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Harry potter born 1980 age 21

Paige Mathews born 1977 age 24

piper Halliwell born 1973 age 28

Phoebe Halliwell born 1975 age 26

Prue Halliwell born 1970 died 2001 age 31

story starts 2001

As harry walked up to his front door he started to feel something in his gut, something he'd been feeling for awhile now but hoped wasn't true. He got off early today and wanted to surprise his fiance with some chocolates he got while away in Belgium.

Walking in he heard moans from the direction of his bedroom. As he got closer the feeling in his gut got larger. Slowly he crept up to the door and cracked it open an inch, and saw to his horror his fiancee and Romilda vane entwined on the bed.

Slowly closing the door so as not to alert them he walked away. Leaving the house his anger building he went to the forest behind the house to vent.




Using the powers granted to him from his animagus form he started tossing around some fireballs, burning some poor trees that never did anything to him. After calming down some and finally being able to think Harry went to the one person who was always there for him and never betrayed him.

Hermione answered the door and saw harry standing there angry as can be. "Harry whats wrong?" She asks,"its Ginny she is cheating on me." harry replies. "Oh harry" she say as she pulls him into a hug.

After explaining what he saw when he got home. "you and she were the only reason I stayed, after Andy took Teddy and moved to France. I don't think I can stay in Briton any longer." "OK so where do you think you'll go?" I talked to the goblins I have a couple of houses in America and I have plenty of money." "Ha" She laughs. "I'll say, your the third richest person in the magical world." harry smirks"Well, when you inherent three different houses, all of them being ancient ones, its no surprise."

"So do you have to go to Gringotts to choose where your going?" "No, I have the portfolio at home I'll have Kreacher get them for me. KREACHER!" Pop! "Master calls Kreacher?" "Yes, I need my Gringotts portfolio, can you get it for me please?" "Yes Master, Kreacher will!" Pop! Pop! "here yous go master!" Kreacher says as he hands Harry the portfolio. "Thank you Kreacher" says Harry smiling at Kreacher. Kreacher beams his little heart out as he Pops out. Pop!

Harry opens the portfolio so that both he and Hermione can see it.

It shows a list of houses by country :



Potter Manor

Potter Castle

Potter Cottage








Toronto, Ontario


New York, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Moses Lake,Washington

Dallas, Texas

San Francisco, California

1328 Prescott Street

Washington D.C


Mexico city

"Look harry this one in San Francisco is vacant, looks like your renting out most the others."

"Well I guess i'm moving to San Francisco." Harry replies "I'll put in my two weeks notice tomorrow and go to Gringotts to figure out how i'm going to access my money in America."

"I'm going to miss you Harry." "Don't worry you know where i'll live you can come to visit anytime. Plus I can flame here when I want." "Yes yes you have super Phoenix powers." Hermione says rolling her eyes. "Alright well i'm off to take care of that stuff."


Harry Potter

Wand Wizard

Active Powers:

Wand magic

Animagus Form

Fire balls

Fire teleport

Aura sight

Passive Powers:



Super Strength