Warning: This story contains mature themes that might not appeal to certain audiences. As this is also a mystery story, it will require attentiveness to detail and full reading to understand everything. Though the synopsis seems quite simple, the entire story actually follows a mystery of who is what and what is what so don't be fooled by the first few chapters. Sexual themes are also involved though are touched upon lightly. Romance is involved though again, given the nature of the story it is touched upon in a more light manner.

Do not read if you're interested solely in the romance. There is a bigger plot here to this which combines many themes, it is a mystery plot!

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The moon.

White and beautifully embodied as a sphere that guides the night sky.

The creator of dark dreams and dreams that resemble the daytime.

The observer of souls and the pride of the sun.

A beautiful masterpiece, who's story just begun.

The night was calm, calmer than others as the beautiful white sphere acted like the guard of the sky. Wind whistled in the night, resembling the cries of lost souls as it whisked through the paths and trees of the Soul Society. The atmosphere felt bitter, almost as if the Soul Society was ringed with a fence of frozen ice—pinching on any bared skin to barrage with a frostbite. There was no doubt that the Soul Society was getting colder and colder as days passed. The Seireitei itself felt like a mass avalanche of arctic air, numbing the skin and piercing the air.

The only question that seemed to forge in the Soul Society was why? Grim climate like this was highly unlikely and unmistakably new to the eyes of the shinigami. After all, only the ones who have traveled to the World of the Living and researched Antarctica would know of such climates. It was unsettling—almost illogical for ice to mantle the walls and generate such cold air. However, the shinigami remained in peace—leaving the task to Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri to observe and research until further notice.

The Gotei 13 were finally at rest, as the Seireitei began engulfed with a new found coldness that lurked in every corner. Skin began to pierce in fear as beautiful lines of thin ice crawled up legs, uniting the two parts as one. Modifying their temperature as they sliced each piece of skin, devouring the flesh in the process. Screams of terror and the absence of warmth roared in the Seireitei, shinigami cried for help as the beautiful blue lines of ice devoured their very being. Blood splashed like paint as the guards of the Seireitei laid in an endless pool of blood. Leaving the Gotei 13, a numb and heartless corpse as a greeting of war.

Through the shadows, a faint laughter was heard. His steps were calm and short, and clicked because of the heel on his shoes as he walked towards the dozen heartless bodies who had no chance of resurrection.

"They didn't even try to make a fight." He observed as he walked past each and every corpse, smirking at their defeat. A path of ice forged beneath him, creating a carpet of ice formed by his reiatsu. The very presence of him was cold, shivering and devious like a snake—not even the heartless corpses could withstand his eerie demeanor.

His black hair brushed with the wind, as the long strands covering his face moved slightly with it. His eyes looked bitter and resembled a variety of blue; correspondent to the bluish colour of indigo and the compelling colour of electric blue. The skin sheltering his body mirrored the appearance of numbed skin. It was pale and distinct from any other type of skin.

"The Seireitei hasn't changed since the last time I was here." He said as he observed the place he was once prepared to call home. Looking back, he found it sickening that the thought had even crossed his mind. But it had only made sense, at least...if he wanted to achieve his life goal.

The tip of his finger suddenly curved to write the word 'rise' causing ice to arise from the grounds of the Seireitei. An array of ice structures grew instantly at the sound of his command, blocking passageways and doors as it obstructed anything that came into it's path. Ice slithered onto the walls, eclipsing anything they could feel or reach in their sight.

A smirk quickly formed on his lips as he watched the Seireitei engulfed with his ice, extinguishing fires and freezing everything it could touch in place.

His laughter filled the air. Reiatsu coursed through his veins as a white colour of reiatsu surrounded him. As he gazed at the moon, his purpose was quite clear—as coherent as the moon and as radiant as his ice.

After years of hiding to acquire such power, he was finally back in the Seireitei to take what had always been his and only his. His birthright—that is. The birthright which connected him to the very creation of the Soul Society, the birthright which he had been forced to abandon 'cause of her. He was here for one person, and one person only.

As the ice continued to spread, his laughter grew louder and louder as he could feel the chill permeating in the air. He would slaughter, kill, or eat anything that tried to block his path. The undeniable truth was, the purpose of his existence was to be with this very being and attain power so intense that no one could ever attempt to steal his birthright again as someone who's very life force was the key behind the Soul Society's existence. Not his father, not Ginrei, not his uncle, Rukia, or the Gotei 13 ever again.

The Soul Society was his biggest enemy although, his life force is what made it live. It was him who made the world survive and function the way it did, he was more connected to the Soul Society than any shinigami however, they did not value him the way they should've. That being said, their race was no use to the Soul Society and yet, the Seireitei that he could so easily demolish was an area he could not touch...for now.

They had someone that was his, someone who he should've never let escape his grasp.

"I will find you..." He said as the ice gleamed in the moonlight. His midnight blue cloak lugged behind him as his reiatsu pushed it up with the wind. Power coursed through his veins, adding energy to his already energized state. The tornado of energy enclosing his body reached the state of -90 degrees Celsius, covering the existing walls in freezing ice before obliterating them into nothing but pieces of ice. His purpose was clear, more clearer than it ever was before. He would find her, he would take her back to retrieve what she had once stole, and destroy the Soul Society for good.

All starting with a war between the shinigami and the utmost superiors.

"...I will find you Rukia."

It's been too long, don't you think?

The cold air swiftly consuming the Seireitei was quickly making it's way through the Kuchiki Manor; extinguishing all the candle lights and freezing the rooms to a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius. The rose-scented candles lit for Hisana were slowly being extinguished as the cold air found a way to slip into Byakuya's room. He seemed quite distracted, nose buried deep in a thick book he had been reading for several days. It was only the scent of the smothered fire that broke his concentration. He stared at the candles, curious of why the candles would smother on it's own. His eyes slowly landed on the picture of Hisana, staring peacefully before a draft of cold air suddenly caught his attention.

Leaving his room, he headed towards Rukia's room—thinking she may be using her Sode No Shirayuki causing the temperature to decrease. As he opened the door, he stayed emotionless as he stared at Rukia who was preparing for bed.

"Nii-sama?" Rukia said surprised at her Nii-sama's presence. Her shihakushō had been replaced with her white robe and was neatly folded in her hands as her knees remained bent in front of the chair she had planned on putting it on.

"Rukia." He replied as he saw Sode No Shirayuki placed in the corner. He stared at her quietly as he tried to understand, sensing no reiatsu coming from Rukia at all.

"Is something wrong?" Rukia asked as Byakuya stared at her.

There was no doubt that the temperature had decreased, but due to her reiryoku she was barely affected by the decreasing temperature.

"Follow me." Byakuya instructed as he turned his back and began to walk. Rukia nodded her head before joining him in his room. Suddenly, the force of cold air quickly immersed her atmosphere. The cold rush of air coursed through her veins, causing her to shiver uncontrollably as she fully entered Byakuya's room. Byakuya quickly gave her a red blanket to warm her up before receiving his own.

"W—Why i-is it s-so -c-cold?" Rukia questioned as her teeth chattered. The blanket Byakuya gave her had little to zero effect on her as her skin slowly began to feel like ice. A dark blue blanket covered Byakuya as he tried to re-light the fire of the candles for Hisana. Rukia pushed her arms and legs together to preserve heat as the room got colder. Usually, she didn't get cold easily but this? This was something else.

A jigokuchō suddenly appeared through the doorway, landing on Byakuya's extended index finger to receive the message. As the butterfly flew away, Rukia stared at him with her big purple eyes—waiting for him to speak. "The Head Captain has made an order for us to all stay in our rooms until further notice. Until then, we must take precaution and stay as warm as possible."

"What could be causing this? This hardly seems like the effects of Captain Hitsugaya's bankai." Rukia acknowledged as she stared at her brother for answers.

"We will spend the night in this room. Retrieve your zanpakutō and personal belongings from your room." Byakuya instructed before leaving his room and Rukia all alone. Following his instructions, Rukia ran into her room—barely being able to control herself as the cold wind tried forcing her back. Snatching her shihakushō and her zanpakutō, she ran back to Byakuya's room to see the fireplace lit with fire.

"This should be able to last us through the night." Byakuya said as he laid out a meal for them to eat. Rukia stared at the food in surprise as her skin began to pierce from the cold. Sitting down, Byakuya set two cups of green tea as he stared at the fire.

"The food is going to get cold." He said.

Rukia's response resembled her face of shock at Byakuya's display of rations.

Her stomach suddenly released a growl of hunger, causing Rukia to slightly blush in embarrassment.

"Rukia, your reiatsu will not be enough to keep you alive. Until further notice we must take precautions on ourselves, or we will die because of the cold." Byakuya said before closing his eyes and sipping his tea. Rukia nodded her head and comfortably sat beside Byakuya in front of the blazing fire.

Devouring some of the food, she took small glances at Byakuya as his eyes remained close. Slurps of hot tea were sensed in between. However, he looked expressionless as always, not even she could tell if he was freezing just like her.

"Rukia," Byakuya said.

"Huh? Yes, Nii-sama?" Rukia answered.

"Do not get distracted by your thoughts. It's important to eat, we do not know how significant the situation is."

"Right, I apologize Nii-sama." Rukia said—she paused. "I'm just not used to eating in silence."

"Very well, speak if you must." Byakuya instructed.

Rukia stared, unsure of what to say or do. After all, what could she talk to Byakuya about? There wasn't too many options—Byakuya wasn't the type to engage in almost anything. If there was no purpose, his entire presence would be gone with the wind.

Rukia lowered her head, losing all interest in generating a conversation. Instead, she sipped her tea quietly as she tried to warm her numb body by pushing her legs and arms close together.

"Matsumoto!" Captain Hitsugaya called in search of his Lieutenant. "Matsumoto! Where are you?"

The order made by Head Captain Yamamoto had instantly spread around the Seireitei. All of the Gotei 13 were ordered to take precaution until further notice. As the strange climate was being consulted by Captain Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Captains were promptly notifying their Division of the matters and the possible chance of a ryoka in the Seireitei.

Captain Hitsugaya was mildly affected by the cold, using his reiatsu to relocate the strong winds to avoid freezing. His Lieutenant, on the other hand was unable to use her reiatsu to shield herself from the impending wind—it was only natural for him to worry about his subordinate at a time like this.

As he searched his office, he found traces of her reiatsu left on almost every corner of his office. He presumed it was the sake that caused his Lieutenant to be so energized in his office. Especially since he had left her with a mountain of paperwork to do

"Matsumoto!" He called again. He was sure that she was still here. After all, knowing his Lieutenant's free-spirited energy and her desire to drink, he was sure she was still here—probably passed out from all the liquor. His turquoise eyes suddenly landed on his stoned Lieutenant, sleeping peacefully with absolutely no paperwork done.

His worry for her suddenly disappeared and was replaced by fuming anger of her uncompleted work.

"Matsumoto!" His voice hollered at his Lieutenant. Her body suddenly rose up in a surprise, looking at her Captain who had waken her from an interesting dream.

"Captain!" She whined. "I was in the middle of a very interesting dream!"

"I'm afraid your dream has no concern to me." Captain Hitsugaya replied at the dormancy of his Lieutenant. "Why isn't the paperwork done? I specifically told you to finish those stacks and put them on the shelf."

"You told me that?" Rangiku replied in a daze. Surely she should've remembered if he did, the last thing she remembered was her Captain walking out of the door—no words, no goodbyes, nothing.

He sighed, he wasn't in the mood to perform his usual arguments with his Lieutenant about uncompleted work. Instead, he regained his posture and spoke in a serious tone to gain Rangiku's attention. "Never mind, that's not the point. We've received orders from Head Captain Yamamoto regarding the cold climate that has been engulfing the Seireitei. There has been a suspicion of a ryoka patrolling the area and affecting our change in climate. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet however, we've been told to take precaution and stay as warm as possible until further notice."

Lieutenant Matsumoto looked at her Captain as she reviewed what he said. "Now that you mention it, it's awfully cold in here—I thought it was your reiatsu causing your office to be so cold."

"I'm afraid not, until further notice I've called all members of the 10th Division to meet here in my office until further instructions. Rangiku, I'm ordering you to get rations and blankets to support us for the rest of the night." Captain Hitsugaya ordered as he stared at his window. Even he could feel the coldness sweeping in through the window and the layers of ice mantled on almost everything in the Seireitei.

"Right, I won't let you down Captain." Rangiku said before using her flash step to disappear from Hitsugaya's office.

As the 10th Division huddled in Captain Hitsugaya's office for warmth, the 11th Division's barracks were doing the exact opposite of orders. Captain Zaraki Kenpachi had strictly ordered his men to engage in direct combat with the ryoka. He ordered his 3rd and 5th seat officers—Madarame Ikkaku and Ayasegawa Yumichika—to lead the 11th Division in their task to find the ryoka.

"Alright men, keep your eyes awake—if you see movement, attack—if you hear breathing, attack—if you see a shadow, attack—if you sense reiatsu, attack. We are representing Captain Zaraki, we must not let any Division neglect us and our skills." 3rd seat, Madarame Ikkaku said as he scoped the area of structured ice.

"Now, now calm down Ikkaku—we're not even suppose to be out here, I doubt any Captain is contrary enough to disobey direct orders from the Head Captain. I'm sure our Division will be given accord for our bravery and capture of this ryoka." 5th seat, Ayasegawa Yumichika responded to his partner as they walked side by side to investigate.

"We should capture it in no time, this ryoka doesn't seem all that strong. I mean, ice? Who could possibly overrule the Soul Society with such a weak power." Ikkaku said as he looked at the layers of ice consuming the Seireitei.

Men from the 11th Division definitely shared the same instinct like their Captain. It was only natural after being under him for such a long while. However, the passion Ikkaku and Yumichika shared about this instinct was more prevailing than any member of the 11th Division. Ikkaku found honor—indulgence in battle. In fact, he could easily plunge into battle without worrying about his opponent's strengths or weaknesses. Yumichika, on the other hand was more insightful of his opponent's methods and cared deeply about what his Captain thought of him.

The passion of battle coursing through their veins was quite unlike others. In fact, both Ikkaku and Yumichika refused to wear something to keep them warm as they departed from their barrack—much to their Division's dismay. As they strolled down the icy pathway, Ikkaku nor Yumichika would never dare to admit if they were cold. Even if they were, they would use their honor as their warmth to help them proceed in a successful battle.

"Man, how long is this path?" Ikkaku whined as the clear pathway of ice seemed to never end.

"Be patient, Ikkaku—I'm sure we'll find something if we continue to walk." Yumichika replied.

"This ice is a real pain in the ass, we can't even run on it without slipping." Ikkaku complained as he noticed how slow the Division was walking.

"As painful as it may be, I must admit this ryoka has quite a beautiful power." Yumichika said, staring at his reflection through the crystal path. The ice enclosing them was not only sharp, but mirrored a person's reflection perfectly. Even Ikkaku's shiny bald head sparkled from the moonlight and the ice reflection.

"Ikkaku! Yumichika! Look!" Yelled a member of their Division as his eyes traveled straight ahead. The seated officers glanced in the direction of their member's finger, only to be greeted with dozens of heartless corpses.

"What the hell is this?"

"It doesn't look like Captain Kuchiki is coming." Noted a member of the 6th Division as he shivered uncontrollably in his shihakushō. All Divisions were reported to stay in their barracks until further instructions under Head Captain Yamamoto. In addition to that order, Captains were ordered to remain in their Division's barracks to receive information about a possibility of a ryoka and battle.

Abarai Renji, Lieutenant of the 6th Division turned to face his fellow subordinates. "Captain Kuchiki must've been ordered to stay in the Kuchiki Manor until further notice. He has Rukia with him, so I doubt he'll leave the Manor until official orders are issued."

"What are we suppose to do without Captain Kuchiki?" Asked another member who was covered in layers of blankets to create warmth.

"What do you mean? We were ordered to stay in our barracks and keep warm until news arrived. Captain Ukitake sent some rations and blankets to keep us warm due to Captain Kuchiki's absence. We'll be fine without him." Renji replied as a burgundy blanket, similar to his headband covered his body as he sat down.

With no direct orders, all he could do was sit and wait. Although, he knew he rather be outside confronting the ryoka instead of watching all this damage be inflicted on the Seiretei. There was no doubt that the ice had an extensive effect on the Seiretei. In fact, it was almost like the Seireitei was already half destroyed with the ryoka's ice.

However, the shinigami were strictly ordered not to go outside. Captain Unohana had specifically told the Head Captain about the possibility of everyone freezing to death because of the decreased temperature, followed by the illnesses everyone could face if they stayed too long. With that in mind, the Head Captain made his order to keep everyone inside to avoid hypothermia.

The Lieutenant was rendered useless in his current position and resorted to green tea and namagashi to keep him warm and occupied. He even fell back on calligraphy to keep his mind at ease until time passed. He needed someone to talk to, someone who could steal him away from boredom's grasp—Rukia was the person he needed to exclude this trending boredom.

The problem was, Captain Kuchiki didn't seem like he was leaving his Manor anytime soon. And if he was, he'd probably bring Rukia with him as well. Renji realized he was hopeless, not even the chatter of his own subordinates could make up for his loneliness.


It wasn't the type of corpses you would see everyday as a shinigami. After all, something as brutal as a heart being slit and thrown was highly unusual to be performed by a ryoka. Lines of glimmering ice roamed deep in their eaten flesh, devouring the skin of the shinigami's legs and body. All their faces remained numb and tinged with blue, the horror in their faces was indescribable through the eyes of the 11th Division as they stared at the corpses.

"The ryoka did this?!" A member of the Division reacted in fear. The entire Division's skin crawled as they stared at the pool of shinigami they knew. Not a single shinigami was left alive, instead they were consumed to death by lines of beautiful ice—freezing them, devouring him, stealing their once-beating heart.

"I-Ikkaku, we should leave—it's not safe to be out here, especially since we're alone." Another member said as they stared at the bodies.

"It's not safe!" Repeated another.

"We'll die if we continue!" Another said.

"Nonsense! We haven't even seen the ryoka yet. I'm not leaving until we get a decent look at the creep." Ikkaku said proudly as he calmly strolled past the dozens of bodies.

"How brutal, this ryoka sure seems like the type to fight without mercy." Yumichika observed. "However, they do seem to fight beautifully with those lines of ice."

"I don't care whether he fights merciless or beautifully, I'll tear him apart with Hōzukimaru." Ikkaku said as he made a left turn. Suddenly, a dominant reiatsu was felt roaming the skies. Both Ikkaku and Yumichika stopped, as the reiatsu resembled the pressure of 10 Captains merged into one.

Suddenly the presence of a man appeared in the skies, falling delicately to reach the grounds to face Ikkaku and the 11th Division. His very presence was icy and cold, even Ikkaku and Yumichika could feel the force of the wind as it brushed through them. Some men went flying with the wind, yelling for help as the impending wind unleashed lines of ice—which quickly slithered on their bodies.

The man known as the ryoka smirked at how easily defeated the strongest direct-combat Division was. Based on his research, the 11th Division was known for having highly skilled fighters—ones that considered battle their life and dominated in swordsmanship skills.

Ikkaku and Yumichika used their reiatsu to avoid them from being blown away. Ikkaku smiled at his new daring opponent, who seemed quite full of himself as he gazed with his indigo-coloured eyes.

"Who the hell are you?" Ikkaku asked as he pulled out his zanpakutō in preparation for a battle.

Yumichika stared at the ryoka, developing a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. If it wasn't for the sake of the 11th Division's honor, Yumichika would've immediately warned Ikkaku to retreat. However, Ikkaku was stubborn and would never run away from a battle. Yumichika's words would've been useless regardless of the situation.

"Are you short of hearing or what? I asked, who the hell are you?" Ikkaku voiced again.

The ryoka remained silent as the wind conceived by his reiatsu lightly brisked through his dark tresses as he smirked at Ikkaku. "So you don't wanna answer, fine by me."

In seconds, Ikkaku leaped in the air—charging at the ryoka with no strategy at all.

"Grow/Extend Hōzukimaru." Ikkaku said as he attacked the ryoka who casually blocked Ikkaku's impending attacks with his right arm. The determined Ikkaku continued to attack the unnamed ryoka as he attempted to wound his shoulder. However, his attack was countered and by the rise of the unnamed ryoka's hand, a strong and unbearable force of cold air headed towards Ikkaku. The lines of ice unleashed themselves quickly to grab Ikkaku's hand.

"Bloom, Fuji Kujaku." Yumichika commanded.

Using his zanpakutō, Yumichika sliced the lines of ice before they could reach Ikkaku. The unnamed ryoka smirked immediately at Yumichika's bravery as the lines of ice regenerated into one again. Yumichika's eyes widen as the lines of ice movements became faster. Ikkaku used his Hōzukimaru to chop the lines of ice once again, causing Yumichika to release a breath of relief.

Ikkaku stared at the unnamed ryoka as he continued to stare at them with the same expression.

"I must admit, you have quite a beautiful technique. However, your attacks are ugly and for that very reason I cannot spare your life." Yumichika said before charging towards the ryoka. Using Fuji Kujaku, Yumichika continued to attack with his four blades, storming with power to attack the unnamed ryoka.

The unnamed ryoka used his right arm as his sword and shield, barely getting affected by the sharp end of Yumichika's sword. In one swing, Yumichika's attack was countered like Ikkaku and was pushed away by the dominant force of the unnamed ryoka's cold wind. The lines of ice unleashed themselves again, charging at Yumichika with triple the speed it had before.

As the remaining 11th Division began charging at the ryoka, each and every one of them collapsed before they could make contact with the ryoka. The reiatsu he harbored was too cold for the shinigami to handle. Causing each of them to collapse on their knees and faint to feel the frigidness of the ice beneath them. Yumichika felt the lines of ice make collision with his already numbed skin. The lines of ice began pushing their way into Yumichika's skin, causing his eyes to widen as he felt his flesh being pinched by the ice.

"Yumichika!" Ikkaku called as he watched the lines of ice slither onto Yumichika's skin.

"Bastard." Ikkaku muttered under his breath as he stared at the man in demand of his name. The same smirk tugged on his lips as his indigo eyes mirrored the sphere of the moon, staring deeply into the depths of Ikkaku's soul.

"I'm going to ask you again, what the hell is your name?" Ikkaku yelled as he charged again with Hōzukimaru. He continued to use each end of his sword as he asked for his opponent's name. His bald head glimmered in satisfaction as he felt a rush of energy overcome him.

Ikkaku laughed continuously as he proceeded to attack the ryoka. The unnamed ryoka remained as emotionless as his ice as he continued to dodge Ikkaku's attacks.

"Have you had enough?" Ikkaku laughed as he attacked like a wild man.

Yumichika grunted in pain as he stabbed his hand with Fuji Kujaku. The lines of ice shattered once again, allowing Yumichika to take the chance to breathe. He stared at Ikkaku as the ryoka continued to elude his attacks. "Ikkaku!"

Yumichika's eyes widened as he sensed the strategy the ryoka was plotting. The ryoka evaded all of Ikkaku's attacks before unleashing his reiatsu. Suddenly, the structures of ice surrounding Yumichika and Ikkaku began to unleash lines of ice. The ground made up of thin ice suddenly emerged with lines of glimmering ice—clutching Yumichika's skin and invading his body.

As his cold reiatsu released itself, Ikkaku's legs began to shiver from the cold. His whole body suddenly felt overwhelmed by the coldness, which eventually crumbled him to this feet. As his body became nonreactive, Ikkaku could feel his adrenaline decreasing.

"What the hell is going on?!" He asked.

Ikkaku's eyes widened as his body crumbled to the floor, eventually being captured by the lines of ice. He was experiencing stages of hypothermia—his body couldn't withstand the pressure of the cold, rendering his body useless. As the image of the ryoka began to fade, Ikkaku's heavy eyes forced themselves shut as he laid their paralyzed.

The man known as the ryoka stared in pleasure of his defeat—smirking insidiously as structures of thick ice rose behind him like towers. He could feel the chill soaring through the air, he could sense the defeat of the shinigami—the revolution he and his beloved would conduct and share. It was not too long until he and his beloved would finally come face to face and uphold a revolution that would change the Soul Society for good.

Slowly, Ikkaku forced his eyes open—desperate to see one last look at the ryoka.

"You said earlier that you wanted to know my name. Since you're on the verge of death I might as well make you feel honored to die knowing my name."

Ikkaku struggled to keep his eyes open as he fought to move his body. The very presence of the man before him made him feel like his bones were about to shatter—break like weak twigs on a tree. As he tried to keep his ears alive for a moment to hear the ryoka's name, he collapsed weakly onto the ground, only hearing a faint voice saying a name.

"My name is Mizuri Jūshirmai."

End Note

Before I begin this introductory author's note, I'd like to highlight the fact that this IS an arc based on Kuchiki Rukia but it is not an arc solely based on her alone. I've created this arc for creative purposes only that are connected to the Soul Society's history including its creation and Rukia in addition to character developments for some main characters like Kurosaki Ichigo, Inoue Orihime, Sado Yasutora etc.

This arc will include a lot of elements that will dwell on the Soul Society's creation and past. At times, it will hit borderline alternative universe however, this is just for fun—based on my alternative timeline regarding the Soul Society and Rukia!

(1): Please be aware that this arc will include spoilers from The Thousand Year Blood War Arc from the Bleach Manga (power-wise and extended abilities).

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