumed interloper, but Superman's eyes just glowed bright red as the ice melted in mid air, the water then evaporating before even that could touch him. Superman then rushed and grabbed the two, slamming them together thus knocking them out. His eyes glowed again as he burnt the ropes off Bolin and carefully took the tape off his mouth.

"You alright?" Superman asked as Bolin was a little too stunned for words. Superman walked over to the thieves table and saw bank plans and schematics.

"Looks like they were definitely after the bank next door to Narook's." He spotted the camera and smiled, even though with his back turned Bolin couldn't see it.

"You a photographer? You know no one's gotten a good picture of me before. Something tells me someone who pulled that off would be able to land a pretty good job, maybe a little recognition." Superman said as Bolin seemed to catch the drift. Handing the camera over to Bolin, Superman placed his fists on his hips and gave a friendly smile as the flash went off.

"Your friend, Kenta Kuraku, is fine by the way and so is Narook. He sent me to check up on you." Superman said as he flew out.

Bolin gulped a little as he entered the office door that read "Ping Shiro: Editor-in-Chief" at the Daily Star. An older man with graying hair sat at his desk, smoking a cigar.

"What is it kid, I got a lot..." He then noticed the picture Bolin was holding out to him.

"How'd you get this?" The man asked as Bolin nervously stuttered out.

"Uh, well... Superman let me?" The earthbender said as the older man laughed.

"Well now, how do you like that... Say kid you got a job?" The editor asked as Bolin shook his head no.

"Well you got one now. Can't let Superman's pal sell his stuff to the Planet now can we?"

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